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Stunning loss a total team effort


Some thoughts as I still wonder if I really watched Tim Tebow leave the Steelers’ secondary and season in ruins…

— Even if Ben Roethlisberger had won the game at the end of regulation or if Demaryius Thomas hadn’t owned Ike Taylor, the Steelers weren’t getting past New England.
The Steelers weren’t just an injury-riddled team by the end but also a flawed one.
The defense did not put enough pressure on the quarterback and it did not create enough turnovers to be dominant.
LaMarr Woodley was a shell of the player that owned October after he injured his hamstring –- and that is when he managed to get on the field.
More worrisome is James Harrison’s play.
Take away three-sack games against Baltimore and Cincinnati and Harrison had a pedestrian season. The only Steeler that played worse than the four-time Pro Bowler did against the Broncos was Taylor.
You have to wonder whether he was ever at full strength coming back from a pair of offseason back surgeries, or if teams have figured out how to neutralize Harrison as a pass rusher.

— The offense doesn’t get a pass even though it put together two impressive touchdown drives with the season on the line.
The Steelers outgained the Broncos 119-8 in the first quarter, but they managed just two field goals. The game may have been a lot different had the Steelers jumped out to a 14-0 or even 10-0 lead.
And the offense couldn’t get out of its own way in the second quarter, when the Steelers needed points to stay with the Broncos.
The offense was maddeningly inconsistent this season, looking explosive at times but also managing just one touchdown in wins at Kansas City and Cleveland.
The good news for the Steelers is they are bursting with young talent at the skill positions. The question is whether they will be able to harness that talent, something Roethlisberger vowed that the Steelers will do by putting in the necessary work during the offseason.

— Near the top of the Steelers’ offseason to-do list: figuring out why Mike Wallace’s production dropped so precipitously in the second half of the season -– and what that portends for the future.
Wallace caught just three passes for 26 yards against the Broncos, and he was targeted 10 times. That was more than any receiver on either team.
Wallace had a 52-yard catch overturned in the second quarter, and he should have come up with the ball cleanly. But Roethlisberger underthrew Wallace on the play, and the two were not in sync on the deep ball over the last half of the season.
Wallace is a restricted free agent, and if the Steelers are going to make a serious long-term commitment to the speedster it will have to come during the offseason.

— It has basically been all or nothing when it comes to Mike Tomlin and the playoffs.
In four trips to the postseason under Tomlin, the Steelers have either lost in the Wild-Card round or advanced to the Super Bowl.
His latest playoff loss, which dropped Tomlin’s postseason record to 5-3, shouldn’t sit well with the fifth-year coach.
The Steelers didn’t look ready to play, and it is shocking that they didn’t do more on defense to harass, intimidate and confuse Tebow.
A good share of the blame for that has to fall on Dick LeBeau.
He has built a well-deserved reputation as a defensive mastermind by tormenting suspect, inexperienced quarterbacks like Tebow. But LeBeau and the Steelers’ defense had no answer for Tebow -– and they were undisciplined at times in trying to stop the read option — or Thomas.
The latter had three catches that exceeded 50 yards. His longest career reception prior to Sunday had been 47 yards.

— Scott Brown



  1. Rhoden Haskell says:

    The Rooneys should seriously look at whether Tomlin should keep his coaching position. This is now two playoff games (the first was the Super Bowl) that he did not have his team ready to play. He has consistently not had the team prepared for a large number of games this year, see opening game to the Ravens, as well as in seasons past.
    Ike Taylor displayed again why he is never going to be a Pro Bowl corner. When the time is crucial he doesn’t make the plays.
    Troy was not a factor after the first quarter which really surprised me. The Steelers defense allowed Tebow to look like Tom Brady.
    This was a horribly embarrassing loss!!!

  2. Dick says:

    Kudos to Scott Brown on his analysis of This Steelers loss. It was right on the money. The Steelers looked as though they were only going through the motions, no fire or enthusiasm whatever and without a doubt the worst game I have ever seen Ike Taylor play. It looked like they couldn’t wait to get to the golf course. One exception to this was the play of Isaac Redman who held up his end of the bargain. Man, that was one frustrating game. It’s hard to understand how this team has so much trouble scoring given the talent at the skill positions they have. Why in the world they don’t spread that offense and flood the secondary with that talent I don’t know. Brady would have a field day with the likes of our receivers. The Steeler coaches better look hard within themselves and definitely look hard at the game plans they are putting out there. What does it take to fire these guys up. Motivation is a big part of this game or, any competitive game for that matter. I wanted to see the adrenaline flowing and fire in their eyes. Unfortunately, it only showed up in the Broncos.

  3. 6tonsofsteel says:

    Ok offseason here again. I hope O line is addressed. The defense looked horrible in game. Not prepared.

  4. Smit says:

    Players play,,,coaches INSPIRE,,,,for all that Bruce Arians can do he does not inspire and he is not an innovative nor creative individual. Mike Tomlin is intimidated by the offensive side of the ball. Bens loyalty to Bruce Arians is misguided,a change in philosophy is what is needed for the offense to attain it’s potential. This change will hopefully stop the selfishness of Ben and force Tomlin to be part of the offense. Both of them need to realize that ordinary does not win championships in the NFL. At this time the steelers offense is at best ordinary with skill players the rest of the league would die for.

  5. Paulie Raspa says:

    Good Points Scott But I must add — Your QB is hurting behind our o-line he has no Mobility — Your O is averaging 7yds per carry — Why not run the ball 25 times …. Why pass the ball when your receivers are looking like IKE TAYLOR catching the ball??? The game plan to pass first run 2nd will never work with the Steelers!!
    On D –Lebeau needs to shoulder the blame but honestly Ike Taylor looked very intimidated… Ike did you watch film during the week? Mike Tomlin–Were you looking ahead to New England and overlooking the Broncos?

    Tomlin needs to accept Blame for the Loss — Taylor needs to get his head out of his a$$ — Lebeau needs to pass the torch — but most of all -FIRE ARIANS NOW!!!!!!!!!

  6. R-Mi says:

    As soon as they posted the yard dominance of the 1st quarter (119-8) I said right then that didn’t matter because it only resulted in 6 points and Denver was one play away from taking the lead. Then BOOM, it happened.

    The Steelers do not have a killer instinct and do not know how to put teams away. And the decision to not at least attempt the field goal at the end of the game was bad. That ball was flying in that Rocky Mountain air. On the road…you gotta at least try to end it. No guts with that call. I have not been imprerssed with Tomlin or Ben this year. I know Ben likes to be the tough guy and play hurt but when he hurts the team by playing hut, that is just selfish. If we don’t have enough faith in our back up quarterbacks to come in and do the job (my opinion is they would have) then get someone else.

    Can you tell I’m frustrated?? There is way too much talent on this team to under achieve. I also think maybe Wallace needs to have his eyes examined because he just hasn’t been the same this year and I wonder if he is not seeing the ball as well as he used to. I could go on…but I made my point. what a crappy Pittsburgh sports weekend…starting off with the Pens losing Thursday night. 0-4 for the weekend.

  7. sjb says:

    Why all the talk that this is Ike’s only bad game of the year? Didn’t he get beat all day long by Cincy’s Green? He gets too much credit until someone actually decides to test him and throw the ball his way and then you have what happened yesterday. There’s a reason Taylor isn’t going to the Pro Bowl and it seems only the non-Steelers apologists can see it.

    Saw this game coming a mile away. Another rookie, sub-par QB has the best game of his season against the Steelers and their great defense (laughable) because they dare him and give him all the reason to keep throwing it. I think we could easily see a 400-yard performance from Tino Sunseri if any team wants to draft him some day and save him for a possible future Steelers matchup.

    No. 1 defense ladies and gents!..No. 1 defense!

  8. Mike K says:

    I still can’t believe that the MASH unit Steelers blew this game. Ala the second Baltimore game. This time 80 yards on one play. Taylor was giving 15 yuard cushions all night.
    The defense went home at the end of the first quarter. Tomlin, Ariens and LeBeau did not have their team prepared.

    Taylor, McFadden, Big Snack, Starks, Gay, and most of all Bruce Ariens needs to go and go now, today; Monday at the latest. Hines needs to retire with honor as does Keisel, Smith, and Farrior. Their time has sadly passed and it shows.
    I also think that Ziggy Hood and the new bloods need to lose some belly to play faster. Did you see the guts on those guys puffing and panting in the mile high air? Looked like a big snack convention.

    I think Wallace is pouting. He was the all and everything until the other receivers starting producing. Wallace may be able to run by people but he is useless when jammmed at the line and double covered. Needs worked on in the off season. Regardless of what Tomlin said, The Steelers just had too many injuries.
    Getting tired of “wait till next year” already.

  9. Don Lewis says:

    I’m still in shock about the stunning loss last night, but one thing I’ve been saying all year long.became very obvious during that game. Unlike what another Pittsburgh paper said this morning, Redman is NOT a good compliment to Mendenhall, he is a GREAT replacement FOR Mendenhall. 123 yeards on 17 carries, or 7.1 yeard average against a very good defensive team who had stacked against the run. What’s the deal with all this loyalty to mENDENHALL, a below average running back. Last night Redman had runs that Mendenhall only dreams about. I hope someone on the coaching staff takes a GOOD look at the tapes from this seasons games. If they do realize that whoever decided that Mendenhall was the best running back on the team should be coaching for the Oakland Raiders. Maybe we could send Mendenhall with him.
    Don Lewis, Myrtle Beach

  10. Donnie says:

    The AFC North put 3 teams in the playoffs for a reason….an easy schedule. The only reason Cincinnati was in: a schedule against the AFC South and the NFC West (plus 2 games against the Brownies). Ditto for the Steelers but they also get to tack-on 2 games against the Bengals.

    Pittsburgh was never a threat for a Superbowl run. The games were “iffy” all year and we eventually went 3-5 vs. playoff teams. If you don’t count the Bengals as a legitimate playoff team, then we were 1-5. The solid win was against the Pats. (although our win over the Titans wasn’t bad either)

    Regardless, it was still a fun season and we’re probably saying goodbye to some quality “Steelers” who have come up through our system and now have to take a knee. Hoke, A. Smith, Farrior, Ward…maybe even Keisel and Harrison. Times are a changing but we’re still the Pittsburgh Steelers! Great Season for what we had to work with.

  11. GC says:

    They had a soft schedule all year. Smith, Brett and Casey seem to be hurt alot and missing alot of time over the past couple of years. Harrison better get under control. He only knows how to bull rush, no imagination.The Steeleres coaching staff should be held accountable for this embarresment. I am tired of seeing Troy jump the gun so much. NO 1 defense was a hidden all year by the schedule. How many good teams did they beat other than NE when they were struggling. I agree, changes are needed, starting with BA.

  12. sjb says:

    I’ll really have a hard time thinking the Rooney’s are qualified to run an NFL team anymore if Arians and Lebeau are back next season. This BS on both sides of the ball is unexceptable at any level and “The Standard” is obviously not as high if they are willing to accept it any longer.

    Arians was being held on a short leash two years ago when he was brought back after blatantly rufusing to run the ball and it’s obviously his mindset again. This season has to be the worst Steelers Pass/Run ratio ever and with the terrible pass blocking O-line they have that is inexcusable. Fire him! Lebeau’s defense has hit the wall and it seems evident they no longer have the talent even when healthy to play a solid 3-4 anymore. They seem to be drafting 4-3 type players anyway so they need a coordinator who can implement that scheme. When Hampton’s officially gone so is that defense. See ya Dick, it’s been nice but time to go. Enjoy your retirement!

  13. R-Mi says:

    Correction: 0-5 Since Thursday
    Pitt Basketball
    Pitt Football
    Pens (2 losses)

  14. Michael L. Hammiel says:

    There is one comment I have not seen yet, but I hope to see in the near future, bring back Bill Cowher, I believe he could have won this game, even with this banged-up team, thus, we were simply out coached, sure Mike Tomlin has won a super bowl, but tthe team was ready made, look at the SanFran game, when it was clear we were going to lose, he chose to play Ben any way, you don’t need special names in the game when you are losing, any one will do, a couple games ago, they ran the same run play into the line, and came away with nothing, where was he at to allow this to happen, this is the worst 12-4 team I ever seen, so I not surprise we lost, this team won inspite of him, not because of him!!!

  15. cerone says:

    A lot of venom here and perhaps rightfully so after a horrific loss to a bad team. This game was a microcosm of the whole season, what with a schizophrenic offense, little to no pass rush, inability to stamp out the run and no turnovers on D. Oh, yes, and many more injuries. Coaches and players deserve blame here. Not sure this warrants an overhaul but at a minimum we need to figure out how to harness the talent on offense. A good start in this regard would be strengthening the offensive line, bringing in a new coordinator who can establish an identity for the offense, and giving Redman the keys to run. On D, it is time to get younger and faster on the D line and to let the young LBs and CBs have a shot to really push the starters. This will allow the D to return to its style of playing fast and aggressive. A healthy Harrison and Woodley will be key in ’12, as well. I don’t buy the need to can LeBeau. He has earned the benefit of the doubt, for sure, as long as he is grooming a replacement or two and is willing to let some younger guys take over. Go Steelers.

  16. sjb says:

    I have a problem thinking this team will ever be remotely healthy enough in the playoffs. Three years in a row they have been severely hampered by injuries to key players and when it’s not Smith and Polamalu, it’s Pouncey, Woodley or Harrison…or Ben, or Mendenhall…take your pick. I won’t even get into the Colon fiasco who hasn’t played for two years now but is still there and with a new contract to boot. Most of these players are repeat offenders so you can almost count on them being out again or at less than 100% next season too. How the hell can you build successful playoff winning team around that sad reality?

    Between the Steelers and Penguins, I’ve never seen one city have its teams so devastated by injury to so many key players for so long. Notice I didn’t say the Pirates…I was referring to “pro” teams.

  17. Mr. Cynical says:

    I agree with Smit–BA must go! We could potentially have the most potent offense in football but he is dragging us down with his play calling. Mike Mularkey would be great for the Steelers offense. . . As for our cornerbacks….we need to spend some money and get guys that can play! Ike was solid all season because nobody really tested him. Well that changed last night! Wow! Tebow….really, really, no really! We need to go after free agent corners and a flipping nose tackle thats not signed up for AARP! Oh and I love the man to death but Potsi needs to go as well. Our defense played good all year but the killer for us was not creating turnovers this season. We don’t intimidate offenses anymore!

  18. blackgold17331 says:

    Where do I start…Ike Taylor needs to concentrate on being a better CB instead of looking to see if the cameras are on him…worst “#1 CB” in the league…opposing QBs look for him…Bruce Arians, please let him go…Dick LeBeau has earned another chance…Mike Tomlin take control of this organization and enough of the “right and eye-catching” phrases…TAKE CONTROL!!!

  19. greg gregone says:

    I think Tomlin is a great coach but he really blew the way he handled his injured players – especially Big Ben. The defensive plan for this game was what? Put 8 guys on the line – don’t rush the quarterback and let the receivers roam free? Yuck!!

    It seems that too many playoff games the Steelers are prepared enough or a bigger issue fail to make adjustments. I realy do not undersand what they were doing defensively though.

  20. k2 says:

    I was hoping we would see a different Steeler team then we had been watching over the past 4-6 weeks, but we got that same team and the loss.

    Earlier this year I expressed the following concerns and they all showed up last night.
    – no fire in the belly and this Steeler team played flat most of the year (leadership?)
    – the offense is too predictible
    – needed to establish the run (Tomlins year end run assesment was off the mark)
    – BB management of the two minute drill this year was awful
    – no consisentcy in the pass rush all year
    – we really don’t have the cover guys we need to play this style defense (Ike is overated and has proved he can’t play big in big games… same with Gay).
    – tomlin can’t always stand on the sidelines with his hands in his pocket acting like Mr. Cool

    Even with a 12-4 record, this team never looked the part of a championship team. They never had that mojo I’ve seen with the Steeler teams of the past.

    We might have witnessed an end to an era last night. This was a very good team the past 10 years and it might be time to make some changes, but we sure had a lot of fun guys to watch!

    I’m ready to watch some NASCAR!

  21. IdahoaninPA says:

    I read a lot of people jamming on the the coaches. Some play falls on the coaches and some on the players. The coaches inablility to adjust in the 2nd quarter to have a more balanced defense was the difference yesterday. The DB’s got to make a play and the front 7 need to get pressure.

    Ben showed his toughness once again in the 4th quarter. When the game matters, he steps up. If only the WR’s could show a fraction on that. All in all, losing stinks and the Steelers are fun to watch.

  22. Coach Al says:

    I was never sold on this team being a contender. I think it’s time for Arians to go. Ben needs to be challenged to improve his game. I’d give Redman the starting position and find someone to compliment him. They need to say good bye to some of the older guys and draft line help on both sides. Of course they could use help in the secondary too. Fire Tomlin? That’s crazy. Relax. I live in Baltimore and there’s not much difference between the two teams. They want to fire their coach and cut all their old, washed up players too.

  23. Frank C says:

    I’m in shock that they did as well as they did this year, and that the fans are griping here about an elite, but aging, team, that gave it all it had. you go into the year with an old D-Line, D-backs who are starting to get old and beaten up (7 total concussions for one of the most inspirational people in football, Troy Polamalu) and the replacements are not really there yet, and an O-Line that is finally starting to get reshaped (but Pouncey was missed, especially on pass protection, and Legursky is better at guard). We lost a running backs coach in a tragedy just before the game, and our starters were depleted.

    These guys have played their hearts out, and it was time yesterday to watch a little ofthe changing of the guard with the inspiration of a great, young QB (Tim Tebow), and a young defense on the other team.

    I’m glad I’m a Pittsburgh guy, and I always root for the Steelers, but I acknowledge that the Broncos are putting on a mighty effort, and I hope that they, and Tim Tebow, show up the Patriots and Bill Belichick next week.

    I hope the Steelers can re-tool at a number of positions. Don’t blame Roethlisberger or Taylor or anyone, as they played hard, and their effort was laudable. it is time, however, to re-plete the roster at O-Line, D-Line, and the secondary, and put the Steeler development program back on track.

  24. cocoanutkerner says:

    Not so sure Dick actually is to blame for the way our Defense played yesterday, with all the injuries on the D line we never got to the QB…. can’t even say his name…. blah… Woodley and Silverback were injured and playing poorly too… Denver’s recievers had time to get open….. not to mention we have never really addressed the corner position with an actual “shut down” corner for the last couple years, even though our secondary gets smoked by Good QB’.s. quite often… I still can’t believe William Gay is on our team… made some good plays this year, but not a starter in my book… Draft a shut down corner, or trade for one…..

  25. Fierceblues says:

    Been saying it all year. Ben is selfish. He says he doesn’t want to let the guys down and thus plays hurt. Hurt is one thing..injured is quite another. He played last night like the SF game..stiff, inaccurate and continued to press to try and be the hero. He let the guys down BY PLAYING. Charlie Batch should have played since the SF game and Ben should have rested for the playoffs. But no Tomlin deferred to Ben’s requests to play, when clearly Ben only cares about glory or at best redemming himself. I said at half time if Ben comes back the Steelers lose….sure enough the EGO was back on the field and really didn’t provide any reason to be there until the 4th quarter. Was said before…why have backup QB’s if they can’t be trusted? So much for the standard being the standar….hot air if Ben isn’t reeled in for below the line performances.

    I felt the team was set up for a loss when the veterans talked about keeping the young guys loose before the big games….same stuff they said before the Super Bowl loss. They looked less than motivated then….looked the same way last night and got embarassed. Coach Cowher or Noll would not have fielded a laid back crew….Tomlin has TWICE and lost.

  26. R-Mi says:

    Tomlin is overrated. He won with mostly Cowher’s players and now that they are getting up there, his replacements aren’t measuring up. Also, his coaching deficiences were exposed big time this year.

  27. Wisco says:

    Something seemed off this year, but we kept winning. I like that: 12-4 is good in the NFL, no matter what.

    However, this “we’ve been here before” or “we know what to do” act is getting old. Last 2 playoff games, the players used that mantra. GB tore us up early in the passing game (big passes on deep posts or skinny posts) and then DEN does the same sort of stuff. We need to start DOING, rather than KNOWING.

    Sad to say, but Willie Gay was our best corner on the field yesterday. Passes to WR’s that he was covering, were contested. He broke up passes. He made tackles in both the screen and run game.

    O-line needs LG/C combo that will prevent a rush in the QB’s face. DEN rushed 3 and there were too many times, even with a double team, the LG/C got beat.

    Pouncey has won all the playoff games he’s started…2-0 (vs. Ravens and Jets, even though he didn’t finish the Jets game). It’s important he stays healthy and PLAYS! He gives some fire to the Offensive unit.

  28. Dave B says:

    Having watched this season several times now on Game Rewind, there was no surprise at last night’s loss. If there is an out of tune violin in a 100 piece orchestra , you can tell.
    The 2011 Steelers just didn’t have that championship mojo. It was out of tune all year.
    There were tears in the fabric that started to unravel last year. Call it age, karma, stupidity, intransigence , whatever it is, our run is over much like when the 70s greats rode off into the sunset in the 80s. Sad, but that is the reality.

  29. Rick says:

    We, collectively Pittsburgh sports fans, are having a terrible sports year. Include in that from middle PA as well, what with the Penn State situation.

    I hate suffering through that just as much as anyone else.

    Both the Pens and Steelers have massive injury issues. Takes great teams to mediocre, I don’t care what anyone says about fill-ins playing up to starter’s levels, they aren’t starters because they couldn’t beat out the starters.

    Yeah, I was definitely NOT happy with the first quarter, when we could have put them away by simply scoring TDs rather than FGs.

    The second quarter cost us the game, period. I don’t care what else is stated about the OT stunner play or whatever. We played poorly all over in the second quarter.

    And I really have to ask, how in the h$%% did Ben suddenly come to life, scrambling, running in the second half when he didn’t move in the first half and doing so might have made a difference? And once again, poor clock management at the end of a half. HOW MANY TIMES this season, frustrating.

    All the receivers made mistakes, dropped balls, whatever. Wallace’s drop in production was probably due to teams focusing on him, allowing Brown and Sanders to be open more. One play Ben threw to Wallace when he should have gone to Miller, who was wide open on the right side.

    The O line played as well as they could given the situation, but where did those high shotgun snaps come from Lego? What happened to Stark, never heard. Saw him go down once, run over. Then Scott is in (when we noticed he was some time later).

    But my biggest disappointment was the defense. Over all, the part of the team I would not have expected to fall apart, DID SO HUGELY! It wasn’t age, poor coverage, it was total.

    Honestly, I do not think they respected Tebow’s passing enough.

    Both Gay and Taylor were beat, so was Troy. Mundy is good, but not Clark, his dash to the line opened up the middle on the OT pass stunner. Go figure. The LBs were sometimes out of place in under coverages. If you are going to focus run, you have to bump hard and constantly in the first 5 yards, that didn’t happen like it should have.

    We never really blitzed like we should have, could have, to disrupt Tebow more. When we did he was mediocre and off target.

    The era end will probably be only some players who are needing to be replaced by younger players less wracked by seasons of NFL play. We need to draft well, but we will be in the lower 3rd, so who knows.

    Free Agency is expensive. Maybe some contract re-dos, free up money space.

  30. DK67 says:

    It was hard to wake up and go to work today…that was a humiliating loss…and we’ll have to watch that overtime play for years to come whenever they talk about the new overtime rule. Why were they so worried about giving up the run instead of protecting the pass when the pass was what burned them all evening? Sickening!

    I agree with just about everything that has already been said except the Taylor bashing. Yes, he had a terrible game (worst of his career), but most of those passes were on the money. No one expected that kind of accuracy from Tebow and he doesn’t make those throws if the defense puts any pressure on him whatsoever. The defensive scheme in general sucked, but Ike is the only decent corner we have, although Gay is improving. Denver ran the same 4 plays over and over, but the guys up front did nothing to stop them and even appeared to give up on some plays.

    Also, huge props to Ben. I was calling for Batch in the 2nd quarter, but Ben really stepped up in the second half and was not afraid to take chances with his leg and did enough to win this game. Sure, the offense could have made more plays and not dropped a bunch of catchable balls, but this loss goes to the defense and coaches. 23 points should have won this game…heck 14 points should have won this game. Does anyone think Brady could have done better playing on a bad leg? The defense failed…period!

    I too have been calling for Redman to start all season and will never be impressed by Mendenhall dancing in the backfield instead of hitting the holes. I think they should have given him the ball at the end of the 4th quarter to try to set up the field goal instead of trying to pass, which is exactly what Denver was expecting.

    Tomlin needs to step up and make the hard decisions and stop trying to be buddies with the players. Arians has no offensive creativity and didn’t design a game plan that will work with an immobile quarterback. The scoring didn’t start to happen until Ben took control of the hurry-up offense, which shows us that the QB’s decisions are better than the offensive coach’s. Denver’s defense was never confused like ours because they knew exactly what was coming. LeBeau might be past his prime. The game is changing and it doesn’t seem like he is making the necessary adjustments to compete. The defense was simple outclassed last night.

    Bet the farm on New England next week…they will not disappoint like this team did, even with their 31 or whatever ranked defense. They will come to play ball.

  31. Tom Y. says:

    No one but the team knows whether or not the defense in Denver was 100% Dick LeBeau. Sure didn’t seem like it. I say Tomlin meddled in the defensive scheme.

  32. Clarence says:

    I love my Steelers. Tomlin doesn’t need to be fired. Ike is still a good corner, Ziggy and Cam are not too fat, we fans should temper our knee jerk reactions to this horrendous loss, BUT our legitimate anger over this game should not be understated by this team.

    we love ‘em… but

    How DARE they allow themselves to sully the Steeler name by being another cog in the Tim Tebow lore. Had this been a legitimate contender, NE, Baltimore, etc. Steeler Nation would not react this badly… but to this dysfunctional broncos team and Tim Tebow? Knowing we will be the talk of the NFL as a stepping stool to the great Tebow’s legend? A laughing stock among the other playoff contenders? That’s what angers me the most. I could spit barbed wire right now but that ridiculous gameplan was the culprit. When do we leave the middle wide open?

    Tomlin does need to learn some humility and to adjust. No way, he should have played Ben in SF. No way, he should have played Ben in Cleveland. We said this over and over again, rest all starters for the playoff run. Our place was set, but did we? No. What happened? We lost the 1st game against Tebow. We reduced this season and debased the Steeler tradition, name, and history to a Tebow trivia question. Again, we love ‘em and should continue to love em, but they effed up royally and should get the full brunt of our emotions after this loss.

    We are the Steeler, yet today, we’re fodder for Skip Bayless and his tebow bandwagon on ESPN First Take. The Steelers are FODDER FOR SKIP BAYLESS ON ESPN FIRST TAKE! We deserve to be angry and HEARD. Go back to Steeler football now. Job #1. Draft an offensilve line AND a FB! Nothing else will do, but getting back to Steeler football!

  33. Fierceblues says:

    I took was struck but Ben’s resurrection in the 4th…wondered if he finally took a pain shot (he claimed he didn’t in the SF loss) at the half and it finally kicked in. You notice as the 4th qtr wound down he moved less fluidly…the “shot” apparently has a limited window of effectiveness.

    To me Tomlin in NOT taking control at critical times. For the betterment of the team Ben should have been sat down prior to SF and forced to heal for the all important playoffs. Batch was adequate in the game he played and would have been fine for the end of the regular season. He filled in fine for Ben last year due to the suspension and should have done the same this year, due to Ben’s bad ankle & foot. But no Tomlim should have taken control of the EGO and not allowed him to try and be an ineffectibve hero.

    An injured/ineffective egotistical Ben, WR’s dropping balls, Taylor allowing Denver’s nobody WR’s to get over the top of him for huge yardage, LeBeau not expecting pass in OT was lame and Mundy moved out of position leaving Taylor hanging in the wind, Harrison getting juked out of his shoes several times by Tebow since he overplayed the option, Brown not being targeted more was a head scratcher and the team just showing up with their vast playoff experience contributed to the below the line outcome. The standard was NOT the standard…..kinda reminds me of the “there will be hell to pay in December” rant. Yawn…”standard”….not so much.

  34. hammertime says:

    This current team is not far away from being a champion again, if we could get at least one real true cover corner, move James Farrior (ret) let Sylvestor start in his place, Hampton’s got one year left on his contract, let him groom the nose tackle we take in the first round of the draft, or cut him and bring back Hoke as he always played well, yeah, people talk about the offensive line, there just haven’t been no set group assembled to play together more than a few games, almost this same group help win a superbowl, J. Scott is by far the worst we have, he can’t block anyone, Ben had good numbers this year, and we didn’t really try to run the ball, those 3 young defensive linemen did not play poorly, they held up well from what I saw, they will get better, unless they don’t want to pay Mendenhall, he is a good back, plus the rookie from Texas Tech on IR this year will be back, get rid of Mewelde Moore, time to let the four quaterbacks split, pick three and go, money wasted here, this team is not in need of rebuilding, someone get our coach an imagination, on this course, Tomlin will never see 15 years, he just stands there with that stupid look on his face, while all is going to h— around him as if he’s afraid of the players, guys like Parcell’s, Cowher, Bellicek or even a Jon Gruden won’t just stand there with there mouth shut and watch the house burn down.

  35. Dennis says:

    I am really upset about this loss. This team really has the young players to step in next year, they just need the coaches to give them the chance. Bruce Arian needs to go!!! If Dick Lebeau retires, maybe we can see Sylvestri Stevenson play more.

    Having no offseason really hurt our older players. But the thing that nobody talks about is the play of L. Timmons. He was invisible this year, I was looking to get some real pressure up the gut this year. He signed the big contract and got fat, he really looked alittle over weight this year.

    What’s great about the Steelers is you know they will be back next year.

    Go Steelers!!!

  36. KenkaBob says:

    The game started being lost about Wednesday of last week and all the blame should be put on the coaching and medical staff. They had a mindset that is was going to be a scrimmage and prepared accordingly. In the past, I seem to remember the Steelers flying to Denver on Wednesday before the game and running the last two days of practice in the mile high altitude to acclimate themselves to the rarefied air. This year they arrived on Saturday night, giving them less than 24 hours to get their bodies ready. During the game, I saw nobody with oxygen masks, trying to oxygenate their deprived blood. The end result was after 15 minutes of play, their bodies were spent and couldn’t match up to a team that was there all week. I’m not a medical expert, but didn’t any of theirs think of this.

  37. NDSteel says:

    Good analysis but, WHEN WILL SOMEONE BLAME THE NFL. They have ruled the Steelers out of being competative. Willis held/tackled the defender on every play (got called once) yet Taylor runs into a reciever, who slowed down, while looking for the ball and that is PI. Everyone is questioning why a high school offense/quarterback can win in the NFL, its not magic its the stupid rules. Not even the officials know what they are. A catch can be called a catch and down by contact, not a fumble then complely switched to not a catch even. How do you jump over the catch/fumble ruleing. Steelers can not longer be known for dominant physical play because the NFL will not allow it. That is why when Harrison bumps Tebow it is a 15 yard penalty but Rothlisburger gets his nose broke and nothing is called. I am still waiting for a major media person to put together a video showing this double standard. Get use to the NO/Lions game becaue that is all the NFL is going to be and the Steelers better realize it.

  38. A win yesterday would only have prolonged the inevitable… This team was too banged up to advance very far into the postseason. They peaked for the season in the 7 quarters that comprised the NE game and the first three quarters of the Baltimore game. The Baltimore loss – coming as it did so late in the game, took all the momentum out of this team – they were never the same again.

    Injuries prevented any possible second build up of momentum for the playoffs and they were flat since that early November game at home against Baltimore.

    Does the training staff have any accountability towards all the injuries? Way too many hamstring pulls and rolled ankles that effectively ended players seasons! Design a plan for each individual player to help them strengthen their bodies – don’t just leave them in the weight room alone to do as they see fit. Many of of these injuries can be prevented or significantly reduced by proper training. And for heaven’s sake rest a player when he is injured as Ben was…

    Sorry the season is over, but looking forward to some adjustments in the off season, a great draft and – dare I say – maybe even a free agent or two????

  39. David says:

    Steeler Nation Alumni,

    Time for everyone to take a step back from the ledge and assess the reality fo the situation.

    First – we love the Steelers and will always love them – but while there are thing that need to br addressed – there are many good things happening that haven’t been mentioned.

    Second – at this level and time of the year you can’t overcome the amount of injuries that we had. We had up to 8-9 starters that were not playing in the game yesterday. No Starting Center, Running Back, Left Tackle, Free Safety, NT, Defensive Line, etc. QB was injured – I think beyond what we were told and I also think that includes Wallace and Troy. Tomlin’s take that “The next man in line” has to step us is fine – but they are not starters for a reason.

    Third – It is time for a changing of the guard. We all saw and knew this was coming. Think of how many players that probably won’t return next season (Smith, Hampton, Farrior, McFadden, Ward, Moore, Dixon, Colon, Batch, etc.). We knew it could not go on forever and it is time for new blood and energy.

    Fourth – while I hear a lot of complaining about our players, no one has mentioned the youth we do have or will have in place. On Defence, DL – Hood and Heyward and McLendon, LB – Sylyester, Woodley, Worlds, Carter, Secondary – Allen and Brown and Lewis. Offense, RB – Redman, Dwyer, Clay, BBatch (remember him?), WR – Sanders, Wallace, Brown, OL – Pouncey, Gilbert. These are good young plaeyrs that we can build around for the future. Just a changing of the guard..!

    Coaching – Tomlin is a good coach, not an up and down emotional coach, but a steady influence over the team. I am not a big BA fan and I think a change might need to happen there. Lebeau is a GREAT defensive coach who cannot coach forever (good god he is 74 y/o), is Butler ready to be thet man. Rooney’s are best owners in sports, they will support and make the changes needed. Would we all like to be living ni Dallas (where I am stuck right now) and put up with that ownership team?

    We can’t win them all,(even though we want to) and need to reload for the next run. I lived thrui the Steelers in the 80s – nothing can be that bad!!! Keep the faith.

  40. Carl says:

    Sucks, but I’m over it. We got beat plain and simple, and everthing everyone is saying above is true in some sense. Gameplan, corner play, injuries, etc.

    One thing I love about being a Steelers fan, we always compete, we’ll be back in the thick of things again next year. We have young talent on D, and I do think there will be some retooling to put them on the field. Draft outta be OL 1st and foremost! When Ben is right, we are friggin’ dangerous!

  41. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Why is this loss so stunning? This team underachieved since the first game of the season. It struggled to score even against bad teams on the road. And it had too many key players at less than 100 percent at the finish. This was predictable, actually.

  42. Rhode Island Steeler says:

    I am a transplanted Steeler fan living in Rhode Island. Those players who are 33 and older need to consider retirement or be cut altogether. Tomlin and Lebeau should be fired. I played college football and coached high school football and I know the difference when a team is ready and last night this team was not ready. With all the money these players are being paid, you would think they would take game preparation and responsibilities more seriously. In the last three years, I have dropped more than $10,000 hauling the family to Steeler games. I wish I could find a way to sue the team to get my money back. Totally shameful performance.

  43. Jay Walker says:

    We’ve become the City of Losers, sad to say.

  44. Mr. Cynical says:

    Look out for some of our young guys next year! Curtis Brown should be a stud for us as well as Stevenson Sylvester. We have Chris Carter and a bunch of other solid young guys!



  45. SteelHeart says:

    YES that was a terrible loss — humiliating even !

    But let’s assign the blame to the right people. The Media doesn’t always know the whole story.

    1.) They were cheating DBs up to stop the run because of injuries to the front 7.
    They only had Hood, Heyward (rookie), and McLeaod (free agent) left.
    Hampton and Keisel got hurt — A Smith & Hoke were lost earlier in the season.
    So they needed the run support — but no safety help was a risk…

    2.) the Secondary – we know Clark was out, but Polamalu & Lewis were hurting.
    And all the DBs added this season were out (…Cortez Allen who has played well)

    So that brings us to the “pass happy” ARIANS. “Getting a 1st down” is never enough with him. Denver couldn’t stop our running game, but like all season, passing like Peyton Manning is more exciting. but How many RINGS does Manning have?
    The fact that Big Ben just finished his 8th year and still doesn’t understand the running game (by his own admission), speaks volumes about his coaches.
    If Tomlin won’t get rid of Arians, then get rid of Tomlin !

    Draft heavily of Defense – Inside LB, Nose tackle, safety, and a bulldozer OG.


  46. Patriots Fan says:

    Ike Taylor should not have showboated by trying to make a head tackle instead of tackling like he was taught years ago.

  47. Matt says:

    Blame this loss on not having Ryan Clark. He’s often overshadowed by Polamalu, but Clark is the glue that keeps the DB’s together and on the right/same page. Mundy was MIA in a lot of situations that Clark would’ve been on top of yesterday. (The game winning pass reception comes to mind…)

    This will be oversimplify things, but the Steelers can fix the team by doing the following:
    1. IMPROVING THE O-LINE… -Where to start here, only position that is safe, IMO is center.
    2. GETTING A GOOD CORNER… -Ike is fine, he had no help from Mundy, but they need another good CB. (The sad thing is, they all played better this year with Lake as coach.)
    3. Kickng BA to the curb. (I’ve been screaming this for 3-4 years now.)
    -The offense has been maddeningly incosistent under him.

    My opinion of Tomlin has been up and down ever since he took over. I really think he needs to take this thing by the horns and hold people accountable. It just seems he lets the team police itself, which has worked in the past, but it’s GLARINGLY obvious that some complancency has set in among the players.

    There, it’s fixed. Lol.

  48. Chuck H. says:

    Timmy Tebone looked like a world beater yesterday, but really, he had all day to find and hit his receivers in stride. Absoutely no pass rush at all. Give Ben, even with one good leg, that much time, he would hit his receivers 99% of the time. In defense of the defensive line, my observation was that on almost every pass play Denver ran, there was a hold on one or more Steeler rusher, but of coarse, no call from the refs. That game ending play in overtime, we were playing run defense and got our season ended.
    That was the end of the Steelers as we know them. We need new and young studs, and new management, coach and all.

  49. The Goatherder says:

    The middle of the defense is either old, too young or fat. Sorry to say it, but Big Snack is done. The two youngsters we ended up playing on the defensive line have potential, but are not there yet. All year, we never got the push up the middle that would stop the run and make our outside pass rush more effective. Quarterbacks simply stepped up in the pocket and Harrison and Woodley went right on by. We need a new nose tackle, someone who can play three downs, if necessary, and get some push up the middle.

    As for the middle linebackers, its too bad that Lawrence Timmons didn’t play for the Steelers this year. (Wait, he did? How did I miss that? Did he tackle anyone?) And Farrior is still pretty good, but not a playmaker like he was in previous years.

    But all of it starts with the nose tackle, and we did not get the play this year that we needed.

  50. Snickers says:

    I told my friends last week that I would be disappointed if our guys lost, but not surprised. Since pre-season, I considered this version of the Steerlers more of an 8-8 team with an outside shot at the playoffs. The simple reason for this was aging stars, unproven youngsters and a tough division (I must say that I didn’t see the Bengals coming the way they did). In my estimation, this team overachieved; at the start of the season, a 12 win season was not even within the realm of possibilities. To do this, Ben carried the team in the first half of the year and the defense did so down the stretch, but everyone contributed. Heading into the playoffs, the Steelers were a beat-up and tired team. Traveling out and playing in mile-high Denver, they looked like just that. Rather than get all over the players, coaches and management, I prefer give them kudos for going above and beyond all my expectations. Getting to the Super Bowl 3 times in 6 years is no easy feat and I think we fans often fail to appreciate that. However, for a team that really had no reasonable expectation of a championship, an abbreviated playoff run with less wear and tear, as well as more time to heal up, may turn out to be a good thing. I actually expected that next year would be the year for another run. In any event, this team did what it had to do to win. It is always more satisfying to me to see great team ball and winning ugly, rather than seeing spectacular individual performances and losing. Remember that there are no style points in the NFL. As far as the future, lets hope the off-season gets everyone healthy, hopefully everyone will endeavor to improve (especially the younger players that need to step up) and that through the draft and (do I dare say) free agency, we can acquire a few more quality players (maybe even stars) to get back on top. Because it is the Steelers and the expectations are high, Coach Tomlin will not be considered for Coach of the Year, but given all the problems the team had prior to the start of and throughout the season, this may have been his and the staff’s best coaching job yet. I will agree with some on this blog that maybe it is time to reload and say goodbye to a number of our aging heros.

  51. Gary says:

    My concern is with Mike Wallace…As much as the Owens’ and the Moss’ were a pain, when the ball was in the area, it was theirs…Mike Wallace seems to do an incredibly poor job of adjusting to the ball in the air, and seems unable to fight for the ball against pass defenders…As for the defense, Harrison was repeatedly burned by giving up contain, and Ike Taylor usually had good position, but never really played the ball…I love this group of Steeler players, but injuries, age, and outcome suggest we need an infusion of younger players. Fortunately, I think we have the best folks to do it in the Rooneys, Colbert, and yes, Tomlin and LeBeau…Just sad to see them loose to an inferior team like that…

  52. mark mcfadden says:

    I was an adviser for Cowher. These changes need made. These players either lack speed or do not have enough talent for the position. Farrior needs to go, Foote’s ok. Need a new stud here. Ike Taylor was never good enough when thrown at, he has been getting by on his reputation, the reputation was not real, that reputation is gone in the NFL as of yesterday & we must replace him, we cannot win without a Lake replacement. Hampton, Farrior, takes play off, must go. Injury prone are Smith, Hoke,they must go, the defensive line all need upgraded other than Keisel. Hines too slow, corners always catch him from behind while trying to get open, time to go. Focus on running the ball O-Line, we have good backs. Offseason work between Ben and receivers especially Wallace and Sanders the faster tight end. Quit relying on Harrison/Woodley for all sacks, need exotic blitzes. Farrior, Hampton, Ward, Smith, Hoke, they must go to make room on roster, and Taylor/Trade, doesnt play well with others and cant catch. Im tired of looking at him. We need a pro bowl Left tackle, corner back, inside linebacker, and nose guard. Remember the days when we had these people??? concentrate on these changes and we will be back at the super bowl. P.S. I dont like Arian’s play calling very rudimentary or grade school, concentrate on west coast passing game for Patriots and Ravens, so ready when needed, learn to defend it also when needed against the Patriots, and get the trick plays back in the offense, that’s how we won all those games under Cowher that year, and won the super bowl, successful plays can change momentum/mindset and at the least causes 1-4 players on the defense to hesitate on the following play, that is the primary reason we used them, not the play only itself, so wake up Mr. Arians, this is the NFL, not for long if you continue to keep things so simple!!!

  53. Randy R. says:

    Hey Steeler Fans,

    The Mile high stadium crew found a couple of jock straps while cleaning up after the game. They siad they belonged to Troy and Ike… they want ‘em back?

  54. Drew says:

    It’s amazing how Steelers fans act like they are entitled to a Super Bowl trophy ever year. It’s unrealistic in today’s NFL. We have a team that in recent history that is always competitive, usually 10+ wins, and in the playoff mix every year without fail. It’s a great organization. Players want to play here and endear themselves to the city. Sunday was a tough loss… I get it. The game plan and execution left a lot to be desired, but any delusions of grandeur that this was a Super Bowl championship caliber team was just that… delusional. Pull this one out and 3 more starters would have been out for New England. I remember rooting for teams in the 80s that sucked and thoughts of having a consistent winner back in the city were a pipedream. I’m confident the organization will make changes and put a championship caliber team on the field in a year or two, but I’m OK with cheering on a winner in the meantime. Just think… we could be the Browns or Redskins. What do you think their fans would give for the past decade the Steelers have enjoyed?

  55. steve says:

    I can’t believe you guys! Sure the season had a crappy ending with all the mistakes and injuries…It is not the end of the world.

    I live near Buffalo. Believe me, there’s a franchise that causes a lot of heartburn!

    PS – I know as Steeler fans, we expect more, but stop this talk like we were 4-12 instead of 12-4.

    We have a good team.

  56. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Well the Fat Lady has sung,and boy was she ugly!! Last year so close, this year a little further still needed to go, but there was no way the bus (sorry #36) would be hauling any of these players to another super bowl, all busted up and stuff. Maybe its time for Mr. Lebeau to take it easy, let some of the younger guys show some of there stuff, still using what he has shown. Eveyone on the team is older, and it showed. BA, he should have left years ago, notice no one ever talks about him for a headcoach job, its cause he sucks!! Lets clean house a little, start over, ask Mr. Lebeau to step aside, kick BA’s @ss out the door.
    I do respect all out veterans, hope too see some of them back…..felt bad for Ward, didnt get to play a lot…..maybe next year Hienz you can have a few more catches, and go out in style with a NEW OC to help him out. Ill be waiting here in Utah, for the next season, hope it will be better personally and Steeler wise in 2012!!!!!

  57. USMarine says:

    I have to chuckle at many of the yinzers above calling to tear the whole thing down; Fire Tomlin, BA, LeBeau, everyone over 33, etc. Am I the only one who appreciates what the Steelers did, even after all the injuries?

    Yinzers have become a very spoiled breed. The Steelers have more Superbowls than anyone else, and UNLESS they win the Superbowl there are always some yinzers wanting to fire the coach and make other dumb irrational moves.

    Did you REALLY think they had a GOOD shot to win the SB this year with all the injuries? If you did…..then you are no smarter or better than the team personnel whose heads you are calling for.

    Congratulations, Steelers, on yet ANOTHER great season!

  58. David says:

    we lost, but i wasn’t at all surprised, it could go down as an upset, but really! was it an upset, i don’t think so, we were primed for a loss and this game to me all week was making me nervouse as game day aproached, with 6 points to show for with over 100 yards of offense, sn’t a good sign of things to come, thats something i would be concerned with as an offense, but still you have to give credit to Denvers defense, they played inspired lights out football, like they had alot to prove and where we just showed up and expected to win , where was Ward the whole game, im just miffed at how you can all of a sudden take a veteran like ward out of the picture all together, sure other quality players are comng up, but mannn, i don’t know, like i said, im not surprised we lost, its more surpised how we lost, stupid penalties, high snap from center, illegal mocement on brown, delay of game cause the center cant hear the count, yeah i saw Ben throw that ball down on the ground after the snap cause legursky wasn’t on the same page with Ben, well, another nfl season that was pretty good for the most part, we can’t win them all, ….

  59. Lisa says:

    I agree with most of these comments and the article; good reading.

    I would have to say it starts with the coaching, or lack thereof.

    To make someone like Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady, that is exactly what
    the Steelers D did. Why was he not sacked ONCE?

    The Broncos came to play. The Steelers did not.

    They did have a good rally to get it to OT but with better coaching and planning
    they could have and should have won the game with 1 minute left. Period.

    Lots of soul-searching and no lack of blame to go around.
    Sure hope they get it together for next season.

    How about Chucky as a new head coach? Anyone like him??

  60. bob says:

    Lets be a little realistic here. The Steelers did not have one offensive lineman that started the season and were missing an all pro center to boot. You think he snaps the ball over Bens head. Not one defensive lineman starting with the 2nd quarter. No Ryan Clark,No first string running back. The quarterback playing on one leg and Harrison and Woodley nowhere near a 100%. This team just slightly healthy stomps the Horses. Tomlin should have rested Ben and Pouncey the last four games but not his style. Taylor was awful and even if they had won a team this banged up could not compete with the Pats or Ravens. Upset with 12 and 4. Remember you could be a Cleveland fan.

  61. Tee says:

    There is a lot to be said about the Steelers. For one Ben should not have played in the games leading up to the playoffs. I’m sorry but Tomlin is the coach and his job is to protect the players from themseleves. All players hurt want to play it is up to the coach to say NO! Yes he played better in the second half but if not for his bad play in the first half they would not have been in such a deep hole. There needs to be a serious look at the defense. Many of the players seemed to have aged overnight. It is always hard to make a change but it should be clear that some changes may be needed. Polamalu is now always hurt and clearly no longer has the speed to play the way he use to. Harrison for all his tough talk continues to come up small. And after watching what KC did to Denver what was LeBeau’s defense set up to do? Woodley is always hurt and what can we say about the corners. Tomlin talks a good game but he needs to see that changes need to be made. If not then maybe he should be the change!

  62. Tony says:

    Hey steeler fans….
    You just got Tebowed!
    Time to stop making excuses. I could list half a dozen Denver starters who did not play in the game due to injury. Desire, intensity, passion and skill. Steelers lost in all those categories yesterday. But don’t sulk too long. Fortunately for you, the Steelers are perrenial contenders and always give the Pittsburg fans something to look forward to. Until next year…

  63. Pete says:

    I would like to see the Steelers get a little creative this off season. Try and move some players for draft picks. How bout a trade of Harrison for a couple Draft Picks (#2/#3)? Release Farrior and Smith. Move Ike to safety or weak side and draft a top tier CB #1,

    with those extra picks stock up the players, #2 OL, #2a DL, #3 LB #3a DB

    I really dont care what we pick as long as we get creative with moving out our older players and getting picks.

  64. Mr.Cynical says:

    The Steelers are awesome! We are allowed to slip up once in ahwile! Next year this team will be dominating Balitmore again! They are the true test we have to face twice a year! We lost to them both times this year–I wasn’t expecting much from the Steelers because of that! Seriously! BUT when we dominate those pansies we can beat anyone in the NFL! Beating the Ravens makes us better! AFC North is the toughest division in football! Yes even with the Cleveland Clowns!

    Gosh darn I love pro-football!

  65. Mr.Cynical says:

    Mr. Cynical signing off! If anyone wants to hang for the draft in April send me an email! My email address is! Miller lite and a bunch of people I don’t know! What’s better than that?

  66. Paulie Raspa says:

    1) WE DID NOT RUN THE BALL ENOUGH!!! (avg. per rush over 7yds)
    2) WHY DID WE PASS 40+ TIMES( Ben looked shaky and wr’s left hands at home)
    3) WHY DID BEN LOOK LIKE HE HAD 2 BROKEN ANKLES IN THE 1ST 1/2 AND LOOK BRANDY NEW IN THE 2ND 1/2??? ( answer –cortisone — should have taken at 12 noon gameday not 1/2time)
    4) Did the Steelers take the Bronco’s seriously?(NOPE)
    5) Were any of the IDIOTS who are calling for Tomlin being fired or Cowher coming back ON THE FIELD YESTERDAY???(NOPE)

    Steeler fans we will be back –We need to get younger and stronger and have many Positions that we are not deep in…… Bring on the draft and Free Agency… If older guys want to stick — THEN THEY NEED TO BE RESTRUCTURED…..OR HIT THE HIGH ROAD !!!

  67. Mario says:

    as long as Ben & Arians are running the O just plan on Ben dropping back 35 – 50 times a game. Steelers are no longer a run team & should get rid of mendenhall no need to keep a wimpy injury prone RB who costs big bucks when RB’s are too easy to find Redman & FWP both undrafted FA’s. old, slow, & INJURY PRONE tough decisions this offseason on grisely vets Hampton, Farrior, Keisel, Ward, Starks, Essex, Kemo, A Smith, Hoke, Harrison, Gay, McFadden, Mendenhall, & honestly Coaching staff might need a wake up shake up call ..most importantly Troy, Pouncey, Ben, go 2 bahammas find a sandy beach, get healthy rest relax recoup PLEASE

  68. Tony says:

    It,s very simple, the steelers dominated only one game this yr and that was against new england, other than that, we were not a dominating team this year on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. When you have players like antonio brown, wallace,sauders,miller,cothery,ward and bunch of running backs that can start for any team in the league and you cant score points it falls on the o.c bruce arians. Arians game plans are horrible, predictable and no imagination. As far as the defense goes , not only are some of the players getting old but so is lebeau. Lebeau preparation for games and adjustments have been horrible other than the new england game. If the standard is the standard well than its time for change.

  69. Long time steeler fan says:

    I’ve been a steeler fan since I can remember, and can honestly say that I can’t recall the defense ever playing that poorly. Mike tomlin has some talent waiting in the wings
    that he refuses to play, because of his comittment to his so-called veterans. he needs to ask his wife for his nuts back,and make the tough decisions that he’s made with Hines Ward, to get speed back on the field. farrior, ziggy, kiesel, hampton,taylor,
    and Gay all have proved to be slower and can’t run with younger players. There’s a good foundation still there, make the tough cuts that need to be made.

  70. ironbikebob says:

    yea i read all your comments, excuses and every other reason you didn,t win
    but couldn’t you give us the broncos just a little credit.

  71. why in the world did we not make tebow go to his right. everyone knows that. he runs and completes his passes to the left. Not forcing him right was inexplicable

  72. Gary Hench says:

    Know one has to ‘wonder’ if teams have learned how to minimiz Harrison’s play. Goodie Godell has figured that out all by himself.
    Using his position as Czar of football, he’s using discipline to change the way the game has been played these 100 years.
    Harrison’s been fined a 1/4 of a million dollars for crap.
    That’s how you change the game of football.
    Just like hussein obama is changing the way the world looks at the us of a!
    Same procedure…..same result!

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