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Ward refutes retirement report


Hines Ward did not address his future when asked about it following the Steelers’ 29-23 loss in Denver.
“I’m not even thinking about that,” he said. “Next question.”
Ward took to social media today to answer that question.
Responding to a report that said Ward had likely played his last game Sunday, the Steelers’ all-time leading receiver wrote on Facebook, “I have no plans on retiring right now. I want to win another Superbowl. I don’t know where the media is getting this info from but rest assured that when I decide to retire, you’ll hear it from ME first.”
Ward will likely address the subject of retirement Tuesday, following his exit interview with coach Mike Tomlin.
I think the Steelers should bring Ward back for another season –- and it has nothing to do with allowing him to play his entire career in Pittsburgh.
Ward is a good mentor to Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders, all of whom would benefit from spending another year around Ward in meeting rooms, the locker room and on the practice field.
Ward is also under no illusion that he would be anything more than the Steelers’ No. 4 wide receiver next season. He handled his demotion this season with professionalism, and if he truly thought he had gotten a raw deal, that he should have been featured more in the passing game, why would he be willing to return to the Steelers?
Assuming the price is right –- and Ward would have to take a significant pay cut to return to the Steelers -– this would be a perfect match for one more season.
Ward, secure in all that he has accomplished on an individual basis, wants one more shot at a third Super Bowl ring. The Steelers would get his veteran leadership for one more season, and they already know that he will put the team before himself.
Sounds like a win-win to me.

— Scott Brown



  1. Cerone says:

    Scott – I like your thinking but I cannot imagine the Steelers coaches bringing Hines back, not after the way they handled his demotion. It appears to have been very poorly handled, as evidenced by the way he appeared on the sideline yesterday. There is more to the demotion story than we know. If he comes back to the Steelers, I would imagine it happens at the behest of the owner and, in that situation, I am not sure that would be a plus for anyone. I, for one, would like Hines back but only if he is allows to contribute on the field – something I believe he can do but I am not sure the coaches do.

  2. Dave crowley says:

    Hines should be back next year. The man still brings alot to the game. Leadership and skill. The steelers would be foolish to believe the young money boys are mature enough to do it themselves. Mike Wallace is a perfect example. Hines’s game was never about speed, he can still get open and make plays in the redzone. The young bucks could use his leadership one more year with maybe Antonio Brown carrying the torch. Go Steelers! We will make some changes but we will be back next year!

  3. Carl says:

    I agree, guy can still play, and the leadership is invaluable. In fact, I think ALL the WRs should be back. The only way I think that doesn’t happen is if the Steelers pick up a “big” WR in the 3rd round or later. They ain’t getting one with the first couple picks, too many other needs….

  4. Frank says:

    I say again Tomlin and BA have to go…………….

  5. SE says:

    Where was Heins yesterday? The only time I saw him on the field was at the very end trying to save the day?

  6. Dick says:

    I don’t think the Steelers need to sign any more wideouts. Present players will show theire worth if we can just get a good game plan. Let’s see more ‘no huddle’ with Ben calling the plays. He can and will do a better job. Cotchery, Brown, and Wallace are proven pros who are not being utilized to their potential. I would bring Ward back as the fourth wideout and tutor to other receivers. As for the rest of the team, let’s face it, age compounded by injuries to multiple starters brought us to this “one and done.” It would have been worse if it had been the Pats. Coaches will have there hands full retooling this team for the coming season. Let’s hope they’re up to it as hard decisions must be made. Mr. Rooney, I hope you’re listening.

  7. Rockie says:

    Yes Hines Ward should be back next year if he can beat out out the other receivers.
    Ward is getting paid to play not coach. Coaching the wide receivers is assigned to Scottie Montgomery. If the Steelers want Ward to coach then hire him as a coach, don’t let the guy sit on the bench he is to expensive. Salary cap issues.
    The Steelers have enough fan foverites on the roster past their prime.
    Time for them to move on to their lifes work.

  8. SteelHeart says:

    If Ward wants to come back, and the GM can find a way to afford it – then it’s a Win-Win! He can continue to provide both mentoring and needed backup ability.
    All of the high draft picks should be spent on Defense this time (Inside LB, NT, Safety, and a bulldozer Guard), so the 2012 Steelers will need WR depth !

    Plus, as I watched Ben & some WRs out of sync (i.e. Wallace cutting off his route and almost costing an interception), I kept wondering why Ward wasn’t in there for crunch time. HE knows what to do !

    If Tomlin doesn’t get rid of Arians, then get rid of Tomlin !

  9. Rick says:

    The Steelers are fine at wide out, more than fine, some teams wish they had 2 of the 5 we have.
    D. Johnson needs to upgrade his game, or go. Saunders needs to get past first year stuff, Miller isn’t getting any younger, but he still has some good playing in him.

    Injuries, wow, three starters in one game! That is terrible, Even if we had managed to win that would have been it. O line down another, D line with all starters out!

    This was a terrible season for us with regards to injuries. Sometimes a team has to go through those seasons.

    At least this off season we won’t have any lockouts and shortened training, mini-camps, etc..

    Draft Stills from PSU, draft a couple Wisconsin O line guys – they are monsters. Oh,and maybe another LB and CB.

  10. Jay Walker says:

    The personnel decisions are pretty simple, actually. Say good-bye to Farrior, Foote, McFadden, Hampton, Starks, Ward, Cotchery, Clark, Batch, Moore, Essex and Smith. Then focus on OL, DL and DB in the draft and free agency.

  11. Paulie Raspa says:

    1) WE DID NOT RUN THE BALL ENOUGH!!! (avg. per rush over 7yds)
    2) WHY DID WE PASS 40+ TIMES( Ben looked shaky and wr’s left hands at home)
    3) WHY DID BEN LOOK LIKE HE HAD 2 BROKEN ANKLES IN THE 1ST 1/2 AND LOOK BRANDY NEW IN THE 2ND 1/2??? ( answer –cortisone — should have taken at 12 noon gameday not 1/2time)
    4) Did the Steelers take the Bronco’s seriously?(NOPE)
    5) Were any of the IDIOTS who are calling for Tomlin being fired or Cowher coming back ON THE FIELD YESTERDAY???(NOPE)

    Steeler fans we will be back –We need to get younger and stronger and have many Positions that we are not deep in…… Bring on the draft and Free Agency… If older guys want to stick — THEN THEY NEED TO BE RESTRUCTURED…..OR HIT THE HIGH ROAD !!! With regards to Hines–roster spots need to be filled with Players…. He is a Great Player– see how camp goes–see who gets’ hurt–see who has promise and kep him only if you must—

    If they Are smart they take WR MOHAMMAD SANU — Rutgers 1st round –the kid is a stud and can help stretch the field–and add another dimension as a Possession receiver. -I know we have alot of WR but this kid will be something special and a GREAT weapon for BEN !!!!!
    He will not last to the 2nd round!!!

  12. hammertime says:

    Lets hope that Hines leaves in grace, and not do a Franco Harris, he has served his time as a top Pro, but he is extremely slow of foot now, plus, we have to pay Mike Wallace this year, off year or not, he is too good to let go, and all the other young reciever are destine to become great at this rate, no more room for Hine’s! Just watch what Bill Billicek and that poor NE defense doe’s to Denver, they sure are not as good as ours, but It would’nt surprise me if he pitch a shut-out, our coach, on the other hand just don’t have a clue, he is over match coaching against the good one’s, and we were very fortunate to win the superbowl when we did, if he is not willing to get some better help to cover his deficiencies as a Head Coach, he won’t last 7 years, much less 15yrs, we got a good team right now, but he don’t know what to do with them, I’ll take Jon Gruden any day, at least he appears to have FIRE!!!

  13. Carl says:

    I’d be willing to bet my house on the fact that our 1st rounder will NOT be at WR or any other skill position. Dependent on who’s available at the 20ish pick we are getting, best available DL, OL, or CB would fill the need…..

    Jay- Cut Ryan Clark? Really? Why not lose Polamalu at the same time then, F*ck it… don’t disagree with the others necessarily, but I think Starks and Ward will be back.

  14. Coach Al says:

    Wow, really? Cut Starks, Cotchery and Clark. Fire Tomlin? I guess the Steelers are supposed to win it every year, no matter what. Calm the hell down.

  15. Rick says:

    Cuts will be made based more on 1) health and 2) cap hits. If restructuring can’t be done for a player, then he will likely be cut.

    Yeah – @paulie – I asked the same question on the blog still open Sunday evening – how did Ben look so “Ben-like” in the second half. I won’t say he took a shot, no one has commented on that officially. I just wish he was like that all game.

    And Wallace, just what happened to him the last 3-4 weeks, he used to snatch balls out of the air like Brown and Sanders were doing. Maybe some upper body strength stuff so he can take what he exposes himself to over the middle will help.

    We DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER WR, at least not in first round. We need OL and DL help as well as CORNER. We have a couple good upcoming corners, but they need to play, or stay healthy.

    DAMN we had some many injuries the last 3-4 weeks. Wasn’t conditioning things.

    And so much for Pouncey “manning up”, as it appears he needs surgery.

  16. Scott P says:

    Cotchery was on a one year deal. He will be leaving. He has proven to the rest of the league that he can be a solid number 2 receiver. He will be given that opportunity elsewhere.

    If Ward wants to stay, I believe he will be given more playing time with the exodus of Cotchery.

    If Isaac Redman is not the starter next year, it will prove to the entire team that how you are acquired and how much you are paid plays a large part in how you will be used. Redman is simply a better fit, has better vision, runs harder, and is much more productive.

    Have we finally seen the last of Bruce Arians??

  17. K2 says:

    Letting Big Ben call plays is a joke. His play calling is not any better than BA’s.

    BB has 3 Super Bowls but largely because of the defense and/or the runnig game we used to have. Since depending on BB arm the Steeler offense has no continuity, consistency, identity or discipline.

    He is largely overrated in Super Bowl wins (check his QB ratings in SP’s). I will give him credit for the one drive, but Holme’s play had a lot to do with that drive as well.

    If he would focus more like Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady he could have possibly won more. He does not have the discipline nor does he pay attention to the detials like the top QB’s in the league. He’s a street baller.

    His management of the two mintue drill this year should have shown you his play calling ability… poor play calling and time management… Not prepared.

    I’ll go on record and say we have seen the best of Ben and don’t think he has the mind set or mental toughness to get us back to another Super Bowl, plus it will take a little time to rebulid an aging defense that allowed him to be a super star in this league.

    It reminds me of when Green Bay decided to turn Favre lose. They never won again with Farve’s lack of disipline and gun slinging mentality… Another street baller… Rodgers is better!

    The other probelm with BB is he tends to buy into all of the press about him then acts on it…Can’t believe no one sees through this guy… He is an act.

    Yes, the defense let us down in Denver, but if not for them the past 7 years we would not be wearing Super Bowl rings.

  18. Jay Walker says:

    Clark is not a cover guy. He’s a hitter. We need cover deep guys especially with Polamalu in a free-lance mode. Starks is old and hurt. Ward is just plain old. Of course, this is Pittsburgh, and we live in the past a lot, right?

  19. Gabriel says:

    Any time Ray Shero wants to make a trade is fine with me.

  20. Mark says:

    I think they need to use Ward more often, particularly in the red zone, where he is a TD machine…Brown had a great season, but still only 2 TD’s i think recieving…the 2 best games offensively especially early on appeared to be Ten and the 1st half of the Jax game, and they used Ward and Miller often early to open up the deeper passing game. They needed to continue to do that more often and stop forcing the ball to Wallace and Brown…they had other people wide open often enough as well.

  21. David says:

    we can all beat ourselves over the head for this loss, but the better team won today, thats all that can be said, the Broncos came prepared to do whatever it took to win the game and was even better going into overtime…. kudos to Tim Tebow, and double kudos to the Denver Broncos defense, they played lights out inspired football, something we all would be proud of had our own team had played like that, it just wasn’t meant to be , heres to the broncos, and much success throughout the remainder of your playoff journey! :)

  22. Oscar says:

    Keep Hines Ward please. He is invaluable as a mentor and a good backup. He should have been used more in the red-zone this year. Too many times the young WR’s didn’t get open for TD’s. We lost the denver game with that, getting FG’s instead of TD’s. Should have used Hines and Heath more in the red-zone. Lets get some new O-linemen, D-linemen and inside LB’s. The Steelers can still do it!

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