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3 questions with Antonio Brown


Steelers MVP Antonio Brown met with position coach Scottie Montgomery along with the other wide receivers this morning. He has his exit interview with coach Mike Tomlin later today.
Here is an except from his Q&A with reporters:

Q: Did your individual seasons reach surpass expectations?
A: It surpassed expectations. I came into camp as the fourth receiver and wasn’t prepared for what would happen to me, but I think I think I got a lot of opportunities and pretty much took advantage of them. And I continued to get better as the season progressed.

Q: Where does Hines fit into team and what does he mean to wide receivers?
A: He’s a guy who’s been in the league for a long time. He’s an older guy in our group so he brings leadership, he sets a tone. We definitely want a guy like that with us.

Q: You set a Steelers record for all-purpose yards in a season. Can you still get that much better?
A: Yes, I definitely can get better. I can get stronger and catch more balls. I definitely can’t better. Even with all the records, that wasn’t enough. We’re still at home right now. It’s all about continuing to play and getting to that highest level.

— Scott Brown



  1. Jay Walker says:

    One and done? You’d have to be here to bereave it.

  2. Rick says:

    This really sucks, got an email from my son who happened to catch this from the Denver Post…

    Not that we would have been in any really good shape for a serious playoff game at New England, however…

    NFL, you and your officials are totally terrible and are, have been, unfairly picking on the Steelers.

    I hadn’t said anything cause I was pissed and it didn’t matter, now…

    There was a helmet to helmet hit on Wallace in the game, no call.
    Multiple holds on Harrison, no calls.
    Nasty OL behavior by Denver, no calls.
    Hit after he passed on Ben, no calls.
    Little pat touch by Harrison on Tebow – roughing the passer. I mean he pulled up and simply patted him on the back.

    All season long we have suffered through this, both the team and fans.

    Enough is enough!

  3. Scott P says:

    So….they have a Pro Bowl, Super Bowl winning QB, All Pro Center, an electrifying WR corp. who have all made at least one Pro Bowl. A Rookie Of The Year winner at RT, a Super bowl winning Left Tackle, a first round draftee at Running back and arguably the best all around Tight End in the league.

    So why was this offense only able to put up decent points against the likes of the Rams, and Seahawks? Why is it so difficult for the Steelers brass to see that Arians sucks? With the talent on hand, they should at least be in the same zip code as N.E., G.B., and N.O.

  4. Texas Steelers Fan says:

    This loss was all on the defense. The offense scored enough points to win, but the defense didn’t do its job.

  5. Paulie Raspa says:

    Anybody catch the commentary by SIMMS and/or Nance about why Bruce Arians is not/never considered for a HEAD COACHING position???
    It was very short as if it was “cued” by higher ups at CBS not to be spoken about…
    With all do respect I am very hard on the o-line but more on their coach KUGLER…
    I predicted 45-50 sacks (42 w/out 5 in playoffs) 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE SEASON. I have met many of the o-lineman over the last 4 years attending games and being a former O-LINEMAN I have told them all to stay LOW– Pad level is too high….. Starks who is a GIANT at 350lbs+ GOT CRUSHED BY DUMERVIL who goes at 265 because he drove underneath him and moved him to where broken ankle ben was. Guys, until we correct the coaching at the Line we are going to continue to struggle even in victory. IF THE LINE PASS BLOCKS & RUN BLOCKS WELL WE WILL WIN GUARANTEED!!! The way the teams of yesterday & today are built start with the O-LINE!!!
    If Ben is our qb for the next 7-10 years, he will need to be upright and not on his A$$!!!

  6. Tom Morris says:

    Here’s to all you whiners…Steelers won 75% of their games this year. Way better than merely a winning season. As a kid, I grew up listening to the Steelers on the “radio” LOSE 75% of their games. Most of the time more. We had a helluva a season and a helluva playoff game. My hat’s off to the guys who “actually” play the game. Great season guys you’re all “winners” in my eyes. Oh, pass that cheese plate over to the “whiners”.

  7. cerone says:

    Time to move on. There is plenty of blame to sprinkle around on both sides of the ball and on the sidelines. Here’s to hoping the Steelers bring in a new offensive coach who can help this offense realize its potential and protect its franchise QB. Here’s to hoping the Steelers keep LeBeau and the defensive scheme while acknowledging the need to get faster on defensive, especially the front seven. Major upheavals to the defense are unwarranted, including canning Big Snack, who is still a force against the run (witness how he was missed after he exited against the Broncos), though it is never to early to start identifying and grooming successors to Big Snack, Harrison, Kiesel and even Troy. Continuity with targeted improvements is the Steelers way and it has worked. Go Steelers.

  8. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Steeler lover 4 ever…..need to make some fixes on the Offense side, BA, sorry your welcome is over….and even time for Dick to think about the fishing lake, let someone else take over the pressure, come up with some new schems….not being disrespectful, but it might be time to say, enough is enough…ride off into the sunset!!!

  9. Ron says:

    The whole season turned on the second Ravens game. The coaching , head , OC and DC was DREADFUL . The offense could not produce a second first down to run the clock out . And to many FGs . The defense could not get off the field , way to many third downs to the Ravens . Then the FG decision by Tomlin or should I say did not want to kick it because he said they had a new holder ? What happened to the standard is the standard . The defense giving up the 90 yard drive to end the game . The players deserve some of the blame , but I blame the coaching more of course thats my opinion . But I believe the coaching along with injuries was the Steelers down fall this year .

  10. Frank says:

    Enough is enough ….. Where is Rooney and Tomlin WHY are they not screaming at the NFL and Reffs ……. The way the STeelers are treated week after week year after year…. The Browns tackle Big Ben low no call but when Bradey is tackle low the reffs call it. Daaaaaaaaa ..Lewis from The Birds hits Ward and pute him out the game nooo call Harison baby hits McCoy they call it and he never left the game..Where is the COMIsh hello where are awake!!!!!

  11. Zarbor says:

    First off, the offense just need more help on the line (lose Kemo). Hire Russ Grimm from Arizona. Pay him whatever he wants. Since he left, its been down hill with this group. Second, fire Bruce Arians immediately. That offense has way too much talent to be looking so awful at times and its not just Ben being injured. Ben is not getting better. He is still doing the same asinine things from when he first started. The only difference is that he makes more good plays than bad…He should be a much smarter QB and he’s not. I fault Ben and Bruce Arians. They both don’t want to run the ball. Its a bad marriage despite what Ben claims. Anyone who considers a WR screen a run play to pick up first down should not be a Steeler..period!
    Lastly, the offense was just as much to blame for the Denver loss as the defense. You jokers who don’t think so must not have been watching the game. The the score was 20-6 at half time. The offense made so many mistakes and did little to help the defense until the end of the game. The defense suffered major injuries and an competent offense (like we should have) will sustain drives, eating the clock with Redman running and not putting the defense out to dry. The defense held Denver several times to three points where a touchdown would have sealed it. Overall the majority of the blame should have been owned by Dick LeBeau and Bruce Arians who both did a horrible job. LeBeau gets a slight break for being without many staters.

  12. 6tonsofsteel says:

    The Defensive game plan sucked period. However Dick should be brought back for ’12. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and his players listen to him and play hard for him. We have a youth movement coming in off-season that will only help on D. Exit Warrior Smith and possibly Hampton. Enter Worlds Sylvester and Heyward. Now on O, the O line needs help, PLEASE! We have thoroughbreds in the stable as Wr, but can’t get them out without some damn PASS PROTECTION. The organization has witnessed what happens to their franchise QB with assembling a shoddy line. We shouldn’t have to worry if Flozzel Adams and Max Starks are available to play in freaking September. Please address the O line Stillers. PLEASE! -6TONS

  13. GC says:

    Alot of Steeler players hope to stay here next season. I guess so, they wouldn’t play anywhere else. Boy we are so lucky, BA is back, I know Ben is happy. The Steelers Team reminds me of the Good old boys club, no breaking this group up.

  14. hammertime says:

    Excuse me, but Mike Tomlin is the reason we lost this game, even if LeBeau is the defense coordinator, he could have stop that dumb first play defensive call, I have never coached any thing, but I have been a Steeler Fan since 1972, if you keep the ball in front of you on the field (prevent defense like most teams would have in this situation), instead of 8 men in the box, maybe you hold them to a field goal, and get the ball back to tie the score, or win the game with a touchdown, every team doe’s that if they are trying to preserve a win, they make sure you don’t beat them deep, did that even cross his mind, no, he was too busy standing there looking stupid, we have been outcoached this time by a Denver coach who has a imagination, don’t let that 12-4 record fool you, we were not that far from being 9-7, count the nailbiters we had, probrably had to decent wins all year, Tomlin needs to eat this loss all by his self!!! He needs to standup and own the team if he thinks he is going to stay, and not be afraid of his subordinates, no matter who they are, can’t handle it, move on!!!!

  15. SteelHeart says:

    Sorry, but “Texas Steelers Fan” must be an idiot !

    Not that the Defense was blameless, but they
    – were down to their last three D Linemen (w/ McLeon no that good)
    – the LBs were hurting big time on the outside
    – the Secondary was but a shell w/ Polamalu hurting , Clark on the bench, Lewis w/ his hamstring, and the rookie DBs they drafted on IR

    Although I didn’t like the results, they fought admirely. AND the Defense was crowding the line because they couldn’t stop the run with the players they had left !

    It was the Offense that had a poor game plan. ARIANS needs to go ! I know there were lots of wounded on both sides, but why doesn’t BA make better use of the resources that he has ? Our running game was working well – so why why it not used more? This whole “Manning-like-Offense” hasn’t even got Manning multiple rings !

  16. Braveheart says:

    I am not and will never be a Bruce Arians fan. The league is its own evaluator, by that I mean IF BA was actually considered to be that good, he would get interviews for head coaching vacancies. The fact that he does not get said interviews tells you what the rest of the NFL teams think of him.

    My fellow Steelers fans, until the offensive line is addressed, this team will struggle. The OL has been ignored for years except for Pouncey. I have never understood the philosophy regarding the OL, but it has to change. You need a stud at left tackle to protect the blind side of the QB, and the Steelers currently do not have such a player on their roster. You give Ben and these running backs a slightly above average OL, and they will score at will.

  17. GC says:

    The Steelers were 12-4 with the so called #1 defense. The most 3 important games of the season they lost, Baltimore, SF and Denver. Give what ever reason you want. Their schedule had alot to do with those 12 wins.

  18. Wildwood says:

    Regardless of what you think of BA the issue is the oline. Games are won at the line of scrimmage, just look at the stats from Sundays game
    (Broncos 5 sacks/Steelers 0 sacks). The oline has been a hodge podge unit all year and needs to get fixed NOW and OG’s are the priority this draft. Our beloved vets on the dline also need to bow out because they generate little pass rush at this stage of their careers and NT is where we need to focus on in light of hamptons injury as well. Keisel and Hampton have value but as a backup moving foward with consideration to their age. A pass rush/pass protection will make your units remarkably better and then were not bitching over silly nonsense.

  19. Dick says:

    Paulie, with all due respect, the Patriots and Saints do quite well passing the ball. The Steelers have the QB and WRs to do the same if they can get a good game plan. The problem, as I see it, is the O-Line pass blocking leaves much to be desired. I doubt the run blocking is any better. The Patriot and Saints O-Lines are quite good and therein lies a big difference. With the skill players we have we should frequently be scoring in the 30s. Coaching seems to be the problem. Too many times this team plays uninspired football. It’s up to the coaches to get them ready to the point they have their game face on. It’s just not happening and it makes a big difference when the opposing team is fired up. I don’t know, maybe we just have the wrong personality types but that’s the way I see it. On another subject, I have to agree with Rick about the officiating. It is certainly gettting worse and I blame the league for this. There are bad calls every game. The league should review this problem just as they review the players and fine these bad calls. For sure, it would eliminate a lot of this flag throwing. We’ll get ‘em next year!!!

  20. Zarbor says:

    I’m not sure what you guys are looking at but at times I’m not sure if its the same thing we are looking at. We all agree that the o-line is a problem and needs to be fixed. However, lets not forget to put Benji in there as a big part of the o-line’s problem. As I’ve stated before Ben is not getting any better. Because we win, most of us including the coaches are will to let “Ben be Ben.”

    Well, I don’t care what kind of o-line you have (yes even Brady’s o-line), there is no way you can expect them to hold blocks as long as Ben hold the ball. Make no mistake, our line is not that good especially when you consistently seeing guys getting trucked falling backwards. Part of what make some of these other line so good is that the QB gets rid of the ball much quicker. You would think a real OC would figure that out having an injured QB and a weak o-line.

    The reason the o-line has not changed is mostly due to Ben who completely runs the offense. He like BA because he gets to do what he wants to due. That’s why he did not care for Whisenhunt or Cowher. He vouchers for that awful o-line every time since it forces him to play the way he wants to play. School yard football.

    Until that changes, the nation will always be gasping every time we play. Now that the defense has gotten older and not as dominant, it clear why Ben is never considered for MVP of the league and never chosen as MVP from his own teammates. He’s a very good player and very talented but he’s not very smart…..well doesn’t play smart is more like it.

    Steelers should trade Mendy and try to get Stephen Jackson from St. Louis. That team is going nowhere fast and Jackson needs to figure out where he can get a ring. Plus he would be sharing carries with Redman. Bring back Russ Grimm to build back up that o-line. As been stated a million times, get rid of BA. He doesn’t believe in running the ball and has to be told by the Rooneys. Redman is clearly the better back yet he continues with Mendy….even on goal line where Redman thrives.

    This team still can get it done especially in the AFC which has suddenly become the weaker conference.

  21. Rick says:

    End of year analysis.

    First, as a top finisher last season we played a top schedule. The only off teams were in the division that was bad overall, NFC West. So don’t say we had an easy schedule, we didn’t.
    — Don’t expect our schedule to be any easier in 2012. As I pointed out, ALL our division teams had top 10 defenses overall.

    We lost key players early in the season, OL and DL. Then we lost Sanders for a few weeks with foot problems. Then Ward got the helmet to helmet no call and ankle sprain. He was not the same the rest of the season – may need surgery in off season!

    Just as we start to get things back together we start losing more players to injury. By the time Harrison got healthy enough to be a menace Woodley went down. A couple non-starters were also injured. Then Troy was banged up and banged up and banged up. Pouncey gets another high ankle sprain, Lego hurts his shoulder, Kemo has a breakdown in performance. Scott was on and off again. Then Ben takes the big hurt. Pouncey came back and went to, as did Woodley. More special teams players drop. Then Mendy goes down (wasn’t cause he was upright, knee caved in without hit) – Did we need body bags? (joke, we really needed transformers! :D)
    — Take from this, we need a very healthy well coached O line. I am not certain if Kugs is really that good or really that bad. We just didn’t get the performance from the O line that we could have, overall.

    —- This affected our offense more than we may want to admit. It wasn’t BA, my opinion. You look at the games, and most first and second drives were successful except where someone effed up. He set up the initial drives. Maybe he wasn’t creative enough inside the 5 at times, but we used to be able to blast those into the end zone. WHY NOT THIS SEASON? Wasn’t the running backs, as Redman was stopped as much as Mendy was.

    So we are already major league walking wounded come Playoff game #1. We are all painfully aware of that game – what with more starters going down to injury.

    When you have 2/3s of the team and can’t substitute properly at Denver the players will get fatigued. When fatigued anything can happen – like the second quarter.

    We weren’t, my opinion again, that badly prepped. Give a little credit to Denver, they altered some of the stuff they had been doing. We did eventually adjust, but Q2 killed us.

    What it all showed was that we are needing help or better coaching for the O line. BIGGEST spot to deal with.

    Age of defense, not a huge issue, but again, health overall is.

    Team attitude, needs to be pumped from start to finish. We weren’t pumped enough for game #1 and it showed. A couple other games were the same way. SB participants or not, the Steelers are targeted by every opponent. It seems they all want to play their A++ game against us.

    So we need to bring our A+++ game at all times. Some times getting pissed off and showing it helps. (Read this as get upset once in a while Tomlin, it is OK)

  22. K2 says:

    I mentioned the following in the Blog prior to the change of “3 questions for AB”.

    Please don’t let BB do the play calling. I not confident in his commitment to do so. He is usally unprepared and lacks the disapline and the details to be a play caller like a Payton, Brees’s, Rogers or Brady. He is not those guys.

    Sure you can argue that he went to 3 Super Bowls (won two), but I feel he won those largely due to having one of the best defenses in the league the past 7-8 years and a solid running game. Just refer to his QB rating in Super Bowl games. I will give him credit for the drive against the Cards, but Holmes had a lot to do with that finsihes as well!

    BB needs to be rained in to be effective. Letting him have his way as a gunslinger has gotten him or the Steelers no where (he not those guys). Remindes me of Favre… With disapline Favre won a Super Bowl and then he got his way and became the gunslinger and never won again…. Hummmm?

    I’ll call it and say BB best days might be behind him and without the dominating “D” we had the past few years he might not win again (another Super Bowl).

    The other thing that might help BB is not believing his own press. I’d advise that he not read or listen to the press because it only confuses him as to who he really is and he ends up making dumb (Ben) like decisions…. He is so chesely and fake sorry to say.

    All that being said, can’t say the offense or defense let us down against Denver, it was more like a total team (lack of effort) and as I’ve said before, where was the Steeler mojo this year? Tomlin needs to step on occaion and inspire the team when it is noticeably needed.

    One last word, it is probably time to make some changes an some of the aging player will be surely missed…. Thanks to them for a great run!!!

  23. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    So BA is going to grace us with his return as OC next season. Am I in some kind of freaking nightmare or something? Where does this guy get the chutzpah to think he deserves to come back? Honestly, he must be mentally ill. He is a clinical psychotic sociopath. He is out of touch with realtity and has no empathy for others. I do not believe that we can expect the Pgh journalists to even question BA about his offense’ lack of productivity and etc. Smizik of the PG might manage to say something, but not a peep from anyone else.

    Well, I am ready to get proacctive about getting rid of BA. We fans who care about the Steelers have to galvanize our ideas and efforts to rid the team of that pestilence. Now, we can fight him with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives…

    So, let’s start talking about what can be done. I notice that if you google “fire Bruce Arians” that about a dozen sites come up, and although I haven’t looked at all of them, therre doesn’t seem to be a forum for suggestions and actions for firing BA aside from having to join facebook, which I am not about to do. We need some cyber-meeting place where we can share ideas and plan actions. Any suggestions?

    In the meantime, we should start considering some obvious choices, like letter-writing campaigns and signature gathering efforts. Would a boycot of games work? I don’t know if you can get enough fans–even BA opponents–to forego games. What about trying to get every anti-BA fan that goes to games to bring a “fire BA” sign so that seeing tens of thousands of them on network TV might get the message to management? Can’t we try that for a televised preseason game and gauge the reaction? It doesn’t cost anything, and it might work.

    How about some feedback?

  24. Danno says:

    Hey, look on the bright side — only 15 more seasons with Mike Tomlin at the controls.

  25. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Hell, can we get a showing of training camp fans with FIRE BA signs? you wouldn’t be anti-Steelers; in fact, you would be pro-Steelers.

    Something has to be done ASAP so we can get a competent OC in the Burgh. Competent? We need a OC genius. We have a bevy of WR’s and a slew of RB’s, and no one to maximize their potential.

    Dear Bruce Arians–or whomever reads this and can convey the message:

    Mr. Arians, I respectfully submit that you are not a very good offensive coordinator. In addition, you are not very popular among the Steelers faithful. I suspect that you are not very popular amongst the Steelers O-Linemen and RB’s. But we will never know if that is true or false, because the PGH sports writers are on quaaludes, or something.

    Mr. Arians, the Steelers offense has underperformed, despite having freakishly superior talent. Can you please take some responsibility for that shortcoming and, at best, gracefully retire? You haven’t even ever been asked to address the performance of your unit, because the PGH journalists are, as the French say, “I don’t know what.”

    Will you please, at least, address the concerns of your “constituents”? I mean, there is a lot of opposition to your tenure as OC, and you just ignore it. Will you please, at least, engage your critics and try to give some accounting of the Steelers offense? Heck, if someone else is to blame, then let us know. Blame it on the O-line. Blame it on inuries. Blame it on your incompetence and/or mental illnesses. But at least come to the table and tell us why you think that the Steelers offense stinks, while they have superior talent.

    Can someone please publish BA’s e-mail address or some other way to communicate with him, because this guy is out of touch with reality.

  26. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Dear Pittsburgh sports journalists:

    Can any one of you please muster the courage to interview Bruce Arians and ask him to answer at least some of the questions that his detractors have concerning his ability as an OC and the performance (lack thereof) of the Steelers offense?

    Maybe this is the way to go. If we can get even one PGH sports journalist to act like a journalist, then maybe we can understand what is going on with BA and the offense’ performance.

    So, how about it? Can the entry-level lackey that reads these posts have the nerve to take this one to the editor and get something done about this travesty?

    C’mon, have some guts. You will probably get fired, but if you don’t, and this thing gets wings, you might just become an editor and a PGH hero.

    How about it?

  27. eyeheartbrucearians says:


    Please, DK, Please Kaboly, Please Brown, all we are asking is for some journalism.

  28. Scott P says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit while contemplating the return of Arians. I think the team has become so enamored with their reputation for stability that they are resisting change simply to resist change.

    I will participate in any kind of campaign that you can come up with. It is unlikely to help, but it can’t hurt. We need some help from the media. Some interviews and insightful columns centered around the ineptitude might incite the masses.

    Where is Ron Erhardt when you need him?

  29. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Scott P

    This is a start! I am not sure what to do at the moment. I have a few go-daddy sites under construction for other purposes, but might be able to link something.

    Let’s hear it, people, what can we do to nudge BA out the door?

    I was about to add my hotmail address, but I think that might not be a good idea, right now.

    I will look into establishing some kind of cyber presence for ousting BA.

    Please add your ideas, here, until we can establish some kind of online presence.

  30. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    OK, look, I don’t mind buying a GoDaddy domain–I already have a bunch of them–I just need some feed-back about how it should contribute to the to the deletion of one Steelers offensive coordinater.

    What should the web-site be like? I have my own ideas, but, if you want BA out, what do you think it should do?

  31. Paulie Raspa says:

    It could be worse — We could have Schottenheimer from the JETS… They both suck…. 7.5 yds on the ground — u run the ball until they stop it… YET BROKEN BEN FADES BACK 40 TIMES ,SACKED 5 TIMES!!Denver could not stop the run.
    You let up 30 yds per completion — I will fool u and throw on a running down especially when I am a running team. Result –We lose!!
    Our O-LINE needs a kick in the butt — They need to go all out in practice… They need to stay low and stress the urgency — The D needs to get Healthy and needs experienced Depth at certain positions..
    I do think these veterans will be back:
    Gay will be re-signed.
    Foote too
    We have a major cap issue too — so let’s be patient and see how things pan out. Kugler has to go — Sorry the o-line has not gotten better but then again we have not been healthy…
    But all of the above need to pass the torch– Stevenson Sylvester I believe can play Middle lb with timmons but the first time he screws up people will be wanting Farrior to replace..
    Keenan Lewis can be the answer at CB with TAYLOR & GAY ..
    They will not get rid of Mende but should run a 2 headed backfield– it will keep Mende hungry…. with Redmann looking for more carries.Get a PUNISHING FB too


  32. Dick says:

    I have to say this………………YOU GUYS ARE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL.

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