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Ike had great year despite being Tebowed


There is a good argument that Ike Taylor’s game against Denver during last week’s AFC wild-card loss was the worst individual performance in the history of Steelers postseason play.

Sure, Neil O’Donnell could be mentioned as one during Super Bowl XXX or Tunch Ilkin in 1983 against the Raiders or even Kordell Stewart against the Broncos could make the list, but there’s no mistaken Taylor is on top of that list.

However, the big picture can’t be lost with Taylor, who spent an hour with Trib columnist John Harris on Wednesday for the Ike Taylor Show on TribLive Radio.

Taylor had one of the best individual regular seasons in the history of the Steelers.

Yes, comparable to Blount, Woodson and whoever else.

Heading int the Broncos game, Taylor allowed an average of 2.6 catches and 30.1 yards per game, and mind you, mostly covering the other team’s best receiver all over the field all by himself.

Now, giving up 204 yards to Demaryius Thomas can’t be overlooked, but as Taylor said on TribLive Radio — “You have good games, you have bad games.”

Just chalk this one up to a bad game and move on.

Here are some stats that might help you move one.

Ike Taylor’s 2011 season by receiver
A.J. Green, Cincinnati 6-87 yards, TD
Demaryius Thomas, Denver 4-204 yards, TD
Wes Welker, New England 4-23 yards
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona 3-58 yards
Brandon Lloyd, St. Louis 3-39 yards
Anquan Boldin, Baltimore 3-35 yards
Andre Johnson, Houston 3-23 yards
Michael Crabtree, SF 3-23 yards
Jonathan Baldwin, KC 2-26 yards
Nate Washington, Tenn 2-11 yards
Dwayne Bowe, KC 1-25 yards
Mohamed Massaquoi, Clev 1-25 yards
Rob Housler, Arizona 1-20 yards
Steve Breaston, KC 1-18 yards
Jason Hill, Jacksonville 1-18 yards, TD
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis 1-11 yards
Deion Branch, New England 1-10 yards
Josh Cribbs, Cleveland 1-10 yards
Mike Williams, Seattle 1-9 yards
Damian Williams, Tennessee 1-8 yards
Mike Thomas, Jacksonville 1-3 yards
Torrey Smith, Baltimore 1-2 yards
Pierre Garcon, Indianapolis 1-(-2) yards

Ike Taylor’s 2011 season game-by-game
Team Targeted Receptions
Ravens 4 0
Seahawks 3 1
Colts 11 2
Texans 5 3
Titans 8 3
Jaguars 5 2
Cardinals 10 4
Patriots 7 5
Ravens 8 4
Bengals 2 0
Chiefs 7 4
Bengals 11 6
Browns 2 1
49ers 5 3
Rams 10 3
Browns 5 1
Broncos 6 4
109 46

– Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. Poz says:

    Sir,I will move on after this.

    I was surprised by the way he played. And as a fat a##ed fan with no ability, I was quick to finger point. Perhaps because Taylor had such a great season.

    Hey look, I’m making excuses for me and I didn’t play. Taylor made no excuses.

    Can’t wait for him to be back next year and again shutting down the best receivers in the NFL.

    I’m old school. Only jersey I’ve ever had was Lambert’s. But I may get Taylor’s. Not because he is a shutdown corner – without a doubt he is. But for the way he conducted himself after the loss. He is an honorable man.

  2. Mike McCormick says:

    Ike is a stand-up honorable guy.
    No one works harder.
    Proud to have him as a Steeler.
    He will be the “shut-down corner” again next year for the Steelers.


  3. dejan shortpants says:

    Any time Ray Shero wants to make a trade is fine with me.

  4. Frank says:

    Tomlin has no back bone …..BA is staying….you are kidding me… Rooney where are you …Time for Tomlin to go if he can’t fire coaches…

  5. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    I will launch a go-daddy website to gather signatures for BA’s removal. If we can get someone in the PGH media to publicize it, I think that it may work, because there will be millions of signatures and ESPN or some other bigtime outlet will pick up on it and go national with it. We will not let you stay, BA. You can go easy, or you can go hard, but you must go, and you will go. We will make an embarassing national scene of your performance and continued employment. Coach Tomlin says that he wants you back? Well, that is another problem that we will deal with later, if it is true.

    Hello Mr. Rooney? I hope that you have some connection with the Steelers fans so that you are aware of our displeasure with the OC and, if reports of his preferring BA are true, then our displeasure with the head coach, as well.

    We are not some fringe element of Steelers fandom. On the contrary, if you are at all satisfied with BA’s performance, then you are beyond the pale, sir. It is simply not acceptable.

  6. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    If you think that the Cleveland Browns fan’s youtube rants were impressive, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    We are asking you politely, Mr. Arians, to just retire gracefully,because we are going to put a big hurt on the Steelers public image because of you, if you don’t.

    It’s nothing personal, mind you, it’s just in the best interest of the team.

  7. Doug Halfen says:

    If Ike has a bad game (and he is _certainly_ allowed that possibility), then the offense has to score more points. When one unit falters, then the other has to pick up the slack, and our offense just couldn’t rise to the challenge. Being down 20-6 at the half _sucked_. Comebacks haven’t been our strong suit lately…

    (Heck of a good show from Isaac, though; the kid should be our starter. Now, if we could grab some A+ offensive linemen this offseason…)

  8. 6tonsofsteel says:

    A new banner at Heinz Field should be erected (along with “you’re in steelers country” and “amazing steelers”) saying “B.A. Get Outta Tahn.” At least the fans can pound on it as we drink our Arn Cities and watch the fastest receiver in the league get thrown weak screen passes behind the line of scrimmage. PS FIX THE O LINE- 6TONS. BY THE WAY I LOVE UR BLOG. THE PG IS FULL OF GUTLESS NON NATIVE BURGHERS!

  9. PAULIE says:

    28.Paulie Raspa
    January 11th, 2012 – 8:41 pm It could be worse — We could have Schottenheimer from the JETS… They both suck…. 7.5 yds on the ground — u run the ball until they stop it… YET BROKEN BEN FADES BACK 40 TIMES ,SACKED 5 TIMES!!Denver could not stop the run.
    You let up 30 yds per completion — I will fool u and throw on a running down especially when I am a running team. Result –We lose!!
    Our O-LINE needs a kick in the butt — They need to go all out in practice… They need to stay low and stress the urgency — The D needs to get Healthy and needs experienced Depth at certain positions..
    I do think these veterans will be back:
    Gay will be re-signed.
    Foote too
    We have a major cap issue too — so let’s be patient and see how things pan out. Kugler has to go — Sorry the o-line has not gotten better but then again we have not been healthy…
    But all of the above need to pass the torch– Stevenson Sylvester I believe can play Middle lb with timmons but the first time he screws up people will be wanting Farrior to replace..
    Keenan Lewis can be the answer at CB with TAYLOR & GAY ..
    They will not get rid of Mende but should run a 2 headed backfield– it will keep Mende hungry…. with Redmann looking for more carries.Get a PUNISHING FB too


  10. GC says:

    Couldn’t agree more, get rid of BA along with a dozen players, nothing persoanl, there time has passed. Still not sure about Tomlin.

  11. GC says:

    Couldn’t agree more, get rid of BA along with a dozen players, nothing personal, there time has passed. Still not sure about Tomlin.

  12. Carl says:

    I will be the first to say that right after the game, I may have been one of the first to say in the blog that was available at the time, “Ike Taylor cost us the game.”

    I take it back. Guys been one of our best all season, and though he had a bad game at the wrong time, there were other things wrong in that game that were a microcosm of the whole season; not scoring enough from the start, bad play calling, suspect OL play, injuries.

    We’ll return to form next season. Steelers always do this. Might look a little different, but it will be exciting and we’ll make yet another run at 7!

  13. K2 says:

    Ike did’nt cost us the game that was a total team effort, but his effort certainly didn’t help.

    Yeah he had a great year, but from what I’ve seen over the past several years, Ike tends to choke and give up big plays in big games.

    The Steelers need to address the CB position among others to play the style of defense they want to play. They look good against average teams (not deep in the receiver core position), but the better teams and QB’s tend to burn our DB’s.

    Yes, they got better, but not good enough and we need to find more guys upfront that can put the heat on QB’s beside Woodly and Harrision.

  14. Rick says:

    Gee, I’m surprised all you negatives haven’t taken up Starkey’s rating of the 2011 Steelers.

    He gave Ward a D, as well as several other players, yet he totally failed to consider how well one can play (or not play) when injured.

    I am glad the season is over as I would hate to consider the debacle we would have had in New England had we survived in Denver.

    It wasn’t Ike, it was a total team performance failure, especially the second quarter. You people that cry for coaches to go forget that they are not on the field. And our second half performance reflects their adjustments.

    Steelers fans’ problem is that we hold the team to such a high level that any slippage is deemed seriously bad. A little more realism is needed, not just calling for firings.

    The questions you need to ask yourselves, you firings callers, is whether our team would have even been where it was with a different coach or coaches given the decimation the team suffered through during the season?

    And please note that this doesn’t include all that we additionally had to suffer through thanks to bad Refs and a league boss obviously against us.

    We need both the O line and D line to be healthy. Our line backers need to be on the field all together for more games than they were.

  15. Tim says:

    Starkey’s grade for the Steelers- D-

  16. Jay Walker says:

    My grades: Tomlin PP(Piss-Poor), Arians D+, LeBeau B-, Colbert C.

  17. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    Ive been questioning Tomlin all along, he had been wining games with Cower built teams……he thinks consistency is the key to success, but Im not sure….when will Bruce come up with new game plans…?? Will see the same team again, that is just willing to compete, but not really take it to the next level, if we went back next year with this same team, we would make playoffs, win at least 10 games, but does the TEAM have enough to make it to the big game? I am not satisfied with mediocrity, I want to see excellence (RIP Al Davis), but its like the Raiders, we seem to be happy with where we are, not willing to take the big step that will sting for little bit, but might be in best interest of the organization…….ALERT, ALERT….there is a reason no one one goes after BA as a coach, cant we see that?????? And a reason we cant get pass MEDIOCRITY!!!!

    True we won some Super Bowls, but we should have WON A LOT MORE with this team…..shouldn’t have we?????

  18. Dick says:

    Poz, you are probably right. Me,…………..I’m calling for an FBI investigation!

  19. sjb says:

    All I can say is up until the playoffs, he didn’t have a “bad” season. I do remember him getting owned by Cincy’s rookie Green in the last Bungles game, so I’m not going to say he had a “great” season. Great players play great when they are supposed to (right Holmes? lol) and Ike didn’t do that enough this season and certainly didn’t in the one game that mattered the most. Honestly, I can give a rat’s A what he did against NE if they are still in the playoffs and we aren’t. His great season means about as much as “No. 1 Defense!” It’s all symantics and meaningless BS at this point isn’t it?

  20. Jim M says:

    Cornerback is the one position besides quarterback that leaves a player’s failures in the open for everyone to see. Ike Taylor has played too well, for too long, to be blamed for one bad game. The whole defensive game plan seemed ill-conceived. The other team made great plays. The whole team lost the game.
    I think it’s time to question why LeBeau’s defenses have trouble finishing games. I’d look at management before making snap judgments about players.
    I hope Ike Taylor knows his fans are still with him.

  21. thomas says:

    Tired of this get rid of Tomlin….”he won the SB with Cowher’s Players” let’s get real…Cowher on at least 4/5 times had the BEST TIME IN THE NFL and went to only the SB TWO TIMES….he lost the AFCCG at HOME FOUR TIMES…FOUR…FOUR.being favored in every game..where was the OUTCRY TO GET RID OF HIM……I do agree he needs to get rid of the OC.but this crap of he can’t coach blah blah,..get real…He’s coached here 5 years and took the team to the SB TWICE….most coaches would be called a great coach…I guess you would have to be white to get that label though.and yes I went there..

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