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No surgery for now for Hampton


So far so good when it comes to Casey Hampton and the knee injury that knocked the mammoth nose tackle out of the Steelers’ 29-23 loss to Denver last Sunday.
Hampton is not scheduled to undergo surgery in the near future, which means the 11th-year veteran will try to work his way back from an ACL injury with a combination of rest and treatment.
That could change, but avoiding surgery could be the key to Hampton returning to the Steelers in 2012. Coming back from a major knee injury would be tough for Hampton given his size -– he is listed at 325 pounds but admittedly hasn’t been close to that in years –- and the advanced stage of his NFL career.
Hampton is entering the last year of the three-year, $21.2 million contract he signed in February of 2010. The Steelers are likely to bring Hampton back for another season, if his health isn’t an issue.
All-Pro center Maurkice Pouncey is having surgery today on his left ankle. Pouncey tweeted –- yes, he is still on Twitter -– that news, and surgery was inevitable given how many problems the ankle has given him over the last year.

— Scott Brown



  1. 5-0 says:

    Can you get the Steelers to hire me to watch over these idiots(like Pouncey) who tweet stupidly all the time (post updates on your web site daily if need be and leave it at that…. and those who make bad decisions in public (like Ben in bars and Hines behind the wheel). I guarantee you by paying me $500,000 per year I will put my people in place so this does not happen with players ….if it does they are not on the team any longer no matter how small the offense.

  2. Dick says:

    Good news for Casey, however his skills have been eroding lately and his salary is too high. I don’t think he will be with the team next year. There is a possibility only at a reduced salary. Everyone knows this is a “what have you done for me lately” league.

  3. Doug Halfen says:

    They need to give him “incentives” to rearrange (read: downgrade) his pay for this coming season. I love Big Snack, but the salary cap is going to be a big PITA, so any and all accomodations he could make to help the team would be greatly appreciated. The same goes for Hines & other veterans. They’re obviously not working for peanuts, but sensible reductions should be expected.

    First order of business: _significantly_ improve the O-line. Ben needs better protection, especially against the Crows & Brownies (4 potential butt-whoopings per season!!!). ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!!!

    The sight of that ball getting batted out of his hand will haunt me all off-season…

  4. Clarence says:

    I’d rather see Snack get that knee fixed. If he doesn’t have surgery, how can he not make it worse and not even make it through next season which is bound to be the last for both him and Ward even if they restructure their contracts?

    I know the old guard wants to stay, but we can’t keep them all, while injured on the sidelines. We would like to keep them but we can’t. Big Snack and Ward… maybe Keisel, but we can’t keep the rest. The great Aaron Smith hasn’t had a complete season in the last 3 or 4. Hood hasn’t even begun to fill his shoes yet, although he’s playing well.

    Fact is that we have no replacements for any of these guys as good as Hood and Heyward has looked. Certainly not for Snack.

    We reload now. We blew our chances to find the D-linemen to replace these guys on wasted CB picks. I’m about done with that now. If we cannot find decent CBs in the 1st or 2nd round, find some athletic burner with heart from one of the small schools in the later round and teach him.

    But we need top line talent. We also need the FB. With Bruce coming back, it looks like we’re stuck with the pass happy offense again next year.

    I wonder how long we need to have that brick hit us upside the head before we change that one.

  5. Carl says:

    Look, I am one to trust management myself. Seems they always put a competitive product on the field, right? I’m with everyone who posts here, BA seems to not be able to plan his way out of a paper bag, but if they keep him then the the people who know football must know something I don’t. Right? Right?!

    I trust em, no matter what I think. Revamp the roster, make another run. Heres to hoping it works….. we’re still better then 9/10ths the league. Imagine being a Raiders fan, or say the Jags. I feel for those poor souls…..

  6. 6tonsofsteel says:

    BIG SNACK WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE. Stillers must fix their shoddy Oline and BA must leave. BA UR NOT WANTED BY FANS WHO PAY TO WATCH GAMES AT HEINZ FIELD. The new chant at Heinz best Olineman available.-6TONS. AND BA “GETOUTTA TAHN.” Field home games will be, “BA GET OUTTA TAHN.” Cut the crap, he didn’t win 2 superbowls for us, Fanecas great block that allowed FWP to score did in SB 40 and Dick Lebeau play won SB 43. Fire BA and “Get outta Tahn.” Oline is biggest concern as it has been for few years now, draft

  7. 6tonsofsteel says:


  8. 6tonsofsteel says:


  9. GC says:

    Don’t agree Dan Gig with your article. The Steelers lost the most three important games of the season Baltimore, SF and Denver, that 12-4 everyone talks about was do to the schedule, so stop already.

  10. Tim says:

    Hampton is awesome. Had a decent year, better than decent. I’m no doctor, but if you are going to have surgery, get it over with, the sooner the better, more time for heeling and rehab. Then again, as a man who has had numerous surgeries, you never feel as good as you think you are going to be.

    Fix that O-line.

  11. Scott P says:


  12. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    6tons: You might consider going to and getting a patent on BA get outta tahn and make some quick, tax free spending money on t-shirts.

    But wouldn’t “git ahtta tahn” more completely capture Burghish pronunciation? Well, noone would be able to read it except Burghers, I guess.

    I, for one, went to Office Depot and purchased inkjet adhesive printing labels. They are about $15 for 120, 3 1/3″ X 4″ labels. I printed “FIRE BA and dragged the color Steeler logo to them for a nice, direct sticker for car windows, lamp posts, school lunch boxes and etc. I carry a few dozen to work and give some to anyone who asks for one.

    Everyone who reads this can do this on the cheap (don’t sell them with the logo on them), and start the movement to dump BA.

    Here’s a neat thing: I live in SoCal where there are more Steelers fans than fans of all other NFL teams combined, according to a rreccent SI poll. I see 10–12 Steelers window logos and Go Steelers license plate frames going to and ffrom work every day. And when I often see someone in a store with some Steelers apparel on, I always stop to chat with them about the Steelers, and they are the nicest, friendliest people in SoCal. Anyway, EVERYONE of them so far understands exactly what my stickers mean, and everyone so far (well about five or so, cause I just started this) has taken a sticker. Soon there will be “FIRE BA” stickers visible throughout this great land of ours! Onward!

  13. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    And “Git Ahtta Tahn!”

  14. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Yeah, I just checked with the DOJ and you can print the Steelers logo for personal use, but if you get caught selling something like a t-shirt or window sticker with the logo on it the penalty is either 20yrs. to life in prison, or a weekend in Cleveland. A difficult choice, and not one I would care to make.

  15. Scott P says:

    Can you post your sticker somewhere? I would like to download it, take it to Kinkos and get a bunch made. I know a ton of people who would display them proudly.

  16. Jay Walker says:

    Shero predicted the Penguins will make the playoffs. Shouldn’t he be saying they’ll win the conference? Or the Stanley Cup? Wasn’t this supposed to be a dynasty?

  17. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Jay, look at the bright side. Shero could have said, “We’re going to finish the season”!

  18. Pete says:

    I would think Hampton comes back for another year. 12 years as a NT hauling all that weight around? The Steelers have little choice since there is no replacement on the roster as Hoke is expected to retire. Unless they decide to downgrade at the NT spot.

    The Steelers must draft a NT within the 1st two rounds of the draft. Hopefully he can contribute some in his first year and take over from Casey the following year. One thing we can say about Hampton is that he’s very reliable. Only on year (2004) where he missed a significant number of games. The guy has been durable. Hope his replacement is just as durable.

  19. DavedigsDKsBlog says:

    Disappointing the Steelers are not playing this weekend.

    If you look back at this season, even with a 12-4 regular season record, I’d consider it a disappointment.

    – Losing to Baltimore twice.
    – Not being able to stop the 92 yard drive the second time, which swung the division.
    – Going out to San Francisco and playing like candies in a game that had so much on the line.
    – Finally the debacle in Denver.

    Yeah, injuries…but this team would’ve figured out a way to blow it this year, one way or another. That’s unsettling.

    They need OL and CB but maybe something else. Perhaps an animal or a young leader who will come in and provide a spark with so many of the core veterans getting up there in years.

  20. hammertime says:

    We need to keep Hampton for at least next year to groom the Nose Tackle we take in the First Round of this years Draft, the offensive lineman we have now if healthly are not bad, and if they get to gel together could be very good , with all the young guys we have here, don’t to spend another first round pick on one of them, as we have proven that we can get good ones in round 2 down, the next monster Nose Tackle is whats in order here, the young corners we have on hand were not piss poor at all, they are not going to let Gay go, because, for every bone head play he makes, he turns around and make a couple of good ones, unless he ask for some real money, you can forget it! Mendenhall screws up with bad fumbles, but don’t be fooled, this guy can still take it to the house in one play, and every body knows it, like Gay, keep his money down, or let him walk, the young back we got from Texas Tech last year is going to open some eyes once he gets on the field, let Mewelde Moore go ASAP, wasting money here, and he has gotten old, Redman need more carries, keep Dywer or Clay, one may have to go to make room for the young fella mention above, look at our recievers, we can be the envey of the league here, Wallace, Brown, and Saunders are all dangerous, we love Hines, but right now, he is not better that Cotchery, plus he will cost to much, he needs to go out gracefully, and not be the next Franco Harris, next, cut James Farrior, he is old, slow, and can no longer cover Tight Ends or running backs, plug in Sylvestor, he going to be a recking ball when they turn him lose, let Worilds contine to back up Harrison, Keisel is still very good, let Heyward back up both end spots, plug in the # 1 Draft Pick Nose Tackle from this years Draft, Batch or Leftwich has to go, I love Charlie, but Lefty is better if he can stay healthy, if Dixon gets moody, trade him if you can get anything for him, and Draft a Young QuarterBack in round 3 or 4, I believe these moves puts us back at the Very TOP!!!

  21. hammertime says:

    I saw a rumor on this sight last week about the Steelers maybe being interested in trading for the Rams Steven Jackson, now that would be a Power Move, I think that guy could bring to us the same thing Bettis did, with the same power, but more speed, plus he stays healthly mostly, and always use his A Game!! with Fisher there, and our own Bone Head Coach, probrably won’t happen, this guy is a running game all by himself!!! send them Mendenhall and Dixon, that would be enough to stop the bleeding for me from the Denver Game loss, How Bout It!!!!!!!

  22. Paulie Raspa says:

    I do not believe the team should bring back Ward. I love the guy but right now he might be a better dancer. WR’s need to get separation and often he did not. Do not get me wrong, I love the guy!! He is a True Warrior!! Other guys are Komeatu, Sepulveda,Suisham,Lefwich /Batch(take your pick but keep 1),McFadden,MeWelde Moore,Farrior, Aaron Smith & Hoke(AWESOMEWARRIORS) We need to get younger.
    The Steelers were made Humble this year.No t/overs on D and too many on O. We need to get younger at certain positions and believe we have the Personell to get the job done. Most will not agree here but I do like the WR RUTGERS –SANU– Besides residing from the same town as I he is a young man that can “DO IT ALL”!!!!He would be a Great Addition to the “YOUNG MONEY POSSE” and he stands 6’2-6’3′. He is strong and knows how to hit too !!
    Our O-LINE needs to learn the art of LOW PAD LEVEL!! KUGLER SHOULD BE CANNED because he has not cemented this into many of our players( See Starks 250lbs get run over by Elvis(265lbs) ..
    And 1 thing for sure we can all agree on is that ARIANS NEEDS TO GO!!! How come reporters have stated what I have said in 5 blogs before this 1 and many last year before the Super Bowl — We were averaging 7+ yds per carry — Why do you have a QB fading back 40 times in both games to pass? Do not say because we were behind. We were behind because though I love Ben and would take him over any QB out there — We are not a TEAM that should pass 40+ times a game??? RUN FIRST!!! So the question comes– Well Paulie— your so smart then why draft a WR— Because idiot– the game is about Matchups — and I will take my Running game with a real FB (ALA Dan KreiderTYPE GUY) against ANY d THAT IS “SPREAD” OUT!! Arians– you want to score more in the RED ZONE… Well stupid A$$ HERE IS YOUR FORMULA — BUT FOR GOD SAKES –RUN THE BALL MORE!!!!

  23. Jay Walker says:

    It was a treat to watch the 49ers play today. When you live in Pittsburgh, you forget what great coaching is like.

  24. Rick says:

    First, Pens and Dynasty – they need to be healthy as well. When too many starters are out things don’t go as planned.

    Yeah, I agree, a real FB, H back, not a pass dropping TE is needed for the run game. And I am still wondering how that good Starkey could rate Saunders (TE) as being so great. He is barely learning things.

    Coaching 101, candidate is Tomlin. The next step up is to not make critical game time mistakes. When to call time outs, hurry up offense, etc..

    When Starks got run over, was that when his knee gave out? I don’t remember seeing him after that. Hmmmm.

    We gotta stop tossing burning bags of dog excrement around. We do not make team decisions. We just carp at our team not scoring 35 points a game and giving up 10.
    So it becomes coaches who fail, not players who don’t perform. Players need to be dropped because their performance falls off, even though they are injured.

    Would some of you like to be pressed with the same where you work. You go because someone else fails?

    We need to let things simmer down, see where stuff heads. If things appear weird then complain.

    As far as Denver goes, it is remarkable how a team with few injuries can completely dominate them. Had we beaten Denver, we would all be pissing and moaning today cause NE would have done us in given the shape the team was in. Though I feel it would have been a better game than what Denver showed!

    Draft a place kicker, there are several coming up. Karpanos is healthy, Sepuveda keeps getting injured.

  25. k2 says:

    Hummmm…I guess its safe to say that Brady and the Pats were ready to play!

  26. DavedigsDKsBlog says:

    Steelers would’ve put up more of a fight than that but they still would’ve got licked.

    Thing is, the Patriots defense played well, too.

    They would’ve sacked Ben about 12 times. haha

    Projected score

    Patriots 38
    Steelers 24

  27. David says:

    ok I am tired of reading about how good our offense can be ” if we don’t hurt ourself with untimely penalties and whatnot, ” its all relative to any teams season, example a first place team can find themselves in last place in a years time as likewise to a bottom team finding themselves in 1st, its all relative to injuries, and the penalties, all the talk will not a lombardi bring, but smart football play can lead to it, the thing is, Stop the talk, and walk the walk!

  28. Jay Walker says:

    Excuse me, but didn’t we read the same the-offense-will-be-great story many times last summer?

    Won’t happen. We don’t have the o-line, power back or coaches to get it done.

    The Steelers will continue their decline with an 8-8 record and third-place finish next season.

  29. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    Man, I like watching the NY Giants play football! It’s like watching the Steelers play football. I mean, the way they used to play football. The way they should play football. The way they won’t play football, until some changes are made…

    So, until that time, HERE WE GO GIANTS, HERE WE GO!

  30. Paulie Raspa says:


    Living in NJ – they play hardnose football…. They are also old school. Many G-Men fans I know will root for the Steelers because they can all relate to the Blue Collar work ethic and unlike Jet Fans and coaches they keep their mouth Shut.
    More importantly, they run the ball –Move the pocket –& their WR get separation. Their TE plays more of a role too.
    On D, THEIR D-line is excellent, LB’S not great and DB’S OK– but they play together and do not always make stupid Mistakes.
    T-Coughlin IS THE Bill Cowher of the League.. he is non stop…Has his team ready..
    For the Steelers to compete next year— We can run the Ball & create a 3 Headed Monster– John Clay can be a Bettis type back along with Mende and Redman.The BACKS SHOULD HAVE 400 CARRIES PLUS The T/ENDS Miller & Saunders need to catch 100 balls between them ..If we can establish these 2 things— Our Time of Possession goes up,Our Passing scheme becomes a 4 second play& Our QB stays healthy.OUR D GETS A BREAK AND STAYS FRESH We will win 12 games…. GO BACK TO RUNNING THE BALL — THIS IS NOT FANTASY FOOTBALL — Oh Yeah –Almost Forgot—- FIRE ARIANS…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Mike Tomlin –You need to hurt players feelings too i.e. –Ben your ankle is bad –Batch is playing/Dixon is playing etc!! Please hold the rest of the team accountable.. not just the O-LINE!!

  31. Jay Walker says:

    Does anybody remember who said this was the Patriots’ conference to lose in the postseason? Hey, wait, that was me!

  32. Carl says:

    You also said the Tebows would beat us in a defensive struggle, 13-10. You were “right”, they beat us, but the meaning of your pick, was well off. Being right and picking the #1 seed to win the conference is not prophetic….

    I said awhile back that the Pack would lose their first game, but I thought the Lions would get them. Can I say that I knew they lose their first game?

  33. David says:

    I knew all along the Packers would be 1 and done in the playoffs, I just kept it to myself!,, :)

  34. Jay Walker says:

    Carl: Thanks for reminding me. I had the Broncos over the Stillers in an upset, too. Favorites or underdogs, I pick ‘em all.

  35. 6tonsofsteel says:


  36. hammertime says:

    To who ever said the steelers would be 8-8 this year, I think you are way off, you talk about about what we don’t have etc…, but they Still won 12 games, if you turn out to be right, maybe they will Fire Mike Tomlin, against the top coaches in the league, he Still looks overmatched, yeah, he won a superbowl, and it took a miracle throw and catch to beat a 8 & 8 Cardinal team, yeah coaches don’t play, they get paid to have a plan for victory, look at Coughlin (NY), nobody likes him, because he don’t f..k around with the players, he takes charge, I don’t and you don’t see that in Mike Tomlin!!!!

  37. Carl says:

    Ah,Ok Jay, good picks, I guess.

    My point being that if you pick the Patriots to beat the Ravens this weekend 4-2, it is NOT the same when they end up beating them 35-34. In my book anyways….

  38. Scott P says:


  39. nick says:

    One topic not touched upon here is Big Ben. I agree with the need to do a better job protecting him and we need a better running game. But Ben could help himself out here too. I have watched several games this year where Ben has single handedly put the Steeler’s in a hole with untimely sack/fumbles, interceptions and poor decision making. He is a veteran player but at times plays sophomoric! I love the big knuckle head, they come no tougher in my opinion but he needs to play smarter football – To coin an ESPN phrase “come on man!”


  40. Jay Walker says:

    It’s a Giants-Patriots Super Bore, my friends.

  41. John G says:

    Most of the mock drafts have thje Steelers first round pick being Dontari Poe, a 3-4 defensive tackle from the University of Memphis, built like Casey Hampton.

  42. John G says:

    Some sportswriters think the Steelers will release Casey Hampton and make Ziggy Hood the 3-4 defensive tackle with some added weight. If so, we would have to at least have a capable back-up there (Steve McClendon?) and draft a 3-4 defensive end in the early rounds.

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