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Art Rooney II on rule changes, free agency and getting younger on defense


Steelers president Art Rooney II touched on a number of issues in a wide-ranging interview. Here is Rooney on…

Whether he was happy with on-field rule changes for 2011 and how they were applied this season
“Going into the season we were certainly concerned about some of the rules changes. I think we survived the season OK. Obviously we had a player suspended, which we weren’t happy about, but I think our players have adjusted and I think the goal of reducing helmet to helmet contact is an appropriate goal. I think everyone’s trying to adjust and I think everybody, for the most part, has done a good job. I think we’ve made the game harder to officiate and the commissioner (Roger Goodell) said he’s considering making some of the officials full-time and that might be a good idea because I think thee one thing I would like to see, irrespective of the rules is that the officiating is more consistent and there’s more consistency in certain kinds of plays being called the same way from game to game and crew to crew.”

The Steelers taking a familiar approach to free agency
“Big signings, I think it’s unlikely we’ll be a big player in the free agent market. I think that’s fair to say. I think it will be similar to how we’ve pursued it in the past. Our key interests will be in keeping the players we have and if we can sign some of our younger players to longer-term contracts. That will be the key goal. If we have an opportunity to fill in a piece here or there we’ll look at it that way.”

Whether he buys into the notion that the Steelers have to get younger on defense.
“We’re starting to get younger, particularly on the defensive line. You would think that those guys, as they get more playing time, will continue to improve. We have some young defensive backs that started to show they could make a contribution so you’re going to hope that those guys continue to come on so I think it’s happening. Getting younger on defense is a process that’s already started. Obviously we have some decisions to make with certain players and their contracts.”

Whether he thinks there will be more turnover this offseason than in past ones beause of salary cap issues
“I don’t know if I see that yet. I think we know there will be changes, it’s inevitable in this business. That much we know. We’ve just got to be prepared for the different scenarios and do the best we can.”

The Steelers’ 29-23 overtime loss in Denver earlier this month
“It was probably the worst ending to a playoff game that I’ve ever been through. It was disappointing. We felt like we had a good enough team to win that game. They outplayed us.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Doug Halfen says:

    One blown play in overtime does not warrant wholesale change. We could have done a few different things to beat those Broncos bums (Belichick’s message to his defense: “Don’t do what the Steelers did!” ;^p), but the halftime score of our potential game against the Patsies would have been something like 24-10 instead of the Broncos’ godawful 35-7. X^D The injuries, big and small, helped to kill us.

    (IOW, we would have endured a somewhat more “respectable” clobbering.)

    Improve the O-line, and next season’s MUCH, MUCH better!!!

  2. Doug Halfen says:

    Oh, yeah: go Eli! He has my respect — he’s the non-arrogant Manning. I rooted for him in SB 42, and I’m rooting for him now. Plus, I’ve always liked Coughlin (except when he coached the Jags in our division! X^D )

  3. Jopa-n says:

    Former AFC North blogger with ESPN (now AFC East) James Walker says ‘hi’ in his latest blog column: ” … won’t go overboard with the Patriots stopping Tim Tebow. Any playoff team not named the Pittsburgh Steelers could do that. (I had to jab your AFC North brethren.) ” -James Walker

    He had to take a jab. How nice. This offseason is going to go on forever!!!

  4. Jay Walker says:

    Eli Manning is a pansy.

  5. 6tonsofsteel says:

    There are 2 things that must happen to get the offense going: 1st) fix the Oline which will help running game which in turn will open the passing game.2nd) BA retire and GIT ATTA TAHN. IF THAT HAPPENS THEN ’12 LOOKS GOOD. NOT LOOSING SLEEP OVER DEFENSE. THE YOUNGSTERS LOOK GOOD ON D. ROLL WITH EM.- 6 TONS

  6. 6tonsofsteel says:

    Just got done watching recent interview with Cowher. He has no intention to coach again. Made me think about those 90’s guys Dawson,Foster,Thigpen,Mills,Woodson,Lake,Lloyd,Kevin Green,Kirkland. So many bad breaks in playoffs (against Chiefs,Chargers,Cowboys and Broncos). Those fellas deserved at least one ring. U guys are still topps in my book. Ok I’ll stop opening up old wounds.- 6 TONS

  7. Dick says:

    Offense has to get better to play in this league. Everything is moving that way. This should start with improving the OL, more play time for Redman, and better utilization and game planning for the receiving corps. On defensive side, need another good cornerback to replace McFadden. Speed is of the essence here what with the wide open offenses out there. Kapinos should stay, other guy is too injury prone. Bring in competition for Suisham and let the best man win. Hate to think of playing without James Farrior, He has been one of my favorites but it may be time to make a starting move in another direcition. Let training camp sort it out. The same goes for Ward. If possible I would keep Cotchery. Glad to see Art Rooney sees officiating problem too. They are so inconsistent in their calls and more often than not the Steelers seems to end up on the short end of it. Don’t know why that is, but it is what it is. All the guys posting here have complained about it. Finally, better coaching all around, whether that comes with or without Bruce Arians, is needed. This offensive unit is underachieving.

  8. Improve the offensive line. This is a priority.We need to both continue to upgrade the players and improve technique, something isn’t working. Better blocking = a better run game which allows us to control the clock. That’s still Steeler football too. This will free up our TEs to do more receiving and will of course help protect the quarterback. I hope we can somehow keep Cotchery. He is a tough veteran receiver,and is just 29 yrs old. I love Hines though, and it might be asking a bit much to hope we can keep both. I realize the team has to move on and stay competitive, but it’s going to be hard to see some players I love go elsewhere or retire . Love my Steelers.

  9. I’m glad the Steelers don’t do the FA Splash. It can cause more harm than good sometimes. It can alienate your other players. I’m glad my team has faith in its drafting ability and I’m glad they prefer to keep peace in the locker room.

  10. Rick says:

    Yes, hate too think us fans were the only ones seeing a lack of consistency in the officiating this past season.
    — Even during a single game!
    The Rooneys et al will make all the correct and proper decisions on what gives with the roster. And I would bet veterans will volunteer to restructure contracts to help.
    And whatever hopes on with the O-line should include better conditioning and techniques.
    Patience is what we need now.
    — While it will be a long off season for us, I feel the Ravens will join us. :D

  11. Dick says:

    Rick, I feel the same way about the Ravens, Just don’t think they have enough offense. Hope I’m not wrong. I would like to see them get bounced.

  12. K2 says:

    This Era of players had a great run, like those players in the 90’s mentioned above and like the great players of the 70’s. Hard to see the great ones go, but I think its time for change.

    One concern is finding that one leader that can lead this team. Since Cowher left, I have not seen that player who can step and lead this team (I miss the days when Porter set the tone in warm-ups, Woodson’s intensity or Cowher getting in Lloyds face) . There were to many games this year where the Steelers played flat and I never saw anyone on the slidelines get in someone face or make that BIG game changing play to fire up the team … Tomlin included(?).

    Payton Manning might be up for grabs. I say trade for him and we put one or two Super Bowls in the bank. Trade BB for some #1 picks (Young QB) to learn behind Mannig or maybe even have BB learn from him…. Can you imagine what Manning could have done or could do with the Steeler defense behind him. He would be the best play caller on the field….LOL.

    Looking forward to the draft!

  13. Ed Borkowski says:

    I believe that in order to minimize helmet to helmet contact there must also be a penalty to the receiver, just like there is for offensive pass interference. If the receiver lowers his head just prior to contact and creates the helmet to helmet then the offense is penalized 15 yards for creating a helmet to helmet collision. Anyone who has played knows that a defender cannot change his angle 1 second before collison. Receivers will feel safer knowing that there heads are proteted if they dont lower them just prior to impact.
    Also since the patriots have the current commissioner in their back pocket when is it the steelers turn to own a commissioner?

  14. Wildwood says:

    Wow trading Ben or players for a QB that MAY NEVER be able to play again, not to mention the fact that peyton’s playoff win/loss record is sooooo outstanding! What a genius move!!! Let’s also get rid of a coach who’s taken us to a couple of superbowls in his short time here also…… Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this wonderful idea???

  15. Carl says:

    Big Ben career playoff stats:
    194 of 318 (61.1%) 2528 yards, 16TD 13INT, 2 Rushing TDs, 87.2 QB Rating
    11 games 8-3 record, 2 SB Titles, 3 appearances

    Peyton Manning playoff stats:
    348 of 565 (61.5%) 4207 yards, 22TD 17INT, 84.8 QB Rating
    15 games 7-8 record, 1 SB Title, 2 appearances

    Come on now, our boy has been better then the human stat machine Manning when the games count. Glad your not in management K2.

  16. Zarbor says:


    I wouldn’t trade Ben for Manning but it would be very interesting to see Manning work that offense with all those weapons we have, Miller, Brown, Wallace, Cotchery, etc……

    Also, lets get off the Peyton’s playoff record comparison. Several of those years were due to Bellicheat and Spygate. Not to mention, our defense won a ton of games for Ben unline Indy’s.

  17. wdmason says:

    Peyton would get killed with our offensive line.

  18. K2 says:

    Carl you forgot to add BB Super Ratings,.. I’d like to see that stat too. He looked like he was going to piss his pants in first SP, his 2nd SP I’ll give him credit for the drive, but Holmes had a lot to do with that drive too (the catch!) and he was totally outplayed and in my opinion unprepared for the last SP (out partying like a knucklehead).

    Zarbor, I think you got my point. I would not trade BB, but can you imagine Manning hooking up with our receivers and having a defefense like BB has had going into the playoffs or Super Bowl over the years. You could have banked at least one more SP for the Steeler Nation….and like I said, I’d take Mannings play calling over BB or BA too!

    I can come up with another change or two that might be provocative…LOL

  19. Jim M says:

    If the owners are truly concerned about consistency in officiating the need to curb the hyperactive Competition Committee’s incessant tinkering with the rules. Rule changes should be limited to only the most compelling situations. It seems that every year (for a long time now) extensive changes are made to the rules. This has put both players and officials in a difficult position.
    The league also should acknowledge the instant replay has failed to eliminate the subjectivity in many (or most?) close calls. The over-reliance on instant replay destroys the pace of the game. Except for disgruntled gamblers, TV executives, and possibly lawyers, I doubt that many fans really want to see an inquest after every other play.
    The answer is: a stable rule book, trust in the officials’ judgement, and, absent evidence of clear bias, support of the officials’ calls (even acknowledging mistakes will be made).

  20. SteelHeart says:

    Rooney was quietly correct again — Big Ben needs to evolve his style so he doesn’t get hurt so often. It was nice of Rooney to phrase it that way in the Interview.

    Arians or not, the Steelers need to have game plans that use more of their running game. This opens up the passing game a little more, gives our Defense a bit of a rest, and tenderizes our opponents Defense for the 3&4 quarters.

    Dear K2 – I would puke if the Steelers brought Manning here ! Great for 16games of stats — but great defense and a “controling offense” still wins championships – even in this era. 3 of the 4 teams left have really good “D”s !!!!! Manning only has one tiny ring…

    Let’s not lose sight of the facts concerning our Defense. They did really good this year, while getting younger in the DLine & secondary. We lost to the Broncos because of massive injuries !!! Look at the Roster…

    Draft: first they need the next ILB and NT. Then OL, and safety
    unless the next Rod Woodson is available!

    Go Steelers !!!!

  21. Buncie says:

    The NFL is turning into the NBA. Next we will find out some refs are gambling on their game.

  22. D.L.Moore says:

    there has to be some tough decisions made this off season for
    sure.farrior,ward,mcfadden and maybe hampton need to see less playing time or relaced.
    draft nt. and o line.we have alot of young db and lb in the wings time to let them play.
    i still think a new oc is needed.get ride of that stupid one yard gaining wr screen.let redman run the screen play.

  23. John G says:

    If any of you watched the 49ers vs Saints game last week, you clearly had to see the young, fast and hard hitting defense the 49ers have. At the end of the day, the 49ers have play-makers, and right now the Steelers are lacking in that department. If you want to win another championship, we need young, fast and hard hitting guys that can stay healthy.

  24. Dick says:

    The only player I see who plays with any emotion and fiire is Antonio Brown. He really wants to succeed and win, and it shows. I wish more of our players had that kind of drive. Yes, we played flat in many games because of that. Someone needs to inspire these guys to play to another level. If your opponent is wired up and you’re not, you’re in for a long game. Too many times this team seemed to be going through the motions. I look hard at the coaches for this.

  25. K2 says:

    Manning, like Marino would had won more if they both had the Steeler defenses BB has had over the years….Good point about having a controling offense which we don’t have due to BB (AB) promoting the gun slinging mentality. That same attitude didn’t win many championships for Farve either (all about me).

    In my opinion BB has 1 SP to his credit, he was a non-factor in the other two games. I’d like for someone check his QB ratings in SP’s.

    I guess i just dont have a lot of faith in BB on or off the field, I think he’s fake, not very smart and not truley commited to being the best…I can’t imagine how good he would be if he was(?).

    Also, I thought BB played is best in championship games under Cowher, who kept him under control.

    I’d take 11 more guys like Antonio Brown… Fun to watch!

  26. Rick says:

    @K2 – Manning, not with our O-line.
    Cowher did not keep Ben under control, Ben was learning and evolving. He still made plays while moving and eluding sackers. We just had a more efficient running game and the NFL rules biased machine was not screwing with us.

    One season a career does not make. That Ben could still produce with what went on around him is a testament to his play. That he had some bad games; so did Marino, Manning, Young, Montana, Unitas, and so on. How many of them played with a broken thumb, high ankle sprain, broken foot, concussion (before they got a little more concerned about them)?

  27. Scott P says:

    Arians is supposedly considering retirement…..again… This is one more annoying aspect of this man’s personality.

    If you are going to do it, do it. If your not, shut the he*# up and stop teasing us.

    I wish Tomlin and or the Rooneys would just make the decision for him. He needs to be put out of his misery.

  28. Gabriel says:

    This is a Steelers fan nightmare . . .
    The Niners have only one fewer Super Bowl win than us.
    Eli Manning and New York? Yuck.
    Belicheat and the Patriots? Gag me.
    That leaves the Ravens as the least of four evils.

  29. hammertime says:

    Denver game was winable, and in no way is this a bad team, one capable of going right back to the playoffs next year, but I don’t trust Mike Tomlin with getting done, he act like he is afraid of the players, or, he don’t won’t to hurt there feelings, when they screw up, he just stands there and look stupid!!! bring back BILL!!!!

  30. Rambis says:

    The Ravens will NEVER be the least of any evils. The other team could be coached by Bernie Madoff and have Jeffrey Dahmer as the QB and I’d root for them over the Ratbirds.

  31. hammertime says:

    Who looks better than the Giants right now, it sure is hell not the Patrinuts, if the Ravens run that ball like they can, and Flacco the Wacko don’t throw it a way, the Ravens will make the superbowl, the Ravens beat us twice, that was a bad sign for us, and a good one for them, how any Steelers Fan could root for the Patriots, the way they have slaughter us in Pittsburgh over the years, is beyond comprehension!!

  32. David says:

    if Flacco don’t get rid of that rodent on his face, Im gonna puke!. WTHF, just shave, it looks weird……………….. if the Ravens lose, and i meant to say, when they lose, the championship game, it will be because of that stupid animal on his face….

  33. Gabriel says:

    Rambis: The Ravens have never beaten us late in the season. They’re harmless.

  34. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    re: BA

    Wait for it… wait for it…

    Just have those stale fireworks ready.

  35. Carl says:

    I’m with you Rambis. Gabriel, ur f’ing crazy. No Steeler fan would say they are the one u want to win a Superbowl. Personally, I’m rooting for the Giants.

    Ravens?!? You got to be f’ing kidding me….

  36. dejan shortpants says:

    C’mon, people, raise the bar. The Ravens have won one Super Bowl. They’re not in our class.

  37. Paulie Raspa says:

    Hello All, —

    The only team Steelers fans should root for to win the Bowl are the G-MEN — Here are the reasons:
    1) Hate the RAVENS that much
    3) NINERS have 5 rings — Do not want to share that amount of trophy’s with anyone!!

    Should it be a SuperBowl between the Niners and either AFC team —Will go for the NINERS !!

    b)RUNNING MORE THAN PASSING –60-40 split– Old school– stop us,bring 8 at us and we will kill u deep–
    c)The “O” will have it’s best season EVER!!!!

    Trust me — I am very “serious” … We shall See!!!!!

  38. hammertime says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Ravens too, but not as much as I hate the Patriots, did you hear all the talk out of Foxbourgh this year before they came to Pittsburgh, how they own the Steelers, well they pretty much have, when did we beat them in a big game, other than this year at home, hell, we do that all the time, but never when it counts, half of the people on this sight, said they did not believe we could be them again up there (somebody had us down 24-10 at halftime) because we know they have had our number, they brought way more hurt to Steelers Fans than the Ravens ever will, and you can stomach rooting for the Patriots, thats sad!!! I would like to see the ravens win this week, and sit back and watch the NY Giants beat the brakes off them, that would be a fitting conclusion to this season for me!!!!

  39. Carl says:

    I don’t think I saw anyone on here say they could “stomach” rooting for the Patriots. Having said that, they are still second in terms of who we hate, and not by a small margin, to the gaddamn Ratbirds.
    Could you imagine the amount of BS coming out of their pieholes should they get a ring? Yeah, I really want Suggs or John Harbaugh to get a ring, or for that matter Lewis with two of them. At least the Patriots are quiet in their arrogance…

  40. eyeheartbrucearians says:

    …and there was much rejoicing throughout the land of Steel (hooray!)

    Druids, strange little people–no one knows who they are or where they come from–danced around the Stonehenge…

    Somewhere, over the rainbow, Munchkins sang “ding dong BA is gone!”

    And the Whos down in Whoville cheered the news so mightily that Horton called in a “disturbing the peace” complaint. Yes, even the Whos are Steelers fans–Who knew?

    With that the eyeheartbrucearians handle is officially retired. My work here is over…this house is clean.

  41. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Today Arians made his best decision of the season.

    Thanks for the Super Bowl memories. See ya.

  42. Scott P says:

    Congratulations to all of Steeler Nation. Special thanks to the artist formerly known as eyeheartbrucearians.

  43. Bsteel says:

    Coach Tomlin, I hope that Brad Childress is on your speed dial. He’s an offensive genius, noone’s “friend” on the Steelers, (we need a qualified, professional OC, not Ben’s buddy), and he will not be hired as head coach by the Bucs or anyone else, because he sucks as a head coach. He seems to have graduated from the Norv Turner school of great OC bad HC. And, you coached for him in Minn.

    Yeah, and what’s all this talk from Pgh. sportswriters about “keeping Ben happy?”
    Are you kidding me? is that how to run a business? No Steeler has ever been bigger than the team, and Ben, for all his ability but also for all of his personal screwups, is certainly not going to be the first. How about keeping the people who pay everyone associated with Steelers organization happy (the fans)? I bet that the Rooneys are a little nervous about this “keep Ben happy” talk. Look for them to go outside the organization for the next OC, and for the ambassador to Ireland to come home and put the family in order.

  44. Doug Halfen says:

    Hmmm, Brad Childress — now THAT’s an _compelling_ concept!

    (And yes, like Wade Phillips, he needs to stick to his true talent: coordinator, not head coach! ;^)

  45. Paulie Raspa says:

    Brad Childress –And what has he done ???? C’MON…. mY VOTE GOES FOR Paulie Raspa as the Resume leaves for Pittsburgh Monday!!!! Hey you never know!!!

  46. k2 says:

    Who ever the next OC is, I hope they challenge BB vs be his buddy. Like to see someone who could actually pull all the talent out of BB and the (total) offense!

    The comment above regarding no one player is Bigger than the team is right on. There have been far greater Steelers than BB… BB has done some big things for the Burgh, but he has embarrassed this franchise too. He should be grateful that he is still a Steeler unlike Holmes.

    Whoever they chose for the OC job, I hope he keeps us all off balanced and guessing, that should bode well for the Steelers.

    Looking forward to the draft and next year already!

    Got to pull for the G men this weekend. Screw the Ravens (chokers), Pats (cheaters) and 49ers(can’t be record setters like us).

  47. Rick says:

    Given all the scenarios, do I hate the Ravens more than the Pats?


    Let the Pats win and then lose, no 4th for pretty boy Brady. Double your pleasure, double your fun. :D

    Interesting, picking up Troy Smith. That means Dixon is gone,. And of Lefty or Batch? Well here’s this, Lefty stays, Batch retires to become a coach for us.

    Bring back Mularkey, he was a wizard at doing stuff to keep defenses off balance.

    Or the OC from the Packers, they know how to score. As for the guy from the Colts, if he couldn’t deal with Manning down, then how would he deal here?

    It will be interesting this off season.

  48. Carl says:

    Can’t get either of the guys you are talking about. Mularkey is the HC in Jville now, and Packers OC Philbin is now HC of Tampa Bay…

  49. David says:

    it is an offensive nightmare when your o line goes through 7 line combinations in half a season, that’ll throw a wrench in any high power offense……. anything and everything starts al the line of scrimmage be it the run game or the passing game, Sorry to see u retire BA, there were ALOT of wins that other teams would just drool at….

  50. Bsteel says:

    Coach Tomlin can assert some control and show that he means business with a few relatively minor acts: Get a new training staff and a dietician, or a new dietician if the Steelers already have one, and insist on weight clauses in all new player contracts.

    Am I the only one who thinks that too many Steelers are flat out fat asses, and that way too many of them get injured year in and year out?

    Check out the Pats’ O-line this weekend, and see the difference.

    Sports conditioning is high tech stuff these days with much money riding on players’ health. I think the Steelers are lagging way behind in that area, and way sagging in the behind area.

    Would like to see injury stats for NFL teams. Any links?

  51. David says:

    just read more into the ” Arians retirement, actually, Bruce was told by higher ups ( Dan Rooney II 0 that he was not extending his contract, and so therefore, officially was forced into retirement,
    i believe it is because at the end of last year and the beginning of this season, Art has steadfastly said that the team needs to get back to the ground game and as evidence of two 1,000 yard recievers would suggest, we all know that there was more emphasis on the passing game, but to all fairness to Bruce, the oline was way below The Standard as there was 7 oline combinations used before half the season ended, the run game with the current personel was atrocious at best, we need a bruiser back in the mold of #36 Jerome Bettis that can carry 1200 pounds of defense on his back for 3 extra yards and can get the first down on 3 and 1 and 4th and goal at the goal line, this finess stuff kills me to watch week in and week out, Rashard is great in the open field as I am too, but put people around him and or me, and im going outta bounds like RM,,,, this entire offense need more then a tweak, it needs to be overhauled andinstill a new mindset of running the ball and throw occasionally….. heres to the next oc, and i believe Art will have alot to say in this process…..

  52. WILDWOOD says:

    Good points (David)

    The truth is BA should not bear all of the blame for the teams shortcommings. I do think he was responsible for evolving this run Only team to a more balanced offense and while the BA haters will not admit, he was partially the reason why TWO suberbowls were won in the last five years. The main detriment i saw is that his unhealthy “father/son” relationship that had developed with BB conflicted with sound judgement needed for the development of this team. The Steelers have not had any success going outside the team for OC replacements, and have only done so three times and failed miserably each time.

    So for those of you who have seemingly made it a
    “lifes passion” and have most certainly overplayed the wardrums to get rid of BA I SAY THIS…. BE CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU’VE WISHED FOR….

  53. Scott P says:

    Here’s to never seeing an empty backfield on 3rd and 1 again.

  54. Scott P says:

    Screw pretty boy Tom and coach belicheat. I’m pulling for our afc north bunk mates. They still play football the way it was meant to be played. Gimme the ratbirds vs. The giants. Then I will throw my love to Eli.

  55. David says:

    i agree with wildwood, need to be careful what we wish for, or all who bashed arians, the play that killed us against the broncos was the defenseive play call, to me that call showed they were very nervous with tim tebow back there, just a bad play call on defense, the offense really had set things up to win that game, but it was a total team effort on the loss, the offense sputtered early, and the defense uncharacteristically gave up HUGE CHUNKS in the passing game……i mean tebow completes 10 passes for 316 yards —- 10 passes, unbelievable!

  56. Rick says:

    @Carl – I dropped some names, didn’t check on certain availabilities, tho I read somewhere the OC from Packers was to be considered.

    FORGET Colts fired coach, no way do I need to go through another season of “fire…” crap.

    Yeah, definitely be wary what you wish for. Many sweet looking packages are filled with worms.

    Agree, O-line needs a lot of work – whether it is diet, better conditioning, replacing players, new coach or a combination of all.

    We lost the Denver game in the second quarter, all the rest is irrelevant in my opinion. Overtime would not have happened had we not effed up so much on first 2 drives and 2nd quarter.

    This past season was so frustrating in so many ways. Glad it is almost over.

  57. Bsteel says:

    Bottom line is that Bruce Arians was insubordinate. Two years ago, ownership said “run the ball more.” Arians responded by throwing it a Steelers record 58% of the time. Aside from that, his playcalling was too often just plain stupid…no time to rehash ethe plays and formations in question now. And you must have noticed that aside from two good drives, at most, per game, there didn’t appear to be any gameplan in place. That incompetent egomaniac was “mailing it in” on the Rooney’s dole, and getting away with it because great athletes often bailed him out.

    “Be careful what you wish for?” This isn’t a fairy tale about two old people and a sausage. It’s about sport, winning, business, and entertainment that means a heckuva lot to Steelers fans. An underperforming management type was fired and an up-and-comer gets a chance to show his ability. But if it were a fairy tale, the moral of the story would be, “When your boss says ‘run the ball more,’ just run the ball more, dumbass.”

  58. Bsteel says:

    Just heard that Arians missed his flight out of town when his drive to the airport stalled short of the terminal, in the red “no parking” zone. He could have made the plane had he run for it but “Hell,” he thought, “why change now?”

  59. Doug Halfen says:

    ^^^ That just about sums up the past 5 seasons _perfectly_.

    I certainly hope our boys get an OC who can realize their full potential (and reestablish the dominance of the running game).

    I always put Arians in the same “class” of OC as Cam Cameron — essentially, the “What-the-HECK-are-you-dumb@$$#$-THINKING?!???!!!” elite.

    These supposed “geniuses” have a “grasp” of football that runs firmly into “overthinking” territory, with plenty of sputtering, choking, and “Whoops, I threw another pick-6 on that lame-@$$ wide-receiver screen!!!” witnessed by all.

    I applaud Art Rooney II for giving us reason to hope that next season _truly_ can and will be better!!!

    (BUT — if I have to look at Mr.-Sour-Puss Caldwell on our sideline, EVER, then I will just about lose all hope… He is a LOUSY coach at any level. Peyton Manning surely succeeded despite that louse… [and Arians – rimshot-crash!!!] )

  60. DK67 says:

    Agree with Bsteel 100%. We didn’t win those Superbowls because of BA, we won in spite of him. Let’s see what a real coordinator can do with this talent. Maybe we’ll finally see a fullback or 2 RB set once in a while…or maybe a play action fake…or dare I say someone who doesn’t call a run up the middle every 1st down…wouldn’t that be fun?

  61. Scott P says:

    I wonder if Russ Grimm would swallow his pride and come back home. I believe he would re-instill the toughness this offense lost under Bruce Error-ans.

  62. Carl says:

    Let me be the first to say, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! How bad did that hurt Douche-birds?!? Laces out!!!!!

  63. Lady Di says:

    Carl is a Patriots-licker. Yuck.

  64. The Gonsk says:

    Look at the bright side — either Brady or a Manning will lose the Super Bowl.

  65. mark mcfadden says:

    need a speedster tight end with 4.4 speed or faster or convert large WR to tight end, get him from free agency.
    need to draft 2 top draft pick offensive linemen 2nd and 4th round or free agency.
    Need to draft a stud inside linebacker or get one from free agency.
    need to draft nose tackle in first round, a big one who doesnt get fatter, who’s athletic, can push up the middle, gets to the quarterback and stops the run.
    Get an offensive coordinator who calls trick plays, get back to it.
    Players who have lost their edge and can no longer compete at a high level are: Hines ward, gets caught from behind on route running by corner, Farrior, Hampton, keomotou. Injury prone players who have to go are Aaron Smith. WR Sanders has one more year to prove he can stay healthy or his roster spot goes to someone else. Develop the short passing game underneath, find out which receiver or RB that can throw the ball.
    And please most importantly, sign a big name corner to replace Taylor and trade him for draft picks, he only had a fake reputation in the league for a time, that is shot now, everyone knows he is no good now, if I was throwing the ball I would be throwing it towards him since I know he cant cover anymore but more importantly because he has proven for 5 years he cannot catch the ball, PERIOD!!!! He must go!!! Mark Mc

    P.S. if anyone from steeler org reads this tell Ben to concentrate on throwing the ball purposely out of the cornerbacks reach instead of trying to gauge wallace’s speed, you are really butchering the throws it much easier this way, besides when you throw the ball except for comeback routes and timing throws, all the other throws require you to look at the defender/s in order to throw away from them out of their reach as you throw it to your what looks like an open receiver. Even if he practices in the off-season he’s not going to get it right, just throw it just past the trailing corner, quit guessing, youll never get it right, this is the easiest way.

  66. Doug Halfen says:

    I’d lick the Patsies over the Ratbirds ANY day.

    Brady = YUCK, but Suggs/Lewis/etc. = A Hot Chernobyl Enema.

    Now, of course, Eli & Co. can hopefully dispatch those pesky Patsies for the second time…..

  67. Paulie Raspa says:

    I think the Steelers could be moving to a 4-3 –On the line they can go with Heyward,Hood ,McLendon,Keisel and one of their younger players …. At LB — Woodley ,Timmons and Harrison — Maybe not all of the time But keep em guessing I say …..
    I think if they have 4 guys coming from the point of attack it might work more since most QB’s are pocket guys— Dalton,Flacco etc….

    Our O-LINE should be ok with the addition of a Healthy Colon coming back and moving Gilbert to the LT spot….. Problem is –can these guys stay Healthy for 16+ games ….


  68. Rick says:

    Wow, if I were a betting person I would be rich, called those two championship games 2 weeks ago.

    Ah well.

    Giants over Pats, their dee, especially front D line, can get it done.

  69. Carl says:

    My thoughts exactly Doug.

    Trust me Lady Di (didn’t you die like 15 years ago), I have no love for the Patriots. In fact I puked a little in my mouth after I cheered for Brady’s go-ahead TD dive in the 4th quarter. There was just something totally awesome about looking at the Ratbirds collective faces after Billy “Ray Finkle” Cundiff totally shanked their Superbowl hopes away! Twas Hillarious!!

    My hate for : Ravens >>> Patriots

  70. K2 says:

    I guess the Steelers can’t be the blamed for the Ravens not going to SP’s… They can’t seem to get out of there own way playing the Steelers or any other team come playoff time.

    Agreed, I’ve never been sold on Ike and he chokes in big games…Cowher didn’t think much of him either. I think he has always been a headcase.

    Who ever the new OC is, he needs to reign in BB and make him a better, more disciplined and complete QB. I’ve been critical of BB, but only because I don’t believe anyone has really pushed him to reach his true potential. If someone does watch out!

  71. Scott P says:

    I have read a lot of really stupid comments on this board. I am sure I have even authored a few of them. The one above from Mark McFadden takes the cake. I don’t even know where to begin so I will simply allow it to stand on it’s own merits without further comment from me.

  72. DK67 says:

    Scott P…I’ll do it then…

    We don’t need a tight end.

    Agree on O-Line…I think all of us agree on that.

    Inside LB not a priority…Corner and O-Line are.

    We do need someone that will eventually take over for Hampton, but must be someone special. Don’t draft just to fill the spot.

    Ward and Sanders stay…Wallace, Brown and Cotchery complete the 5 WR set.

    Taylor has matched well against the best, I’m not ready to get rid of our best corner just because he had one really bad game. Gay is improving, but we need a shut-down corner with hands…maybe free agency will bring someone?

    We don’t need trick plays, we need someone that recognizes the talent we have and uses it accordingly.

  73. Wildwood says:

    @#57 bsteel

    Last I checked Pitt was 12-4 for the second time in the last two years. In addition we are only one year removed from a SB appearance, That sure looks like we were winning to me. BA called out his RB’s this year when he said if you want the ball more then you have show the production to warrant it. It could be that “some” people felt with This M.A.S.H. unit of an offense line we had that running consistently was impossible. This “pie in the sky” logic that whomever comes in as the next OC will win us 24 out of the next 32 games with a SB victory is foolish at best. I haven’t seen any great names floating out there either to replace BA nor has any been mentioned here. BA needed to go because of his way to friendly approach with BB and it affected the team. However we were far from drafting in the top ten also so let’s not act BA led us to a 2-14 season either. it’s easy to criticize but much harder to find A GOOD SOLUTION. We shall see

  74. hammertime says:

    Last season is history, lets look ahead, it’s too disgusting to look back!! All the talk about getting a Offensive lineman with the first pick of the Draft is ludicrous, we have 2/3rds of our D-Line rebuilt already, the missing piece is the next Stud Nose Tackle to take over for Casey Hampton(1 more yr for him), starting last year teams began to throw the ball on us at will, this year, they began running the ball as well, when teams begin to run the Ball on you, you are F–ked, and it won’t matter how much your Offense can score, you will lose, ask Green Bay and New Orleans, the Patriots will be next, we always been able to get good Offense Lineman in later rounds of the Draft due to our Superior Scouting Department, we have to live or die off the Blizz just to get pressure on opposing QB’S nowadays, plus all our young guys are aggressive and hungry, when you have a Superior Defense, they can get you a couple games by themselves, I remember when the Steelers would have a five game period, that included 3 shut-outs victories and 2 games that didn’t allow 10 points, thats where we need to go right now, as it seems any team in the league can move the ball on us, so you can Bring in all the Brad Childress’s you want, we won’t be worth a Crap!!! until this Defense is back in it’s rightful Order, “if you can’t see this”, you may be blind in one eye, and can’t see out the other!!!

  75. Dejan Shortpants says:

    It was the Patriots conference to lose. Just like a predicted six weeks ago.

  76. Bsteel says:

    OC prediction: Brad Childress.

    Mature coach, tons of experience, good success, turf cred, gave Coach Tomlin a job, something to prove, noone’s “buddy,” impressively large noggin presumably full of greymatter, won’t be hired as head coach this year, too boring and creepy looking for any TV football talk job so he’ll be available, good nickname (“chilly”), has the support of Joe Mizerak, Big Bad John and Mother Theresa, enjoys the occasional perogi, and he’s a “dog person.”

    Case closed.

  77. Wildwood says:

    Sounds like this offense has a great future, I just loved the way he handled another big name QB named Farve under his guidance. Nice selection, Can’t wait!!!

  78. Jay Walker says:

    Sorry, this offense needs more than one coach. It’s two or three quality players away from elite status.

  79. SteelHeart says:


    Great argument – except you have your facts WRONG. The two Superbowls in five years that we won – 2005 was Ken Wisenhunt as OC !

    And I would not call what Arians did to the Steelers offense as evolution – I would say more like gut and move 180 degrees. 60/40 is the wrong combination to win championships.

    The Steelers ought to know – they have the most rings !

  80. SteelHeart says:

    Sorry David #55, but you are misguided….

    Yeah the Defense blew that play, but Lebeau didn’t have much left to work with. The DL was out of players & so was the secondary – they were down to McFadden.

    And the Offense couldn’t “control the ball”, or score, or do more than 3 & out !

    I remember when Buddy Ryan (yes Rex Ryan’s daddy) ran down and punched his OC in the head (Kevin Gilbride) for doing the same stupid offensive calls during a Houston Oilers game.

  81. SteelHeart says:

    I agree with hammertime #73. It’s time to replenish the Defense – especially against the run !!!

    We need a new stud ILB. Farrior and Foote are turning gray and because of salary cap, only one of them will be back for 2012. and there’s no depth either.

    Then the NT of the future. If Mundy isn’t the future, then the next Safety.

    Finally, one of those great late round OG that the Steelers always seem to find.

    Unless the next Rod Woodson is available…

  82. mark mcfadden says:

    To the dumbass that insulted me, I worked for Cowher and you certainly did not! So dont pretend to know football better than myself! Taylor never learned to catch the ball, cant wait any longer! Hampton takes plays off, cant play every down and Farrior is not fast enough to cover passes. When is the last time he knocked a ball down or intercepted it? Never! Watch Ward, he cuts across the middle and the corner catches up to him when the ball gets their even though he initially had separation . . . too slow. You cant get significantly better (remember the improved Ravens?) by making a couple of changes, you have to find better players in those position (look what lake has done with the young corners . . . improvement, now stop the run and the tight ends of other teams). Tight end that can fly always create matchup problems always . . . that is why you want one. A half a dozen teams already have their tight end speedsters (Packers etc). The reason we won the Superbowl in 2005 when Ben had his worst game of the season is because of a couple of trick plays that put our score just over theirs. The purpose of tricks plays are 2-fold. Most of the time they work, sometimes dramatically, but also because they cause a few defensive players on the next play to hesitate leading to another successful play. Now Ive had to school you dumbass. It’s ridiculous that I have to explain these obvious things to you, you should have been able to infer this stuff on your own. Anything you or Scott say from this point forward, no-one will take you seriously, wont be listened to any further. You and Scott have proven you dont know football like you pretend to. You two must be gay. Oh, sorry! Feel insulted??? Good!!!

  83. SteelHeart says:

    Dear #65 McFadden – I have your back – most of what you said makes sense because it’s true. #71 Scottie P must not know how the Rooney’s play football.

    As Starters or for depth, Draft or get a stud NT and ILB. Then OL and Safety.

    I do disagree with you about Ike. True he has very few interceptions, and played the worst game of his career against Denver. and he is still the best we have currently….

    RB we have- if we just use ‘em, and platoon ‘em (Redman, RM, Clay, Dwyer)

    WR – agree about Sanders. He is a talent but can’t stay healthy. We may have plucked a gem by grabbing Derrick Williams from PennState.

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