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Hines Ward finds himself back on TV


It appears that Hines Ward will be back on television. According to Michael DiVittorio of The Daily News (Pa.), Ward will take part in an hour-long documentary featuring a local high school. And you thought Ward could only play football and dance.

Here’s the story:

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward and Clairton City School District junior Carlton Dennis will be featured as part of an upcoming documentary.

USA Network is teaming with the NFL for “NFL Characters Unite,” premiering Feb. 10.
February is being billed as USA’s Characters Unite Month.

The one-hour film follows NFL stars as they help young people tackle racism, bullying and other forms of discrimination.

District officials said the Super Bowl XL MVP came to the school Nov. 22. He spent some personal time with Carlton, who is originally from Trinidad, as well as ate with students, participated in an assembly, and the students sang to him.

District officials said no one was allowed to talk about filming at the time.

District spokesperson Alexis Trubiani said after Wednesday night’s school board meeting that an announcement about the show was released that day, and she talked about what it means for Clairton to be a part of the documentary.

“It’s an honor for our district to be chosen to do this,” Trubiani said. “We look forward to seeing the final product.”

Trubiani said Ward’s visit was organized in part by The Future Is Mine and the Hear Me Project.

Ward was seen playing catch with Carlton during warm-ups at the Steelers’ last regular season home game Dec. 24 against the St. Louis Rams.

The documentary was created by The Hochberg Ebersol Co. and executive produced by company co-founders Charlie Ebersol and Justin W. Hochberg. It’s directed by Greg Frith from ESPN Classic SportsCentury, ESPN 25 and other NFL Films projects.

Other NFL stars in the documentary include Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and NBC’s “Football Night in America” analyst and former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

Each star helps to transform the life of a teen currently dealing with adversities.

“As a nation, we’ve experienced great hardship in recent years, and it’s heartwarming to see such empathetic emotion and acts of selflessness from superstar athletes,” said Ebersol via a press release. “This film is a powerful and eye-opening journey into the most-guarded corners of four football heroes’ lives as they are brought back to their most difficult childhood memories by four incredible boys and girls who are currently living through those same challenges.”

“It’s a beautiful thing when a few brave voices can be delivered to millions of brilliant people ready to change the world,” added Hochberg. “These four NFL stars in particular have helped a group of at-risk teens in a way that will last forever — USA and Characters Unite are the perfect vehicles to bring this incredibly inspiring project to the world.”

“The documentary will give viewers a unique perspective on the challenges some of their favorite football heroes have faced, and demonstrate to audiences that they, too, can help put an end to the hate and bigotry that remains too prevalent in our country,” said Toby Graff, USA’s senior vice president, public affairs. “We are proud to have teamed up with the NFL to be able to share this powerful documentary as part of Characters Unite Month.”

“We are pleased to work with USA on their inspirational Characters Unite Month,” said Tracy Perlman, NFL vice president of entertainment marketing and promotions. “We are proud that coach Tony Dungy, Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham and Hines Ward are standing up to fight discrimination and prejudice.”

For more information on the documentary as well as Characters Unite, go online to or


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. hammertime says:

    I just read a article where Big Ben wants anwser’s from Mr. Rooney about Arians being let go, what a JOKE!!!, Ben needs to just “Shut His Trap”, and be Glad the Rooney’s did’nt send him Packing a couple years ago, with all the DUMB & DUMMBER stunts he pulled over the years, reguardless of if they bring some one from outside, (which they should), he best do his job, and Shut the Hell up!!!!!!!!! Peyton Manning, if healthly, could take this team to the Super Bowl, and Win IT!!!!!!

  2. zarbor says:

    I agree with Hammertime. This clown of QB for all the years he has been here refuse to understand that the tremendous success of this team has little to do with him and EVERYTHING to do with the Rooneys. They have been winning long before this punk learned to throw a football. I sure hope the Rooney’s put him in his place. They are probably too classy to throw this guy under the bus.

    Its call the the Steelers Way aka the Rooney’s Way! Get it thru that block head of yours Benji! You were fortunate to even be on this team. Many in the Nation can’t stand you and mad with the organization for keeping you as you disgraced the image of the entire Nation. This fool is clearly out of touch. Not sure how the wifey put up with this arrogance. Makes sense why he continues to make dumb decisions on the field. Its no different than what he does off it.

    I agree. If he has a problem, send him to the Colts. I’ll take the risk with Manning and his bum neck for a year or two. Stop coddling this big baby.

  3. Rick says:

    You two ought to shut up.

    I just love the way headlines mislead. If I were in Ben’s place I would have asked the same question – just what is really expected. And reading further, he says he is willing to make changes.

    My goodness, lets bring back Tomzack.

  4. Robert says:

    First, a disclaimer; I wanted Arians to stay. BUT! the boss may not always be right but the boss is always the boss. 60 years in the work force and that is probably all I learned. However. the headline leading the story about Ben seemed to insinuate Ben was demanding answers. Reading further indicated he wasn’t. Again however, Mr. Rooney doesn’t owe him a meeting or even has to meet with him for anything. There are several layers of managemebnt I would make him go through and stop him a level below Mr. Rooney. He is a very good quarterback but even Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana got traded. Bret Favre too. His job is to work for and with the new OC whomever he may be. I hope the diva in him doesn’t surface. It would be destructive.

  5. hammertime says:

    Good thing RICK, you are not in his Place, he has Blown your Head up to the Same Size as His!!!!!!! A year ago, while he he was out, the team went 3 & 1, with 75yr old Charlie Batch leading the way, (talk about a exaggerated since of self) “who the hell do he think he IS”, so either have not been paying attention to the “TEAM”, or you have been hanging out with this FOOL!!!

  6. Wildwood says:

    Thanks (Rick) my thoughts exactly, as was just talked about on Trib radio is the fact that one reporter heard the interview with BB and stated that the tone was not of arrogance but of interest. BB wants to get on the same page and know what direction and objective ownership has in mind. It could be a great opportunity for Rooney to get BB’s attention and realize that the mindset he has on the field may need to be harnessed in some. Ultimately it’s a good idea to get your franchise QB on board with the owners agenda otherwise this could be a rocky road ahead, and no Peyton is not the answer either. If anyone out there who has REALLY followed the Steelers for any length of time would know this. The Rooney’s in general don’t bring in big name free agents or players period,especially older injured ones, and especially to replace a very capable one aleeady

  7. hammertime says:

    Too Wildwood, evidently you have not been watching the Steelers that long, What was David Woodley, What was Todd Blackledge, What was Tommy Maddox!!!!!! If Ben is not ready to go at training camp or regular, Maybe you and Rick can help them Find Mike Tomzak, Peyton might get released by the Colts, and not cost as much, if you two think he would’nt be worth it, then I say you BOTH ARE NUTS!!!!!!! and need a check-up!

  8. Wildwood says:

    We have very different definitions of BIG NAME players, so if you think Peyton Manning is comparable to Tommy Maddox,Mike Tomzak,David Woodley and TODD BLACKLEDGE!!!! Then there is nothing more to say. BB has almost seven months to heal from a high ankle sprain with no surgery needed….. He’ll be fine. Is there anyone out there who thinks Todd Blackledge is a big name QB who is hall of fame bound like Peyton???? Or any of the names listed above for that matter? WOW!

  9. GoSteelers says:

    I agree, the title is misleading and there does not seem to be any sense of “arrogance” in Ben’s request. He’s the #1 paid guy in the organization, in all other businesses that has some pull with top management. The interaction between Ben and Rooney should be welcomed. Especially since this was a behind the scenes “retirement” and went over even Tomlin’s head. Being the owner gives him every right to do what he wants, but as a business man, you want your top people on board too and this meeting will hopefully clear that up.

    b.t.w, Manning would get crushed in our offense. the O-Line and running game need the most repair right now. whether its personnel or play calling. And for all those folks who have followed the team since the 70’s there are 8 reasons we have it good with Ben: Maddox, Stewart, Tomczak, Odonnell, Brister, Woodley, Stoudt, & Malone + the many others who filled in at QB….

  10. Dennis says:

    Healthy or not, Peyton Manning is never a QB I would want on the Steelers. Not tuff enough, gets rattled by the blitz.

  11. K2 says:

    What is BB thinking or should he be thinking (?)… It always seems to get him in trouble.

    I’ll say it again….If BB worked as hard as Manning (Brees, Brady or Rogers) he would be a absolute Super Star. Yeah… he has more SS rings than Mannig, but if Manning had been playing on the Steeler teams that BB played on he might have more than BB!

    You put Manning on this team (today) and he would win a least one SS in the next 2- 3 years!

    That being said, I’d rather see BB do it, but I doubt he will ever truly get his head totally in the game to get it done again. He is so miss lead!

    Let’s not kid ourselves, BB play calling and game management is poor at best and thats because he is ill-prepared. I’m hoping the new OC will help him out and make him the player (QB) he does not even realize he can be.

  12. Ricardo says:

    Ben I thought you were maturing ? Just go out and do Your Job and don’t question the Boss !

  13. Chuckyd says:

    I have been a Steelers Fan since the late 60’s Early 70’s and I would have to say to “Big Ben” the Ronneys I think know a lot more about Football and building a solid team. They stand behind their players supporting and giving them a chance ( Rocky Bleir )
    Yes you won 2 Super Bowls but did you really when you look back honestly at the game
    films ( I have all the DVD’s ) the Seattle game was stolen so before you get to high on your horse praising Arians offensive schemes they stink.If Rooney grants you the privilege of meeting with him you should kneel and thank him for keeping your dumb ass big mouth around and please DON’T trade/cut you.This team went 3-1 without you against some excellent teams this year you had the easiest schedule, that’s why you finished where you did, and the selfish bonehead decision to continue playing the last games when positions had been in reality decided shows its BB first.
    So as a retired teacher my advice to you would be Shut up, sit down, and listen, if you cannot do that then your not a Steeler. Hey Bradshaw we need you man.

  14. Scott P says:

    This is so incredibly overblown, it’s laughable. The guy wants to make sure he understands what the owner expects of him. He is also interested in the owners vision and goals for the offense. How on earth is that a bad thing?

    I will say that his loyalty and devotion to Arians is misplaced. The beatings Ben has taken over the years, and his reputation for “holding the ball too long” are both by-products of the dysfunctional offense that Bruce installed.

    When the play design is so poor that there is nobody open, what is the QB supposed to do? He can either throw it away, or he can hang on to it and turn the “play” in to a backyard free for all.

    If Ben threw it away every time the designed play failed, the Steelers would be a 4-12 football team. The bulk of this teams offensive success came as a result of Ben moving around, directing traffic, and ultimately finding a free lancing receiver who broke off his route and found a way to get open.

    The downside to this is that he often found himself on the ground while trying to make something happen. He should realize that Rooney did him a huge favor by getting rid of B.A. Having a real O.C. will extend Ben’s playing career and lead to a better quality of life in retirement.

    He should be kissing Art Rooney’s rings.

  15. GC says:

    The new OC dosen’t have to change the offense. He has to use what BA and Ben did not like. Short passing game a little more to the backs TE etc. They used that offense against NE this year and it looked great and scored points. BA and Ben like to throw the ball down field to much. You don’t have to throw the ball 15 yards most of the time when you need only 3. I believe BA refused to use all the play book, that is why he is gone. Plus Ben is getting older and the steelers can not afford to have him get injured every year.

  16. K2 says:

    C’mon…. BB can’t be taken seriously…. He lacks judgement?

    I mean really, after all of his episodes last year…. He rolls into Super Bowl week talking nonsense …… He then follows that up with a BIG night out….He then follows that up by not playing well… He then follows that up with “MY BAD” …. Really Ben(???).

    I hate to keep harping on the guy, but he makes it hard not to…. BB let the Rooney’s run the team.


  17. Mark says:

    i dont know why anyone cares, and it makes sense for them to be on the same page, Ben and the Rooneys…also Ben was friends with Arians so he is probably a bit upset at the change, lets not make more of a big deal out of this than there should be. personally i dont care and its funny because with this team Manning wouldnt last 3 games without getting hurt because he is not mobile and would get destroyed back there…with any over reaction to this yuo can see who truly is a fan of Bens and the Steelers, and who still has problems and does not like Ben very much…they are taking any chance to bash ben because of this, its pretty silly

  18. Eddie says:

    From the way the article is presented, you would think that Ben intends to storm into Rooney’s office and demand an explanation of why HIS offensive coordinator wasn’t offered a new contract. When, in actuality, Rooney probably intended all along to meet with Ben and Tomlin AFTER they both return to Pittsburgh. Ben is in Hawaii and Tomlin is at the Senior Bowl in Mobile…there wasn’t really enough time to meet prior to their both leaving for those destinations. There is nothing wrong with them sitting down together and discussing where Rooney wants HIS offense to go. He pays the bills, and both Tomlin and Ben are handsome recipients. Colbert and Rooney have done a great job finding and signing players to compliment Ben in an attempt to make this (at least) a top five offense. All they have seen for their money and effort is mediocrity, at best. Time for a change.

  19. Gregster says:

    Let Big Ben explain what’s on his mind. To state the obvious, the offense has to get better. The defense can use some updates to with db’s and cb’s. I stil can’t get over being Tbowed

  20. Mary Sarver says:

    I will be looking forward to seeing this documentary with Hines and Other players. He has endured so much growing up and has proved to be a great human being not only on the football field but everywhere else. People just dont realize there is so much more to these athletes than just playing sports. I do hope they will advertise when it will be aired.

    I just saw his commercial for C Harper. As you can tell I am a great fan of his.

  21. Imp'n'Arn says:

    I have long suspected that Roethlisberger breaks off pass plays on purpose so he can scramble around and make the big “splash” recovery throw. It’s kinda like the guy who sets a fire so he can put it out and look like a hero. I don’t know. There’s something wrong with a passing game that has so many broken plays.

    Randy Fichtner seems like a good call. He’s not Bruce Arians. Let’s hope he makes a smart gameplan, adjusts on the fly, runs a bit more, uses a real fullback, and gives Redman his due. It’s ironic that Former Steeler fullback John Kuhn is a Pro-Bowler, and Pitt product, fullback Henry Hinoski is in the Super Bowl. Go Figure.

  22. Mike says:

    Most of you are idiots, and must not be able to read. I have read your replies and some of you cannot write proper English either. The previous statement was not pointed at the ones that had replies of common sense, and actually understood what was said in the article.

    Roethlisberger had lobbied on Arians’ behalf after the 2009 season, when the Steelers seriously considered ousting him. He was miffed by the timing of the change now because Roethlisberger said he believes the offense is close to putting it all together.

    “We feel like we are really close to being an elite offense,” said Roethlisberger, who will play in his second Pro Bowl. “For your leader to be gone is kind of a shocker for us, but you’ve got to be ready for it, and whatever the Rooneys and coach (Mike) Tomlin decide is our next step. I think the (Steelers’) mind was made up, and B.A. was kind of ready to move on as well.”

    Also, to those of you who downplay Ben’s abilities. It is a well known fact to anyone that watches the Steelers that in the hurry up offense and 2 min. drills, Ben calls all his own plays. Example, the Pats game, I was at the game and watched it first hand. Out side of the one pick in our end, he was far more Brady like than Brady. Over the last 2 seasons at least, they have looked the best and been most potent during the hurry up, when they do not huddle. If the plays he calls work and they score, and the plays he has sent in to him make them flounder and stall out, you do the math.

    Lastly, Manning is a smart QB and a field general given the right line and help. He is not tough enough physically or mentally to be a Steeler. He with the O line Ben has had would not live and or play very long.

    I am looking forward to the 1 hr football NFL show, and to the building of the team and staff this off season. Go STEELERS !!!!!

  23. David says:

    after reading all the responses here, i am really confused!,,,, wasn’t this article about HINES WARD, a 1st time Hall Of Famer……. com’on’man…… get ur eye balls checked to see if your even on the right page for this topic…. Imean Really fellas….

  24. David says:

    Mr. Ward, I would like to apologize for the oversight here, and i don’t normally apologize on behalf of anyone, but I took this as an insult to you, and wanted to let you know that without your contributions and hard work these past 14 NFL seasons the Steelers would be sorely missed without your never ending dedication to excellence and winning Steelers ball. Thank you Hines for all you have contributed throughout your hall of fame career…. really, these guys here weren’t thinking straight….

  25. PICKLEMAN says:


  26. Mike says:

    LMAO, yes David you insightful brainiac, the article above was about Mr. Ward. The other article was before it. In case you did not read it or get to the bottom of the page, there was no option to post replies. So you may now be able to imagine that they and I, moved on to the next available article that gave us the option and ability to comment. Must be confusing to you. Sorry for the confusion, especially when you give Mr. Ward the proper recognition you did. He is my all time favorite offensive player. GO STEELERS !!

  27. Imp'n'Arn says:

    wen i wuz smart i red wal stret jornel but nou i lyk to reed mike.


    plez send flouers

  28. Jay Walker says:

    An executive in the Steelers organization told me that they will stay inside for a new o-coordinator. Just sayin’.

  29. David says:

    so what ben is on his way out too, we should trade him for Luck, cause he will need it… but at the same time we allknow where Art wants to go with this team, as in on the ground, i believe in passing but we are all aware that we hugely underachieved with all the so called offensive players we supposedly have, now let me see, a 4.000 yard passer, and 2 1,000 yard recievers, and an almost 1,000 yard runner, didn’t we do that before, and it got us where in the playoffs, no superbowl trip and one n done in the playoffs, we need to ground the air attack and get a bruising runner in here like bettis, need i say more!…..

  30. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Who would you pick — Wallace-Brown-Sanders-Roethlisberger or Redman-Mendenhall? Duh!

  31. Rick says:

    @Hammertime, are you hammered, or just angry all the time?

    I am probably older than you, been following Steelers for a long time, and more resilient than many professed Steelers fans.
    I mentioned Tomczack as joke, could have said Stoudt, or that real mess Brister. Even Bradshaw wasn’t all good all the time, and he did do some things contrary to Noll’s desires. What about Mr. Golf Pro Maddox, the gunslinger. Or choke twice O’Donnell.
    That Ben wants to know what direction the team is going is a fair request. Do I think he stated it the way that stupid journalist wrote the title, no.

    What we had last season on paper was not what we got in reality, for a ton of reasons. BA was only a part of it.
    I would love to see the sacks total go way down, and it should, and it is not all on Ben holding the ball too long.
    Would I love to see the days of the Bus tour again, yeah, you betcha. But the O line has to block properly and not get called for holding.
    Is Ward through, I doubt it. In case it is forgotten, he was hurt worse than we were let to know in the second Ravens game.

    Yeah, I do figure Fichtner will be the new OC, it fits. Wilson unfortunately won’t be able to perform, and I hope he can recover pretty much.

    Move Batch to coaching, maybe QB coach. Say goodbye to Dixon, Troy Smith can do what he did, and is stronger overall.

    And remember guys, if everything was as easy as we want it to be it wouldn’t be worth doing.

    And I did say the Ravens would be home watching, along with SF – a couple weeks ago! Maybe the Hairballs are having a Wanna Be Party! :D

  32. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Why, a month later, no police report about the cause of a kitchen fire at 3:ooam? Hate to say it, but methinks Coach Wilson was fixing a snack from the Richard Pryor Cookbook of Crack.

  33. k2 says:

    Imp’nAm, gotta like the guy who likes to correct everyone’s grammar…. What a pinhead. Your response cracked me up.

    David, you’re right we should give Hines his due, but the article on BB was to hard to pass up and/or comment on.

  34. Dejan Shortpants says:

    If Rooney wants to fix Ireland’s problems, then fine. But he should let the GM and the coaches decide football matters.

  35. David says:

    well, well, well. we sit here and say this and say that like we are there, like we know whats going on behind closed doors, we read this, we read that, and take the article for what its worth, as if we wrote it and wanna know exactly what it means, when in all actuality it means something totally different, Ben only knows how this offense operates, but we fans take him for granted but in the same breathe we want to ax his 7 from the roster thinking this guy or that guy can do what Ben does and has done, well with that theory floating a guy by the name of Guillam comes to mind, Bradshaw comes to mind, and then you have Roethlisberger. 13-0 in his rookie season, Dan Marino didn’t even do that, Dan Marino only went to the Superbowl once, thats 1 time in his hall of fame storied career, so you wanna get rid of Roethlisberger, go ahead, i dare you, but don’t cry one peep when we start dwelling in the bottom of the North division, because without him, we become mere mortals with the rest of the league!

  36. bill says:

    Lets ALL face it guys, Steeler fans,as I am one from the 60’s on and living in Colorado now for 16 years are ALL a bunch of Mill Hunky fair weather QB fans. We have thrown them ALL under the bus when playing falters. The game is ALL biznezz now and BB just wants his airtime for being a Big Biz franchise player…as for Hines… no matter what he’s still smilin!! Gby Civic Arena :-(

  37. Shane says:

    First things first! BA – needed to go back in 2009. He was NOT the right replacement for Ken Whizenhunt! Anyone with mediocre skills in football could have called better and smarter plays than Mr. Arians. 4 screen passes in playoff game after the first one blew up in our faces?? seriously?? Time to move on. The Rooneys have been doing this forever and they know what’s best. Ben – shut up and play. You’re a great QB but everyone…EVERYONE is replaceable!! You’re in the 2nd year of a 10-year contract with a great team…life brings change. Adapt and move on. New blood is needed on the O-line Pouncey proved that! Friends are friedns but this is a business – nothing personal. Beyond the O-line we need more skill in the Defensive Corners – Ike Taylor does not play the ball. He never has and why the Steelers keep him is a mystery!

  38. Noah S says:

    I’m sorry guys but why are you making fun of Ben? I know what happened a couple years ago, but everyone makes mistakes, even if they are big. Your right, I am just a kid. But I’m old enough to know that Ben is still a good Quarter back, and he was good, if not great friends with Offensive cordinatore Bruce Arians. He has the right to be mad if people don’t tell him anything. Who cares if he’s been in the NFL since 2004? Drew Brees has been there since 2000, and he’s still a great QB. Does it matter that Drew is on the Saints, and not the Chargers? With the Saints is where he wants to be, and if Ben wants to still be with the Steelers then let him. It’s not exactly Ben, it’s O-line more rather then him. The O-line for the PATS is good, and thats what the steelers need. Have you seen Brady play? He makes great passes, but has all the time in the world to throw, and how old is he? He’s been with the PATS since 2000 as well. But thats just my Opinion. Sorry if I sounded rude, I wasn’t trying to.

  39. jb stevens says:

    I love big ben. He is one of the bests football players in the world. He one the superbowl fer us too times. Thems women deserved wat was a comin t them.

  40. LOU E G says:

    jb stevens, r u a moron. No women deserves to get raped or fondled. I think BB is a great QB and I’m a Steeler fan for life but no women deserves that s@#t. MAybe BB didn’t do it and the women r looking 4 $$$ but he and the women involved r the only ones who know for sure. Grow up u moron.

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