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Tomlin meets with Caldwell?


While all signs were pointing to quarterback coach Randy Fichtner as a sure-bet to replace Bruce Arians as offensive coordinator, the Steelers might not be ready to pull the trigger quite yet.

I received a tip that Mike Tomlin met with former Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell on Saturday morning at swanky Terrace restaurant inside the Omni William Penn Hotel.

Tomlin was dressed in jeans and a Steelers long-sleeved shirt with a Steelers hat on while Caldwell was wearing a black shirt and a black leather jacket while the two met in a secluded area of the restaurant.

The Omni William Penn is where the team stays the nights before home games.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means something and nothing at the same time.

Just because Caldwell had a meeting with Tomlin doesn’t make him the favorite for the job. But still, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Tomlin and Caldwell have a history together, and that can’t be ignored.

The two were first-year assistants under Tony Dungy in 2001 while at Tampa Bay. Caldwell went to Indy the next year with Dungy while Tomlin stayed with the Buccaneers.

Look at Tomlin’s coaching staff – he feels very comfortable hiring people he has coached with in the past.

When he was hired by the Steelers in 2007, Tomlin brought on Randy Fichtner, Amos Jones, Larry Zierlein, Kirby Wilson and Garrett Giemont – all of whom he worked with before.

It is not a coincidence that the two known candidates for the job once worked with Tomlin – Caldwell and Fichtner.

Sure, Caldwell is 20 years older than Tomlin, but he hired Wilson, who is 15 years older, and Zierlein, who is 30 years older.

Is it a possibility that Caldwell could be the next Steelers offensive coordinator?

Well, you just don’t bring a guy to town to have breakfast with him and say hello.

Keep in mind, being a candidate doesn’t mean you are going to get the job. You’d hate to have Tomlin just promote from within without scanning the open market first.

We have no idea of that is what he was doing Saturday morning or not. But it appears he is doing his due diligence about the coordinator spot.

Either that, or Caldwell was being interviewed about the quarterback coach job that will come open when Fichtner is hired.

We just don’t know.

 Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. David says:

    i hope that when the draft comes in April we are all on board as to who we will get and what part of the team colbert will concentrate on, as in olinemen, and an off season program dedicated to healing the injured, everyone who came in out of shape this past season should be docked 25,000 dollars for every pound over thier playing weighttheres no excuse for not staying inshape be it strenght or conditioning, theres just too many football fields and gyms around not to… no excuses from the minimum salary to the highest salary, everyone is expected to come to camp in shape and conditioned, a bunch of overpaid atheletes blaming the strike for them not being in shape, im not on strike but i visit my gym and track fields 4 times per week… my bmi is 11 percent, i keep myself in shape because i don’t wanna be out of shape and my job doesn’t pay me millions to do so….

  2. Scott P says:

    NFL network is reporting that the Colts have hired that idiot Arians. Good luck Peyton. I hope your neck can handle the beating you are going to take this year.

  3. Mike says:

    Ah, but that’s the thing Scott, Peyton doesn’t take that beating because Peyton gets rid of the ball.

  4. Jay Walker says:

    Caldwell scares me.

  5. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Big Ben to the Colts for the No. l pick. Just do it!

  6. Scott P says:

    Caldwell scares me too. Where is Ron Erhardt when you need him??

  7. james says:

    i don’t like Caldwell or Tomlin! we need Russ Grimm!! Tomlin could not coach with his own groceries!! still coaching with Colwer’s left overs! we are confused on offense and aging on defense, and average on special teams! with all respect to Tomlin, he proves to be indecisive late in games, that cost us victories, like the ravens rematch, just happy to get the lead, and calling it a day, instead of putting your foot on the pedal on offense. Tomlins first superbowl, against the cardinals, Tomlin helped them when he went Tampa 2, that allowed fitzgerald to split the defense down the middle, that never happens to the steelers defense!! we would be a better team with Russ Grimm, we need pro-bowl guards, and tackles, and finally cornerbacks!!! make it happen, boss!!

  8. Scott P says:

    Hell, where is Tom Moore when you need him?

  9. Dick says:

    Erhardt scares me too! Doubt the Colts would give up the number 1 pick for Ben but maybe both teams should consider it.

  10. Wildwood says:

    Like I said people, be careful what you’ve wished for…. Let’s hope this works out. I don’t see any great names out there, including Caldwell. The coaching staff needs to conduct a thorough search and not just settle. This situation is becoming a bit tenuous because you have a peeved QB and head coach who’s been upstaged by ownership. You gotta love it!!!

  11. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Hey, look on the bright side — the battlin’ Buccos open spring training in three weeks!

  12. John G says:

    I thought Erhardt did a good job and had running back Barry Foster as our leading rusher. Cowher released him after the Super Bowl loss to Dallas in the 1995 season because he was afraid then Steelers receiver coach Chan Gailey would get an offer from another team to be an offensive coordinator (our receivers played well that year) and then leave the Steelers. Heard a rumor Gailey was calling most of the plays on offense in that same Super Bowl loss to Dallas. Still remember that interception by O’Donnell
    when the Steelers were driving on offense and could have taken the lead but it seemed he threw the ball early because Dallas blitzed on that play but one of running backs picked up the blitz. Then receiver Andre Hastings was wide open with plenty of running room behind the Dallas defense. Cowher then promoted Gailey to be offensive coordinator after that loss. I like Cowher and Gailey but disagreed with this move. Regarding Caldwell what position did he coach with the Colts and Tampa Bay when Dungy was the head coach or was he an offensive coordinator? Heard Caldwell was also an assistant at Penn State but don’t know what position he coached or was he the offensive coordinator there?

  13. florida Steeler says:

    You gotta be kidding me??? Caldwell never won anything until Dungy appointed him successor. Wonder why Dungy wanted him???? I won’t answer that one. Maybe Dungy asked Tomlin to interview him—he always seems to have opinions about head coaches in the NFL and the collegiate level. He seems unable to keep his opinions in the broadcast booth. He believes he is the Commissioner of the Rooney Rule!!!!!
    Where is Mark Whipple??? Hailey???

  14. GC says:

    Mr. Starky, your right, Ben ran for his life in the KC game as he does in most games. One of these days he won’t make it and his career will be over. It had as much to do with the play calling as the O line. Is BA all of a sudden the OC of the century. Spare me with talking to Caldwell. He reminds me of Tomlin, both look lost while watching the games.

  15. Dave crowley says:

    Big Ben to the colts for the number one pick, that is just plain Stupid! Some of you so called steeler fans have a real short memory. Look at his Record! It is better then anyone not named Brady. Get a clue, or go root for someone else!

  16. Rick says:

    Caldwell and PSU, I don’t think so. I do not ever remember a Caldwell as a PSU coach.

    Friend of Tomlin, hope it goes no further.

    And we all thought it was (end of Ben’s career) in the Cleveland game, again running for his life cause of poor blocking. Yeah, glad one of our journalists actually wrote something about the bad O line play.

    I remember people, media, players complaining about Gailey’s offensive scheme. It was one of them (Gailey, Earhardt or Walton) back then that had a very complex set up. Ah well, that is water over the dam.

    We need someone who can adjust on the fly, so to speak. Yes, half time is a good time to insert adjustments. But with Ben knowing the playbook so well it can be done sooner.

    Now if we could only get real steel for offensive linemen! :D

  17. Doug Halfen says:

    The _last_ thing I’d like to see is Mr. Grumpy-Puss’ face scowling along our sidelines.

    Caldwell has all the emotional involvement of a laundry hamper full o’ sweaty socks and skidmarked briefs. YUCK!!!

    Under Caldwell’s “divinely-appointed guidance” (all bless the holy Tony Saint-Dungy!!! — you know, the same dude who couldn’t get to the Super Bowl with a championship-caliber Tampa Bay team to save his life), the Colts became the “new” Detroit Lions.

    (While the Lions became the “new” Chicago Bears.)

    I mean, losing Peyton was obviously a BAD THING, but that didn’t guarantee the season had to go COMPLETELY into the crapper. (Hey, we _almost_ handed their first win to them! ;^) But Caldwell made sure that it flew into the toilet with a splash that reached the ceiling…

    I certainly wouldn’t want Arians back (ironic how he ends up in Indy, no? X^D ), but the (a-hem) “prospect” of Caldwell makes Randy Fichtner seem like the second-coming of Chan Gailey.

    All aboard the Randy Express!!!!!!!

  18. Rick says:

    Had do do some upheaval searching – Caldwell was an assistant coach at PSU, then wide receivers coach and finally QBs coach when Kerry Collins was there.

    Arians has been hired by the Colts, ha ha ha. We do not need to reciprocate!

  19. David says:

    the steelers need to promote Art Rooney ll to offensive co ordinator, that way there can be no mistake as to how Ben needs to do his job!… end of convo-end of debate- end of confusion…. confuscious says: when confused-stop thinking!

  20. Robert says:

    Tomlin allegedly wanted Arians to remain as OC. How did that work out? So a meeting with Caldwell doesn’t necessarily mean Caldwell will be hired. Personally, I wanted Arians to stay. Not because he is an offense genius (he isn’t) but he kept Ben from being a diva, was 12 & 4 and a change that abrupt doesn’t always have immediate benefits. It takes time to put in a new offense and if the QB starts questioning everything it is a potential disaster.

  21. John G says:

    I am surprised Arians was hired by the Colts as their offensive coordinator. Chuck Pagano their new head coach was the Ravens defensive coordinator this season, their defensive backs coach for at least two years before that, and also coached defensive backs with Oakland and Cleveland. In Cleveland he may have been there when Arians was thier offensive coordinator under then head coach Butch Davis but not sure about that. When we played the Ravens Pagano obviously was analysizing our offense that Arians designed. Some people point out the previous connection that Arians was the Colts quarterback coach for two seasons early in Peyton Manning career. These two connections makes me feel the Colts management
    for whatever reasons seem to like the way Arians coaches and calls plays.

  22. Jay Walker says:

    Hey, Crowley, Big Ben is literally on his last legs. Makes sense to bring in Luck, who may have 10 productive years ahead of him. We’re not in position to win a Super Bowl any time soon, if you haven’t noticed yet.

  23. David says:

    we can not take caldwell, he can’t even explain how 1 guy equated to a 2 – 14 season, how does an elite team lose that many games over 1 injured player….. hope we didn’t take the 2 steps back route on this Arians deal, but we will see in 9 months if the grass is still green or did we just kump into a 100 yard mud puddle!

  24. Rick says:

    If anyone cares – Nike is taking over for Reebok. My son found this link – NO, it is not official, but heaven help us if they start designing other than foot ware.

    They ought to shoot whoever did that, it really sucks.

  25. John G says:

    I just read on that Steelers linebacker coach
    Keith Butler the guy I understand designated to be defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau (spelling)successor was granted permission and will interview with the Colts for their defensive coordinator position this coming Tuesday. He also previously interviewed with the Dolphins about two years ago for their defensive coordinator. I think if he would leave it is a big loss for the Steelers. He may have also been on Cleveland’s staff when new Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was there.

  26. J.R. says:

    Arians for Caldwell? Do that and I’m an ex-Steelers fan. Arians may be average, but Caldwell is off-the-charts bad.

  27. Bsteel says:

    It gets interestinger and interestinger. This even smells like a duck.

    Something’s up. Maybe someone decided it’s time for Tomlin to make the team of his own design.

    Someone above is talking Big Ben for Colts #1, presumably A. Luck. I’d trade Big Ben straight up for Peyton Manning.

    Goodbye DC-in-waiting Keith Butler, hello Carnell Lake, Dick Lebeau’s successor. I think that’s an upgrade. Lebeau coached up Lake to play multiple positions, Lake vastly improved the Steelers pass defense his first year, and he’s young, young, young.

  28. Scotty D says:

    I think Todd Haley would be a better fit than Caldwell.He has ties to the organization. He also worked with a good young wr core of Boldin,Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston in Arizona with Wisenhunt. Look like anyone we know? Wallace,Brown,and Saunders. People say hes a head case. my way or the highway type. Well;who better than Tomlin to make that work with a know nonsence approach? He’s not afraid to run the ball either. the Chefs were one of the better running teams in the league before losing Jamaal Charles.

  29. John says:

    I like Lake, and yes he did a good job with the secondary… ho played better this year… until it really counted…

    I know I should not read these boards, it just makes me laugh how little most people commenting on here know, and I mean no offense by that, but seriously…

    The Steelers were 12 – 4, prob should have won a few more games the D blew for us… and the playoff game, sure the offense could have / should have put up more points, but again, the D let us down, not the Offense.

    Arians, I had some concern at times that his play calling didn’t really flow well… but outside of that he did a pretty good job with what he had to work with… when they were healthy they really started to show something, but they really were not healthy most of the season… and they made some real questionable decisions with their O-Line… for some reason people still talk about Colon being their best O lineman… well, someone is a poor judge of talent, because I have watched a lot of his work, and while he is a decent run blocker, he can’t pss block his way out of a giant eagle bag!!!

    Changing Offensive co-ordinators is fine… the coaches and owners decision… but the way it all came down is pretty slimy, and makes me concerned that Art II is going to turn out a lot more like Jerry Jones than like Dan Rooney, who would not have undermined his coach this way… that is the biggest problem I have with the whole situation.

  30. MAUISTEEL 56 says:

    Anyone who thinks we should trade Ben for Peyton is not an educated football fan. What i mean by that is. Do you go to Heinz Field for draft day,follow who’s on the practice squad? Did u know that john Clay at some point this year could help the football team? I did and i do. Tell me you were rooting for Peyton to win a 2 ring against the Saints. Tie Ben in the process and have to listen to EVERY NFL”EXPERT” talk about the great Peton Manning. If you were your not a Steeler Fan! I’ll Take Ben everyday of the week and twice on Sundays!!!

  31. Bill says:

    1. I would not trade Ben for any QB in the league, including Brady. No current QB has more Super Bowl wins than Ben, except for the aforementioned Brady, and his 3 came during the Spygate years, and as such are suspect at best.

    2. Arians had to go. Averaging 20 ppg with the talent we had at the so-called skill positions this year is inexcusable. I realize that the dearth of talent, and mounting injuries along the offensive line had something to do with that, but no sane OC dials up 50+ passes in a night game in late December in Cleveland with sub-freezing temps, 30-50 mph winds leading to sub-zero wind chill when the team you’re playing against had the 32nd rated run defense in the league at that time. I know what that was like, because I was there. Arians proved he could tweak his plan to compensate for the struggling offensive line play when he wanted too, see the New England game last October as an example. Unfortunately for Ben, the Rooneys, and all of Steeler Nation, he patently refused to do so throughout his (too long) tenure as OC.

    3. Truck loads of luck to Manning, or Luck, or whoever is under center in Indy next season. You’re going to need it with Arians at the helm.

    4. Not sure if I like the idea of Caldwell, or Fichtner taking over as OC, don’t know enough about their respective careers. Hopefully Tomlin, the Rooneys, and yes, Ben come to an agreement on who will be OC next season.

    Bonus point 5. Tomlin had better figure out a way to get his team motivated to play in prime time by the time next season rolls around. Can’t bear to think about another season watching my Steelers wander through another batch of prime time games looking for all the world like they’d rather be at home watching tv.

  32. J.R. says:

    How does a guy like Caldwell even get mentioned for a job after his pathetic performance this season?

    It’s time for another Rooney Rule that states any coach regardless of color that’s totally inept has to sit out or work at a lower level for at least one year.

  33. Rick says:

    I just saw on ESPN ticker that Caldwell took the Ravens OC position. Don’t know if this is official.

  34. Rick says:

    They have corrected it. Now they say QB coach for Ravens.

  35. hammertime says:

    Todd Haley for OC, I like it, he might be a little moody, but that can be a good thing, some of these players need a foot up their behinds, Plus Maybe Tomlin could learn something about Standing Up, instead of Folding UP!!!! All this talk about a Offensive Lineman with the first pick is INSANE, have you paid any attention to our Defense lately, first, teams found out how to Throw the Ball effectively against us, Now they have begin to run the Ball on us with ease, once that becomes the norm, “You Are Screwed” as a foot ball team, it don’t matter whether you can score or not, with the Right Defense in Place, you don’t need 30 points agame to win!!! Here’s Hoping our Great Scouting Department got better Sense, “THE NEXT STUD NOSE TACKLE BEST BE THE FIRST PICK”, WE HAVE GOTTEN GREAT OFFENSIVE LINEMAN FROM THE 2 SPOT DOWN, WHERE DID STARKS AND COLON COME FROM, IF YOU KNOW??? THE OFFENSE NEEDS TWEAKING, (THE DEFENSE)NEEDS REPAIR!!!!!!!

  36. Martin says:

    I think they should let Ben run the no huddle especially on the road more I think he is pretty effective at times doing it get offonsive line help to protect him along with another T.E. kid out of Stanford to make it more balanced and use mendenhall and redmond in a 2 back set formation majority of times especially in the redzone… on def better look at a few nose takles maybe cb as well u can never have to much depth. Majority off the issues can be handled through the draft.


  37. Rick says:

    This Rick is not the above Rick who reported Caldwell to Ravens.

    He is officially, reported on, as an assistant.

    Yay, great news, he is out of the picture. Guess the Ravens think they will make Flacco the next Kerry Collins.

    So far this “off season” is interesting.

  38. Carl says:

    Again I will state, for the trade Big Ben for Peyton Manning crowd, that would be the most F*CKING STUPID thing ever done by any team of all time, period.

    Manning is likely done… even the Colts, where Peyton is everything, are going in another direction. At the very best, Manning will be a 36 year old major injury risk starting next season, who will still command a top dollar salary. Trade for this guy? really?!?

    Luckily bloggers don’t run NFL franchises; we have smart football people like Rooney II in charge of our team, thank God. Trading Ben for Manning would be stupid, even on your fantasy football team….

  39. Doug Halfen says:

    Yay!!!!!! Caldwell to the Crows — losers that deserve each other! We get the chance to beat him twice a year now. ;^>

  40. Dick says:

    Big Ben for Manning straight up would indeed be insane. I don’t think anyone could sanction that. Ben for the Colts first pick would also be risky as rookies many times do not pan out. Anyone remember Ryan Leaf? However, depending on what was offered you might consider a deal. Ben is and has been my man. He is a franchise QB and is good for 6 or 7 more years but we must shore up the weaknesses in this team and give Ben a chance to be all he can. My pick for OC is Randy Fichtner who I think will do a good job and someone who Ben is comfortable with. Also, if anyone thinks you don’t need to score 30 points in this league has to be wacky. There won’t be any more trophies without a high scoring ability. Big Ben knows this. It is not going to change any time soon folks.

  41. hammertime says:

    Really DICK!!, well, where is the Green Bay Packers at right now????, Where are the New Orleans Saints at right now???, and what about the Patriots after Sunday, did’nt they all average about 40 Points a Game this year, maybe you need to “Wack On these facts for a Minute”, holla back if you still can!!!!!!

  42. hammertime says:

    Lets see, Jim Calwell and Mike Tomlin, would’nt that be like having 2 people at the Helm of a Aircfaft Carrier, and Both Asleep at the WHEEL?????

  43. SteelHeart says:

    How about two coaches that know each other, just getting feedback on how each is handling their own temperamental QBs ? — like sharing notes !

  44. SteelHeart says:

    #12 John C is correct – Caldwell was PennState’s QB coach for a few years during the late 80s.

    And a big reason for Irsay to bring in Arians is for PManning. You all have seen how Manning has been whining about how the place looks different & everything is changing. Well Arians was PM’s QB coach years ago…. And Arians likes that “Arena football” scheme that Steeler fans so detest.

    Actually they are made for each other – Arians and PM with his one tiny SB ring !

  45. Wildwood says:

    Sometimes I think people in this forum just type crap so they can see their nonsense in print. Trading BB for Peyton is just a stupid A** comment to make so stop. If you seriously think that logic makes sense then you don’t know much about #1 How the Rooney’s operate this franchise and #2 about football in general.
    Now for those of you who just HAD to get rid of BA it’s interesting that it took BA less than TEN DAYS TO GET HIRED and yet we’re STILL looking for A VIABLE UPGRADE FOR HIM !!!! SMART BUNCH HERE NO DOUBT!!! I am still waiting from SOMEONE HERE TO PROVIDE A LEGIT UPGRADE NAME. Before a name is thrown out check their resume to BA’s and stop stating Pitt won in spite of BA because that’s impossible to do FOR OVER EIGHT YEARS!

  46. SteelHeart says:

    I gotta agree with #35 & #41 Hammertime – although not so crudely….

    Great Defense and a scoring “ball control” Offense is what wins championships — and that is what Steeler fans want !

    We need the defense replentished — especially at NT and ILB. Say what you will about the Denver playoff game, but LeBeau didn’t have much to work with:
    — He had NO more DL left ( Hood, McLendon free agent, Heyward rookie) and they were getting exhausted because no one left to bring in…
    — He had to use McFadden because Keenan Lewis was nursing a hamstring AND the rookies they had developed (Cortez Allen & Curtis Brown) were both on IR.

    Yet on Offense, if Arians had just used the Running game – that was working – a little more often, then the age-old play action would have worked — AND helped a struggling Roethlisberger !

    It is a shame that after 8 seasons, Ben still doesn’t understand the virtues of a strong dependable running game. He should heed the lessons of History: his hero JohnElway never won a SB until the offense got away from that “Arena football” scheme. That is great for stats between the 20s, and the fantasy football morons.
    But once again…

    Great Defense and a scoring “ball control” Offense is what wins championships — and that is what Steeler fans want !

  47. Glenn says:

    Legit upgrade: Hue Jackson. Now shut it. Randy Fichtner is the next in line to be a BEN PUPPET and Caldwell was just a token candidate to appease Art II. Sing the praises of Arians all you want. If the Colts keep Manning, he won’t be calling any plays. If they dump Manning, he’ll be getting a Rookie QB slaughtered every week. Run a stats model and you’ll see that this offense was backyard football and a low percentage of Arians play calling resulted in success. Backyard football [after 3-4 seconds in the pocket], 2 minute offense, no huddle are all “Arians free”. How much of the successful offensive production came from those things? Stats would show you a high percentage. Anyone that will miss Arians needs a psychiatric evaluation or to purchase a Colts jersey.

  48. SteelHeart says:

    Dear #45 Wildwood,

    I agree with you and some of the stupid stuff said, but…

    1.) Arians only called the plays for FOUR years – not eight. AND had the advantage of a GREAT Defense in its prime! Think of the Ravens SB year (Trent Dilfer?).

    2.) One doesn’t need to have the next OC ready before they fire/retire the guy that is not following your directions.

    Irsay probably brought in Arians to quiet PManning – see #44 above. Those guys like that “Arena football” scheme. And it has led to ONE tiny SB ring….

  49. Wildwood says:

    #48 steelheart
    Good points and I agree completely, as I have stated before BA needed to go solely due to the fact that his relationship with BB was to comfortable and counter productive for this offense in many ways. However to throw out names like Brad Childress, Jim Caldwell, And now Hue Jackson is laughable. I can promise that of the two of those three names that are available They will not be hired by this organization. It also appears that Rooney would rather get his OC “outside” because it generally doesn’t take much longer to promote one. If this process does get extended any further then Randy won’t be the one folks.

  50. David says:

    well, guess Tomlin did invite Caldwell over for a cup of tea, now we need to get serious about who is gonna do the play calling, say what you want about Arians, but his offenses has allowed Steelers Nation to be prideful of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and in that i mean with wins, yes we have won ALOT of games between playoffs and Superbowls so the moral of this story is, apreaciate what you have, because we have seen teams lose 16 games in a season, and we have seen the same teams lose 12 and 14 games in cosecutive years, and know there are teams that have not been to the playoffs for at least 6 years to 8, i know i am not complaining about all the successes we have had over the past few years, we are always in it and have playoff appearances, winning 1 losing 1 and one and done, thing is we aren’t losers by any stretch of the imagination….. so the mantra is, next man up, the standard is the standard…. the quibbing here about BA now is as old as the pyramids in Egypt are, let it go, move on, and lets start getting ready for the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers……. hoo-rahh!!!

  51. Scott P, Jim whoever-you guys are all so brilliant and well informed why do we need coaches. Arians was a superb o coach and Tomlin is a cut above. You guys just want to win every super bowl but lets get real. We are very blessed to have the ownership and coaching staff and you guys need to get a clue.

  52. SteelHeart says:

    #49 Wildwood -have heart !

    The Rooney are good at “the Game”. Perhaps after all the other possible OCs are trotted through, BB will say that he wants RFichtner.

    And then Rooney will smile because… was BB idea!

  53. DAME1971 says:

    todd haley no nonsense and would get up in bens face,thas what ben needs someone whos not gona be a push ova

  54. David says:

    ………………….. but at the same time, you don’t need animosity on the sideline TO style. this team don’t tolerate sideline fiascos where the camera is and people like steve allen smith and others can make it more then it is, we aren’t children here, professionals, and thats how everyone should be treated, on down to the waterboy……..

  55. Bsteel says:

    Big Ben for Manning trade suggestion in error. We can sign Manning as free agent. Manning would kick A– with the Steelers WR’s and defense to back him up. A 36 yr. old Peyton Manning? with the Steelers, that’s 2, maybe 3 Super Bowls.

    Ben is a good QB. But you young guys have to understand that a big part of the Steelers mystique is the character quality of their players. Roethlisberger lost my support when his serial lechery became abundantly clear. Who pulls out his member and makes demands on a little college girl in a sleazy bar bathroom? You “youts”wouldn’t understand.

  56. Bsteel says:

    … a drunk little college girl…

  57. Bsteel says:

    …could have been your little sister… but what do you gen Xers care? Maybe you’d do your own little sister.

  58. Bsteel says:

    …or daughter…

  59. David says:

    bsteel is getting be side himself on this topic, maybe it would serve hime better to become a colt fan if it bothers him that much, no one really knows what went on and if there were clear evidence of this so called ra pe im sure charges would have been filed, but i gotta question if this is a so caleed ra pe as everyone seems to be convinced of, y aren’t her parents going full steam on this, y is the father just letting it go y is the mother just letting it go, surely they must care for thier young daughters well being,,,, too many holes…. you go Ben, if i were the parents 9 father ) you bet if ra pe was the case, i would want every stone turned over….

  60. Bill says:

    Bsteel, lets remember the facts in the alleged rape in Georgia.

    1. an underage college girl provides false identification to the bouncers in a bar.
    2. Said girl then gets rip roaring drunk. So drunk that she has trouble walking and standing on her own power.
    3. she then accuses Ben of raping her in the women’s bathroom while his bodyguards block the door.
    4. alleged rape lasts for 15-20 minutes.
    5. Police are called while Ben is still there, they take the girl and run a rape kit.
    6. Ben offers his blood for testing, but the hospital and police say “never mind, there’s nothing to test against because the only DNA on her, is her’s.”
    7. need I go on?

    Also, since you’re obviously too old to remember what it’s like inside of a college bar, let me fill you in. There has never been a college bar in this country where women have been blocked access to the women’s restroom by strangers (not employees) for 15-20 minutes and not complain to bouncers, bar tenders, etc.

    Fact, the rape never happened. Deal with it, or go root for the Colts.

  61. SteelHeart says:

    And let me add…
    other bars confirmed that the young woman was following Ben’s crew around – and had tried to talk to him previously at another bar but the boys wouldn’t let her “thru”.

    And besides – 15-20 minutes ??? Geez she wasn’t drunk, she was dreaming…

  62. hammertime says:

    Again I say, I hope with all my might that Todd Haley gets the OC spot, someone with a attitude won’t hurt this team at all, Many of you must not have been Steelers Fans that long, even though you talk like YOU HAVE, do you remember CHUCK NOLL???? He did not take any Crap off no Players, and when they would screw-up, he would get a piece of their “HINNIE”, most were afraid to come back to the sidelines once they made a Bone Head Play, “HALEY CAN DO THAT”, “BILL COWHER WOULD DO THAT”, “TOMLIN SURE AS HELL IS NOT DOING IT”, SEE BILL PARCELLS, WHY ARE SO MANY AFRAID OF SOMEONE WILLING TO TAKE CHARGE??? GO TODD HALEY!!!! AND, WHO ARE THESE SICK PEOPLE STILL TAKING ABOUT BRUCE ARIANS, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST FOLLOW HIM TO INDY AND BE QUIET” NOBODY BUT YOU CARE ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!

  63. Glenn says:

    Hue Jackson is laughable? Do you even know his qualifications? [Or lack there of]. You asked for one name. Is your critieria that the OC has to have coached in a Super Bowl? That is laughable. Those guys are just walking around all over the streets you know… [switches off sarcasm]. Arians is laughable, pathetic, predictable, and now Peyton’s silent puppet. In the NFL, Coordinators with talent usually go on to become head coaches [or at least get inteviews]. How many opportunities has Arians had to even INTERVIEW for head coaching jobs? Don’t think to hard skippy…..

  64. Glenn says:

    Another name for you junior: Todd Haley

  65. Carl says:

    I’d be fine with Todd Haley as OC. Think that would be a fine hire. He is pass first, which fits our team strengths, but has shown to be pragmatic and pound the rock as well based on Kansas City’s success running it during his tenure there…

    Also, I think it would be kinda funny to hire someone Arizona is actively pursuing to put back on their coaching staff, what with Arizona taking (or trying to) every Steelers coach, player, office manager, bus driver, janitor, etc. that they can get their hands on. Take that you quasi-faxsimile Steelers wannabes!!

  66. Rick says:

    Wow, I will be glad when the STEELERS CHOOSE their OC.

    We all have lots of great and not so great suggestions. When it comes down to it, none of us count.

  67. Doug Halfen says:

    I could see Haley as an interesting option — he’s worked with GREAT players as OC in ‘Zona, and he’s a pretty feisty dude, someone who could really _light_a_fire_ under Ben’s tuckus.

    However, he would demand a high salary, so that would make him a pipe dream for us.

  68. hammertime says:

    Thanks CARL!!! you have nailed it right on the head with your perspective on the OC postion, and I see some others feel the same, it’s easy to see you are a Real Steeler Fan, you are looking for some fire out of this team!!!!!

    As for RICK, this site is set up for STEELERS FANS TO EXPRESS OUR SELVES AS WE SEE FIT, (“if you don’t have anything pertinent to add that makes good sense”) then don’t say nothing!!!! Stay tune RICK, some of our prediction’s just might come true, even if we don’t get to make the call !!!!!!!!!

  69. Scott P says:

    One thing I know for sure. The Steelers O.C. for 2012 will not be named Arians. For this I am eternally grateful.

  70. Lou says:

    Wow! It’s hard to understand Pittsburgh these days. Ben brought 2 rings and probably only 2 seasons without the play offs. This year his second 12 and 4 season with the first a super bowl ring. I could go on. NO one in Green Bay complains like this. The only game played this past season that I did not enjoy was the first game. With Ben and Arians we never stopped improving. The loss of Arians showed incompetence by management. The loss of Ben would bring about an end to a dependable fan base.

  71. Dick says:

    Well, first off, it looks like emotions are really running high here……..too high. So cool it. The world doesn’t end just because somebody disagrees with your opinion. The Steelers are noted around the league for having a sound organization. No doubt they will make another good personnel decision. You can argue all you want about the offense/defense needs but the fact remains whether it is a passing or ball control offense, success is going to depend on the play of the offensive line. Anyone think we have the offensive line for either? As for what the Steeler fans want, one thing is for sure, they want championships and they don’t care which way they get them. So Hammer, sorry your feathers got ruffled but you’ll get over it.

  72. hammertime says:

    Hey DICK, this is so much fun!!!, count your feathers before you go to sleep tonight, every one on here is fun to me, look in the mirror, don’t take this TALK too serious, its all fun!!!! PLEASE, get a GRIP!!!!!!

  73. Dick says:

    Okay Hammer, I’m gripping tight.

  74. Jay Walker says:

    We’ll go on the cheap for an OC as usual. (Read: Fichtner.)

  75. Bellwood Bill says:

    I dont care who is the Quarter Back !!! if Kemo and the other has NEVER beens are still on our Offensive Line…we are merely hoping to play games..NOT WIN THEM… We draft in late rounds BUMS and then we cut them for Ex players that we take off the scrap pile..Jonathon Scott was a revolving door at tackle and Thank God Max Starks came back because when he was not there we TOTALLY got crushed. So lets see…..lets line up Scott and Kemo and see what happens…NOTHING GOOD for damn sure!!. We need some BIG offensive lineman…Like Pouncey and Gilbert who can come in and contribute right away…not like Tony Hills and Keith Urbik and some of these other butt rangers who cant block pre schoolers and take cheap shots to try and enhance their dirty reputation…

  76. Wildwood says:

    # 62 I asked for a viable name if this latest entry you so I intelligently gave is such an amazing find then why hasn’t the front office sat with him???? I do know this about Hue he’s bounced around from team to team since 2006. He also over stepped his place in Oakland with Al’s son when they didn’t allow Hue to be apart of the hiring process for the new OC which is now why he is unemployed. Hue was also responsible for the I’ll advised trade for C Palmer that he knew when he was the WR’s coach at Cincy for four years. Lastly this forum is double edge sword and it’s well within your right to type whatever’s on your mind, just like it’s well within OTHER peoples RIGHT to call you out when such comments are INANE!! We all have the luxury of typing anything here w/o any accountability but let’s exercise SOME common sense okay “sunshine”?? I will give you this though of the bunch of crap names you donated Todd H. Is the best thus far. In addition the Steelers has some familiarity with his dad too, which may help. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “even a broken clock is right twice a day” Keep throwing out names your bound to get ONE RIGHT Slappy!

  77. Glenn says:

    I will leave the insults to you. So you know how to Google. [Applause]. The 2 names that came out in the conversation are irrelevant. Whether you like them or don’t like them, the point is Ben has been running this offense for the last 3 years. So promoting from within will get you more of the same. So insert [NAME] for the coach you would like to see to make yourself feel superior and continue your 3rd grade antics. Mr. Rooney took step one, getting rid of the puppet. If he doesn’t take step 2 and replace the puppet with an OC from the outside, the firing will have been pointless.

  78. Scott P says:

    If Starks can rehab his knee and make a comeback, I say the starting 5 should be;

    Gilbert – LT
    Crusher Legursky – LG
    Pouncey – C
    Colon – RG
    Starks – RT

    If Starks can’t play then put Ramon Foster at RG and Colon at RT.

    That looks like an adequate, if not decent line to me. I truly believe our line has looked worse than it really is over the past few years. You don’t see Brady, or Brees standing back there getting mauled on every play. They have an offense that has been well designed and coordinated. Therefore, guys are open quickly and the ball is released on time.

    Arians was an abject failure in respect to the running game, and the passing game. When the QB feels like he has to run around and play street ball on every play, the line is going to look bad. When the O.C. is so pass happy that the team spends precious few minutes practicing the run game…..the line is going to look bad.

    I am very curious to see how this line plays with a different offensive philosophy, blocking scheme, etc.

  79. k2 says:

    Let’s just hope BB does not whine and go in the tank if he does not get his way. That possiblity can hurt us more next year than anything else thats been mentioned above. I have no faith in his chacacter or in his ability to see that a new OC change might benefit him, the offense and more importantly the team. That total concept might be above his ability to think past himself.

  80. Candy says:

    Time to unload Big Ben for a high first-rounder. Let’s get something for him while we can. He’s 40 years old in football years.

  81. Dick says:

    Hey k2, why all the hate? Ben is a franchise QB with 2 rings to his credit. I don’t remember any whining from him but it sure sounds like you’re doing some whining right now. Chill out, man.

  82. Imp'n'Arn says:

    JWalk is consistently succinct.

  83. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Ambassador Trentino: “Sir, I am a man of few words!”

    Rufus T.Firefly: “Well, I’m a man of one word, ‘Scram!'”

    Read “Arians” and “Rooney.”

  84. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    Todd Haley ? LMAO! U can’t be serious. Haley Git ATTA TAHN U BUMB! -6 TONS

  85. Scott P says:

    I love Ben but let’s be honest, he did whine about the run first offense of Whizenhunt. I love him but as others have mentioned on this post, he has to be open to a different style of offense.

  86. Dick says:

    Well guys, I think we can agree to disagree here. Bottom line is we all want to see another SB win for the Steelers. There are many areas that need fixing and being above the salary cap by 25 million is not going to help. A new OC will help but in itself will not get us back to the SB. The injury bug took us down this year and we must get a little younger. The critical spots have been mentioned over and over again but the team will no doubt address them. I, for one, still trust in the Rooneys to get it done. Looking back, we had a pretty good year and I hated to see it endl I feel next year will be even better. KEEP THE FAITH !!!!!

  87. hammertime says:

    Our Offensive Line started someone new on the line every week, many playing out of their natural postion, “so where would consistency and continuity come from”, When they can put 5 of the same group out there weekend and week out, the guys we have on hand right now could be a excellent group, EXCEPT Jonathan Scott, this guy is PITIFUL, but the rest are pretty good, if Colon, Starks, Pouncey, Gilbert, Foster, and the young Scott who did not get to play last year, they could be Great, thus “NO NEED TO USE the First Draft Pick HERE, The 6ft 5″ 350lb NT POE would be like X_MASS IN APRIL, THIS TEAM IS NOT THAT FAR OUT FROM BEING GREAT, Bring in “TODD HALEY TO GUIDE THE OFFENSE AND BEN”, I don’t think we could be STOPPED!!!!!!!!!

  88. k2 says:

    I have no hate for BB and no mention of hate is in my comments, but I have mentioned on this blog before that BB needs to grow up and in my humble opinion he still has a ways to go before I in dear myself to him (on and off the field).

    Those two rings …. With exception of a view plays and the drive (which I give a lot of credit to Holmes too) his QB ratings are subpar at best in each game. The fact is… He had a great team around him (defense) and a pretty solid run game too.

    No hate, just like to see BB get to his true potential on and off the field.

  89. Rick says:

    Hammer – I am just frustrated with the wait. I am not “up” on Haley, son of Haley – as he is not that successful under adversity. KC had a very good defense, but nothing else after the injuries on offense. At least we made it to 12-4, and really should have been better.

    Opinions, yeah, that all this place is. Mine included.

    Predictions, sure. I predicted the Super Bowl opponents well before they were :chosen” :D

    The O line as stated above by Scott P appears to be good, whether or not Gilbert is left T or Starks is may not matter. IF they stay healthy it will be a good line, much better than we have had the last 2 seasons. With Chris Scott (not Jonathan) and Ramon Foster as backups. We might need to draft (like in 3rd or 4th round unless someone REALLY good is available earlier) another.

    THEN, maybe we can run the ball effectively and really open the game up.

    Biggest need as I see it is a true D line beast. There are some coming out this year, would be nice if we could get one. I say this simply because look at the Giants, with 3 to 4 up front they can really put pressure on opposing QBs.

    And we really need to have a better conditioning season this year. Not just the Steelers suffered, the entire league suffered. At least there will be no CBA negotiations (flawed tho it is, it is done).

    It will be either Fichtner or Clements as OC, Haley as maybe a last option choice.

    And if the O line gave Ben 4 seconds he might not have felt the need to run around so much. He’s not perfect, gee, neither is Brady nor Manning (either of them). What he needs to learn is how to end the play when there is nothing. And a good running game will maybe help give that extra second or so.

  90. k2 says:

    I have no hate for BB and no mention of hate is in my comments, but I have mentioned on this blog before that BB needs to grow up and in my humble opinion he still has a ways to go before I in dear myself to him (on and off the field).

    Those two rings …. With exception of a few plays and the drive (which I give a lot of credit to Holmes too) his QB ratings are subpar at best in each game. The fact is… He had a great team around him (defense) and a pretty solid run game too.

    No hate, just like to see BB get to his true potential on and off the field.

  91. DAME1971 says:

    ..i say pick up the best corner availablle in the first round then the best guard in 2nd round

  92. hammertime says:

    Great assesment Rick, I am just TIRED of that “Funeral Parlor Look” from our Coaches on the sidelines after Bone Head Plays are being made, and I see no reaction From Tomlin and the rest for that Matter, Ben can Screw Up with Just Ridiculous Interception’s, No Problem, and he, (Ben) has the nerve to have a “Smile on his Face”, or hold on to the Ball forever, and they Knock the Hell out of him and he Fumble the Ball, No Problem, THATS WHERE HALEY COMES IN, I BELIEVE HE WOULD SLAP THAT SMILE OFF BEN’S FACE, I AM PRAYING FOR TOOD HALEY!!!!!!!!

  93. Clarence says:

    What if no 1st round corner is available int he 1st round? That’s stupid, you always pick the best player available if the need spot is not there. Otherwise you’re asking to pick a bust. Due diligence in the draft period will yield results in any round, so stop worrying about reaching in the first round.

    As for Caldwell, who wants that blank stare on their team? Oh, that’s right the Ravens. And who fires a coach for someone who hasn’t a better track record at head coach than the one you’ve fired when the one you fired won a SB and been to another in the span of 3 years? Buy a brain, people.

    I do like the idea of trading Big Ben for a high first round draft pick though, even if it isn’t a QB. If Ben wants to pout about BA, let him go. I’d rather he grow up and we keep him, but I’m not about to go through the next few years of a QB that refuses to be successful because he won’t work with the next OC and going round doing dumb stuff like demanding why from the check writer. I say trade him toe Miami for Mike Pouncey and a 1st rounder and try to make a move, throwing in Mendenhall, for the right to pick RG III.

    Keep all 3 of our young guns, TEs, and remaining backs. With 2 1st round picks and using the first one on RG III, we’re free to go after the top linemen and CBs with the next several picks

  94. Glenn says:

    Did you just excuse Arians and request the Steelers trade Ben all in the same post? Happy Hr doesn’t start for another 3 hrs and 20 minutes so step away from the bar. When Arians was calling plays, the success rate was low for a called play. The success came from Ben holding the ball and the play turning into sandlot football. Arians had nothing to do with that. Trade your franchise QB? How about bring in a legitimate OC that will make Ben a student of the game again. I am tired of all these posts demanding that the new OC have Super Bowl credentials. Does everyone in this forum really believe there is not one quality OC out there ANYWHERE [college or pro]? This is a world class organization. It should be able to find a coach that can implement an offense and teach players.

  95. Glenn says:

    Check that: Arians had EVERYTHING to do with Ben having to hold the ball too long. The plays called obviously were well defended. Again, and again, and again. I can’t believe people want this bum back.

  96. Scott P says:

    You are singing from my hymnal!!

  97. Roy says:

    Haley wont get job, that’s good he’s a goof

    Ben will be here for 5 years

    deal with it morons

  98. Candy says:

    I don’t think BB cares about the o-coordinator. He’s probably bangin’ a coed right now.

  99. SteelHeart says:

    Kudos to a couple of you for the hopeful thought that our OL and BB will produce differently in 2012 with a new OC’s strategy. You can bet whoever it is, Tomlin will give them STRONG guidelines on what kind of offense it will be (his life depends on it…). Even RF would be OK – cause coaches teach and make strategy, but players win it on the field.

    #78 Scottie P – some good thoughts there. The OL will make another progression this year. We already have 2 young studs in Pouncey & Gilbert.

    But this year’s #1 will be on DEFENSE ! They just need it more…

  100. David says:

    @candy. Really! Is it illegal to bang a coed, last I checked it isn’t, its absurd to keep reading stuff about this, maybe you should write her parents to see how much they were paid to keep hushed about it, u know the hush money, you pay us x amount and we won’t testify….

  101. Bon says:

    I’m am relieved that some of you have nothing whatsoever to do with the Steelers.

    Trade Ben? yeah that’l work

    Haley? He’s a baffoon and can’t get an interview.

  102. Dick says:

    Wow, this forum in really getting interesting!

  103. The Gonsk says:

    Geez, what a lame column by Kovecevitch today. That’s the best he can do at the Super Bowl?! Whatta waste of travel expenses.

  104. cool breeze says:

    Haley is not that bad. Caldwell would be terrible. But we still need a younger guy to do this .I don’t think we can get grimm because of the way we treated him. The o-line is not that bad if ben would throw the ball away we can reduce the sacks to 1/3 of his sacks. We just need to keep our guys healthy. Been a big steeler fan sense 59

  105. Carl says:


    Todd Haley can’t get an interview? Guess he wasn’t here just two days ago, interviewing…..
    You keeping up with what’s going on much?

  106. hammertime says:

    BON BON, do you have any Idea’s, how bout putting them out there, so all can see, can’t wait till you do, I bet you have ALL THE RIGHT ANSWER’S, no one knows better THAN YOU!!!!!!!

  107. Bon says:

    Todd Haley can’t get an interview with any NFL team, the Rooneys felt sorry for him and gave him a courtesy interview, see Dulac PPG

    Only a moron would trade Big Ben for anyone

    Do you know football at all?

  108. Hannah says:

    Candy: They don’t call him Big Ben for nothin’, you know!

  109. Carl says:

    I guess the Cardinals and Jets felt sorry as well….

    I don’t care if they hire Todd Haley or not, but they could do a whole lot worse. The dude’s got a good pedigree in football. Been on a lot of highly regarded coaches staff’s thru his career. As OC with the Cards, they gave us a damn good run for the money in the Superbowl.

    He’s certainly not a buffoon, or a baffoon either….

  110. Roy says:

    Hasnt interviewd with Jets or Cards Wiz called the plays in AZ

    Accused teams of wiretapping his phones

    he’s a psycho

  111. Bon says:

    Haley never interviewed with AZ or Jets FACT

    He was fired for not keeping his cool FACT Ben would kill him

    He’s a psycho FACT

    Accused the Chiefs of tapping his phone FACT

    This is available widely on the internet

  112. Scott P says:

    It’s getting awfully testy in here…almost hostile. We need a new post to comment on. This one has run it’s course.

  113. Harry Paratestes says:

    I disagree, Scotty P. We need more of this kind of thing.

  114. Bsteel says:

    News Flash!

    Peyton Manning cleared to play again… or become an Offensive Coordinator?

    The Kirby Wilson mystery:

    Kirby Wilson was burned over 40% of his body in a fire that is known to have started in his kitchen at 3:00AM, yet two months later the police have not released a report of the cause of that fire. A fire that started in a kitchen. At 3:00AM. No official report of cause. HELLO?!

    This is a coverup that will ultimately burn the Steelers organization-R over 100% of its body.

    Can anyone spell C-R-A-C-K?

  115. Bsteel says:

    Well, it looks like “closing time” for this post, so I offer to take one for the team:

    Coach Mike Tomlin: Please do not ever say again anything like “A win is a win,” or, “Any win on the road is a good win,” or, “Any win in the NFL is a good win,” because you are just so wrong and you are enabling mediocrity by the Steelers. Coach Noll NEVER EVER said those things. Given the best win, Noll would have talked about what was inadequate and what had to be improved. Get a clue, Coach Tomlin.

  116. Bsteel says:

    OK, one more:

    Poor Ben is unhappy! We must make Ben happy! The poor guy is a twenty-something millionaire, the star QB of the greatest franchise in NFL history, lives in a kick-ass city with the best sports fans on earth, and has a hot young wife, despite his being a pervert, dumb as a post, and looking more and more like Peter Griffen (lose some weight, lardass!) Oh, the humanity!


    Please donate to Ben’s Happiness so that we can ensure the proper offensive coordinator and have a happy Ben

    As a Burgh journalist recently wrote: Offensive Coordinators do not win Super Bowls, happy quarterbacks do.

    …What do they pay those guys?

  117. hammertime says:


  118. Harry Paratestes says:

    Face it — this organization is a mess right now.

  119. Rick says:

    Well Clements is out as OC, he was promoted by Packers to their OC.

    I wish they would just get it done and move on. I suspect Fichtner is it, not Haley. Look for Batch as QB coach (stretch, but why not).

    P. Manning cleared to play, bet the Redskins want to get him, They are willing to waste money on anything.

  120. hammertime says:

    Since they won’t put up a new topic to chew on, I’ll just plug away until they do, “THIS YEARS DRAFT WILL BE OUR SUPERBOWL”, ESPECIALLY, IF WE COULD GET THE 6FT 5INCH 350LB NT POE AT #1, (Mini Camp) won’t get here fast enough for me, and don’t forget to pick-up (PSYCO HALEY as OC) in the process, you think this site is LIT-UP NOW, let that happen and you gonna get some Real “JUICE” when you step out BONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Dick says:

    #110 — Detective Bsteel, I appoinrt you to the case immediately. Your incisive analysis of this tragic situation merits recognition as the man-in-charge. Seriously though, yours is the first logical reason to explain what “may have happened.” We may never know for sure.

  122. Ralph says:

    Do we even need coaches? Waste of money. The players can do that themselves.

  123. Jeff says:

    3-way trade Roethlisberger for Manning. We need to draft a young backup qb anyways. Get a good one, send Ben to Cleveland, let Cleveland send some people and draft choices to Indy, get Manning in here and draft a good young QB to sit the bench for 3 years.

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