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The Forgotten Offensive Coodinator Candidate


Two weeks are gone, and the Steelers have yet to hire a replacement for departed offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

And it appears that Mike Tomlin isn’t in a hurry to do so – which is against his norm.

Since Tomlin put together his initial staff in 2007, he has either had to hire or promote a coach five times.

Usually, Tomlin has moved quickly to fill the vacated position.

It took only eight days for Sean Kugler to be named as offensive line coach to replace Larry Zierlein, and 14 days for Al Everest to officially take over the special teams for Bob Ligashesky.

The only time Tomlin had to hire a coordinator, it took him one day to promote Arians from receiver coach.

The longest period of time Tomlin waited to fill a position was last year when it took him 29 days to replace Ray Horton with Carnell Lake as defensive backs coach.

Today (Feb. 3) marks day No. 14 since Arians’ contract wasn’t renewed, and it appears that it will still be a while before a replacement is in place.

Now, Tomlin has brought in Jim Caldwell and Todd Haley for courtesy interviews with other names like Hue Jackson and Alex Van Pelt floating around as possible candidates as well as current quarterback coach Randy Fichtner.

But as longer the search drags on, another name has to be strongly considered – Kirby Wilson.

As we all know, Wilson was critically injured when he suffered burns on 45 percent of his body and smoke inhalation after his house caught fire while he was sleeping on January 6.

Wilson has been in the hospital ever since and has had numerous surgeries, however, has been getting better, and recently started physical rehabilitation.

Tomlin would love to have Wilson run the offense, but his health has complicated things.

The question is, can the Steelers afford to wait for Wilson?

Sure they can, but only to a degree.

With any new coach, and especially one as important as offensive coordinator, there is a transition period needed.

However, when it is a candidate who has more than 20 years of experience coaching including the past five on the Steelers’ staff, that transition period isn’t as critical as it would be for somebody coming in from the outside.

Let’s face it, if it is either Wilson or Fichtner who takes over, the offense isn’t going to be drastically different. Sure, there will be some tweaks, but nothing that can’t be worked out during the spring even though the new CBA has extended the offseason by five weeks.

With 10 OTAs (down from 14), three mandatory minicamp practices and now only nine consecutive weeks of off-season workouts permitted, that is still plenty of time to “tweak” an offensive system.

And that provides plenty of time for Tomlin to wait for Wilson, or at least get a better grasp if he will have any chance to return to the team by the spring.

If it becomes apparent that Wilson won’t be ready, they have a safety net in place with Fichtner.

As noted before, the longer there isn’t an offensive coordinator in place, the better chance there is for an in-house replacement to be named, and a better chance for Wilson to get the job.

 Mark Kaboly
2/3/2012 at 1:19 p.m.


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. Rob says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, the Super Bowl hasn’t been played yet. That means that coaches from two certain teams are not yet available to interview. Just throwing out another possibility. . .

  2. Scott P says:

    I have no issue with the slow, deliberate approach the Steelers are taking. This is a critical decision. Why not take your time and make sure you are hiring the right candidate?

  3. Bon says:

    Kirby Wilson is trying to live at this point. Football is not a priority for him righ now.

    Burn patients take quite a while to recuperate. He is still in serious condition. When 45-50 % of you body is burned and you have lung issues as well I wouldn’t count on him now.

    I hope he recovers soon and is able to coach again. The players seem to kike him a great deal.

    Tomlin can tweak an offense, Ben needs to ask him what he wants

  4. Paulie Raspa says:

    I sent my resume as I did when the Line coaching position became available —- But I have not been called…. MIKE if you read this blog –you really need me and my “wisdom” — Your QB will not last 3 -4 more years fading back 35 times a game no matter who plays o-line — I will bring a RUNNING SCHEME that will “exploit” all Backs that we currently have…. Just give me the shot!!!!!!

  5. Doug Halfen says:

    Yeah, I’m with Bon on this one — the absolute LAST thing Kirby needs to deal with is the stress of running an NFL offense (as if that were even an option — I’m _sure_ Tomlin realizes this!!!). Maybe in a year or two… But for now, he’ll be all about just simply “returning to normal.”

    And the NFL, the “Nuckin’ Futs League,” is _miles_ away from the kind of “normal” he needs. ;^)

    Wishing Kirby & his family the best — what a freak event to happen to such a fella, and at the oddest time…

  6. Bsteel says:

    Again, 2 months, no police report on the cause of the fire. A fire that started in a kitchen. At 3:00AM. In a kitchen. No report of cause.

    Either the Pittsburgh investigators are dumber than Dumb and Dumber, or this is a paranormal phenomenon, or it’s a cover-up.

    Why don’t they just ask him, for God’s sake?! He’s conscious, isn’t he?


    By the way, where are the PGH journalists on this? Those guys must be zombies. This is a big Burgh story. What the hell is going on with PGH sports journalism??

    Can you guys have the cahones just once to ask a question about this???

  7. Dick says:

    Mark, what are you thinking…………….Kirby Wilson???? Kirby is not ready and NO, we cannot afford to wait. With Randy Fichtner you have familiarity with Ben and the rest of the team. There is no learning curve like you would have with an outsider and, by the way, none of the outsiders so far seemed to be a good fit. Give Fichtner a chance. I believe all will be surprised at his ability to do the job. My original thought for this position was a former QB and Tom Clements came to mind, but it is too late now. You snooze, you lose. Here’s wishing Kirby Wilson and complete recovery.

  8. Bsteel says:

    Here’s my treatment of a script for the new show, Pittsburgh CSI:

    PGH sportswriter: “So, inspector MacDougal, what do you think is the cause of the fire that started in this kitchen and burned the victim over 40% of his body?”

    Inspector MacDougal: DUUUUHH! GOOOOOHHH! BAAAAHHH!

    PGH sportswriter: And there you have it, Kirby Wilson is the “forgotten offensive coordinator!”

    You go, Trib, you go.

  9. Bsteel says:


    Zombie? I resemble that remark!

  10. Rob says:

    Mark, have you called Mean Joe to tell him why he’s wrong about Arians yet? If not, could you record that conversation and twist it the way you did with the Roethlisberger interview?

  11. jason says:

    wow. this blog gets out there sometimes. lol. the fire was caused by ? kirby was cooking crack in the condo? wtf? if there was anything suspicious about it i guess the police would be on it. I will be happy w anyone who, as Joe Greene says, will know when you need to run the ball. I’m guessing that Kirby, being the RB coach, might be a good candidate.

  12. Rick says:

    I really don’t think it is Kirby Wilson at this time. Burn victims take a long time to recover fully, and need plenty of rehab and rest.
    — Would he get that as an NFL OC? I really doubt it.

    It could be something with, as pointed out above by Rob, someone from either of those two teams

    I doubt it is the Pats. O’Brien is gone after Sunday, win or lose, he takes over at PSU. I don’t really see anyone else, but who knows.

    On the Giants, Kevin Gilbride, used to coach here, been around a while. Might be interesting. Though as pointed out by various “analysts”, neither Pats nor Giants have a 1000 yard rusher.

    Would be of interest as to either team’s run/pass ratio. We know Brady passes a lot, I haven’t followed the Giants much so I don’t know whether Manning passes as much.

  13. Bon says:

    In the NFL if a coordinator is under contract you can’t hire him unless he gets a promotion to assistant coach or head coach. Gilbride is under contract. That’s why teams hire QBs coaches as OC or LBs coaches to become coordinators on the new team. Teams can also not gve permission for interviews.

    Right now it’s better for the Steelers to hire from within, unless they hire someone from the college ranks

  14. Imp'n'Arn says:

    There’s a story on the net that the Steelers signed Myron Rolle, but not a word on Pittsburgh net media. Does anyone know if that is true?

  15. Bon says:

    Rolle put it out there on twitter, so far nothing to confrim it. If true its only a futures contract, the same contract that they put the practice squad players on.

    He would have a diificult time making the team but at least hell get a chance

  16. Doug Halfen says:

    ^^^ Wikipedia states that Rolle was signed by the Steelers to a “reserve/future” contract.

  17. Michael says:

    Congratulations to Jack Butler, one of the best Steelers there ever was or will be. (Check out his numbers, newbies.)

  18. Clarence says:

    I understand Wilson’s need to concentrate on his recovery and you’re right, but as long as no decision has been made, why not wait? Why charge ahead if the best candidate is recovering. Other coaches have had difficult illnesses with which to deal and came back, why can’t he?

    I say, take your time with things. If the best offensive coordinator is recuperating let him recuperate and give him time. It’s very possible that Tomlin’s career as a Steeler head coach and his mark on this team is marked by this hire. Let him take his time, please.

    My deepest hope is that the tweaks to BA’s offense some of these Trib writers pawn after so much is a bona-fide running scheme built to attack various defenses and open up the passing game. One that is not just tried out, but schemed, designed and heavily reworked to attack defenses as they come.

    Like mean Joe said, any defenses can be attacked with the run if you commit yourself to it and for all of the pass lovers… how can you know football and not know, appreciate, understand, or look over the proven fact, that nothing opens up the passing game like a successful running game… and most of all, NOTHING, NOTHING in football, closes out games with a win like the power running game.

  19. Jerry Bioux says:

    It does not matter that Arians left, most analyst say the Steelers have a below average line and then they can not stay healthy. They win in spite of the line. Until they invest (drafts) in the line, they’re wasting a HOF QB and the best receivers in the NFL.

  20. Jay Walker says:

    Do your homework, Kovecevic! Jack Butler was a free safety, not a cornerback as stated in your story.

  21. Bon says:

    FYI Butler was a corner, wanted to be a WR.

  22. Rick says:

    When Richard Pryor burned himself it took 6 weeks in recovery then he didn’t perform again for almost 2 years. We cannot wait that long for the new OC.
    Even if Wilson could come back sooner, he wouldn’t be able to be around what he had been until it was safe for him to do so without risk of infection.

    Thanks Bon, I was just tossing some wet pasta on the ceiling, hadn’t remembered contract issues. Just trying to make sense of waiting until after the Super Bowl. Maybe there is some other assistant they want to talk with and are being courteous about it. I didn’t see any that made sense, but then I am not Tomlin or Rooney.

    And it is really interesting that neither Super Bowl team has a great running game. I guess there are exceptions to EVERY (supposed) rule.

  23. Rick says:

    Jack Butler (born November 12, 1927) is a former American football cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League and has been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Butler was an undrafted free agent whom the Pittsburgh Steelers brought onto their roster in 1951 out of St. Bonaventure. Butler became a defensive back and occasional wide receiver for the Steelers.

    The above is from the Wikipedia on Butler.

  24. Rob says:

    Never cite wikipedia.

    The Steelers official website posted an article about Butler and Dawson, stating that Butler “played in 103 games during his nine seasons as a cornerback.”

  25. Pete says:

    Both of these teams in the super Bowl run effectively. They can run when they want to or have to. Joe Greene said as much himself. The Steelers could not or would not commit to the run. You don’t need a great running attack. You simply need to commit to it and practice it as an important part of the offensive scheme and game plan. Adios Arians.

    I don’t believe Kirby Wilson will have recovered from his injuries in time to help the Steelers. He will take many months to recover and there are complications which could happen also. He’s still fighting for his life so I don’t think he’s a viable choice this season. Hoping Kirby recovers soon (you’re in my prayers Kirby) and whoever the Steelers bring in as an OC gets with the program.

  26. Jay Walker says:

    Butler was a three-time first-team All-Pro as a safety. Virtually every reputable pro football web site confirms as much. He played some cornerback, but that was not his best position.

  27. Jay Walker says:

    From the New York Times football blog: The Steelers initially intended to use Butler as an undersize defensive end, but injuries in their secondary led them to try him at cornerback. At a rangy 6-1 and about 200 pounds, he was a natural at his new position. He was even better later in his career at safety.

  28. Derek says:

    We lost to the Broncos? Think about that.

  29. Derek says:

    One year later, I’m still pissed about the Mendenhall fumble.

  30. Jay Walker says:

    Me, too. Idiot cost us No. 7.

  31. Carl says:

    Had to listen to Collinsworth say that was an Epic game. Really?!? F*cking boring game is more like it. Guess It’s just a shill for the NFL proping up a bad Superbowl.
    At least the Giants won! Haha, Patriots can’t win the big one anymore. Sucks cheating is not allowed anymore….

  32. Rob says:

    Actually, Carl, I noticed that at about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Patriots were facing a 3rd and short. A camera watching the huddle showed Brady looking at the Giants’ sideline with his wristband open – it was about a 2-second shot of Brady. Immediately, they switched to another camera showing the Giants DC signalling in their play (was there a problem with the defensive captain’s helmet?). Then the Patriots got a first down to their wide open HB.

    . . .

    Old habits die hard, eh Tommy-boy?

    Anyway, Patriots during the Spygate years: *3 Lombardis.
    Patriots since being caught cheating: 0 Lombardis.

  33. hammertime says:


  34. DAME1971 says:

    patriots can’t win without cheating there should be asterics next to the championships.

  35. Rick says:

    Rob, in case you didn’t look, all the Steelers and NFL rosters (back then) and the all NFL teams listed defensive backs as LS or RS, not SS, FS or CB. My point was that Butler was also cited as being a sometimes receiver, and did catch some passes, scoring on at least one play. No trying to point out where he played in the defensive backfield.

    My point with rushing game was that it was often mentioned neither team had a 1000 yard back, usually an indicator of a good rushing game. And please note, I said usually. A team could have 3 – 700 yard rushers, totals would indicate something individual stats wouldn’t. Their successes are because of the pass first approach, sneak a run when they aren’t looking. Not run, run then maybe have to pass cause it’s 3rd and long.

    If you want a successful running game and are “committed” to it then you better get into 3rd and 3 or less MOST of the time. We used to be that way. Course we had an O line that played well then.

    And when the Pats scored their second TD, what did the usually hard rushing Giants dee do, they had backed off. Wow, fail time. We tore new ones when our team did that in the season cause it made no sense, Still makes no sense.

    On a sillier note, our great leader Godall (sp, on purpose) didn’t like the Pro Bowl. Gee, he created that mess, now he doesn’t like it. Players tanking plays, trying not to get injured. Pro Bowl before Super Bowl, so many Pro Bowl voted players aren’t on the field.

    Why don’t they just reduce it to a trip by Madden NFL (fill in the year) and play it that way. Mail the winners their checks from the savings for not attending a joke performance.

  36. Greg says:

    Next time Collinsworth does a Giants game, he should be required to have a drool cup with him. Dude was an embarrassment.

  37. F.D.MALONEY says:

    to whom,

  38. Glenn says:

    #7 “There is no learning curve like you would have with an outsider” – That is part of the problem here. There isn’t enough learning going on. Make Ben become a student of the game again.

    #30. The fumble was ridiculous. He made Matthews look like a stud. The play that was equally unforgivable was the pump fake standing near the goal line. That was a classic Arians Call. Wallace has blinding speed. The Steelers have a Swiss cheese line and you ask them to hold the block that deep in their own end for the pump fake?!? I don’t have a problem sending Wallace on the post but the pump fake was unnecessary and cost them 7 points.

  39. Liriano says:

    Acquire Stephen Jackson and ship Mendenhall out of here!

  40. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Mendenhall has too much sugar, not enough steak. He ranked near the bottom of the pack in yards gained after contact. ‘Nuff said.

  41. Scott P says:

    I love the fact that Mean Joe essentially had the same thought on B.A.’s offense as most of us. I dare the Arians supporters to go tell him he doesn’t know anything about football.

  42. Gabriel says:

    Why isn’t Mean Joe on our staff? Could teach Tomlin a thing or three.

  43. Jay Walker says:

    Todd Haley! Yeah, baby! Kick-ass is back in the ‘Burgh!

  44. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Finally, we hire somebody on the basis of their know-how and not their skin color.

  45. mmd says:


    Who exactly have the Steelers hired without know-how?

  46. Paulie Raspa says:

    Dick Haley just named NEW O-CORODINATOR!!!!
    Well Dick –Good Luck — Please understand these points–
    1) Need to run the Ball more..
    2) Need to Keep Ben up-right and tell him it’s ok to throw the Ball away!
    3) Need to Run the Ball More!
    4) Need a Real FB–
    5) Develop Saunders(TE) to be a Middle Threat from the TE Position!!
    6) Develop CLAY(RB) to be a Bruising Running Back —
    7) Trade Mendenhall while he is still healthy and let him take his pussy footing running to another team. PROBABLY GET A 2ND rd pick —
    8) Please RUN THE DAMN BALL MORE!!!
    9) Move Pouncey to Guard and put Legursky at Center– Try it because it will work!! Both are very capable!!Probably not popular with most but it makes sense!!

  47. David says:

    ok Stiller fans here is the 2012 schedule but not in any particular order.
    HOME GAMES are as follows: Ravens – Browns – Bengals – Jets – Eagles – Chargers – Cheifs – Redskins –

    AWAY GAMES: Bengals – Browns – Ravens – Cowboys – Raiders – Broncos – Giants – Titans – Cowboys – …..
    Looks like Ryan Clark will miss another game in Denver, and we get the Champions and it looks like we will travel some high mileage on this slate.

    Can’t wait already…. may the 2012 NFL season begin NOW…….

  48. Rob says:

    Just going to drop this here for all the Trib writers who reiterated that Todd Haley had no chance of being the next OC:

  49. John G says:

    It has been reported tonight/Monday on NFL Network, ESPN.COM and SI.COM the Steelers have offered the offensive coordinator job to former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. I am surprised at this move. I realize he has ties to the Steelers with his father Dick Haley being a fomer personnell guy with the Steelers but heard he likes a lot of control, hard to get along with, and players tend not to like him. Also, being a former head coach he probably wants to be a head coach again. Depending on his success there, if he takes the job he may not be there long.
    Glad to see those sore loser, let’s run up the score, and cheating Patriots lose the Super Bowl. Belichick gave his usual sore loser post game conference. He does that every time they lose.
    Also glad to see Dawson get into the Hall of Fame. Wonder who he will choose to present him at the ceremony. Like him not only of course because he is a great player but also he is a good person.
    Shame we could not win a Super Bowl with him closest of course coming in the 19995 season Super Bowl loss to the Cowboys. I still remember and picture those costly interceptions O’Donnell threw in that game.One I remember the most when he panicked, Dallas blitzed
    on that play only to have one of our running backs pick it up and receiver Andre Hastings running wide open behind the Dallas defense. He probably would have scored if O’Donnell doesn’t panic and complete that pass. That would have been a big upset had we won.

  50. David says:

    I really don’t like the Todd Haley hiring, but thats me and why im a fan and not a coach, my specialty would be on defense and if i were oc the run game would be paramount to what we do, it would be our identity… trap plays, straight up the gut running, we will tell you run then dare you to stop it… my philosophy is dictate what we do best, dictate who we are, and then make the oposition stop us, come on, I dare you to!

  51. Randy says:

    Haley will succeed in Pittsburgh. He has the backround and the pedigree to fit in well there. He knows the Rooneys and what their expectations are. The Steelers offense has not scored enough points to complment the defense for the last several years and Haley should be able to change that. The Steelers offense MUST average at least 23 per game if not more just to get them back to where they were when Tomlin took over. The aging defense line is more myth than reality as the ranking proved this year. Score Points.

  52. k2 says:

    BB didn’t like being pushed by Cowher. I wonder how he will deal with Haley…..This will be interesting (?)

    Loved that the Pats lost…. No more legacy!

    Can’t wait for the draft!

  53. Bsteel says:

    The good thing about the Haley hire is that it is “inside out.” Haley’s a Pittsburgh guy, and good for continuity, in that respect, but not from the current staff, so he’s a needed change of pace, especially for Big Ben.

    The Myron Rolle signing is a good gamble. Rolle has great pedigree, he was a standout in college, and he is smarter than most people, period, I would guess. He could be a big return for a small investment.

    The Haley hire is not confirmed, yet, but if so then let’s get on with the off-season effort to get the Steelers to the Super Bowl.

    I think that the Steelers were/are better than either the Giants or the Patriots, man-for man.

    Let’s just get some things straightened out and get #7.

  54. Doug Halfen says:

    ^^^ Better than the Giants or Patriots? Sure! On any given day, we could go toe-to-toe with ‘em.

    Unfortunately, we just weren’t better than the Broncos on a particular given day. %^O

    (Even beat up, we should have knocked ‘em outta the park. Ball-control woulda helped. Sometimes, I think Arians considered his best weapon to be Sepulveda — er, excuse me, Kapinos.)

    I’m _ecstatic_ that Eli won. He’s everything good that his whiny brother will never be.

    And if this Haley hiring proves to be true, then all I can say is:

    Welcome home, Todd!!! 8^D

  55. hammertime says:

    OH HAPPY DAY, just excited that someone in the Steelers Organization (who don’t know us or me) was thinking just Like me!!! Todd Haley will be Great, I said all along that the team needed somebody with some “B-LLS” on this Staff (not refering LeBeau, Love him), so he got a temper, GOOD, if you watch all the games we played last season, as I did , you should have had a “ATTITUDE” too!!! better still, he is already there, incase Tomlin comes UNGLUED, Just a GREAT DAY FOR STEELER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. NuttingHostage says:

    I guess Tomlin wasn’t waiting for Kirby Wilson afterall.

  57. Carl says:

    Hey Rob, can you repeat the crowbusters recipe thing for me? This time for fellow blogger steeler fans on this website who said those who didn’t have a problem with Haley as OC didn’t know a thing about football? Ok, thanks…

  58. Lou says:

    Why Haley! His experiance can’t compare to Arians! Yes he coached a team that won a couple of games while losing players to injuries. Wait till he tries to make the play offs when the O line here ends up decimated and Big Ben unable to walk let alone stand up. Since when is playing on a high school golf team a prerequisite to coach franchize quarterback and one of the best come from behind offenses in the league? Why couldn’t they bring in someone who at least played high school football?

  59. zarbor says:

    Some of you guys are down right silly. Yeah, we have no idea if Todd will work out. However, its clear that when he was in Arizona with Whizehunt and had talent, his offense flourished. Not to mention, when he got to Kansas City, he took a less talented team with a mediocre cast of receivers and good running game to the playoffs.

    I’m concerned that Todd’s hot head might be a problem but that’s about it. I like Tomlin but he is a defensive guy and clearly know little about offense. How do we know? Anyone who wanted to keep Arians know little about offense. Even when we won the big dance, the offense never ran smooth. It sputters like a clunker. We made a 12 yard gain only to lose 15 on the next play. It always seem like the offense continually had to work harder to overcome itself. Sometime it did, other times it didn’t. Nevertheless, it should never be that way. Period.

    I’m not endorsing Haley but I’m encouraged because this pick has Rooney written all over it. I like their track record of picking folks. The big question now is if Benji will buy in…..especially with that clown talking about having a sit down with the Rooney’s.
    He better go sit down since no one told him the Rooney’s call the shots not him.

  60. Rick says:

    Great, the wait is finally over. Nothing wrong with Haley as the OC. He was on offensive staff on teams that had offenses – read the entire article.
    That he has a temper, good.

    Will Ben be OK with him, probably. Gotta remember, the past is past and Ben’s problem with Cowher was his immaturity and probable big head over early record and wins.
    Read nothing into that stupid article’s headline before the Pro Bowl. As I said then, I would also want to know what the boss is thinking, otherwise, how can one adapt. Especially when you are the franchise player (not franchise tag, but like a Manning or Brady or Rogers).

    Next up – the draft.

  61. Scott P says:

    The best thing about Haley is that he is not Arians.

  62. Bsteel says:

    If Todd Haley does nothing else but get Ben to vary his snap count then that will be an improvement. I’ve never heard/read the observation that D-lines tee off on Ben and the running backs because the snap count is the same damn thing every single time.

  63. Gabriel says:

    Love Haley’s fire, and if he pisses somebody off, then that’s even better. We need some fiery leadership here!

  64. Jay Walker says:

    It’s amazing how little beat writers know about the team the cover — and that include Eddie Bouchette, of course.

  65. Dejan Shortpants says:

    mmd: Tomlin was hired without previous experience at the position. That’s the definition of lack of know-how.

  66. RKYMTNSTEEL says:

    I know this is out of left field, but has anyone besides me realized that the fabled QB draft of 83 has now been put to shame by the class of ’04? It took John Elway until his last 2 years to get his rings. In the Eight years since 2004, 2 of the 3 first round QB’s have been to 5 super Bowls and won 4. The other QB went to at least 1 AFC championship. Has any other QB draft in history been as good? I don’t think so!

  67. K2 says:

    The QB’s IQ needs to be higher than “Hut 1″ to change the snap count up…LOL

  68. The Big Z says:

    Love the Haley hire. He’s Cowher with a better beard.

  69. Larry says:

    Haley is Arians with a clue!

  70. MP says:

    Yeah, todd Haley was a “courtesy interview”. You really know what you’re talking about…

  71. Jay Walker says:

    In Todd We Trust!

  72. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Love the hire! Haley has fire, experience and leadership ability, and Lord knows we need all of them right now.

  73. dave says:

    Given that RB Rashard Mendenhall completely lacked explosiveness, averaging just 1.6 yards after contact per carry last year, 46th in the NFL and will be coming off an injury should he be a salary cap hit?

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