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Leak a disservice to Ward


I don’t know how the Hines Ward saga is going to play out.
I do know that whoever leaked to the NFL Network that the Steelers aren’t bringing back Ward owes him an apology.
That wasn’t a low-class move. It was a no-class move.
The Steelers don’t owe Ward another season based on the 14 distinguished ones he has given them.
The NFL is a business and a cut-throat one at that. You win six Super Bowls by making difficult personnel decisions, such as what the Steelers are facing with Ward, above the neck and not below it.
Ward helped the Steelers win two of those Lombardi Trophies, taking home a Super Bowl MVP award as well. He owns just about every Steelers receiving record of note and is second in team history with 86 touchdowns.
He has mentored young players, particularly the three wide receivers that collectively have made Ward expendable. He has also been, for the most part, a good ambassador for the Steelers and the NFL.
If the Steelers decide to go in another direction that is their prerogative. But Ward has earned the right to hear it first from them — and not get blindsided by a TV report.
The Ward leak may signal a difference of opinion within the organization when it comes to the Steelers’ all-time leading receiver. It also makes you wonder if someone is simply trying to push an agenda when it comes to Ward.

— Scott Brown



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