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3 questions with Kevin Colbert


Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert touched on a number of subjects Monday during a wide-ranging interview, including wide receiver Hines Ward (no final decision has been made on his future with the team), Rashard Mendenhall (he will likely open 2012 season on PUP list) and the Steelers’ offseason plans (OK, he didn’t get real specific on these). Here are three other questions that Colbert answered:

Q: Will the Steelers be a contender in 2012?
A: I hope so. Every team is unique, every team is different. What our team will be in training camp at St. Vincent, I don’t know what it will be. Every year you don’t know what you’re competition’s going to be so all we try to do at this point is to add as many good players as we can and then we’ll take our chances.

Q: Are you surprised at how much work you’ve had to do with the salary cap and will it hinder you in putting the roster together?
A: We’ve seen this coming for awhile and we knew we were going to have to make some serious adjustments after this past season because the previous season we didn’t have a salary cap and really we took some liberties that year that we probably would not have been able to in a cap season and some of that carried over into this year. Moving into this year we knew we were going to have serious issues that we were going to have to deal with. I think with a combination of terminations and restructurings that we’ll be able to handle this along with doing new business with our own potential free agents and possibly some others from the outside.

Q: How much of it is a priority to sign Mike Wallace to a long-term contract?
A: Any of our young players that have opportunities of getting contracts elsewhere, especially when they’re young, ascending players, sure we want to keep them and they all become priorities. Certainly Mike has done a lot to establish himself as a Pro Bowl receiver and we want to try to keep Mike here for the long run.

— Scott Brown



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