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3 questions with Kevin Colbert


Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert touched on a number of subjects Monday during a wide-ranging interview, including wide receiver Hines Ward (no final decision has been made on his future with the team), Rashard Mendenhall (he will likely open 2012 season on PUP list) and the Steelers’ offseason plans (OK, he didn’t get real specific on these). Here are three other questions that Colbert answered:

Q: Will the Steelers be a contender in 2012?
A: I hope so. Every team is unique, every team is different. What our team will be in training camp at St. Vincent, I don’t know what it will be. Every year you don’t know what you’re competition’s going to be so all we try to do at this point is to add as many good players as we can and then we’ll take our chances.

Q: Are you surprised at how much work you’ve had to do with the salary cap and will it hinder you in putting the roster together?
A: We’ve seen this coming for awhile and we knew we were going to have to make some serious adjustments after this past season because the previous season we didn’t have a salary cap and really we took some liberties that year that we probably would not have been able to in a cap season and some of that carried over into this year. Moving into this year we knew we were going to have serious issues that we were going to have to deal with. I think with a combination of terminations and restructurings that we’ll be able to handle this along with doing new business with our own potential free agents and possibly some others from the outside.

Q: How much of it is a priority to sign Mike Wallace to a long-term contract?
A: Any of our young players that have opportunities of getting contracts elsewhere, especially when they’re young, ascending players, sure we want to keep them and they all become priorities. Certainly Mike has done a lot to establish himself as a Pro Bowl receiver and we want to try to keep Mike here for the long run.

— Scott Brown



  1. Bon says:

    Scott some more questions for Colbert and Haley

    Mendenhall out first 6 weeks at least, Redman has one pro start and the rest are unproven and undrafted free agents. Batch has ACL tear too. Is he not worried about his backfield?

    Only 3 WRs on team besides Ward?? Whats up with that thin group

    Tight End Heath Miller OK, David Johnson stinks and Weselye Saunders on drug suspension first four games Again no depth

    Haley could be Houdini and he couldn’t solve half of these problems

  2. Fred says:

    My three questions for Kevin Colbert:

    Why did you allow Ben to play against the 49ers?
    Why don’t you give a rat’s ass about the o-line?
    Does Farrior have pictures of you and Tomlin or what?

  3. Dejan Shortpants says:

    If Farrior has to cover a park bench on third and long, my money is on the park bench.

  4. hammertime says:

    Questions for Colbert, IF I could, would like to know what do’s he see as the #1 Priority for this years Draft? HOPE ITS NOSE TAKLE!!!

    Why would you keep JAMES FARRIOR, ARRON SMITH, PLUS HINES WARD, on this team, letting MCFADDEN go was long over due, these guys, lets face it, are old and can’t stay healthy anymore, we can’t win games with sentiments!!

    When will the Organization actively seek a REAL one on one Type Cornerback, just one real one that can handle himself by himself????

    Please go on record and say We are going to KEEP MIKE WALLACE, he is the most dangerous Guy on this Team, Letting him go ala Holmes may not work this time!!!!!!!

    Just curious, and hope to hear more comments from Management on where they see the TEAM VS HOW the FANS see the Team, would be interesting to hear!!!!!!!!

  5. David says:

    Is limas Sweed still a Steelers, if so how much money was wasted on him. I’ve not seen a bigger bust then this guy was, the Steelers should suit him for all the money they paid him. Does he still count against the cap

  6. Rick says:

    Wallace is not Holmes, a constant problem with legal and other issues. So the idea of letting Wallace go like we did Holmes is just ridiculous.
    There were other busts as big as Sweed, he is just most recent one who never fulfilled his potential.
    Farrior should come out on 3rd downs, if he continues to play.
    Batch, the running back, tore his ACL in preseason early, not in the last regular season game. So for him the rehab is half way done. Clay needs more runs, but has a good potential. And just what is wrong with Redman?

    And to say only the older players get injured, can’t stay healthy – come on. That is just incorrect. A running back, three defensive backs, an OL and linebacker all with less than 3 years experience went down.

    We let Ward go and guess who would be first in line trying to sign him.

    I also noticed that Hamp wasn’t mentioned – gee, isn’t he old and injured now as well?

    We aren’t, and haven’t been, that bad a team to get as many top first and second round picks as say, oh, let’s see…

    the 49ers!

    And should the Steelers pull a Redskins, give up the now and future to get a top pick? Just look at where those poor saps are. (Latest silliness is that Peyton wouldn’t come because he would have to play against Eli!)

    And as far as what the plans are, who we need and what we are going to do – well I wouldn’t divulge anything of worth and would have a gag order on all in the organization. No one but the Steeler’s front office needs to know what is going on, who we might go after in the draft, who we might or might not sign.

    It’s gonna be a long drawn out next 6 months to training camp. But I would guess there will be a lot of hard conditioning during that time frame if players want a chance at making the team.

  7. rich says:

    A slightly different and busy spring for the Steelers staff. Probably more than usual FA discussion and player evaluations because of the cap situation. It will be very interesting to follow & see the end result.
    All this will have to be largely done by Feb. 20th or 21st. So the parts of the staff can head to the NFL combine next week.

  8. hammertime says:

    Hey RICK, nice to see you at it again, Hampton can still Play, plus we need him to groom the NT they will take in the First Round, with Hoke Gone (and he was great) you won’t have a Defensive Line at all!!! surely you can think better than that, there’s no one else left!! As far as Hine’s going to another team in the Division, that should not (“Scare A Baby”), much less a Full Grown Man, and NO, they won’t tell anyone who they want to PICK, who do’s that????? But I bet as the Day aproaches, those who do and can talk with the Steelers Management Team will find out what direction they are leaning, and Will Spill the Beans!!!!!! RICK, when a Player can no longer play to the Level that they use too, and in advanced AGE as those I mention, they move on, to another TEAM, or RETIRE, DO YOU THINK TROY PALAMAULU WILL PLAY FOREVER??????? GET REAL!!!!!!!

  9. DK67 says:

    How dire is the situation?
    QB’s – fine with T Smith backing up BB
    RB/FB – fine, but could use low draft pick for depth
    Receivers – Just sign Ward to a lesser contract and move on…try to sign Cotchery or find another cheap FA willing to be #4 or #5
    O-Line – draft priority to keep BB healthy
    LB’s-fine for now
    D-Line-Nose Tackle priority
    CB’s – need 1 shutdown corner, but Taylor and Gay have been adequate
    Safety’s – Fine for now, but time to start thinking about future.

    So the way I see it (for what that’s worth) is O-Line, Nose Tackle and Corner are #1 priorities for 2012 season. Fill these holes now and worry about the rest in 2013 to stay competitive. Could other positions be upgraded? Yes, but start with the big problems first. That’s my opinion anyway.

  10. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Cotchery says he wants to stay. If the Steelers can sign him at a reasonable salary for a four or, at best, number three receiver then the Steelers have to let Hines walk. Unfortunately, I think that I read that the Steelers have to notify Hines that they are releasing him before the FA signing date.

    If Hines plays anywhere for another year or two, the chances are greater that he hurts his legacy rather than helps it. See the light Hines. Retire in style.

    As for running backs, don’t count out Chad Spann on the practice squad. Go see his highlight film on the net. Honestly, he looks like Darryn Sproles (sp?).

  11. Van Man says:

    Kovecevic is wide right once again.

    The only disrespect is what Ward showed the fans and the organization up with his drops, fumbles and mindless penalties. He was paid of lot of money to play piss-poor football.

  12. Jay Walker says:

    Sorry, Dejan, but I cannot feel sorry for a millionaire athlete.

    I feel sorry for people such as teachers who make a real difference and get chump change in return. That is, if they can find a job at all.

  13. James says:

    Hines plays the game better than anybody. He palys hard, 100% all the time, is physical, and has fun while doing it. Except for his DUI last year he has been great off the filed as well. He needs to be on this team next year. He still has a little in the tank and those young wide receivers need his example so they don’t turn into divas like so many other talented WRs

  14. rick says:

    To Jay. I am a huge Hines fan but agree with you wholeheartedly.

  15. Chris says:

    Keep Hines, He can still play if given the chance, unlike Arians was doing.

  16. David says:

    for as big as mendenhall is, i can’t understand why he gets hurt sooooo much, is he taking something he shouldn’t be? im just sayn….. it raises a red flag with me on how often he gets injured, bettis didn’t get injured as much as this guy does, and in one season had over 360 carries,,,, someone, somewhere needs to ask questions….. as if it were me in the position i would be….. again. just sayn”

  17. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Except for his DIU, drops, fumbles and penalties, Ward was sensational last season.

  18. alan says:

    mendenhall gets hurt so much because hes not sure of himself,he twinkletoes up to line instead of just hitting it like bettis did,he acts like hes scared of getting hit.bettis hit the hole full force and put force against force,every time mendenhall hesitates and sidesteps he gives up his force giving the defender a better chance for a big hit.i never seen a running back his size back down so really makes me mad because i think he could be one of the best backs in the nfl.but right now i think redman better represents steeler football.he doesnt run like a pansy

  19. David says:

    hire HINES as a recievers coach, this guy will make every reciever draftwer take on a safety mentality to catching the ball and blocking,,, this guy has too much knoweledge to just let him walk,,,,, here we go hines ward here we go!

  20. Imp'n'Arn says:

    D’pants: “DIU”–Driving In Underwear?

  21. David says:

    Come on, get off his DUI, everyone of you act like you hang a halo above your heads, politicians do it , food drive impaired, we are human, so get off his DUI, we live in an imperfect society so excuse us for not living in your glass house. Utterly rediculous

  22. Scott P says:

    The news that Mendenhall could miss the 2012 season, or at least a chunk of it, was met with a collective yawn. The last time Steelers fans were so indifferent toward their starting RB, Tim Worley was in the process of being replaced by Merril Hoge.

    I see a lot of similarities here. Worley was the flashy number 1 draft pick who didn’t run as hard as he could have, danced around behind the line of scrimmage, fumbled the ball and was often nicked up. Hoge was a straight ahead runner who hit the hole with more power than speed and gave it everything he had. Similar to Redman, he was mostly an afterthought on draft day and had to earn his carries the old fashioned way.

    Let’s hope Mike Tomlin is as wise as Chuck Noll and hands the ball, and the starting position, to the more deserving runner…..Redman.

  23. hammertime says:

    I would not worry to much about Mendenhall, lets hope he heals and regain his form, IF NOT, he will be “outta there”, REDMAN time has come, hope he is ready, and don’t pull a “BAM MORRIS”, REDMAN PUTS THE SMASH BACK (IN SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL), AND OUR Rookie from last year, “BATCH” will be great if he is fully recovered, HE GOT SPEED, add DWYER & CLAY, we should be fine, please get rid of Melwelde Moore, he’s DONE, THIS TEAM can be more Dangerous than ever with the PROPER Guidance, and to those CRYING about Hines Ward and the rest who’s time has PAST not being kepted on the team, you are STILL Living in the DARK AGES, these things are inevitable, Come to the Light, “wake up” to 2012, you will feel much better, what do you say RICK!!!!!!!!

  24. Jay Walker says:

    rick: That was the column I hoped I would read here, but that involved to much vision, I guess.

  25. Van Man says:

    David: I agree totally. People get murdered every day for cripesakes. If I have a gun, point it at you and pull the trigger, then that’s my right.

  26. Doug Halfen says:

    No question: Redman’s the man. The kid’s a stud, and that Denver game was a good audition for the lead role. He makes Mendenhall look like Willis McGahee (i.e., hit someone and fall down).

    Easy solution for Hines: sign him to a low-price contract with marked _incentives_. If he can do such-and-such, then he deserves extra moolah; if not, then he gets the pay due for a secondary coach or bench-warmer.

    I certainly think he deserves one more season (especially with Haley’s Comet in place), with the acknowledgment that this WILL be the _last_ season. With some of the “dead weight” we’re still carrying (O-line, Farrior, Timmons, cough-cough), Hines’ stock isn’t quite at the “SELL!!! SELL!!!” level just yet.

  27. David says:

    and van man, you probly would point it at me and pull the trigger,,, really, we aren’t talking murder here you can go to the other player that served 29 days for killing a drunk pedestrian, and his family was only worried about a fat payday from donte stalworth… really, but being there was NO gun involved here with hines i really feel you’ve missed the point,,,, i certainly don’t hold a halo over my head nor am i here to judge the conduct of any one person be it on the playing field, sidelines or here on the steelers blog, and fans, but just so we know where i am with this, im not a complainer of the facts, or a mocker, but i am a realist,,,, check it out… realist!

  28. Lady Di says:

    David: I agree — DUIs are cool. I got four of ‘em myself!

  29. D.L.Moore says:

    the bottom line is it”s time to cut the cord with certain players and ward as much as i hate to say is one of them,along with farrior and smith.
    Redman is a step up over mendenhall if you ask me.He runs harder and hits the hole
    harder.With Batch and Clay i think the back field will be good without mendenhall.

  30. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Redman got screwed by Tomlin just like Harrison got shafted by Cowher years ago. Both were ready to play lead roles but were held back by politics.

  31. Van Man says:

    Dejan: And don’t forget Willie Parker, too. I can remember him and Harrison making big plays off the bench and Cowher refusing to give them more chances to protect his guys.

  32. Lady Di says:

    “Except for his DUI, drops, fumbles and penalties, Ward was sensational last season.” That’s the best line I’ve read here on this site in months! LMFAO!

  33. Zarbor says:

    Guys like Hammertime must believe in Arians because I’m not sure how anyone can tell what Ward has left in the tank especially the way they used him last year. I’m not going to say he should stay hoping he will make plays but I’m not ready to kick the dust on his coffin either. I did that with Jerome a few times only to eat crow which is what I’m thinking will happen if Ward comes back. I’m sure he’s reading all these comments. That guy was never fast yet he made plays because he’s smart. Take a look at the plays they had him run and it was clear, that’s not the way Hines have been used.

    Never want to wish bad on a player that’s hurt but Mendy gone for the season may be a good thing for the other running backs especially Redman. I agree that we have enough on the roster, though a Stephen Jackson (unlikely) type wouldn’t be bad either. Overall, I don’t like to hear from the owners. Let them stay behind the scene as was our custom until this year. Love the Rooney’s, trust them more than those coming here an playing armchair coach, GM and owner.

    We’ll be fine and as is our custom, we’ll have a shot at the big dance with or without Hines.

  34. hammertime says:

    Hey Zabor, welcome to the party, records of comments on this site will verify that I was TOOD HALEYS biggest advocate before he got selected, when guys like you were saying it was a crazy idea, GUESS WHAT, my insight looks pretty good right now, something else for you to chew on “ZAB”, I say that the FIRST PICK in THE DRAFT will be a NOSE TACKLE, because that is where the team is the WEAKEST right now, so lets LOOK to the future and see who knows what they are talking about, AS for HINES, at BEST, he would be a 5th or 6th reciever on this team, luv him, but he is SLOW and don’t get open like he use too, PERHAPS, you have’nt notice, “THE STEELERS DON’T HAVE CHEER LEADERS, AND SURE AS HELL DON’T NEED A MASCOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Carl says:

    I personally don’t have a problem with people saying Hines’ time has past, but I think the guy could certainly play another year. He has proven over and over again he’s a crafty, talented player and we could certainly do worse. Factor in his experience and how good an influence he can be on our top 3 WR’s, I think it’s a no-brainer to keep him, especially if it’s at a low, veteran minimum type number.

    One other thing, those of you saying sign Cotchery, dude’s not likely to sign here to play #4 WR, even if he says he wants to. Another team will end up signing him to a deal for #2 or #3 money. Keeping him over Hines doesn’t make sense cap wise IMO.

  36. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Cotchery knew he is the 4 receiver when he stated that he wants to stay with the Steelers and sign a 4-5 year contract. Money is not always the only thing, especially when it comes to playing with the Steelers.

    This blog rocks. It’s a better read than the PG and Trib sports writers. I get the feeling those guys have day jobs…

    Hammertime’s keyboard must be a pile of rubble. Speaking of which, Where’s RASPA!!!!!!!!!?

    Someone should check on him. Maybe his “caps lock” is broken and he’s paralyzed by the prospect of typing lower case.

  37. Lady Di says:

    It’s obvious that BB and Arians pulled a power play on our (ahem) head coach in the 49ers game. And Tomlin stuck it to both of them after the season was over. Chemistry on this team is not good just as I suspected months ago.

  38. Booger says:

    Old and slow. Sounds about right to me. Farrior, Ward, Smith. Yes all are great Steelers but now it’s time for Hood, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Timmons, Woodley. Just the natural progression of the changing of the guard.

  39. Booger says:

    How can you say Tomlin has “guys” The standard is the standard. Every player on the roster is expected to step in anytime in any situation. That is why the Steelers are consistently contenders. The keep the standard Coach Tomlin preaches about. Hines Ward deserves respect. It is time for him to go but not to the point he finds out on Twitter or Facebook. The Rooney’s and Tomlin nedd to talk with Hines about it.

  40. Jay Walker says:

    There’s a real divide on this team. We’ll be lucky to win nine games next season.

  41. Booger says:

    Does anyone feel that Mike Wallace is just a big payday away from becoming the next Plaxico Santonio Michael Wallace Steeler’s diva receiver? Someone has a reality show idea to sell you. My advice Mike. Hang up on them and worry about football.

  42. Imp'n'Arn says:

    My 3 questions for Kevin Colbert:

    1. What is your name?

    2. What is your quest?

    3. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  43. SteelHeart says:

    #9 DK67 – I agree with your roster assessment except at LB. I think an inside LB will be one of our 1st three picks in April. Farrior and Foote are old – leaving only TImmons and no good young talent waiting in the wings.

    Draft NT, ILB, OL, Safety

    Unless the next Rod Woodson falls to them…..

  44. Lady Di says:

    No. 68 scored twice in 3:19 against us today! Love ya, Jags!

  45. Van Man says:

    Great to see Jagr play so well today.

  46. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Yeah, not bad for a future Hall of Famer who couldn’t crack the all-time Penguins team, huh?

  47. Lady Di says:

    Johnson and Fleury were pathetic today. I can’t blame Johnson because of the rust factor, but Fleury has no excuses.

  48. Martin says:

    Any possibility the TE KID from Stanford is there consider taking him on draft day a two te set seems to be the trend it would make it more balence along with a 2 running back set formation would be ideal. Also should look at another running back as well to add depth the defense add some depth there,linebacker nt would help as well If nothing else please sign Mike Wallace is a must!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Van Man says:

    I’m not sure what I’m more sick and tired of right now — Fleury’s goofy smile or his piss-poor play.

  50. Bsteel says:

    Hines Wards’ overthetop dancing in the endzone last year sealed his fate.

    Steelers don’t pull that sh-t. Those that do are shown the door.

    He’s lucky that an opponent didn’t just fly up and blast him while he was doing it, like they did in Jack Splat’s day.

    I’m growing tired of the Ward drama.

  51. Bsteel says:

    As far as the Mike Wallace controversy is concerned, we don’t know where his head is at, but I know where the Steelers’ heads should be at. Tell him that he can be a Steeler for X$$ or play for another team for whatever the market will bear. Take it or leave it.

    The Steelers abide.

  52. Jay Walker says:

    Its time for Wallace to sign with a turf team. He’ll never achieve his full potential with the gimpy QB and crummy o-line here.

  53. Bsteel says:

    AND.. as for Todd Haley not meeting personally with Boo-Boo, they should meet when Haley addresses the offense for the first time. Haley is the offensive coordinator, not the Ben Rothlisberger coordinator. End of story.

  54. hammertime says:

    Hey #37, what hole did you just crawl out of, my comments are made with people like you in mind, (NO real opinion about the TEAM) it’s good to know that they twist you up so bad, that you forgot that we are talking about the Steelers here, your comments seam a bit SWALLOW, AND YOUR VISION OF THE TEAM POOR, SO THE CAPS MIGHT HELP YOU!!!!!!!!

  55. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Hammertime, your words are hurtful. I’m taking the bus… and you will not be seeing me at the pancake social tomorrow!

  56. hammertime says:

    Thanks #56. I knew you sound like some body I seen before, good luck with that in the future!!!!!!!!

  57. Van Man says:

    Give ‘em hell, Haley!

  58. Jack Zaranek says:

    Trade Big Ben to Indy for 1st and 3rd draft pick. Take Luck and draft O-line guard with other Indy pick and combine our 3rd round pick with our 1st round pick to get a higher 1st round pick and get another stud. Big Ben has too much baggage, is always injured from so many hits and will be trouble as he constantly has to have his own way. Dump him now!

  59. Jack Zaranek says:

    I am not sure what moderation you are looking for. Big Ben has numerous times gone against the Steelers wishes with motorcycle/helmet incident, running around and having relationships with young women, not coming out of game when head coach tells you to. What makes you think he will change now? I say do the deal and keep Wallace and have a great team for years.

  60. J.W. Porter says:

    Jack: Not only that, but you never know when Big Ben will bang a coed and get caught with his pants down.

  61. buncie says:

    Wallace is playing the Steelers Organization. Bye bye Walace, good luck with your next QB. Sounds like a Santonio play to me. Wide receivers are a dime a dozen.

  62. Carl says:

    Look, another trade Big Ben response….

    I’ll say it again, Are you people F*cking crazy?! That might work on your Xbox Madden ’12, but it’s completely asinine in the real world. Whether you like him or not, BB is an elite QB and is in his prime, and has already played in 3 SB’s. He’s not getting traded.

    Buncie – Don’t worry to much about the Wallace signing articles. He’s not going anywhere either. Guy would like to get paid just like any other dude in the league. Bottom line he’ll be signed or franchised by March 9th. With him, AB, and Sanders we have an OUTSTANDING group of WRs. Talented Wr’s aren’t really a dime a dozen, ask the Jville Jags. They don’t even have a #5 Wr on their roster.

  63. Jack Zaranek says:


    Do you remember how poorly Big Ben played in two of those three SB’s? He has been greatly helped by a top rated defense throughout his career. Without this defense he would just be an average QB. He is always hurt or suspended and is on back side of his career already. Big Ben is an elite QB in your mind only and I don’t own an XBox but I did play a lot of real football in my life. Did you?

  64. F*cking crazy says:

    The Steelers don’t trade much, so should have just cut the perv loose after his first incident.

  65. Carl says:

    Big Ben won our last SB for us, the one said Defense nearly lost. He should have been SB MVP as well in that game. Your arguement that he played poorly in the other 2 is fine, but I would argue that in the first he made 2 key plays: deep pass to Ward and Rush TD. SB against GB he made numerous plays but came up short at the end.

    He’s always hurt or suspended? He’s missed 8 games to injury in his career. 8 dude. Suspension was ridiculous too. I’m not the only person who thinks he’s elite either. It’s pretty much universally excepted. Without our D, his #’s might be even higher considering we would be playing from behind more often.

    On that last remark, I played high school ball too, Al Bundy, but I’m not gonna pretend that it makes me smarter then pro football GMs or Coaches.

  66. The Gonsk says:

    A BB-for-Luck trade makes a lot of sense now.

    BB has no more than two or three quality years left. Luck could be a franchise QB who plays 10-12 years at a high level.

    Plus, Luck probably won’t get caught with his pants down, if you know what I mean.

  67. Jack Zaranek says:


    It’s obvious from your comments that you are not smarter then pro football GMs or Coaches. I never said that I was either. I also never said I only played high school football so I guess you are the Al Bundy in this conversation. Big Ben is a second tier QB who just now admitted he didn’t get in shape until this season now that he is going to be 30. Also, he admitted he likes playground football because he doesn’t like to study as much as Brady, Bree’s, etc. Ben had a 25 score on the Wunderlich test so go figure.

  68. RJ in Rancho Cucamonga says:

    Ben is an elite quarterback…period…and was the key in getting the Steelers 5th Super Bowl ring. But since all the Ben-haters discount his first Super Bowl ring:

    1. In 2005, he was a very efficient QB: 8.9 YPA. 98.6 Passer Rating, 6.3 TD%, with a couple of 4th quarter comebacks, and was a big reason the Steelers made the playoffs.
    2. He played lights out most of the playoffs. In the 2005 playoffs (including the Super Bowl), his overall Passer Rating was 101.7, with an 8.6 YPA.
    3. His passing was critical in the playoff victories, especially against the Colts and Broncos (allowing the Steelers to jump out to early leads).
    4. Before Ben arrived, Cowher had no Super Bowl success: one Super Bowl loss in 13 seasons, despite making the playoffs 8 times, including 7 division championships and 3 trips to the AFC championship game.
    5. After Ben arrived: In the 8 seasons since Ben has arrived, the Steelers have played in 3 Super Bowls, won 2.
    6. In the Cowher, pre-Ben years, the Steelers had a top 10 defense in 10 out of 13 years. and a top 10 rushing offense in 12 out of 13 seasons (including 3 #1 rankings). But only one Super Bowl loss to show for it. Ben was the difference-maker.

    I could go on, but Ben was the difference in turning the Steelers into perennial contenders into multiple Super Bowl winners….

  69. Carl says:

    Jack – my point that you missed about football smarts is NO GM in the league would trade Ben, an established, elite QB, in his prime, for a draft pick, even the #1. Luck may be a “can’t miss” prospect, but I’ve heard that before….

    I gather because Ben play’s “playground” football you think he’s a stupid QB, not in the league of those other guys, as his Wonderlic score of 25 suggests. Well Brees and Peyton Manning scored 28’s, so I guess that extra three points makes the difference for being a great QB.

  70. David says:

    Here is the debate….. if Ben doesn’t make that shostring tackle after a jerome ( blue moon ) fumble at the goal line, then there is no Superbowl XL to even talk about, the little plays that Ben makes with his football playground smarts is what has been so successful to and for the Steelers over the past 8 years he has worn black n gold, to trade him to another team in his prime would be like the not so smartest trades of all time, Ben has at least 2 to 3 more Superbowl births in him to deliver to the Steeltown and any other argument to this fact is moot at best, you don’t have to graduate from Harvard to play this game, its a childs game if you can remember that far back, I know 4 year grads with master degrees that don’t have a lick of ” common sense ” in them and the simplest things to these people can be like asking a 10 point question withonly one (1) real answer…..

  71. David says:

    Big Ben won SBXL also, just by making that Shoestring tackle against the Colts , that play propelled the Steelers into SBXL, don’t forget the playground IQ ….

  72. David says:

    …….. and here is a tidbit for Wallace, Ben makes you, you don’t make Ben, so this thing about you could be playing somewhere else, sounds to me that its all for the money, ( which is your right ) but with that said, doesn’t sound like your heart is into football as it is more into the moneythat you can make, so if I were the Steelers brass, I would let Wallace fly, we do have 3 oth wideouts with spectacular skills, go to the Bengals, go to the Ravens, our defense knows your a one trick pony!….

  73. Jack Zaranek says:


    An elite QB doesn’t score 20 points a game (21st in league) or 51 percent TD in red zone (17th) in league. Big Ben ranked 23rd on Wonderlic scores of all starting QB’s last year and all the great QB’s scored higher than him. His playground style of play gets him injured and loses 400 yards per year. Plus, this style also causes a lot of confusion for the line and can lead to their injuries as well. Ben needs to run a disciplined offense like the high scoring offenses in the league. Haley will try to do this but Ben will have to study much harder than with his old style. Can and will he do it?

  74. Doug Halfen says:

    (1) Ben is an elite QB, no question, and a first-ballot HOFer. The kid (now man) is and has been incredible behind a patchwork O-line. Yes, he makes mistakes that make me want to pull my head off and go bowling with it, but I absolutely LOVE the dude, and watching him play football has been a true blessing. (While some of the “sideshow” crap has been a curse…)

    (2) Kudos to Ben and all of the other guys who have done necessary “contract rearrangement” — they know we have something _truly_ special here. If you only play for money, then you may as well be a card-shark in Vegas.

    (3) Mike “One-Trick Pony” Wallace isn’t going ANYWHERE. He’d be an idiot to leave, and he knows it. The kid deserves good money, and he’ll get it. Why leave the annual shot at a Super Bowl that IS the Steelers organization for a “big bucks gamble” with teams willing to spray money mindlessly? Plus, he has good buddies here. Contrary to what so many people say, football does NOT have to be _just_ a business.

  75. Jack Zaranek says:


    The contract rearrangement is always beneficial to the player, they never give up any money. Unguaranteed salary money is exchanged for bonus money that becomes guaranteed and is prorated over a number of years. The money that is switched is no longer counted against the cap. Therefore, the team benefits as well. If I was a player, I would love this rearrangement.

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