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Ravens unlikely to pursue Wallace


A nightmare, one even worse for Steelers fans than (gasp!) Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger not talking for weeks after the former’s hiring, is unlikely to happen.
The Ravens have been one of the teams linked to restricted free agent Mike Wallace through connecting-of-the-dots speculation. But general manager Ozzie Newsome all but took the Ravens out of the running for Wallace, who can entertain offers from other teams if the Steelers only make a tender offer to him.
The Steelers are leaning toward using the highest tender on Wallace instead of a franchise tag. If they go that route, teams still have to give up a first-round draft pick to sign Wallace away from the Steelers.
And Newsome values first-round draft picks as much as Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert does for the same reason: both have been so successful picking in that round.
Newsome also pointed out another drawback of signing a restricted free agent.
“At that point the player and the agent has the leverage because you have to do a deal that you don’t think the other team is going to match,” Newsome said Friday at the NFL Combine, “and then giving up a first-round pick? That first-round pick, the amount of money you have to pay over the next four years, is not like it was in the previous CBA so you have to factor all of those things in before you decide to make that decision. There’s some teams that have two (first-round picks) this year? Could they do it? Possibly but they’ll be thinking about all of those other ramifications.”
Does that mean Newsome has ruled out signing a restricted free agent to bolster Baltimore’s receiving corps?
“When I wake up tomorrow, I just never know what I might do,” he said.

— Scott Brown



  1. hammertime says:

    Mike Wallace has the right to go to the highest bidder, if he’s looking for that extra penny, and yes whether you agree or not , this will be a serious blow to our team, A. Brown and the rest of our reciever’s would not have had the success they had if not for Wallace deep threat ability (SPEED) to open the secondary up, so this would be a problem, if he do’s leave and go to the Ravens, I hope Troy or Mundy catch him going across the middle, and (Knock His Freaking Head Clean Off), and make that a “PRIORITY”, this will also have Major Impact on the upcoming Draft, the Reciever Position would have to be Moved closer to the Top, best case is he STAY, This Team is not that far away folks from being “Frighting”, once we get the DEFENSE BACK TO FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dick says:

    If the Ravens could get Mike Wallace at a realistic price they would grab him in a New York minute. However, they too have to deal with the salary cap and anyway, I believe MW wants to stay a Steeler. My favorite receiver though is Antonio Brown. He is a real gamer. You can bet that Ben is happy to have these two. I’m looking forward to Haley’s game plan for the wideouts. No doubt the division is getting tougher and we’ve got to improve to stay in the hunt. The play of RG3 is already legend at Baylor and if the Browns get him he will be their franchise QB for years and you may see 4 division teams in the playoffs. Things are really getting interesting.

  3. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Translation: Ravens are going hard after Wallace and, at least, will hurt the Steelers by forcing a high matching offer or the franchise tag.

  4. Imp'n'Arn says:

    D: Can’t be 4 division teams in the playoffs, unless more wildcards are added.

  5. Mr.Cynical says:

    Wallace isn’t going anywhere!

    My mock draft

    Steelers select:
    Round 1: Dontari Poe NT–Raw but too much potential to pass up
    Round 2: Doug Martin RB–MJD II
    Round 3: Brandon Boykin CB–Solid corner–steal in 3rd round
    Round 4: Joe Adams WR–Solid potential–Looks a lot like A. Brown
    Round 5: Audie Cole ILB–Good instincts–potential replacement for Farrior
    Round 6: Evan Rodriguez FB–With Haley as OC we will draft a FB
    Round 7: Blair Walsh K

  6. Mr.Cynical says:

    We def need help on the O-line. Pitsburgh reaches on O-lineman–hopefully, we don’t reach like we did with Craig Urbik, etc. . .Amini Silatolu OG would be a steal in the 3rd round or Mitchell Schwartz OT.

  7. hammertime says:

    Unless somebody really throw the bank at Wallace, I think he will stay, there is also talk of New England and the 49ers after him, just hope the Steelers don’t Low Ball him to much, he is worth Keeping!!
    Like Mr. Cynical, I too hope they don’t SLEEP on the NT Postion in the First Round, with Hoke gone and Hampton aging, (Where Is The Beef), we will simply get ran over, Mr Dontari “POE” ( NT) has Pittsburgh Steelers written all over him, it would be a “XMASS Present for me in April”!!!!!!! Steelers have always been able to find Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman in Rounds 2 down, if you know their History from 1972 to today, They have not Drafted more than maybe 5 or 6 of them with their 1st Pick, and look at all the Pro Bowlers they had, guys like Dawson, Larry Brown, even Willie Colon & Starks will be if they can stay healthy, and there is already talk about Gibson, Defense! Defense! Defense!, why you think we could not “STOP” Good Teams last year with the Games on the Line???? Farrior needs to be Cut ASAP, just having knowledge is not going to cut it for him anymore!!!!! William Gay played a little better in spots last year, BUT he need to get with Farrior and Be GONE, sick of seeing him get burned!!!!! Get a TRUE cover Corner at #2 Draft spot if one’s available, “the BEST of the STEELERS is and ALWAYS will be DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mr.Cynical says:

    Hammertime I like your style!

  9. Mr.Cynical says:

    If Dontari Poe played for LSU or Alabama he would be a top ten draft pick this year. I was really hoping last year we would have taken Phil Taylor but the Clowns took him. Mr. Poe would clog the middle and free up our ILB’s to do some Van-damage! GO STEELERS!

  10. Mr.Cynical says:

    Watch Doug Martin highlights at He looks like a mix of Emmit Smith and MJD. It would be great to get a change of pace back like Martin (although he might be better in a zone blocking scheme like the Texans have).

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