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3 questions with Memphis DT Dontari Poe


INDIANAPOLIS — Dontari Poe, a potential target for the Steelers in the first round of the draft, talked about Casey Hampton, his versatility and his devotion to the weight room today during his media interview at the NFL Combine.
Poe, a defensive tackle from Memphis, was measured at 6-4, and he weighed in at 346 pounds. He didn’t look like someone that is pushing 350 pounds, and the biggest question the Steelers may have about Poe is whether they will get a crack at him.
The Steelers don’t pick until No. 24 in the first round of the draft.
Here are three questions with Poe:

Q: Are you more comfortable in a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense?
A: I’m used to both, I played both in college. Either or would be good for me. I’m comfortable playing either so it’s really not a big deal. Most people kind of see me as a 3-4 nose tackle, which is cool with me because I like that position as well. I like to think that I am versatile. I can play multiple positions.

Q: You seem to know your way around a weight room. Can you talk about that?
A: I love the weight room. It’s something that I got into high school because people always used to say college players are way bigger, faster, stronger and when you get to college they say the NFL is way bigger, stronger. I never let up. I’m self motivated to do it.

Q: You said you have long followed Casey Hampton. What do you like about him?
A: He’s one of the more aggressive defensive tackles that this league has seen. His hand strength, once he gets his hands on you he controls you. That’s probably what I admire most about him.

— Scott Brown



  1. Tom P says:

    I think Wallace will sign with another team hoping it is a team in the top 18 giving the Steelers their number one pick, which they will use on Poe and their number one on the OL. In the second round they will go for an ILB.

  2. james says:

    i wish, the Steelers draft Decasto from Standford we need an aggressive guy in the middle of the line, and trade with the Raiders to pick Strong the middle linebacker and sign freeagent running back Bush from the Raiders. What do you think?

  3. Mr.Cynical says:

    I hope we get this stud! Wow! He will be better than Hampton. I love and respect Casey a lot and it sucks watching him and Hines get old. Pretty soon they will be collecting AARP and we will have our 7th, 8th, and 9th SB titles! Ben Roethlisberger will win 5 SB’s by the end of his career. Take that Montana!

  4. Mr.Cynical says:

    James it would be awesome if we got DeCastro. . .41 reps on the bench at the combine! I just think he will be gone before we have a shot at him. If we got Bush I would be on cloud 9!

  5. Carl says:

    Yeah, with ya on Michael Bush, would love that, but it ain’t gonna happen. We seem to always be smashed against the cap wall…..

  6. Paul Raspa says:

    I would like to see us Sign a couple of good O-LINEMAN AND D Lineman in Free Agency … And use the 1st 3 picks like this:
    Take best WR available
    Take Best CB AVAILABLE
    Take Best Safety Available….After the 3rd rd .. 2 inside linebackers at least and 1 Safety& 1 o/lineman to Round out the 7 picks!!
    Bottom line for me is WR we need more of especially if our RB cannot hold up…. CB because you can never have too many of them and Ike Taylor is over the age of 30.SAFETY — We will need 2 very good ones since Troy & Clark are getting up there and Mundy (in my opinion) has not shown he is capable — good sometimes but inconsistant mostly!!
    Regarding the O-LINE problems — Move Legursky to Center and Move Pouncey to Guard…. THIS WILL WORK and then CUT KOMEATU & SCOTT and have a Free Agent that is capable come in and provide depth.On Defense, sign a capable ILB and D/LINEMAN to come in and Press the Younger Palyers and challenge the Older. HOOD & HEYWARD NEED TO BE CHALLENGED…. If Farrior or Foote is cut, that would be too much pressure on Sylvester!!!!

  7. Why are we always smashed against the cap? Would someone be so kind to explain that to me? Every year it’s the same with us and the cap and I never hear about other teams always restructuring peoples pay..and having to get rid of so many,


  8. Mr.Cynical says:

    Paul Raspa I do agree with you we have to cut Kemoeatu and decide whether or not to keep Farrior (neither one has a lot of football life left). With that being said, I think we have to cut a few more players like: Hines Ward, Aaron Smith, Larry Foote, and Casey Hampton (if we draft Poe). Sylvester Stevenson needs to step up bif for us this year. I really like the potential of Chris Carter so we’ll see what he can do in his second year. Most of the issues that the Steelers have right now date back to the 2010 uncapped season. We spent more than we should have even though the Steelers tried, within reason, to maintain their own budget.

  9. Paulie Raspa says:

    Cynical —
    His Name is Stevenson Sylvester — Regarding Chris Carter he is OLB — I think they will keep Farrior and he will be a 2 down LB… PROBLEM IS WITH THE PASS HAPPY LEAGUE, The rules for an Offensive game in place by the NFL we become Disadvantaged on D… Teams will attack us through the air because we Match-Up slow… Ryan Clark on a GRONKOWSKI type TE WILL POSSIBLY KILL US ON 1ST & 2ND DOWN …
    This is the reason why we need more “O” weapons like WR’S …. AND ON D more true cover corners if possible…With our team in place currently, and the way we groom picks – We need a 3-5 minute edge on Time of Possession… and Most importantly we need to score TD’S !!

  10. David says:

    alot of the problems in salary cap issues and you see this more in winning teams as opposed to teams who are spotty at winning consistently, is that we are always restructuring contracts, players are always happy to restructure cause they are getting the bulk of thir contract money when they do restructure, then that money becomes bonus money that is spread out throught the life of the contract, andf you see this when players who are no longer with the team who still count against the salary cap throughout the contract, even when a termination is in effect, that players prorated money is counted, the problem i have is, if you have all these money numbers gurue doing the restructing, why do they not see that in 5 years or 8 years later, they are jeapordizing future signings be a veteran player or a rookie player, plus, with the cap as high as it is, how in the name of rocky balboa can you go over to begin with…… when the salary cap was first introduced, it was around 47 to 67 million dollars, so if you read into this, the owners are to blame for this , and then you have to account for the defunct USFL the 4 short years they were in business, they were signing players to lucrative deals which caused a massive escalations in player money and signing bonuses….. its my theory that has worked for me…. any thoughts!

  11. David says:

    in addition…. i have been looking for the numbers of the Ben Roethlisberger restructuring, to see how much up front money he got and to see where that will affect the cap when he is done playing… anyone on here see his restructured contract and what he got upfront,,, thats what you need to be looking at in coming years as to how it effects future players, and or even his own resigning

  12. David says:

    ciff stoudt was a Steelers qb for anyone who don’t remember, him, who jumped to the USFL Birmingham Stallions for a lucrative contract, Stoudt had a very successful run with that football team, Hershall Walker played for the New Jersey Generals,,,, there were some good teams in that league who should have found a way to merge in the NFL after thier demise… can you figure, the USFL sued the NFL on trying to monopolise pro football, they won thier case, and won 3$ dollars three meesly dollars which caused them to fold, they were looking to be awarded billions, I liked that league too…..

  13. Mr.Cynical says:

    Paul Raspa…sorry Stevenson Sylvester! I think the Steelers will try to use Chris Carter inside. . .with an aging James Farrior, they were looking for somebody who can be relied upon to fill holes as necessary. They hope Carter fits that bill.

  14. DSK67 says:

    Paul Raspa,

    Take best WR available
    Take Best CB AVAILABLE
    Take Best Safety Available

    Really? You would burn our #1 on a WR? Even if Wallace goes, that would just guarantee Cotchery’s signing. In any case, what good are speedy receivers when the QB is lying on his back? While CB and Safety help is needed, I wouldn’t make that a high priority either. I’m not buying into all this ‘pass happy league’ stuff. You still need some running success to set up the pass…The Pats and Giants weren’t exactly one dimensional teams. Gay and Taylor can handle the bulk of the load again this year. We just need someone else to step up. If they pick a Safety, they’d be riding the bench this year anyway. We need O-line help and Nose Tackle to be high priority…try to get lucky on CB/Safety later in draft. Also, if the Steelers really want to save some money, say ‘Goodbye’ to Mendenhall.

  15. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Carter is strictly an edge rusher–unless he puts on about 40lbs. of muscle

  16. Bsteel says:

    I see on the Trib’s homepage advertising banner that quack John Edwards is doing a PGH show. Someone should ask him if he can contact the Steelers scoring offense.

  17. The Gonsk says:

    Kudos to Thiessen on Sunday. That was the best goaltender performance the Pens have had in weeks!

  18. Bon says:

    Thiessen did do a nice job but that wasn’t even close to the best performance in weeks. That little shut out number by MAF against the Rangers was magnifico.

    Amazing that some people wantedto trade Fleury Staal and Malkin at various times this season

    I don’t know what this has to do with Dontari Poe but I think Poe did not play against big time opponents. He may be the most freakish athlete on the planet but his skill level is very raw and the Steelers need someon to come in and play very very soon.

  19. Lady Di says:

    Never wanted to trade Malkin. But MAF and Staal, absolutely!

  20. Scott P says:

    There have been a lot of excellent football players who did not play against top notch competition in College. Joe Greene, Dwight White, L.C. Greenwood, Terry Bradshaw, John Stallworth, Ben Roethlisberger, Jack Lambert, and James Harrison jump to mind immediately. We could also put Aaron Smith and many others in that category.

  21. james says:

    trade Hines, Hampton, A Smith, J Farrior, and L Foote in a package deal for a first round pick, than we spend it on Dontari Poe, than we move up in the draft and snag decastro, trading Clark, if im not mistaken we can sign one of eagles or jets corners, and go aggressively after M Bush! what do you think?

  22. Carl says:

    Nobody would take that package bro. 3 guys on their way out, an aging NT coming off knee surgery, and a backup ILB do not add up to a 1st rounder, or even a 7th rounder. Besides, all of ‘em besides Hampton will probably get cut anyways, can just sign in free agency.
    But if you can get a GM to do that, please let Colbert know…. :-)

  23. Paulie Raspa says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing BrandonJacobs in our backfield !!!!
    Really haven’t done Homework on Free Agents other than our own… Y get our hopes up when Our way (which has been successful in the past ) has been to build thru the draft and plug free agents in from other teams that at the time weren’t stars…. Farrior Clarke etc… But, I still would move Legursky in at Center, move Pouncey to Guard , Colon & Gilbert at lt & rt and use Foster at the other Guard spot… Sign 2 O LINEMAN (Not Jon Scott,Essex or Komeatu) and Do the same thing for the D-Line and Inside LB if they do not draft 1 in the 1st 2 Rounds. Even if they do get a STUD in the 1st or 2nd rd at ILB Chances are that person would not help us that much in their rookie year….. Go out and get 1 in F/Agency… I would still go with a WR,CB,SAFETY in that order though I believe it is not likely… If we stay with a Passing game we need more speed out of the slot — My way would be to Pound the Ball. This way Our QB could last til 2015+ … Run 35+ times per game and throw 23 times per game –THAT S THE STEELERS WAY IN MY OPINION!!! OH YEAH — I DON’T PLAY FANTASY EITHER!!!!

  24. hammertime says:

    Hoo-ray Front Office!!!!!, just the mere fact that they may consider the 6′ 5″ 350lb POE has my blood boiling!!, I have said all along that our DEFENSE is in Worst shape than our Offense, we can not let the Ravens have a “DEFENSE” that’s superior to ours, (Lets Face It Folks), We have to BEAT THE RAVENS, what they did to us last year was no JOKE, it was real, NT CB with the first 2 Picks, and I could care less about the REST!!!!!!!

  25. james says:

    i want to see more aggressive moves in the draft, we need to move up and snag a guard that is a probowl for the next 12 yrs. then trade harrison for a middle 1st round pick, and snag Poe, so we can handle the ravens on both sides of the ball, what do you think?

  26. james says:

    we need to go for mario williams, to force teams to double team on their offensive lines and leave single coverage against our linebackers, so sacks will increase, our secondary doesnt have to be perfect, teams wont have time to pass, they only have time to get sacked, i want to see our offense score like the packers in the redzone…easy. what do you think?

  27. jeffsbar says:


    Mario Williams?? trade Harrison?? trade Hines, Hampton, A Smith, J Farrior, and L Foote in a package deal for a first round pick??

    What planet are you from?

  28. Fred says:

    Our areas of need are CB, LB, OL and S in that order

  29. The O Dog says:

    Very disappointed that Shero sat on his duff while several contenders made aggressive moves. It we don’t win the Stanley Cup this season, then it’s on him.

  30. Paulie Raspa says:

    The wr pick is with the steelers losing ward keeping Wallace, losing cotchery. It gives them an advantage because teams can’t. Double cover everyone. Our o line should be built with other guys frm deeper drafted to signing a free agent or2. I highly doubt they will go wr but u never know. Mo Sanu might be there at that pick.

  31. Dejan Shortpants says:

    The NCAA tournament separates the men from the boys. Until Pitt gets to the Final Four, he’s nothing more than a wannabe.

  32. Van Man says:

    How much longer can Shero live off his daddy’s laurels?

  33. james says:

    We have depth in our linebacker corps, we are short on the offensive line & defensive line, our secondary can use an upgrade from free-agency not the draft, we need some fresh meat upfront on both the lines, we can pickup w.o. in later rounds, we can pickup a good free-agent r.b., an outstanding pass rusher, and corner back, trade clark, for a 4th round pick, or try to sign carlos rogers from 49ers, what do you think?

  34. james says:

    we just lost dontari poe!!! forget about!! now we go for decastro!!! all in!!! what do you think?

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