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Cotchery’s agent had ‘productive’ talks with Steelers


The imminent release of Hines Ward should make re-signing Jerricho Cotchery one of the Steelers’ top priorities when it comes to their own free agents.
And Cotchery, who provides depth and experience at wide receiver, would love nothing more than to end his career with the Steelers.
“Jerricho would very much like to be back,” said Jack Scharf, who represents Cotchery.
Cotchery told the Newark Star-Ledger as much last month, and Scharf said he had “productive talks” with the Steelers at the NFL Scouting Combine.
That doesn’t mean it is a given Cotchery will be back even though there is mutual interest between the eighth-year veteran and the Steelers.
Cotchery should have an increased role in the Steelers’ offense if he returns, but he will only be a No. 4 wide receiver. Yes, I am assuming Mike Wallace is with the team in 2012, even though the Steelers won’t protect him with the franchise tag, and that Emmanuel Sanders stays healthy.
Cotchery, an unrestricted free agent, could draw interest from other teams that can offer him a bigger role. Also, Cotchery, who turns 30 in June, is seeking a multi-year deal with the hopes that his next NFL contract is also his last one.
The Steelers have to decide how much of a commitment they are willing to make to Cotchery. Given their need for depth and experience at wide receiver and Cotchery’s desire to stay in Pittsburgh, it seems reasonable to assume that the two sides will work something out.

— Scott Brown



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  2. Kevin says:

    Not sure what others think, but I would like to see Cotchery stay; especially since Hines won’t be around…bummer.

  3. tpbco says:

    I think that was the plan all along, they are similar players, Cotchery being younger and not the same physical presense, but a ” go to” guy.

  4. Ralph says:

    Love the game plan. Get rid of the overpriced, over-the-hill gang. We can only say a novena that James Farrior is next.

  5. Van Man says:

    So who gets the next DUI — Ward or Coonelly?

  6. Dave crowley says:

    Cotchery is no Hines Ward and never will be, they should have kept Hines! Cotchery is a number 4, nothing else! Sad day in Steeler nation. Hines will be missed.

  7. The Gonsk says:

    Hey, Hines, don’t let the door hit you on the ass. You stole money last season.

  8. Dick says:

    I think Cotchery will resign with the Steelers. I like his veteran presence. He will be good for the younger wideouts. Hated to see Hines go but all good things come to an end. There will be a lot of needed change on the team. Sure hope it is for the better.

  9. SteelHeart says:

    Wallace and Brown – good,
    but Sanders has had troubles with injury.
    Keeping Cotchery would be a good move !

  10. […] plan to replace Ward already might be in place, as Jerricho Cotchery’s agent told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he has had “productive talks” with the team regarding his […]

  11. Paulie Raspa says:

    He should stay but he also needs to STAY HEALTHY!! ..He is no Hines Ward but not many players are…. I sure hope Hines goes to TV and not another team …….. The 2nd & 3rd year players need to step up this year and not just for 1 game –for the WHOLE YEAR!!
    We have lost a tremendous amount of Leadership and if Farrior goes and possibly THE SNACK guys like HOOD –TIMMONS–POUNCEY & WALLACE need to LEAD!!!!
    But most of all BEN needs to be Smart & Healthy ON & OFF THE FIELD!!!

  12. hammertime says:

    Hines need to Chill-Out, talking about playing for another team, he is very muched loved in Pittsburgh, he is pretty much finished as a player, go out in grace, don’t be a Franko Harris, and embarrass himself and all the Great things he has accomplished as a Steeler, this team is doing the right thing, getting rid of these guys who can’t get it done anymore, every one has to go at some time, and the Time is NOW!!!!

  13. Carl says:

    While I agree that the team made the right choice in letting Ward go, it happens to everybody and he played 14 years, comments like #6 above just irk the hell outta me.

    You call yourself a Steeler fan!? Ward was and is the best WR in this team’s history, and yes I think he is better than the HoF WRs this team has had. Ward earned the right to play until he couldn’t anymore. That happened this past season. As a fan, to say something that amounts to “Good riddance” as he leaves is complete bullsh*t.

  14. Mr. Cynical says:


    I totally agree with you! Pure ignorance!

  15. Leefoo says:

    Carl and Mr Cynical.

    I’ll bump that up, too.


    Cotchery is no Hines Ward, but then, Hines wasn’t Hines Ward last year.


  16. Rick says:

    As my son told me, Hines didn’t used to take the hits he took last season. So as much as we all love him I guess the handwriting was on the wall.

    #6, I guess the door hit you in the face, not a nice comment about a Steeler great.

    No one will replace Hines nor what he has provided our team.

  17. k2 says:

    If Hines is not a Steeler, then nobody ever was! He started at the bottom and clawed his way to Steeler greatness. I will miss him, the Steeler Nation will miss him and the NFL will miss him if he decides to retire which i hope he does.

    Thanks Hines Ward for bringing it every Sunday and for all you did for Steeler Nation.

    You were the best!

  18. Scott P says:

    I have shelled out the big bucks for an authentic Steelers jersey one time in my life. I bought my son the top of the line Hines Ward for Christmas a few years back. The nice thing is, that jersey will stand the test of time. There are certain players whose number can be worn proudly years after they leave the team. Hines is right there with Lambert, Franco, Mean Joe, Bettis, and Bradshaw. I see the jerseys of the aforementioned at Hines Field, and in Steelers bars accross the country. I always view it as a nice tribute vs. some idiot who is too cheap to buy a new shirt.

    I believe my son will be able to wear his #86 proudly for decades to come.

  19. james says:

    man i dont mind cutting, but we better start signing…soon!!! real soon!!! im not sure if we can stop anybody on defense, anymore,as i see it the ravens just won the division again!!! today!!! right now!!! bart scott from the jets want out!!! yesterday!! lets go get him!! michael bush is just kicking tires, lets go gett him now!! mario williams is waiting for our phone call, lets go get him now!! cut casey hampton, he is dead weight!!! we will use our 1st round to get dontari poe, if we loose wallace, we will use our 2nd first rounder on decastro……what do you think?

  20. Carl says:

    Can’t sign players outside the organization until FA begins next week dude. As far as the guys you mentioned, Bart Scott is washed up(I personally wouldn’t want that douche-canoe on my team anyways), and Mario Williams would be cost prohibitive for a team like us to sign; plus he would play OLB here, who you gonna bench Harrison or Woodley? Yeah, not gonna happen….

    I like Michael Bush, but I think the team would see him as just a more experienced, pricier version of Isaac Redman.

  21. james says:

    carl, dude, mario williams started as de in a 4-3 in a 3-4 we put him in as de not a linebacker!! it can happen!! we can bring bart scott in as a 1yr deal for next years draft for better prospects, this years draft for linebackers is shallow!! we go for broke on poe & decastro, what do you think?

  22. Scott P says:

    Put away the crack pipe for a while dude. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  23. Weefus says:

    Release Hines outright then discuss a new contract with Cotchery who has never been more than a average #3 receiver, You gotta be friggin kiddin me. There will be a great deal of angst in the Burgh next season if the Steelers don’t put up Green Bay or Patriots passing numbers and average 30+ points per game.

  24. Lady Di says:

    Farrior is toast! Thanks you, Touchdown Jesus!

  25. Jay Walker says:

    No Ward, Komoeatu and Farrior — we’re the most improved team in the league.

  26. Tha Chief says:

    Why do so many people put up stupid comments? Are you stupid or do you just like to write stupid things to see what others will say? see question number 1. All of the cuts make complete sense. They are either performance related, McFadden and Kemeoatu, or age related Farrior, Ward, Smith. They are all good calls by the Steelers and some that are overdue. Ward is a Hall of Famer, and it not his fault they didn’t use him as much last year. You can only have so many receivers on the field and who were you going to take off? I don’t know why people think that Cotchery is the number 4 receiver? That isn’t even accurate. They will use Cotchery interchangeably with Sanders as the slot receiver. Sanders has more speed and will be used more in the open field, Cotchery has good size and can box out defenders so he is a better red zone target. Wallace will not leave! There are a lot of true free agent receivers on the market this year, some of them very good. A team will have to give up a ton to get Wallace and there are more attractive options out there for that reason. Hampton is still good and in our defense, you really can’t ask a rookie to just step in day one. I think we should do whatever we reasonably can to move up for Dontari Poe. They don’t make them like that very often. We lose a couple pics, and we spend the next good pick on the best available guard, then Inside Linebacker.

  27. David says:

    WOW! we are really cleaning house…. whose next, Dick Lebeau!….. never in my entire Steelers fan career have i seen the kitchen cleaned this thoughly…. Go Rooney…. you could have given Ward another year tho, I really feel we still could use his mentorship on the younger receivers, plus the way it was done was way off kilter, even for the Steelers way…. but you owe us or anyone else anything,,,, but this does bring into question your due dilegence to veteran players…… hmmmmm!

  28. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Larry Foote and Aaron Smith, your pink slips are ready . . .

  29. David says:

    Will we be able to recognize our own team in 2012, there are alot of household names being ushered out, Ravens must be biting at the bit, and rolling thier hands together with saliva oozing from thier beaks…. if I were them, I would really be sewing our team in first place cause they are saying to themselves, there are alot of questions floating to the top in Steeltown….. John Harbaugh is already planning on 1st, and the Division title…..i know we will be projected to finish 3rd this year….. what say you!

  30. fanSice78 says:

    I’d rather have Cotchery instead of Hines Right Ward, I remember his 1st TD against the “New Browns” in that 43-0 blowout..but times change..players come n go, so to say he should be able to play as long as he feels? Naw not so..just retire ..job well done

  31. Scott P says:

    We have gotten very little from Smith, Hoke, Battle, or McFadden over the past few years. Last year we got next to nothing from Kemo or Ward. Farrior’s play declined to the point where management could not expect much from him in 2012. I have a hard time seeing how this house cleaning is going to hurt the product on the field.

    If anything, it makes the team stronger by creating much needed cap space and giving younger players the opportunity to step up.

    We all hate to see our heroes being kicked to the curb but that is life in the NFL. If there is one thing I have learned during my 4 plus decades as a Steelers fan, it’s that they know what they’re doing.

    Have faith Steelers Nation……

  32. Harry says:

    This means more of Worilds on the field. That’s a good thing.

  33. fanSice78 says:

    Hate to burst y’all bubble..but do u really think any of the “suspected” draft pics will be on the borad @ #24? If u know how the Steelers draft you know they take the best player at that pick.. as far as getting Mario Williams or Bart Scott that damn sho ain’t happenin..they want way more $ then we have to get ready to see the same front 7 except for Farrior..Sylvester will have that role..all that sounds it for ya fantasy league

  34. fanSice78 says:

    TYPEO..I meant Worilds..not Sylvester

  35. Carl says:

    Worilds won’t be playing inside, he’ll be the primary backup at OLB this year. You were right first tho IMO, I believe Sylvester will fit into that ILB spot nicely.

    Scott P – Well said, I agree with you whole-heartedly.

  36. fanSice78 says:

    Poe will be gone before #24.. Hightower too unless we trade up some kinda way.. DeCastro may be available or the NT from Washington I said don’t look for too much change..all this reconstruction with contracts is to keep our own..not to go out and sign other names

  37. Steelers7thHeaven says:

    I appreciated all the hard work, play from them guys! Ward, always will love the way you played your ball, it was fantastic!! IM sure the Birds in Baltimore will miss ya 2. Farrior, was great…..Smith and Kimo, thanks for the years. Hope the Steelers will retire Wards number later, and retire him as a true Steeler, he deserves it.

  38. james says:

    thats what im talking about we need to be aggressive like a steeler blitz on fourth down!! go for it in the draft!! mentality, on offense, defense, and special teams!!, the is no tomorrow!! there is no tomorrow!!! concerning poe & decastro, tochdown baby!!! you know, what do you think?

  39. David says:

    just to let you know about Wards production, its not like he was out there and just lost it, i mean you look at a kid like Limas Sweed who just plain out squandered his chances, no -no-no-no! this isn’t the case with Mr. Ward,,,, Ward was phased out like the cliff beneath your feat, no one saw it coming, he just wasn’t put out on the field to make plays and when he was out there he was used more for a decoy, someone here locally said Ward was waaaay overated, and that he only caught 6 balls this year, the guy knows nothing about the Steelers or Ward, and he just happens to be a ratbird fan mind ya!, need I say more…. Ward deserved to be told of the game plan, heck any player in his shoes would deserve that much, he did contribute off the field in various Steelers organizations and fund raisers, please, if someone says the Steelers owe Ward nothing really is only thinking of Ward the player, and not th Ward the Pittsburgh Citizen….. where’s the Red Carpet!…. in ward we trust…………….. Ward for president in my book!

  40. N8 says:

    Hines you’ve been what a Real Steeler stands for…tough, aggressive,clutch and loyal. You’ll always be a huge part of Steeler Nation. Come back and be a receivers coach to groom the younger guys. We have speed and quickness and receiver…should consider a Big Red Zone Receiver. I’d love to see LaMichael James or I. Pead added to our running game. We have Big Backs…speed would be great there as an added dimension. Steeler Nation 4 Life!

  41. Harry says:

    David: Ward did just lose it. He was noticeably slower, dropped a bunch of balls and made a slew of dumb penalties. Good riddance.

  42. David says:

    harry, don’t think so my steeler brethren,,, ward was not used , you must be mistaken him for #14 limas sweed, get real, you just don’t throw knowledge out the door like that, he does deserve to be treated better and when i say that, yes times change and players move on in the latter pert of thier careers, and or retire which is i think ward should do, remember the helmet to helmet he took from ray lewis from the back of the head, im sure he lost it then, oh, and by the way, no flag on that play but lewis did recieve a 7,500 dollar fine, but come on Ward has got some ball left in him,,,,

  43. Bsteel says:

    If the Steelers release Steeley McBeam they won’t gain any cap money, but maybe some of the dignity back that they lost when they conceived that poofter mascot.

  44. buncie says:

    As Chuck Noll used to say, “It’s time to get on with your lifes work”. Ward, Smith, & Farrior, all need to call it quits. As much as it hurts, there comes a time when age creeps up on you. All three deserve Myron Cope’s old Coperascope! They were great! But they are gone. All three deserve Steeler plaques around Heinze Field. Sorry to see ya go buy this is my 4th generation of sorrow for my Steeler Heroes.

  45. buncie says:

    PS: Release Mendenhall. Get a running back that goes 265lbs & runs low to the ground. Tired of watching stutter stepping.

  46. Paulie Raspa says:

    Out of all the guys so far that have made headlines –All had Great Careers with the B&G even Komeatu had some Great Blocks in his day — but the only 1 who had production last year was Farrior.I mean he was 4th in TACKLES but our Run Defense was not as good as it should have been.
    The biggest thing we are losing with the players gone from this year is Leadership. It’s a Hard thing to replace and that’s why guys really have to step it up!!
    A couple of other notes:
    Deep Draft for O-LINEMAN — I believe it’s not a 1st pick–
    I think we go CB , ILB, WR …1st 3 picks . Their division is building around WR/HYBID T/ENDS and I am not fully sold on Gay .. Good Year but he needs to be consistant
    (WR SANU RUTGERS) is from myTownship and went to
    school with my daughter) Would like to see him in the B&G..But do not think it will happen. They will draft a WR or TE in the 1st 3 rounds … Regarding the NT position– Steve McClendon did a really good job I thought last year. He played quick off the BAll– Yes he looked raw at times but a Job that was well done. The guy works hard and I believe he can do it even if the “SNACK” doesn’t come back from Knee Surgery!!
    They need Depth at WR .
    .Worilds and Carter will never play the ILB position… Larry Foote has the tenacity but let’s face it LB’s covering WR & HYBRID T/ENDS are a scary thought!!

  47. Scott P says:

    Buncie, I agree. My sister runs harder than Mendehall….seriously…

  48. Rudy Masi says:

    A truly sad week in the Burgh, in the Steeler Nation, and in the sports world. A dynasty is ending and the Steeler fans everywhere can only hope the business managers in the office know where they are taking this team. Seeing so many great ones go is life since the Curt Flood Rule and free agency made a salary cap necessary and ruined sports. Both my wife and myself could not help shedding a tear reading about Hines – they sure could have told him sooner rather than let him twist in the wind. I’ve never written a poen in my life except in school as a child but these words came to me – My Oh My, where is our Hines
    The smile we will miss,
    We will miss too his GREATNESS exemplified
    All that is Good, all that is FINE,
    Hines in our minds, you are not be left behind!!!

  49. Mr.Cynical says:

    Mendenhall is better suited for a zone blocking scheme likethe Houstin Texans run. Pittsburgh needs someone like Redman to start and they need to draft a guy like Doug Martin for a nice change of pace. Given that we have cut Farrior we really need to draft an ILB first or second round. Timmons will prob play the Mike LB and Stevenson Sylvester opposite.

    For all you other boneheads direspecting the players that were cut you need to show some respect! These men have truely been inspirational throughout their careers and their leadership will be missed. YES I do agre that it’s time for a change but not time to show disrespect.

  50. John G says:

    I don’t like to see the veterans be let go as all of them played very hard. Hines Ward, Aaron Smith and James Farrior in particular were very active in the community. I never saw a player take losses so hard as Hines Ward did which is a good thing. There is such a thing as keeping a player too long. Regarding these same cuts Baltimore did something like this in the past season. A lot of fans were surprised they did it, said it would hurt them but to me they looked like a better faster team than the year before.
    They should have been in the Super Bowl minus a pass in the end zone ball that should have been held onto by one of their receivers and a missed fairly short field goal that would have at least sent the game into overtime. I also remember the Dwight White situation with the Steelers from the early 1980’s. The Steelers had drafted in the sixth round that year a defensive end from a small school North Caralina A & T named Dwayne (spelling) Boord. He was the surprise of training camp that year with how well he played. The final cut came down to either him or Dwight White. Since White was a veteran of their Super Bowl team they kept White instead of Boord. White was clearly not the same player he used to be that year and retired shortly after that season or played two more seasons. The San Francisco 49ers claimed Boord on waivers that same year. He went on to be a starter there on their Super Bowl winning teams and as I recall even made some Pro Bowls. Boord then went on after retirement to be a defensive line coach in the NFL for the 49ers and Raiders to name a few. I think he currently is the defensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns.

  51. Van Man says:

    Add Haley, subtract Farrior, Komoetu and Ward, and we’re a lot better already.

    Now let’s get an LB, OL and DB in the draft, dammit.

  52. David says:

    I like to know what James Harrison is thinking! oops, nah, he might get fined by the commish, hey and what about dem’Saints” makes me wonder if Harrison got paid bounty money,cause he made some ear-splitting hits, that makes all the hard hits highlight films….. just sayn, and not haytn”

  53. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Expect some paycut/release from QB corps. Charlie–a good guy/Steeler–can be signed for the vet minimum. Byron would take a cut to stay in the Burgh. There’s a million or two or three to play with. I believe Casey Hampton would also take a cut. Noone will sign him at his age and with his ACL problems. The Steelers do not absolutely need him with McClendon/Hood/and hopefully, Poe. There’s a million or two more.

    The Steelers can get way under the cap and move on Wallace/Cotchery/ and some FA O-lineman before the draft.

  54. james says:

    tha chief

    right on!! we need to spend what ever to pick up poe in the 1st round, trade j harrison & c hampton for a 1st pick and secure decatro on the offensive line, and in the 2nd round pick a linebacker, cornerback, w o, what do you think?

  55. Mr.Cynical says:

    The more I think of it, I think the Steelers should trade out of the first round because of how deep the draft class is this year. If we picked up extra picks in the 2nd and 4th rounds–by trading out of the first round–we would still land a solid DT like Mike Martin or Alameda Ta’amu. This way we would get more chances at talent in later rounds (Poe (DT), DeCastro (OG), Worthy(DT), and Still (DT) will be gone by pick 24). We could possibly land Alameda Ta’amu and Brandon Boykin (CB) in the 2nd if we trade down. I just love how deep this draft class is! If the Redskins don’t select Tannehill at number 6 in round one they might try to trade back into the first round to get him. If they decide to trade with Pitt, we would have picks 39 and 56 in the second round. What do you guys think?

  56. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    Many of you are bunch of idiots above. Must be Ravens or Browns fans posting on this blog like a punk behind your stupid anonymous blog names. For all those that ripped into Ward, GIT THE HELL OUTTA TAHN and go cheer ur thump Ravens who CHOKED in the AFC champ game to the over hyped Pats. Ward is the greatest receiver in Stillers history.86 is headed to the HOF. Like COPE, You will be missed “TERRIBLY.” Too bad the business side had to catch up to you Smith and Potsie. I luv you guys and thanks for bringing it on every down every Sunday. Thanks for the memories and 2 superbowl titles.-6 TONS OF STEEL. THE REST OF U HATERS CAN GIT OUTTA TAHN.

  57. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    DEAN SHORTPANTS AND VAN MAN , you are both gutless punks. Your stupid blog names are synonymous with your stupid posts. Meet me face to face and you’ll learn why I’m 6 Tons. Then talk that stupid talk outta your pie hole

  58. D.L.Moore says:

    The lack of respect from some of the blogers is really sad.ward was the best wr in steelers history.he may have fewer super bowls but he has all the numbers so show a little respect “the gonsk”what ever the hell that is.the steelers made the right decission with all the players that got released.i just hopr ward retires.”6 tons of steel” love your loyalty.

  59. David says:


  60. james says:

    mr cynical

    due to the current scandal of the saints, they are going to lose draft picks, that means steelers can replenish good talent in every round, poe, decastro, stills, are in reach, im excited abount this draft!! we pickup a handful of freeagents, and we milk the draft, if we do it right, kevin colbert could set us up for the next ten years!! what do you think?

  61. Beefy says:

    I can’t believe the talk about drafting linebackers, defensive backs and running backs.

    If our first pick isn’t a nose tackle, we’re in deep do-do. I mean, gimpy-kneed old Hampton and what’s-his-name? We won’t be able to stop a runny nose.

  62. Mr.Cynical says:


    It would be gr8 if the Steelers get Poe. We need to get a OT, CB, RB, WR, and FB too. Hopefully, the Steelers can get a couple of FA signings but with our cap situation it might be tough. If we lose Mike Wallace we will def. need to draft a WR in the first or second round. I really wish we were in a situation where we could have tagged Wallace. He really helps our offense tremendously bc he draws a lot of double coverage to free up others. If we lose him our offense could look very pedestrian. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens over the nxt cpl of months.

  63. David says:

    the Steelers should let Wallace go and bring in Marquis Colston….. no drop off there,

  64. David says:

    the only punishment that can fit what the Saints did, is a full forfieture of the 2012 season, Sean Peyton a 1 million dollar fine, the Saints as an organization loses all draft picks, and the team fined 5 million dollars,,,,, greg williams should be banned from coaching at the NFL level like that guy from the jets for his knee jerk reaction, and if you don’t wanna lose the season at least absolutly no post season play and if they lose on purpose then they lose all thier early draft picks throught the 1015 season…… hey thats what i would do…..

  65. james says:

    mr cynical, you make some sense, there might be a possibility to sign a freeagent wr, rb,ol, like vincent jackson, michael bush, marcus mcneill, and then instead of drafting a fullback, draft a large powerful te to play as fullback, so we can wear out defenses, everthing comes down to money……never hurts to dream…….so what do you think?

  66. rick says:

    I agree with Paulie….only Farrior had big numbers last year that must be taken up by someone else. Biggest loss is leadership in the locker room. And you can’t keep guys around just for that. Just trust that the guys leaving have poured into the younger guys coming up and let’s move on. We all have our opinions of who should and shouldn’t go and who should and shouldn’t be drafted but this organization gets it right more than they get it wrong concerning personnel moves/decisions. The Steelers will be just fine.

  67. Mr. Cynical says:


    I miss having a FB like Dan Kreider and/or John Kuhn–David Johnson isn’t cutting it at TE/FB. I would say draft a FB in the 6th round and forget about it–David Johnson is a RFA anyways. I would tender Keenan Lewis and Ryan Mundy as well. They can tender these two guys with a draft pick in the same round in which they were originally drafted.

  68. Lady Di says:

    6 Tons of Steel? More like 6 Bushels of Peat Moss if you ask me.

  69. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Right on, Di, baby!

  70. Van Man says:

    You Da Woman, L.D.!

  71. Bsteel says:

    …peat moss…?

  72. james says:

    no matter what happens, we are going to get it done!!! jets linebacker said after beating the pats, ready to play the steelers…..cant wait!!!…..will we sign wallace? what do you think?

  73. hammertime says:

    Don’t you just love this site, lots of passion to go around, we STEELER FANS are a quite bit different, losings seems to bring out the best and worst in us, we expect to win, ALL the TIME, thats just US, however, everyone has a right to look at things from their own perspective, and it doesn’t matter who likes or don’t like what someone else had to say, but anyone who thinks that threating someone over comments made on this sight is cool, is Just a “RETARDED INDIVIUAL” WHO NEEDS TO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH THERE TIME!!!!!!! U KNOW WHO U ARE!!!!!!

  74. Lady Di says:

    Bsteel: I suggest you Google it.

  75. Mr.Cynical says:


    Damn I hope we sign Wallace! I just love the kid! I was leary when we drafted him bc there wasn’t much video of him on the Internet. If we do lose Wallace we need to draft someone fast. I really like Joe Adams from Arkansas. . . he would fit the Steelers mold and we can possibly get him in the 3rd round. Not that he’s as fast as Wallace but he is diverse. Here we go Pittsburgh here we go!

    Hammertime I agree with you!

  76. Mr.Cynical says:

    Like I said previously: February 25th, 2012 – 12:55 pm
    Wallace isn’t going anywhere!

    My mock draft

    Steelers select:
    Round 1: Dontari Poe NT–Raw but too much potential to pass up (Remember Ben wasn’t suppose to fall to pick 10 back in 2004–hopefully, this cat falls to us)
    Round 2: Doug Martin RB–MJD II
    Round 3: Brandon Boykin CB–Solid corner–steal in 3rd round
    Round 4: Joe Adams WR–Solid potential–Looks a lot like A. Brown
    Round 5: Audie Cole ILB–Good instincts–potential replacement for Farrior
    Round 6: Evan Rodriguez FB–With Haley as OC we will draft a FB
    Round 7: Blair Walsh K

  77. Bsteel says:

    After having perused the botanical literature concerning mosses, relative to the posts by “6 TONS OF STEEL” and Lady Di’s reaction to same, I find that “sphagnum moss”–not “peat moss”–is the more correct nomencalture with which to describe Mr. 6 tons.

    In addition, neither the weight nor the volume of 6 Ton’s sphagnumness should be measured in bushels per -, but, rather, by the afforementioned “tonnage.”

    So, with all due respect to Lady Di’s fine and forthright attempt at simile, I must propose that 6 TONS OF STEEL be referred to as “6 TONS OF SPHAGNUM MOSS.”

    I thank you.

  78. EddieDean says:

    As a 50 year Steelers fan, I have experienced the loss of Steel Curtain HOF players, and the subsequent loss of all the Great Players that followed. I feel sad for whom the Bell tolls now ending their career.. Yet, I am excited to see the new generation of Great Steelers to come.. There will be the discovery of WRs., LBs., CBs., and SS setting new standards of play. All great players careers come to an end making room for New Great Players..
    The Pittsburgh Steelers are an Organization that knows how to be a contender every year because they recognize the Business of Football..
    I wish all the Players farewell and God Speed.. I loved watching you play and will miss you.. I will never forget you and all your many accomplishments for making the Steelers organization the Best.. 6 Superbowls.. What a Run.. I am proud of you all !!! proud of your accomplishments and will never forget you

  79. hammertime says:

    Thank you Mr. Cynical!! the FUN is Just begining, can’t wait for the next Topic!!!!!!!!!

  80. Carl says:

    EddieDean – Couldn’t have said it better myself…. excellent post spoken like a true Steelers fan.

    While I disagree with the “I’ll kick your @ss” tone of 6tons post well above this one, I emphatically agree with the content. People who call themselves Steelers fans, yet are happy about the end of player’s careers such as Ward, A. Smith, or Farrior, are total A-holes. Yeah, the team might be improved, but these 3 listed are MAJOR reasons for our recent run of success. I, for one, am gonna miss Ward. Dude played football the way it was intended to be played, and is/was one TOUGH SOB!!

  81. james says:

    mr cynical

    we should draft this wr anyway, joe adams, because we need some depth, we are 15 million under the cap, who are we going to sign? any freeagents in mind? i agree with your mock draft, except we need a o-lineman, like decastro, maybe we can sign o-guard hicks, from the saints, marcus mcneill, the left tackle released by the chargers, due to salary cap restraints. these signings would allow us the draft for nt, mlb, ss,cb, what do you think?

    keep it going hammertime!!!

  82. Mr. Cynical says:


    In free agency, I really like Ben Grubbs–even though he played for that dreaded team on the East Coast! I can see Pittsburgh possibly going after Jon Martin early in the draft and Brandon Brooks from Miami-Ohio later in the draft. As far as the cap situation, the Steelers need to offer tenders to some players still; that will more than likely put us closer to the cap limit. I don’t see the Steelers being that agressive in the FA market bc of the cap situation–unless we cut Mendenfumble and a few other players (and if we don’t tender Mundy, etc). Mendenfumble just doesn’t fit our scheme and he might not be ready to play early on in 2012–cut him!

  83. Scott P says:

    So…With Peyton Manning out, how long does that idiot Arians keep his job in Indy? He will have a Rookie QB who will not be immediately adept at playing backyard football at the NFL level. We all know he can not coordinate an effective running game. This is setting up to be a recipe for disaster.

    If the Colts were smart, they would get rid of him now and give Andrew Luck a reasonable chance to succeed.

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