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Kiper has Steelers picking ‘Bama LB


ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. has the Steelers taking Alabama linebacker Dont’a Hightower in the first round of his most recent mock draft.
Kiper, during a conference call Thursday afternoon, said the 6-2 ½, 265-pound Hightower has answered any questions about the torn ACL he suffered his sophomore season at Alabama.
“He’s getting back to the form he showed early on,” Kiper said. “How many 265-pound linebackers can run and get the job done like he can? There’s a lot of roles he could play but in Pittsburgh he would be a key addition.”
The Steelers conducted a formal interview with Hightower at the NFL Combine late last month. Their need for a linebacker such as Hightower has only increased following the release of James Farrior.
Hightower ran a 4.68 in the 40 at the Combine, which won’t dazzle teams but should convince them that his speed won’t be an issue at the next level. I get the sense that the Steelers are trying to determine if Hightower is truly a first-round prospect and that they want to be certain their evaluation of him isn’t skewed by two factors.
They are: The help the Steelers need at inside linebacker and the reality that if they don’t take one early they might not find a long-term replacement for Farrior.
General manager Kevin Colbert attended the first of two Alabama Pro Days Wednesday in Tuscaloosa. The Steelers can get another look at Hightower at the end of the month when Alabama stages a second workout for draft prospects.
Two other items of note from Kiper’s conference call:
— Kiper said comparisons between Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe and Ravens Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata are premature if not off base.
But Kiper is of the belief that Poe, who blew away teams at the Combine with his blend of size, strength and speed, will be gone well before the Steelers make their first-round pick (No. 24 overall).
“He’s not as intense, not as physical as some of the other defensive tackles for a player his size,” Kiper said of Poe. “But he moves so well and had such a great workout. I think he could go in the top 15.
“I don’t think he’s going to be Haloti Ngata. I think that’s a little bit of a stretch to say he’s going to be that type of player but certainly there’s going to be an opportunity for him to go pretty high in the first round.”
— Kiper apparently doesn’t share Devon Still’s belief that the Penn State product is the best defensive tackle in the draft.
Kiper has Still, who made his bold claim at the Combine, slipping into the second round of the draft.
Kiper said Still’s injury history and the fact that he was a “one-year wonder” at Penn State are potential red flags. Still, he added, hasn’t “wowed” teams during the pre-draft process though Kiper called him a “a big kid with rare physical ability.”
“I thought about Pittsburgh for him,” Kiper said of Still and the first round of his latest mock draft. “Denver could use him but I ultimately pushed him into the second round.”

— Scott Brown



  1. Clarence says:

    …and we should care about this because?!?!? Kiper is about as right about the draft as I am. I know more teams play the 3-4 these days, but if Poe is selected high, then a top CB will be available. I’m not so sure picking a LB with a previously torn ACL is wise.

    A. The injury always come back. Big Snack, Daniel Sepulveda. Playing at this level just isn’t conducive for such an injury to just go away despsite the Big Snack’s success, he doesn’t pivot as much as an ILB would.

    B. Teams aren’t as dumb as the great Kiper presumes. Why he isn’t on staff of some team amazes me with his knowledge. Whatever. The NFL knows about Poe’s potential and no one, on an NFL team I’ve heard called him the next Ngata, they said he moves like him and has the potential to play to his level

    C. Go with the best player available, because that 1st round pick isn’t going to start anyway. Again, the predictions of the Mcshays, Mayocks, and Kipers of the NFL world is as if they’ve never ever seen how the Steelers operate. What LB… PLAYER did we pick in the last I don’t know, 10, 20 years came out of college and started for the Steelers, except Pouncey. Gilbert started due to injury and so did Big Ben and neither began the season as the starter. So, this bama LB would not fill the void Farrior left. Either Foote or Sylvester will do that. I’m betting on Sylvester.

    Once again and as normal Kiper treats the Steelers like an after affect not giving due diligence to our pick which is disrespectful considering that… we only have the most SB in the league.

  2. TheBlizz says:

    Clarence —

    I completely agree with you on C. Regarding Kiper, it’s not like he’s just you or me and throwing names out there. He has done a lot of research and is making an educated guess (yes, it’s obviously still a prediction) as to who teams will take/should take given needs and players available. Also, why would Kiper want to give up his independence and take a huge cut in pay to go and work for an NFL team? Lastly, I don’t think the medical evidence supports your assertion in A.

  3. chanclas says:

    Wow @clarence, talk about your basic over-reaction to a little article… I think someone’s a little envious of the Kipers, McShays & Mayocks of the world.

  4. Rick says:

    Well said Clarence.

  5. Joey says:

    Kendrell Bell, Hampton, Holmes, Plax, Pouncey.

    And yes, it will be BOTH Sylvester and Foote. That’s the issue here, there is no one behind them at all. That’s why we need an ILB in the first two rounds and a lot of mock drafts having us draft Hightower.

  6. jim wood says:

    To even discuss the drafting of an LB, at this point shows the failures by Colbert over the the past 3 -4 year, actually many more than that. Starting with Bruce Davis an early 3rd round pick 4 years, Jason (who) Worlids from Va Tech 2 years ago, Sylvester ??.. Colbert’s ‘throwing spaghetti pproach at the wall’ approach is not working. Why doesn’t ownership smeel the coffee and give him his walking papers like Farrior, Ward, et al. The most logical choice is offensive line. Ben is 30 years old. How many more 50 sack years must he endure? When I hear Colon and Gilbert as tackles I can’t help but think-Dear Lord!! The best OL available is the pick for the Black & Gold. Period end of file. Then CB. btw: Has anyone heard how Ike Taylor is doing? Has he recovered from the 3rd degree flaming he recieved by DeMarius Thomas in the wild card game? To cut hines Ward and keep this stiff-unthinkable!!

  7. Elmo says:

    A couple of things- re: kiper: It’s not that he thinks he knows what’s best for teams so much (though we can all play that game.) He’s always said his role is a conduit. He listens to what people say. If he thinks a guy will drop, it’s because of what he’s hearing. He’s not smarter than you, CLarence, he just has more sources.
    Jim: I agree w/ you completely. When was the last time we drafted (even late) a prospect to replace not hust Hampton, but Hoke. It KILLED me when we drafted Bruce Davis when we could have had Red Bryant (went to Seattle.) Because of that, we ended up drafting No Good Hood the next year. He’s been such a failure that we had to draft Heywood last yr. Bryant is a FA. He should be available at a reasonable price since he’s not a pass rushing end which demand big bucks. I see him as the perfect replacement for Aaron Smith. BTW, I like the Hightower pick.

  8. Phlipside says:

    End of the first quote from Mel

    I believe you want “addition” not “edition”

  9. fregeo01 says:

    Excellent words Jim, though if Poe is still there, he might get the nod. Hampton is done and no one on the roster can replace what he has meant in the middle of the defense. Maybe he ‘s not Ngata, but we need a big body at NT. I can’t stand when the announcers talk about how good Ike is and he’s an “overlooked” pro-bowler. The only bowl he is near is the breakfast bowl because he is toast.

  10. Carl says:

    Jim – Come on man, I was pissed about Taylor’s playoff game too, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. They could have adjusted after the 1st (or 2nd) time he got burnt by giving him some safety help; didn’t happen. Horrible game, yes, but he is still the best CB we have, cutting him would be a 3rd degree over-reaction.

    On the Kiper’s draft for us, normally the dude is pretty good on his guessing on what teams will do, but I agree with you guys above that he’s probably way off here. I think Slyvester will fit into Farrior’s ILB spot just fine; we have other areas to address 1st. I think it will be a Guard, but it really depends on whats available at that spot…

  11. ko49 says:

    Few GM’s have been as successful as Kevin Colbert over the past decade, so I’d hold off on that “give him his walking papers” talk. Easy to be emotional in the aftermath of all the great vets being released, but you have to step away from that when assessing Colbert’s performance. When was the last time he missed on a first round pick? I think he joined the team in 2000 and since then our #1’s have been Plaxico Burress, Big Snack, Kendall Simmons, Troy, Big Ben, Heath Miller, Santonio, Timmons, Mendenhall, Ziggy, Pouncey and Heyward. I’d put that up against any team in the league over that time. Granted, he’s missed on some #2’s and he hasn’t found a stud corner, but failure in some form has to be expected. The draft is incredibly hard. It requires meticulous research and a hell of a lot of luck to do well. Think of the good to great players he’s found in the 3rd round or later: Mike Wallace, Ike Taylor, Antonio Brown, Brett Keisel, Chris Hoke, Isaac Redman, Max Starks, Doug Legursky, Emmanuel Sanders, Larry Foote, Willie Colon, Chris Hope, Clark Haggans. That’s a good list. He’s not perfect but I’d say Colbert knows what he’s doing. I’d rather we have him than most of the GM’s out there…

  12. Rick says:

    Taylor wasn’t THE reason we lost, it was just ONE reason.
    Worilds and Stevenson are good players, need more playing time which both got last season and they did fairly well. Cracking the first line LB corps is tough, but now they have a chance to show why they were kept. Remember Harrison, who he?, until he broke into the first line LBs.
    Also, there is the other first year one who got injured.
    We need OL and the DL replacement as Hamp isn’t gonna last much longer.
    Kiper, like all the others, rolls the dice. I put little stock is all he predicts cause we have seen how screwy things can get draft day.
    — Oh, and I am NOT the Rick from post #2. No offense, just clarifying. And I agree with Clarence as well.

  13. Rick says:

    To Rick. none taken!

  14. Paulie says:

    Colbert needs a home run in this draft. Too many misses on LBs for this team. Worilds Sylvester aren’t prime time players and need to step up.

    Leaves them with Foote who is a great guy but slow. They may need to sign a UFA if thay have any money. Also the defensive line has to be better.

    Kiper always looks at need for picks and just because the dude from Bama may be available thats who he goes with. Well that guy is a two down player, too slow in pass coverage. My take is that there is nobody in this draft that is a true #1 pick @24. They are mostly second and third round player types. So they should trade down

  15. james says:

    hey guys, i agree with most of you, we need to draft specifically dontari poe, nt , and decastro og, with these picks, it can preserve our qback another 10 years!! we need to pursue michael bush, freeagent rb, the left tackle marcus mcneill, and carl nicks the og from the saints what do you think?

  16. Roy says:

    Poe will save us sure!

  17. hammertime says:

    Good thing Mel Kiper does’nt work for the Steelers, I don’t believe they would Draft a LB in this spot no matter how good the Player is, Nose Tackle is what’s needed the Most, the only back-up behind Hampton although tough, is too small for the Postion, KIPER might know his stuff, but I can’t remember the last time other than Pouncey, he was right when it come’s to the Steelers, Here’s hoping it stays that way!!!!!!!!!

  18. Roy says:

    They’re not taking a NT with #24. Sorry

  19. RickT says:

    If the Steelers do not draft the Best Available OL or DL Colbert should be fired. THAT is where the Biggest Needs are for this Team.

  20. fanSice78 says:

    Poe is NOT going to be there @ 24.. so the next best pick would be Hightower,and I agree, Colbert is overrated he’s certainly not Donahoe..Steelers were rarely if ever in these salary cap fiascos when Todd D was in charge with coach Bill..As far as Kiper and his draft knowledge he’s pretty much dead on..that’s his job 24/7 365. He just needs a haircut. Lots of college players have injuries and go on to have productive careers, and lots of pros who stayd healthy in college get hurt in the pros and never recover, its the nature of the game.

  21. Roy says:

    Hightower is way better than Poe, Alabama vs Municipal College of Memphis

  22. Clarence says:

    to chanclas – and that’s supposed to mean what to me? Stop talking? On a forum meant to garner the public’s opinions? Or maybe I tone it down to suit your taste? Now what would that be? 1 paragraph? two? Three? One sentence? I mean you tell me how I’m supposed to respond… then hold your breath while I do it.

  23. Joepy says:

    Take Poe if available. If not, the best guard or tackle still on the board.

  24. Ed says:

    With the history of the Steelers, when #24 comes up, they will pick the best player on the board, regardless of what position. And we all agree that many spots need attended to..In all of the years, i have never counted on Kipers theory.. But when and if they do get a CB, please teach them to turn around and look for the ball. At running back, i don’t think we have them, would be nice to explore more, and hopefully the new OC will get the offense to explode at the running game and passing.

  25. RickT says:

    The Steelers Need to pick the Best OL or DL available in 1st round PERIOD.

  26. Clarence says:

    TheBlizz very funny, it would be a pay cut wouldn’t it. The ACL scares me for a 1st round pick. There are cases such as Willis McGehee where a horrible tear gets fixed and then it’s fine, but normally it takes 2 years and sometimes the player’s not the same afterwards. Sepulveda has torn both knees and can’t seem to stay on the field. Big Snack has had a dominate career and I cited him because his injury did come back twice, but he was dominant despite it. My point is that I think the ACL injury increases the odds of having another one which is not a risk I’d take for our 1st round pick. I’ll check out the odds on an AMA site and see if it makes sense.

  27. Jay Walker says:

    Any time we want to draft an athletic cornerback who can catch the ball is fine with me.

  28. chad says:

    I hope most of you posting are not Steelers fan’s. Because you don’t sound like it. Salary cap problems, yes they have them. Why? Look at the talent on the roster. Ike Taylor and William Gay. Steelers #1 in pass defense. Ziggy Hood and Cam Heyward, hard to start behind Keisel and Smith. Watch what Hood does this year starting. New England has the best draft year after year, but after that it is the Steelers. Look at last years draft picks all but one made the roster. Most of them contributed to the team. To draft for an instant starting spot means your team sucks. Yes we have talent that can start right away but the Steelers don’t start them and they don’t need to. You learn the scheme and technique first then you play. OL talent this year is deep they will pick someone is the second round. DB is weak so don’t look for any picks there this year. 1st round pick will be DL or LB unless a higher than expected tackle falls back to the 24th pick.

  29. charles says:

    The steelers need a dominant defensive lineman. I wish you folks would remember why we went to the 3-4 to begin with. It was because we did not have a good front four.Dick Lebeau’s genius was at play there. I dream of the day we get rid of the 3-4 and I know that this will raise hackles but Professor Lebeau is the next veteren that we need to release. Carnell Lake is going to be a great dc for someone and it might as well be us!! I say research d-line and o-line, the steelers are the greatest team out there at the specialty(?) positions. No turnovers means weak d-line. Ben is always going to get sacked, HE makes the o-line look bad. That is not to say that I don’t like his style. We are one Joe Green away from number 7.

  30. BamaSteeler says:

    Wow, if you had watched any Bama football over the past two years, you would be thinking how lucky we would be if he does fall into our laps, Hightowers motor runs like the old James Harrison and he is a workout fiend. But even if you want to overlook all of that, then it will be hard to overlook his football savy and his knowledge, he will be a great ILB QB for us…..Please let him drop to us…

  31. D.L.Moore says:

    taylor had a bad game.i think the blame goes to the dc.they we not able to get to the qb so they should have covered better,gave saftey help.Ben needs to be protected or he will be done sooner than normal.Kiper is just looking into a crystal ball and guessing who’s going where and i’m sure making a good living at it.

  32. Paul Pysh says:

    Sylvestor can do the job. We need a NT. Worthy of Michigan is a winner. (Can anyone say Woodley?)

  33. Steelers74 says:

    Hey Fan Since 78

    You are way off on your comparisons of Colbert & Donahoe.

    First of all Donahoe’s name is Tom not Todd and there were salary cap issues when he was Director of Personnel (which they now call General Manager), it just did not seem as bad because Donahoe let all of our own drafted players go including the great ROD WOODSON. Tom Donahoe was arrogant and was very difficult to work with that is why he was fired and they kept Cowher( DO YOU REMEMBER THAT) As long as the Rooney’s are involved they will make the right decisions the majority of the time; (we all are not perfect). Now look over Colbert’s picks and you will find pro bowlers and 3 Superbowl appearances. There has been more success under Colbert then Donahoe the Two LOMBARDI’S prove that.
    The middle linebacker’s in the draft are not as deep as Defense lineman, if there is a good linebacker available in the 1st round then take him; because you could pick up a good defense lineman in the 2nd round or even a right guard that we need desperately. TO ALL STEELER FANS EVERY THING WILL BE OK !!!

  34. Gabriel says:

    J-Walk: Amen!

  35. David says:

    can we spell Brandon Jacobs, and release Rashard Mendenhall……. Jacobs is the nxt best power runner to Jerome Bettis…… what say you Steelers brethrenszzzzz!.

  36. David says:

    Branden Jacobs would be a real NICE pick up…. a very nice upgrade and I believe if Rooney II is as adament to the run game as he proclaims to be, , it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Steelers and Jacobs in the same sentence in the not so distant weeks to come…..

  37. David says:

    @RICK, you are T-Totally right, Ike is not the reason we lost , it was the defensive call, who the heck lines 10 of 11 guys at the line of scrimmage…… it was a total bad call …….. I would rather see tebow scramble for 11 yards then see our defense put in that situation. Really, what was Labeau thinking on that, no disrespect to the coach, but 1 call out of a kazillion and we are watching the rest of the post season at home……

  38. Mr.Cynical says:

    I like Ronnell Lewis better than Hightower. I know that Lewis is an OLB but I think the Steelers could use him inside. I would draft him in the 3rd round. We need a NT or OT in the first round. In the 2nd round I would go with the best player at the skill position available. Poe would be the best first round pick but he will be gone. Jerel Worthy or Jon Martin would be the best first round pick options for the Steelers if they are still on the board in round one. God I love the Steelers! Here we go Pittsburgh!

    Some of the Steelers are playing basketball against Leetonia High School faculty here in Leetonia Ohio (where I’m from) March 21st! Can’t wait. . .

  39. Mr.Cynical says:


    I agree Mendenfumble needs to be released!

  40. Mr.Cynical says:


    I think the Steelers would be reaching on Hightower at the 24th spot (he’s a 2nd round talent). I think we need to seriously beef up our O-line or D-line with the 24th selection. BUT we desperately need an ILB. . .the Steelers are masters at drafting guys late and coaching em up to start sooner rather than later. If you look at the LB’s in this draft it is a pretty dep class (esp OLB’s). With that being said, Chris Carter was drafted late last year–he’s an OLB but I think Pitt might move him to the inside and give him a shot. Isn’t this exciting! I never disagree with a Steeler’s fans perspective bc we all offer unique outlooks when it comes to drafting guys. Glad us Steelers fans can speak from the heart on the Steel Mill.

  41. Mr.Cynical says:


    I also like the fact that you have done your research on ACL injuries!

    “My point is that I think the ACL injury increases the odds of having another one which is not a risk I’d take for our 1st round pick. I’ll check out the odds on an AMA site and see if it makes sense.”


  42. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Brandon Jacobs advocates:

    The NYG’s book on him is that he habitually complains about “not enough carries,” and even st times when the Giants have won the game. He also is known to “take plays off” when he is not the primary, a la Randy Moss.

    Brandon Jacobs is not cut from Steelers cloth, and signing him would be a big mistake. Not to worry, though, because Steelers brass knows that about him even if you blog-posters don’t.

  43. Steel Jay says:

    I think there’s a good chance we end up with 2 picks in the 1st rd. i mean…Cincy or New England would be that much better and would make the Steelers that much worse in a single move. I actually hope Wallace does get signed by another team. I just think hte Steelers have some serious holes to fill and WR is an area where I think we can draft someone as a #4 behind Brown, Sanders, and Cotchery and be fine. So maybe we get Hightower and a CB or OL in the 1st, NT or WR in the 2nd and 3rd. I’d be okay with that outcome.

  44. David says:

    anti Brandon Jacobs:
    plays off, complains, well the one we have now should try out on dancing with the stars, plus he disrespected the victims of the world trade centers…. complains, RM complains too, RM doesn’t take every carry like its his last, tho some or most of the times he loses it like he will get more chances to prove he isn’t the fumbler that he is……. this Brandon Jacobs advocate will no doubt take a chance on him, after all the Steelers took a chance on RM and is still waiting for him to prove himself, as I am not that patient with his dancin, and fumblin!….

  45. Roy says:

    Brandon Jacobs will not be coming to Pgh has character issues and is not a good teammate . They will draft a back in 2nd or third rd

  46. Mr.Cynical says:


  47. Mr.Cynical says:

  48. FrankR says:

    Before the LBs can tackle, the DLine has to engage the blockers. We have the DEs, we need the NT, & that’s Alameda Ta’amu of Washington, 2nd best pure NT after D.Poe.

    I wouldn’t give up on Sylvetser & Worilds, they’ll both be in their 3rd year in the system.

    Finally, trust me, J.Dwyer is going to be the man. Dwyer & Redman are more than capable, w/ B.Batch the 3rd down RB. No need for a RB at all. Now FB, that’s another story.

  49. Steel Man says:

    I think the Steelers should consider trading Big Ben to Indy for a slew of their draft picks, including their No. 1 this year. We could take Luck and also fill many of the holes on this team. Hampton is finished so DL is a must if we are still running the 3-4 defense. Our cap situation would also be helped. By combining our draft picks with Indy’s, we could get a stud OL as well. Our offense is young and this is the time to turn over Big Ben with all of his baggage and injuries. For all of you Big Ben lovers, what value do you really think he has at 30 years old and multiple injuries? Indy may not even want him?

  50. David says:

    I agree with Redman and Dwyer, especially Redman, I believe Moore had alot to still offer, the guy just plays smart football on every snap no drop off on his play, but Mendenhall has truely disappointed me from the start, really had high expectations from him, but his fumbles cut into that notion…. or non-sense on my part… but if we investigate the Jacobs deal, this guy is a powerhouse and thats what we need, I hate this run by commitee crap, doesn’t give any back a chance to get into a groove, but we definitly need a powerhouse runner…..

  51. Carl says:

    Brandon Jacobs is a 30 year old RB, and was beginning to break down with the Giants. Add in his incessant whining about getting the ball, that dude won’t be here. There are plenty of options at RB, with the best one for us already on the roster: Redman.

  52. Kareem says:

    Hightowere didn’t move that well to me. I wonder if his playing in such a dominate defense may have covered up some of his short comings. I think the Steelers might draft him because Ala. used him in alot of different ways and they like position flexiblity. I’d rather they trade down if they can’t get one Poe or Glenn

  53. Elmo says:

    Forget Poe. He won’t be there. Nevermore. No other NT is worth a 1st. Forget G’s DeCastro and probably Glenn. Gone. If that’s the scenerio, what do we do? I suggest NOT taking the next best guy at the position. There are no G’s or NT’s worthy of being No. 1. Take the best player, be it Hightower -who BTW, the Ravens will probably scoop up- or even a WR like Kendell Wright or Steven Hill. DON’T reach, ala Troy Edwards ’cause we needed a WR. Also, Colbert has done a great job in the first 3 rds., but his record in the later rds. is one of rthe worst in the league (despite some successes. Not my opinion- check out either Cold, Hard, Football Football Facts, or Pro Football Focus. Best stat guys in America. Need DL? Clear some cap space and sign Red Bryant. He won’t be expensive. W/ us, the guy is the next Aaron Smith. Hood is terrible (again, check PFF- next to last of all 3-4 DE against the run.)

  54. hammertime says:

    Look at the bright side to this Draft, No One Name “ROY” will have any part in it, any one, including ROY, who don’t realize the need for the Next Stud Defensive Nose Tackle behind Hampton, and then replacing him down the road is paramount, the key to stopping the Run, starts with your Defensive Line, LB’S will get ran over with out them (LINEMAN), dominating the action, we will not win JACK SH__T,, someone help “ROY” out, because, He needs it!!!!!!!

  55. David says:

    we could still use a powerhouse runner, someone who can get us 2 yards on 4th -1 behind center, and not dancing back there like they have all day…..

  56. hammertime says:

    If the Steelers needed to go get a Runner, don’t be shy, go after someone like Steven Jackson of the RAMS, he would do the same things Bettis did, RUN PEOPLE OVER, Redman, Dwyer, and Baron Batch will all excell if given the chance, so why WASTE High Drafts Picks here!!!!!! after NOSE TACKLE at #1, try again to find a CORNER BACK who is capable of covering a reciever by himself at #2, many have said this is a deep year for Offensive Lineman, so at #3 down get one!!!! After that, you simply take the Best Player Available on the BOARD!!!!! some of you must have “MISSED” a few games this year, and “DID NOT SEE HOW TEAMS BEGAN to RUN the FOOTBALL all OVER this DEFENSE, if this continues, no matter how much OFFENSE we generate, YOU will NOT WIN!!!!!!! SEE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, SEE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS, stop fooling yourselves, I bet the STEELERS GO HARD after DEFENSE early, if not, we would catch “HELL” beating the Cleveland Browns!!!!!!!!

  57. David says:

    i watched clips of BrandonJacobs, and his size and speed makes it hard for defenders to bring him down, as much as everyone talks of A passing game, you still need a runner who can push through piles and gain the 1 or two yards need to sustain drives, we lack that in every meaning of the word and that comes from the lack of committment to the run, Art has it right, you need to be able to run tha ball to take late leads to the whistle and end of regulation, Jacobs is 6’4 240, not too many people can bring that down our rushing game is more of a finess style that doesn’t reflect Steelers Ball. believe me, you talk draft picks, but your also talking 3 years to develope, we have now, not 3 years, to wait. Jacobs will fit our brand of football this guy is a beast, and when a player complains of not touching the ball enough, he is the type of player you want, i saw nothing that reflaects a cancerous situation his wanting the ball means this guy wants to win, and those are players you want on this team, there is nothing out there I saw that he is facing off the field of play… no court dates, of any kindon his blotter….

  58. Gabriel says:

    Just get an athletic cornerback who makes plays, OK?

  59. Imp'n'Arn says:

    The Steelers have all the running backs they need. Redman is for real. Dwyer has been derailed by injury. Clay could be a beast. Batch had a great camp, then was injured. And, I say again, Chad Spann is a Darren Sproles clone. On top of that, Moore gains 100 yrds. almost every time he has started. Let these guys prove their mettle.

    The Steelers also have budding corner backs, and Myron Rolle is my pick for sleeper safety.

    Priorities are:

    1. OL

    2. OL

    3. OL

    4. LB

    5. NT

    Let’s have another look at Anthony Gray for NT.

  60. David says:

    u left a priority out, and thats a tailback, cause as good as Redman can be, they haven’t committed themselves to Redman, as good as Moore is, he is only in there on spot duty, and clay and Batch, well there are 3 in front of them that they must outplay and out perform for them to get signed from the practice squad and dress on game days…. Jacobs is a proven veteran who just hit 30, this guy is experienced and a beast to stop, 6’4 240 , you see how hard it is to knock Ben down, with this guy coming full speed he most likely wouold do a jerome bettis over brian urlacker I would love to see Brandon Jacobs compete and WIN a starting roster spot on this here Steelers team…. and the 4th and 1’s are just about automatic with him running straight up the gut, not none of this dancing at the line waiting for a hole to open….. Mendenhall is only as good as the next big hole he sees, and he don’t see many…..

  61. Chuck H. says:

    The Steelers are just about set offensively, all but a blocking fullback. Their real need is
    both offensive linemen and defensive linemen. Last year’s team was woefully lacking in the pass rush department and qback protection. I realize that Ben was partly to blame for his many sacks, because you can only block a defenseman for so long and then he”s free to get at the qback. All in all, if we could get a couple olinemen and a couple of decent dlinemen, we would be in good shape to make the superbowl.

  62. Scott P says:

    Kiper is a fraud.

  63. Steel Man says:

    Trade Big Ben for Luck + numerous draft picks. Fix lines with picks. New team for years to come. New offense with new OC will score more than 20 points per game. major problems solved.

  64. Steel Man says:

    Would you consider trading Big Ben to Indy for three first round picks? Do you think our back up QB’s with Luck could score over 20 points per game? Remember we would have many extra picks to trade up in this years draft.

  65. David says:

    rise n shine all you Steelheadsa, its time to debate the next tailback for the Pittsburgh Steelers…. the draft class which we all know has some talented players waiting to get a grip on a starting role, and in most cases may take 3 years to crack the starting line up,,, so my process here is to see who in the market with veteran experience can come in and possibly help the Steelers get back to a somewhat kind of ground attack. Now I know everyone wants to see Ben throw 50 times a game, but we know that is dangerouse recipe for an early injury and I feel with Bens high ankle sprain, we will need to run alot early on in the season, why risk reinjuring it, well my take is bringing Jacobs in, look before you comment take a look at clips on him, this guy can not be brought down on even the 3 contact,we will move mountains with him in the backfield.

  66. DAME1971 says:


  67. james says:

    if we lose wallace then, we go after poe & decastro, at all cost!!! second round draft a linebacker, 3rd round wr, next, cb, ss, dt, i like michael bush better than brandon jacobs, less wear & tear!!!!what do you think?

  68. Chuck H. says:

    Oh yes, I almost forgot, we need to replace at least one cornerback to have a decent defense, and a runner like the BUS would be nice, too.

  69. PAULIE says:

    We have had successes in the past in the 1st round although Guys take time to develop. I say do not draft a ILB 1st rd … Go with Sylvester & Foote or sign a veteran LB to fill void. Look at ILB in the later rds. TRUE 3-4 LB’S. Not a HYBRID… Hightower at 265lbs+ running a 4.68 does not thrill me.
    The Steelers have been known in the past of drafting the “BEST ATHLETE” available at their spot…. Right now… We are thin at CB/SAFETY & with F/A looming… GAY — TO ME IS NOT THE ANSWER AND IS A UFA … Lewis I like but they can lose him too. Taylor is getting older BUT MOST OF ALL — Look at the AFC NORTH & the receiving corps for each team — This is the way the league is heading and the AFC North has a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF TALENT AT THE WR position.. We need a CB OR SAFETY 1ST RD.. A DB THAT CAN CATCH THE “DAMN BALL” AND GET 6 FOR THE “D”!!! O-LINEMAN AND D-LINEMAN WILL BE AROUND IN THE RDS 3-6 — We also need a WR & TE either thru the draft and/or FA…. And Haley — GET A DAMN FULLBACK –SO TALK WITH YOUR DAD ABOUT HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL GROUND GAME — !!!!!!!

  70. Kevin says:

    One thing that has not been mentioned regarding this topic is the current rules in place for the NFL. It is an offensive friendly league and as such defensive players especially in space (LB and DBs) must be better than the offensive players they are playing against in space (RBs, TEs and WRs).

    In order to be a dominant defense, you must now have great players on defense to cover average to good offensive players.

    Having said that, the Steelers appear to be in a transition year on defense and cannot replace all the players they lost through the draft. The biggest loss appears to be their strength up the middle (NT and MLB) against the run. If an elite player is available at either position, such a player must be drafted in the first round.

    OL is also a major concern, especially with a 30yr old QB in his prime. For the money the Steelers put into the QB it makes little sense to keep pulgging below average OL to protect the QB. While a first round OL is not a priority, a second round OL should be.

  71. Dick says:

    Hey Steelers 74……Good post. I think you are right on.

  72. RavenHater says:

    Kiper sources are agents. He doesn’t have any credibility with football people. Besides he is a stinking Ravens season ticket holder. That is the primary reason and the former points all add up to why I don’t pay a lick of attention to what he has to say. If you want real information pay attention to what Mike Mayock has to say.

  73. Dan says:

    Colbert needs to go, really? What planet have you been on? We have one of the best teams (Clobert and Khan) in the NFL. You are clueless man.

  74. Glenn says:

    You can sometimes judge a player’s quality by the value other teams place on him. William Gay?? Any takers?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Fry? Fry? Fry?

    DL, CB, OL then LB. LB is not the immediate need.

  75. Lady Di says:

    Since the season ended, we’ve got rid of Arians, Womendenhall, Farrior, Komoeatu and Ward. Even before the draft, we’re lots better already.

  76. Jay Walker says:

    Sure got that right, Lady Di.

  77. David says:

    did I read that right… is Mendenhall an afterthought, I didn’t see any news on that one, and one I sure would have caught if it were true….. i need verification on this news…..

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