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Good news, bad news about Wallace


If you are a Steelers fan, the first day of free agency was good … no, make that great.

Six teams signed free agent receivers with another signing the night before.

And no, not one of them was named Mike Wallace.

Wallace is a restricted free agent and popular belief had a half dozen teams beating down agent Bus Cook’s door at 4:01 p.m. Tuesday to beg for Wallace’s services.

It didn’t happen, and it is almost assured (not guaranteed) that Wallace will not receive a qualifying offer on the restricted free agent market.

A first-round pick to go along with a hefty front-loaded contract is just too expensive even for a team with a lot of cap space.

Wallace will have no choice but to sign the first-round tender the Steelers offered him and play for $2.742 million this year.

But, of course, there is also bad news.

Although Wallace will likely be a Steeler this year, after that has become very cloudy, especially after what transpired on the first day of free agency.

* Vincent Jackson, 29, signed a 5-year, $55.5 million deal ($26 million guaranteed)

* Pierre Garcon, 25, signed a 5-year, $42.5 million deal ($21.5 million guaranteed)

* Marques Colston, 28, signed a 5-year, $40 million deal ($19 million guaranteed)

* Robert Meachem, 27, signed a 4-year, $25.9 million deal ($14 million guaranteed)

* Reggie Wayne, 33, signed a 3-year, $17.5 million deal.

* Josh Morgan, 26, signed a 2-year, $12 million deal.

Add those to Stevie Johnson’s 5-year, $36.25 million deal a few weeks back and Randy Moss’ 1-year, $4 million deal Monday night, and the price of a wide receiver in this league quickly got out of control.

Then word came down that Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson signed an extension worth $132 million over seven years with $60 million guarenteed and Wallace’s value went up yet another level.

It is a price that the Steelers might not be willing or able to offer Wallace.

You would figure that Wallace would be asking very close to what Jackson got out of Tampa Bay.

Something like 5-years for somewhere in the $50-million range probably would lock Wallace up long-term right now.

Wait until next year when the salary cap is expected to rise significantly and, with another 70-catch, 1,000-yard, 10-touchdown season out of Wallace, the money Jackson got could look like chump change.

The Steelers aren’t going to be able sign Wallace to long-term deal this summer. They just don’t have the money, unless they dump a high-priced veteran (Casey Hampton?)

Now, they could have the money a year from now, but it would be too late by then. Free agency would be upon Wallace who would cash in.

Sure it is about money, but it is also about value when it comes to the Steelers.

The Steelers just don’t place high values on their receivers. They never have.

Just over the past few years alone, they let No. 1 picks Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes leave.

They feel they can get top-notch receivers anywhere from the draft to off the street.

Look at the receivers who got big deals already this year – Colston (7th rounder), Johnson (7th rounder), Garcon (6th rounder). Wallace was a 3rd-rounder as well as Emmauel Sanders and Hines Ward. Antonio Brown was a 6th rounder.

When you take in account what happened Tuesday, how much those guys got paid, how the Steelers don’t value receivers and how little disposable cap money they have along with how much some teams might have next year with the cap going up, it’s not a good equation for Wallace staying with the Steelers.

It is a possibility that the Steelers will let Wallace play out his final year of his contract and test the free agent market.

– Mark Kaboly


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. tobias says:

    70 catches and 1000 yds 10 TDs is not enough he needs more to get a top WR contract after he disappeared last 9 games of season 1500yds 90 catches 12for TDs is what im looking for from him

  2. Joe says:

    So if you make the assumption that Wallace will be gone after next year the question then becomes would you prefer that he leaves this year and the Steelers get a #1 for him, or do you take another year of production and get a #3 at best for him if he walks after next year?

  3. Kevin says:

    Love Mike Wallace, but it would be tragic to dish out that kind of money for a receiver. The facts are all up there in the blog…nicely done Mark!

  4. Lady Di says:

    Solution: Draft a receiver in the third or fourth round, keep Wallace for at least one more season then revisit the situation at this time next year.

  5. Burghermeister says:

    I’m not so sure that there isn’t a team out there with the cap space and interest in Wallace for the price of a 1st rounder. It would be interesting to see how the Steelers respond to such a contract- my guess is they choose to let him walk and take the pick. I believe their real intention is to get 1-2 more years out of 17 with a combination of the RFA tender and franchise tag. Even with the big $ franchise tag in 2013, the average salary across two years will be $6-7 million…pretty reasonable. To commit long-term to an inconsistent 1-trick pony would not be the Steelers way…

  6. rich says:

    On Wallace and other RFAs
    I read some where and was under the impression that offers could not be extended to them (RFAs) by other teams before Saturday, March 17th ?
    So we might have to wait till Monday before knowing if any teams have an interest in signing Wallace.

  7. olddog says:

    Buffalo needs to make a splash in this off season. If they cannot sign Mario Williams, look for them to maybe come after Wallace. Taking Buffalo’s 1st round pick might not be a bad thing.

  8. Clarence says:

    I agree with the sentiments on this blog. $55 mil would price all of the next wave of veterans out of our reach because surely the next DEs and LBs will want same if not greater $$ in the least. We would love to keep him but lets also remember the failure rate of receivers going to other teams including those who left us, only Plaxico Burress had extensive SB type results. Holmes had 1 year, Thigpen went downhill as soon as he stepped foot into Tenn and the same is the case around the league except for a very few such as Moss and TO.

    Even the great 85 from Cincy couldn’t capitalize with whom has been deemed the best QB in the league and his genius head coach. History dictates that the long term value just isn’t there when WR switch teams. When they stay with their perspective teams they tend to enjoy long years of success. But, for the receiver its a big payday and that matters and it should matter. Imagine another company giving me a raise of about 5 times my current salary and see if I’m not gone… anyone else would stay with their current companies?!?

    But why can’t we sign him to a long term deal now that loads up the $$ in the 2nd year as a roster bonus? We’d pay him the same amount this year as the tender, give him his big signing bonus next year in the form of a roster bonus and pay him a hefty salary in line with a top Steeler receiver. 7 yeas $45 mil deal with $2.72 salary this year, a $10 mil roster bonus next year a $4 mil salary next year and add half a million for the next 5 years. Guarantee $15 to $19 million. AM I being naive about this?

  9. rob Henderson says:

    I think if Buffalo signs Williams they will then go after Wallace for a Super Splash.

  10. Roy says:

    Steelers never spend money on their offense except for Ben. I don’t expect that to change. These teams are desperate to win now and we all know there are no shortcuts.

    I see Wallace leaving after this year, it would be better if he left now because they would get a first round pick instead of nothing.

    I think this will be a rebuilding year where they will see what they have at RB and DB and LB

  11. Bsteel says:

    Clarence #6:

    …the great 85 from Cincy…?

    Don’t do crack!

  12. Bill says:

    Clarence…I’d say you’re being at least a little naive. Why would Wallace take a contract that averages less than 7 mil when the market clearly just got set at 10 mil/year? In fact, even since this blog entry was published, another “top” receiver (DeSean Jackson) just got 5 years, roughly 50 mil. I’d take Wallace over him personally, but there skill set (deep speed) is roughly similar. The market has spoken. Wallace would be selling himself way short to take that offer.

    Besides, name a Steeler other than Ben that has been signed for that long a contract. I just don’t either the Steelers or Wallace wanting a 7 year deal.

  13. Bill says:

    Heck, Laurent Robinson just signed a deal that averages about what your plan offers, Clarence.

    Laurent. Robinson.

    Certainly Wallace will do better than that, no matter where he ends up.

  14. David Brock says:

    I bet Wallace will see less playing time, cause you know the Steelers won’t pay that amount of loot

  15. Steve says:

    I think these other signings spell the end of Wallace’s Steelers career. Just don’t see them forking over this kind of $ to a receiver. His second half of the season drop off can’t be overlooked. As long as guys like Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder are around, someone will pay Wallace the big $.

  16. Dave says:

    If you don’t want to stay then leave. Go and disappear for some other team that’s willing to over pay for a vanishing act; a “one trick pony,”

  17. David says:

    welp, as everyone has noted, the market did Wallace a huge favor, and us fans and trhe Steelers a disservice, I don’t blame Wallace for going for the BIG $ PAYDAY, he deserves it, but we all know the Rooney way!,,,, so I will make a contrite prediction and say that Wallace’s playing time will deminish of some sorts, he will be on the field, yes, but with him all but gone after the 2012 season, the Steelers need to start grooming yet the other guys on this team as THE GO TO GUY, I would say a drop off of 30% of Wallaces playing time, hate to see it happen, but the market will be to blame, but in a good way… Thank Mike Wallace for all the great catches in your short Steelers career……….

  18. SteelHeart says:

    With the Salary Cap at $120M this year, I don’t know how these teams are spending $10+ on one WR – unless he is a SuperStar ! I don’t care what the markets “says”. The Redskins and teams like that have shown everyone that overspending for freeagents doesn’t work.

    By the time a team includes the QB, a LT, and a LB or two, some DL, a good CB or safety,…. there is not enough money to pay the others starters a fair salary.

    So the numbers don’t lie – everyone can’t make what the “Market says”. So the good teams need to be able to convince most of their players, that playing for their team, and being in the playoffs almost every year, if worth taking just a little less.

    And don’t tell me that they… just need to feed their kids. Most starters in the NFL make more than the President of the United States !

  19. SteelHeart says:

    I also would say that #15 David is on to something – but I don’t think that the Steelers will reduce Wallace’s playing time – Wallace has reduced his own value by not growing in to a better WR. Tomlin’s prodding about a one-trick-pony have some merit.

    Despite Ward’s lesser speed, he never disappeared for half a season !

  20. Russ says:

    Bring back Hines!

  21. Steelfan says:

    Antonio Brown will be a RFA next year just like Wallace now, If Wallace doesn’t sign a long term deal the team will have to determine which one to keep. Sanders will also be a RFA in 2013 but he has more to prove going forward than the other two.

  22. EddieDean says:

    I say let him go., this year or next.. Having 2 # 1s this year would be Terrific! Plus, we would not be Mortgaging the future.. I have seen them come and go., and their is always another waiting in line.. It is Not all about Speed., it about Getting Open. Thank you Hines Ward !
    The Steelers know how to Draft and the possibility of drafting two future HOF players is very exciting!
    Besides, how many QBs have the arm to go deep with Wallace. His speed is negated if you can’t throw the distance. Considering the time it takes to set up., he is out of range.

  23. Rick says:

    One more year or not, I do not see the Steelers reducing his playing time to “groom” his replacement. They don’t do that. Play the best 22 and let the chips fall where they may. We worry about 2013 in 2013. In 2012, you play the best guys because you still have enough talent to win it all. To reduce his playing time would be a disservice to him and the fans. Only reduce it if he fails to perform. But some of his drop-off late last year was do to the double coverage he attracted which is why our other WR numbers went up. Plus, many times when he was open, he outran Ben’s arm….which is more of a concern for me. The drops I’ll agree with, but you have to look at the whole picture.

  24. jason says:

    we can get a couple more years outta him and then probably still get something for him. the FO is waiting around and playing it cool and smart as usual. This is the time of year that your dan snyder types win their superbowls. lol. Mike shanahan must have found that good dc crack. he hanging wit marion barry.

  25. Corrie says:

    BTW they didn’t LET Holmes go…. they threw his but out town for being a nimrod!

  26. Rick says:

    Wallace had a so-so season based on his upswing (supposed). Yes, where did he go the second half of the season?
    Was it all part of the team’s fall off, injuries and what, or was it because teams were on to him.
    Brash talk to begin, gonna make 2000 yards receiving, didn’t get close!
    We all know it is action, not words, that get the money in the NFL.
    I don’t think I am being too harsh on him, but he didn’t get close to what he wanted, and he just about all but disappeared in the sole playoff game (3 for 26 yards!).
    We will end up keeping him, tender year, then maybe tag him to allow another season.
    — Yeah, Dan Snyder pays the multi-year screw for yet another unproven QB. No offense RG II, but like Heath Schuler, you have yet to play one down in the NFL. They spent the farm for 3 years, and signed 3 WRs that aren’t any better than what they had if they had a good team.

    And having 2 #1s (#22 EddieDean) is not practical. If we had the money to spend on #1s, yeah. We don’t.

    The money, or lack of it, is dictating this year’s free agency. Always some early splashes, then trickle.

  27. Carl says:

    I cannot believe these teams just throwing money at WRs they way they are this FA period. The stupidist move has to be J’ville and their contract with Robinson. F*cking retarded.

    Who knows, maybe the Steelers can get a slight discount on Wallace (he has to know Ben might be one of just a few QBs with the arm to get it to Wallace, right?), but I doubt it. We *were* a passing team, but under Haley maybe the premium will no longer be on chucking it all over. We will see….

  28. DK67 says:

    Why aren’t the Steelers trying to get a long term contract deal done before they hit the final year and basically get held hostage by what other teams are doing…and before the prices for these players skyrocket again. Let’s face it, you never see the average salary going down, so wouldn’t it have made sense to lock him up last year and Brown this year? We’ll have the same issue with Brown next year if he remains productive. It will be even worse if he has a stellar year.

    Also, from the player’s perspective, wouldn’t it behoove you to actually take a longer deal with a little less money that has a substantial portion guaranteed? A lot of these big money players get bounced around from team to team once they slow a step or join the injury list, because the team that originally signed them to the big money can no longer afford them. Then it’s goodbye and they never see the full amount of the contract they signed anyway. Lather, rinse and repeat with a new team. I don’t think anyone would laugh off a 5yr $45M contract with some guaranteed money, perenial playoff contention and job security (see Hines Ward).

    Regardless, I hope I never see them shell out over $50M for a wide receiver. Like tobias said, 10 TD’s isn’t enough. Serously, $1M per TD? Will he still be worth $10M/year in the 4th and 5th year when he can no longer burn past the younger and faster coverage teams? We’d be selling our future.

  29. KC says:

    A lot of people are saying that Wallace “disappeared” the final 9 games of the year, but how about the fact that he was double teamed and defenses game planned around him, therefore, that is the reason Antonio Brown had the breakout year that he had. As for the “one trick pony” label, I think we all now that is not the case and he has turned into one of the better receivers in the game. If and when Wallace leaves, it will be a sad day in the Burgh

  30. Carl says:

    Oh, and while I’m on it, another asinine move by our state-mates across the way. Another f*cking retarded move. They give 10mil a year to a tiny WR who catchs what, 50 passes a year? Idiocy. And the guy is a prick to boot. He pouted his way to mega-bucks.

    I guess the headache you know is better then the one you don’t, Huh?

  31. David says:

    Its all the owners, they do it to themselves, so if this is how they want to go then everyone 3 years from now will suffer because of cap space, or the lack thereof, guys who would seemingly deserve big money for on field accomplishments will find themselves being shown the door due to salary cap issues, there should be some kind of bylaw that prevents such ludicrous spending, but, again this is the owners product and they can spend thier ( our ) money the way they see fit!, Right! actually, nt mine, except for the fact i have to purchase cable to be able to watch the game, so all these lucrative contracts are due to tv contracts, but if i bought you a bike, does it mean you have to ride it!…..

  32. K-Man says:

    Wallace is a good receiver. Missed too many clutch throws in 2011 to be considered great. Brown is more elusive in his routes and after the catch; catches the ball in crowds and holds on to it in traffic. He will be the next Ward. Wallace won’t win you games in a clutch Brown will. Save the money for Brown… will need it!

  33. james says:

    hey everybody dont worry, just be happy!!! we can franchise wallace next year, and following the next season when salary cap rises like the price of gas per gallon…..then we pay the man!!!! in the mean time we use him up!!! big time!!! while we are waiting around we need to fix our offense and defensive lines respectfully….what do you think??

  34. steelerdealer says:

    we all get caught up with players that we think are awesome and we can’t live w/o. the truth of the matter is there is always players in waiting just as there was hines ward, antonio brown, mike wallace. We could address the future needs of the steelers this year. Let him go, get the number 1 for him now. how often do you think a team like the steelers will get a crack at to first roundhpicks? we have a pretty good track record in the draft. get offense offensive linemen, nose tackle, then best available. with wallace why devalue his worth to the steelers by keeping him for a year or two and getting nothing in return via trade. Wide receivers who don’t fight for the ball and own the ball in the air are not worthy of forgoing a #1 now. I’ve seen plenty of Wallace to see he does not possess the nasty to catch the off cue throws. Look at hines and Megatron.

  35. james says:


    we cant coach speed, wallace needs to out run the coverage, and the qback needs to just lay it up for him!!!! you make sense on the rest of your comments!!! all the more so as to why we need wallace to run on other teams defenses, not on ours!!!! make sense? what do you think?

  36. BamaSteeler says:

    No way Wallace stays a Steeler after this year, I am wondering why the Pats are not trying to go after him, they have 2 #1’s this year and could easily afford to lose one of them. The WR bidding was has gotten out of control…They touch the ball what 5 – 10 times a game maybe…Spend the money on OL and Defense and I’ll show you a championship team, any receiver can be made if the QB is Ben and he is standing tell..We mya lose Brown next year also so, we would need to replace for the next 2 years, Hines, Jericho, Wallace and Brown…. What are we going to do run the ball with Mendenhall…lmao

  37. Rob says:

    As much as i love Mike Wallace and want to see him remain a steeler. The facts are The steelers and Kevin Colbert do a tremendous job in recognizing the potential of great recievers. I believe money should always be spent on the O-line. Keep your quaterback upright and and making holes for your RB. Continuity and consistance breeds championship.

  38. james says:


    no way are the pats going to give us a 1st round pick, and then pay 50 million to wallace, when they can keep their 1st round pick, and draft a rookie, for dirt cheap, compare to these outrages prices for wr!!!! keep wallace, franchise him, until the salary cap escalates, we need to figure on drafting dontari poe, and decastro , wallace is fine where he is, brown will be easier to sign next year, because he will be a rfa, what do you think?

  39. Rob says:

    I’m wondering why the bengals havent gone after him. with the multiple pick they got from The raiders and their cap level

  40. John G says:

    This issue of big money being made by the free agents is another reason of many why I like the way the Steelers do business. They generally draft players well and groom some of them to be starters once a player in front of them at the same position leaves, injured, or whatever. That way when they become more prominent players they already know the system and the Steelers avoid paying a huge contract and the salary cap implications that come from doing business that way. They generally sign free agents as complimentary spot starters at best. The latest few exception was linebacker James Farrior.

  41. Jay D says:

    Well done, Mark, great analysis. It looks like WR’s have become a commodity similar to what RB’s became. Smart teams don’t tie up too much money on RB’s and WR’s.

  42. Carl says:

    Yeah, but with Farrior he’s an ILB and they signed him like 10 years ago, when you could get a good FA for not breaking the bank. Plus, he was relatively unknown coming off the Jets.

    Teams are paying these WRs HUGE money because of the new perceived view of the NFL being a passing league. Premium level WRs are getting what premium level RBs used to get….

  43. David says:

    this perception of the wideouts vs. the running backs is absurd, to say this is a Pass first league is reduntantly, well… redundant!, jeepers what are the great coaches doing these days, george hallas, pappa bear, chuck knoll, these guys are jaw dropped sick, and wondering where the heck the run game is, you can’t win championships and playoff games throwing 50 – 60 times, and especially the late season november-december, I myself am at a loss, these coaches these days are pansies and whimps compare to the coaches of yester year…. my gosh, just let me run the damn ball, can you imagine a running back taking a mimmick from keyshawn johnsons book!…..

  44. Kevin says:

    i want to believe we have wallace this year but my feeling is the team that signs peyton will then make a move on wallace. Broncos or Titans are waiting to see of they have the passer before grabbing the reciever.

  45. Harry says:

    The franchise tag is an option next offseason if the salary cap increases significantly and you’re still talking roughly $11 million for the 2013 season on top of the $2.7 million restricted tender he will receive for the 2012 season. The cost for two years averages out to $6.85 million per season which still is cheaper then signing him to a top five deal for wide receivers this offseason.

  46. Imp'n'Arn says:

    ESPN reports Steelers interested in Charger FA RB Mike Tolbert. He would be a good acquisition, but I kinda think that the Steelers have much potential in RB’s on the team. Maybe I’m reaching on that.

  47. james says:

    i wish the steelers show greater interest in michael bush, power back, with some speed!!! what do you think?

  48. David says:

    jeramy jacobs is a better fit for the steelers brand of what used to be considered ‘ smash mouth ‘ football, ohhhhh where is jerome bettis these days

  49. Scott P says:

    The best thing about Mike Wallace is that Bruce Arians won’t be his coordinator next year.

  50. Clarence says:


    Don’t do crack huh?

    Neither should you. Maybe then you would recognize sarcasm when you see it.

  51. Imp'n'Arn says:

    @james #45

    Bush is a Raider.

    We are the Steelers.

    ‘nuf said.

    @Scott P #47

    well said.

  52. Clarence says:

    Scott P couldn’t agree with you more

  53. james says:


    hey, bro, look at the freeagents list, and you will find that bush is no longer with the raiders….just kicking tires, waiting to get signed by the steelers…he is the closes we will get to the bus= jerome bettis!!!! he is cheaper than wallace…and we need some depth…because mendenhall has fumble-itiss, you know what im saying? what do you think?

  54. Jay Walker says:

    Like Tolbert a lot. Very underrated and great in short yardage. Just do it, Colbert!

  55. Van Man says:

    Nice gag job, Fleury.

  56. Christian says:

    ‘Nice gag job Fleury’?? Are you kidding me? First, this is for Steelers/Wallace comments, but second, the Pens fell for the Flyers BS style, of after the whistle play, and horrible officiating. This loss cannot be blamed on Fleury. The officials missed at least 3 calls between the 2nd period and OT. Finally, the fact that the refs still fall for Hartnell and Giroux grossly embellishing is PATHETIC. Ref Dave Jackson should be suspended.

  57. hammertime says:

    Mike Wallace did not find the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Steelers found him, can’t blame a man for taking the big bucks if he can get them, but I bet my life the Steelers will not overpay him, it’s just not their way, yes, losing him would be a BIG BLOW to the team, so was Santonio Holmes, but they found a replacement, and if decides to carry “HIS HINNIE”, they will just find someone ELSE, what’s the worry?????

  58. David says:

    the one bad thing about Manning going to the Broncos, is, we wont be able to face the qb that knocked us out of the playoffs this year…..

  59. Van Man says:

    Once again, Fleury played small in a big game.

    That’s precisely why the Pens won’t win the Stanley Cup this season.

  60. Lady Di says:

    Marilyn Chambers didn’t gag as much as Fleury.

  61. David says:

    ya’ll get off Fleaury, what was his goals against avg. during the 11 game win streak, man! ya’ll ain’t happy wit-nuthin!… still 9-0-1 the last 10 games, the offense 2 previous wins were with 5 goals , what happened to the output in this game,,, really! you can only find one guy to blame, … howabout the whole team! don’t listen to this garbage Fleaury, they only see the ” L ” why don’t ya’ll look at the record the last 28 games, mind you we were 10 points behind the Rangers 4 weeks ago!….

  62. Lady Di says:

    Thies-sen! Thies-sen! Thies-sen!

  63. Dejan Shortpants says:

    Will somebody tell Sid to take off that dumb hat while he does TV interviews? Would think somebody with the Pens or the league office would have told him by now.

  64. james says:

    my fellow steeler fans, do you think we will go to the superbowl, this year??? what do you think??

  65. Rick says:

    Anyone who watched the Flyers game saw Flower leave immediately – he was not happy. And I thought there was some nonsense with Hartnell coming on and Jager still on, but the officiating was spotty all game.
    We had our chances, didn’t make the best of them.
    I feel we were spent, emotionally, and the first goal Flower was screened very well. He looked right, the shot went left.
    Ah well, no one else would complain about 11-1 over the last 12 games.
    You want perfection – DON’T DO ANYTHING!

    And as far as Wallace goes – with Manning inking his deal in Denver, watch out. I would not be surprised if Elway tries to pull him there.

    Superbowl, let’s get past FA and draft first please.

  66. Carmen M says:

    Thank you Hines for a graceful decision! I’m so happy we will only see and remember you in a Steelers Uniform. All the best in anything you choose to do.

  67. Rick says:

    I am so happy Hines decided to retire rather than play elsewhere.

    I loved him for his play, funniness and overall desire. It will be difficult watching the Steelers play without 86 on the field.

  68. David says:

    yes, it will definitly be different without Hines out there, I hope all 68,000 plus fans wears #86 on opening day in the first home game to honor Hines…..

  69. David says:

    Just watched the clip on Hines Ward’s retirement speech, man! that was emotional, had me choked up and teary eyed too, I really wish him nothing but the best in life, and Hines, if you ever find the ” recievers coach ” in you, I am positive you’d make a great one, you know the position, and you Mr. Ward, single handedly changed how that position is played, we will miss you, and I personally will miss you on gamedays against the Ravens, the rivalry leaves with you, a new Steelers/Ravens chapter is yet to be written and saddly enough, Hines Ward #86 will be gone but not forgotten, heres to you Hines, …. here we go HINES WARD here we go!…..

  70. Heigl605 says:

    I’m in complete agreement with a lot of the information in the following paragraphs. You certainly are a special article writer have real profit put your own views directly into apparent phrases. Anyone will be able to understand why.

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