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Colon a tackle — for now


Any questions about Willie Colon’s future with the Steelers were answered last month when the team restructured his contract and gave Colon more guaranteed money from the five-year, $29.5 million deal he signed last August.
The question with Colon that always seems to persist is when the Steelers will shift him from right tackle to guard. Such a move has long been an intriguing one since Colon doesn’t have longest arms for a tackle and seems to have the temperament and skill set to dominate as a guard.
When asked if there is any talk about a position change for Colon, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said, “That’s a question for coach (Mike) Tomlin, but I think if we were to start the season today Willie Colon would line up as a tackle.”
Colbert, talking at the NFL owners meetings, left plenty of wiggle room in regard to Colon and with good reason.
The offensive line may look a lot different when training camp opens than it does now.
The Steelers could use their first- or second-round draft pick on a tackle even though they think Marcus Gilbert has a future at left tackle and are happy with Colon at right tackle. The Steelers also haven’t ruled out bringing back last year’s left tackle, Max Starks, after he works his way back from an ACL tear.
What does all of this mean for Colon? Probably nothing.
Offensive line coach Sean Kugler know as well as anyone how injuries can scramble a line. That has been his reality since joining Mike Tomln’s staff in 2010.
The Steelers need to be flexible and open-minded when it comes to their offensive line. That is probably the biggest reason why they have never completely closed the door on the Colon-to-guard questions.

— Scott Brown



  1. Roy says:

    The Steelers should do everything they can to solidify the line, Ben and the running game need to be healthy and happy. Spend less draft picks on defense and more on offense.

  2. DAME1971 says:

    bottom line is thats his best position GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Raven Fan says:

    Put the injury prone wussy at any position and the Ravens will beat on him like they did in the first game of the season. Nice O-line. Trying to patch it up with a guy who has played less then one full game in 2 seasons has me laughing all the way to the sack!

  4. Ron Doumani says:

    Hey Raven fan, Wide Left!!!!

  5. Rambis says:

    Raven Fan,

    It’s always nice to see someone on this board from a lesser team – welcome! I’m assuming you’re here visiting just a few of the Lombardi trophies we get to enjoy all the time. The Ravens’ one from around a decade ago must get lonely all by itself in its case.

    Stay classy.

  6. Dirt63 says:

    Hey Raven Fan,

    Are you that worried about next season that you are reading about the Steelers in March? Or is it that reading about the Ravens just is not any fun?

    Anyway, Colon will do fine at either guard or tackle and will play where the coaches feel he can help the most. Moving to guard would be great if they bring Starks back.

  7. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    Of all the areas on the team that need to be upgraded the most is the O line. Other thanPouncey and Gilbert, I’m not sold on anybody else. I think Colon was average at best and is no way deserving of the contract that the Stillers gave him. When I think of Colon, I immediately think of false start penalties. Also don’t forget who was drunk in the bar down in GA with Ben. Bottom line fix the freakin O line.- 6 Tons

  8. Imp'n'Arn says:

    eau de Colon will, eventually, be a guard, and a very good one. The Big Legursky is a very capable guard, on the other side. Trai Essex should compete for starting right tackle. Max might sign on for another year, as a reserve.

    I don’t think that the O-line is such a big problem as most others do. If there is a commitment to the running game and a successful effort to have BBen throw timing patterns or get rid of the ball then I think that the Steelers O-line will mysteriously “improve.”

    No commitment to the run, and “broken pass play by BBen on two” play-calling have undermined the O-line’s performance.

  9. sjb says:

    Still trying to get what everyone sees in Gilbert. I know the coaches are high on him, but they are generally like that with every player until the day they are gone as Kemo was also getting high marks just days before being axed. I know he’s a rookie and has room to improve but to me he seems sluggish and slow footed and easily beatable by most of the games better outside pass rushers. Not surprisingly, I feel the same about Colon and the fact that Gilbert is getting such praise by the team and fans alike just further emphasizes how bad overall the o-line is. I guess if you’re able to stand upright and draw less than 2 penalties a game you’re pro bowl material on that line.

  10. Elmo says:

    Just a word of caution about the O-Line: Pouncey isn’t nearly as good as he is hyped. No one says “Pouncey” w/out bringing up the Steelers’ history of centers, and the connection is automatically made that he’s next in line. He’s decent in the running game, but below average in pass protection. Don’t take my word for it; check out any reliable source. Try Pro Football Focus. They do a simple “Dr. Z”-like chart system. They rated him higher than average; not great. (Incidentially, they called Ike over-rated.) Remember that being voted to Pro Bowls is a meaningless popularity contest. Fans may not want to swallow this, but let’s not get blinded by affection.

  11. Roy says:

    The people who play against Pouncey think he’s pretty good, Ike is the best corner the Steelers have had for quite a while.

    Don’t believe every blogger’s “chart” on the internet. They make unrealistic summations so people like you read them and pass them on as the truth.

  12. Rick says:

    If our O-line is healthy; Starks, Legursky, Pouncey, Colon/Foster, Gilbert with Essex and maybe Chris Scott (if he really is as good as they think), then a second round draft pick for an O-line guy.
    Otherwise, spend the first round pick.
    We still need a D-line pick as well, so who is available and when is critical.
    — not all Raven’s fans are idiots, I had a cable guy here this week and he was a Raven’s fan. We had a very nice discussion about both teams. Good and bad.

    Anyway, we need to see what is up with Mendy, vs Byron Batch and Redman. And will we use a real FB this coming season (I hope).

    Looking at DBs, health is the issue. We need to see the second and third year players step up or replace them. All 3 were injured at various times last season. There is nothing wrong with Ike, though we now need a better CD opposite him (ref back to 3 guys in stable already).

    As much as I don’t like thinking about it, we need to make sure we have better backups at Safety. Mundy has been steady, needs to upgrade himself play-wise.

    Will be an interesting draft.

  13. Scott P says:

    I am in agreement with Imp’n’Arn.

    I believe you will see the sack numbers decrease this year while the avg. per carry and total rushing yards increase. This O line is not great but it is much better than Bruce Arians made it look. A reasonable offensive philosophy will do wonders for this line. I am hoping that Starks get’s healthy and returns. If he is able to hold down a tackle spot, they can move Colon inside and have a pretty decent starting 5.

  14. David Brock says:

    Please don’t kidyourselves about the o line an infusion of youth, size and brawny is surely needed, what we have now with the exception of Arsenal is well below the standard, Starks made this line look great and we all know that pouncey is only ad good as his high ankle sprained allows him to be and I do agree that he is over rated, he did not do anything to get voted to the all star game and that wad an injustice to the player who did and wad left out. Anyrate, plume needs some great attention paid to it, and with the three compensatory draft picks where else to start building an o line then with those to start….. Well. Um outta here,,

  15. Dick says:

    Agree with most all that has been said about the O-line. I do hope Max Starks can make it back from the ACL injury. I believe he proved his worth last year. I watched a QB from Houston last year who looked pretty good and might be a sleeper but I can’t remember his name. Don’t know if he would last until the seventh round but the Steelers say they are interested in a young QB. (Not as a replacement for BB) Now that we have 3 exrra picks in the seventh he might be interesting..

  16. Supa Stillers says:

    Hopefully Haley will solve the o-line problem… they can’t be as bad as they have looked in the past few years… penalties, injuries, no runnning game or protection.
    Haley will find the answer and also make Ben get rid of the ball quicker… great recievers that we have should be open quickly so there is no need to get sacked regularly. THE REAL HELP IS NEEDED AT DB AND D-LINE… send help fast!!!

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