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Teams interested in trading for Wallace, but will Steelers listen?


If the Steelers want to keep Mike Wallace, there’s nothing he can do to prevent that.

However, he can try to force the Steelers’ hand to either pay him or trade him.

And that’s exactly what he and his representatives are doing.

Less than 24 hours after a league source told me that a handful of teams are interested in trading for Wallace leading up the NFL draft scheduled for two weeks from today, news leaked that Wallace doesn’t intend on showing up to any of the Steelers’ offseason activities in protest of his first-round tender.

It isn’t by coincidence that the news was leaked that Wallace doesn’t plan to sign his restricted free agent tender by the April 20 deadline only weeks before the draft, it is strategy.

Even though Bus Cook’s plan of planting information that his client would be a major player in the restricted free agent market this year because of the new CBA rule that requires only a first-round pick as compensation rather than a first and a third backfired, that doesn’t mean this tactic won’t.

There was no way that any team would give up a first-round pick for Wallace along with signing him to a lucrative long-term contract on the RFA market, and that became apparent early on.

However, it is very attractive to teams to try to get Wallace via a trade because it would definitely command less than a first-round pick it would’ve cost them on the RFA market.

Also, it is very attractive for Wallace to go to a team that is willing to pay him the in excess of $10 million per season he is demanding.

But, of course, it takes two teams to trade, and floating it out there at the absolute right time that Wallace doesn’t plan to attend offseason workouts during a year that the team hires a new offensive coordinator should perk up the ears of all the Steelers’ decision-makers.

Santonio Holmes was traded 10 days before the 2010 draft. News about a disgruntled Wallace broke 15 days before the 2012 draft. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Although Holmes’ trade had a lot to do with the trouble he got into on the heels of Ben Roethlisberger’s Milledgeville incident, but still, a part of it was because Holmes was in the final year of his contract and the Steelers had no intentions of signing him to an extension and wanted to get something for him.

So the Steelers shipped Holmes to New York for a fifth-round choice.

Wallace would likely command a higher pick than a fifth, but the Steelers have to consider any offer that comes. Plus, it would be much easier to explain a trade of a disgruntled employee than a model employee, and Bus Cook knows that hence yesterday’s report.

It’s becoming clearer that the Steelers aren’t going to offer Wallace enough money for him to forgo testing the free agent market next year.

The Steelers aren’t going to franchise him, either.

The franchise tag was $9.4 million this year, but will most certainly go up next year following the big contracts of Calvin Johnson ($16.5 million a year) and Vincent Jackson ($11 million a year) last month.

It’s already been reported that Wallace wants Larry Fitzgerald-type money – 8 years, $120 million.

That’s not going to happen here because the Steelers don’t value receivers like that and, most importantly, they don’t have the money to do it.

What the Steelers have to decide is whether having Wallace for this year is worth losing a possible third or fourth-round draft choice or some other draft choice combination another team is willing to part with in a trade.

If it is, then they will keep him.

If it isn’t, they will trade him.

But make no mistake about it, once the draft is over and if Wallace doesn’t sign his tender, the little leverage Wallace has will be gone.

If Wallace doesn’t sign his tender by June 15, the Steelers could reduce his tender by $2.1 million and still retain his rights.

If Wallace holds out the entire year, he would lose an accrued season and still be a restricted free agent again next year when everything repeats itself.

Wallace could go the route of Jackson a couple years ago when he accepted the reduced tender, held out until Week 10 and became an unrestricted free agent after that, but that would make him less attractive to possible suitors.

So what will happen?

Well, this is for sure: Wallace isn’t going to miss any OTAs, he isn’t going to hold out, he isn’t going to show up in Week 10 and he is definitely not going to lose $2.1 million.

That leaves two options – Wallace gets traded within the next two weeks or he leaves via free agency next year.

There really aren’t any other logical options.

• Mark Kaboly
• Posted: 4/12 at 12:55 p.m.
• @MarkKaboly_Trib


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. Bob says:

    No way I would trade him for anything less than top of the second round pick this year and a conditional pick next year. The Rams would seem like an ideal team to talk with…they need a big time WR for S Bradford and have plenty of good picks to poss deal. The only reason I would consider trade is looming contract for A Brown next year or two…cant pay both 8+ million a year.

  2. Mr. Cynical says:

    Trade the greedy bastard!

  3. Bob says:

    I really do not understand Wallace’s position…Sure—he wants more $$$ and thinks that this is his time…However, I think that NFL owners are getting tired of whiny, primadonna wide receivers…It has been proven the last couple of years that teams can get young, quick guys in the draft—like the Steelers did with Wallace, Brown and Sanders…I would think that he and Bus Cook (if he had any brains) would be looking for $$$ AND stability for Wallace…Staying with the Steelers for less $$ would be the move…

  4. Dennis says:

    I would trade him prior to the draft only, for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    I like Stephen Hill (RD1) alot or T.Y. Hilton (RD4)

  5. olddog says:

    I hope Mike Wallace reads this—–What is wrong with you ? You are playing for the greatest NFL franchise, together you both have a great future, Don’t be so greedy. Did you not learn ANYTHING from Hines Ward ??????

  6. JAMESH says:

    …uh……..bad example. Hines held out in 2005, remember? Mike Wallace is seeking only what apparently is fair market value for a WR these days, and that is not only a number with which the Steelers don’t do business, it’s about twice what they would be willing to pay. Nobody is at fault here, and nobody to blame; there is just a very wide gulf between opinions.

  7. mike says:

    Lets’s get real here, he has no leverage at all, if a team really wanted him, they would have already signed him to an offer. He’s a one trick pony, not yet an upper level receiver (look at his playoff production). The Steelers will not trade him, sets a bad precedent, they got rid of Holmes to send a message. He’ll either sign his tender or sit and then get re-tendered, (no leverage).

  8. Michael says:

    At worst they get a 3rd round comp pick for him if he signs somewhere else so they will not be losing anything if they don’t trade him this year for a 3rd or 4th

  9. Dan says:

    The Steelers will end up getting a compensatory 3rd round pick if they lose him via free agency after this season, so why would they trade him now for anything less than a 1st round pick.

  10. joe says:

    Why would the Steelers trade him now for a only 2nd or 3rd round draft pick? They can keep him this year and if he leaves via FA after next year the Steelers would get a third round compensatory pick for him signing with another team.

  11. Ironhead says:

    I had a feeling something like this was going to happen when Wallace and the other receivers started calling themselves the Bugatti Boys. If he ends up going to one of the worst teams in the league simply because they will pay him the most, he is not the kind of player you want on your team anyway. On the other hand, if a team like San Fran trades for him and signs him to a huge deal, you can’t accuse him of selling out for money alone.

  12. none says:

    Why would the Steelers trade him for less than the 3rd round compensatory pick they will get next year?

  13. Jim says:

    The guy we need to retain is A. Brown next year, so save the money for him. Better hands, better route runner, team first guy, all around better Steeler. Trade Wallace away for mid round picks and I’m sure we can find a guy in the draft who can replace his speed, and probably has better hands.

  14. Tom says:

    If he was as good as Larry Fitzgerald then he should be able to command that kind of money. His problem is he’s not. His hands are suspect as is his route running– there are reasons he lasted to the 3rd round. If he leaves the Steelers he may get a contract that is potentially worth more money but he’s likely never to earn it all (see Neil O’Donnell to the Jets). When the Steelers sign guys to long term deals the players almost always play out the contract and make all the money.

  15. Steven says:

    Wallace..u have a bright future with the Steelers. Think about this. PLEASE, accept and sign the tender, have yet another great season, and have patience. This organization WILL take care of u, they know exactly what ur worth. Ur with an organization that’s built around discipline hard, work, and winning. The fans r begging u to reconsider what ur doing. U have an amazing future with these guys that 31 other teams could never match, and I don’t think i need to explain to u what that is. U kno very well what that is.

    My heart bleeds black n gold.
    stay with us #17.

  16. Dave crowley says:

    Wallace should really think this threw, do you want the money or a chance for a ring the next several years. The steelers will pay him but he will not get fitzgerald money. I like mike but he has not proven he is better than Fitzgerald. If your one of the best you play a lot better in the second half of the season and don’t drop key balls. Wallace does help brown but brown also helps Wallace . He should remember that.

  17. Fargo says:

    You can’t (And Pittsburgh wont) pay a guy that disappears the second half of the season Fitzgerald money. They wont trade him. He will play out his contract here and go be a number 2 receiver somewhere and you’ll barely hear if him again.

  18. DAVID MARTIN says:

    Why wouldn’t this guy want to play in a second rate city like Pittsburgh. Hell, it could be worse. You could end up in Cleveland.
    Blind greed is the down fall of the American shine.

  19. Carl says:

    I’m sure the guy wants $$$ AND stability, but with the way NFL contracts work the only way you get real money is if you get it up front; ie. the big FAT signing bonus.

    Sucks, but this is the way it is. I love Mike Wallace on our team, but agents get these guys to only think about that gi-normous contract. If I’m his agent, I say give the home team the discount, especially a perennial contender like us. You play for a good team and are integral in their game plan? That means endorsement money, and thats a way to make HUGE cash. Just look at Ward, I don’t think he’s hurting for money, and now he’ll probably roll right into the broadcast booth and still make money.

    If Wallace holds out, I swear I’ll puke. Trade ‘em to the Jags, or Sea-hacks, or some other QB-deficient team. No numbers, no more big fat contracts….

  20. Reality check says:

    As much as I would like to hate on Wallace for this move the guy deserves his payday. If he doesn’t do this now he may never have a chance down the road to get his big payday. Remember that this is his livelihood and he only has a few years to cash in, and when his time comes the league will not throw him a farewell party. We like to hate on these guys for trying to get paid, but don’t forget that it is a business and it should work both ways.

    I’m not bashing the Steelers because this is their standard way of operating when it comes to these situations. But we fans should appreciate what Wallace has done for the Steelers and hope he gets paid by a team that is willing to shell out the money.

  21. OgnirRats says:

    Mike have you NOT followed that SEVERAL teammates have adjusted their contracts to FREE up ca$h for you & other Steelers for the sole purpose so YOU and Pittsburgh can continue the DYNASTY that they are!!! Thus ‘Steeler-Nation’ continues to be the most prolific team in ALL of Sports!!! Be part of the ‘Nation’ or fade away like you did at the end of last season. It’s your call Mike…………~Cc;>,

  22. joe walsh says:

    Steelers Do Not need to trade Wallace. He has to sign or he cannot become an UFA next year.

    If we lose him as an UFA we will prob. get a 3rd round compensatory draft pick.

    So if I am the Steelers I play hardball, let him earn his UFA, and take the 3rd round compensatory pick.

  23. David says:

    Well, Wallace bS been a very reliable wideout, the dude displays speed after the catch and is not fazed one bit going over the middle, I can’t blame him for wanting a lot of cash now even before he hits his prime what with all the bounties going on, one good hit in the knee and your talking a career ending injury, ask Greg Williams, you got coaches now coaching on going at certain body parts, so me as a Steelers fan , can understand his position, the kid don’t wanna be broke. And he wants to take care of mom! I wish him nothing but the best, it could be another 25 years before we see lombardi 7……

  24. Tom says:

    Steelers have all the leverage. He will play this year at the low tender. No reason not to franchise him next year.

    Two good years at 12M. If he leaves and gets a big contract, they will get a 3rd rounder the following year a compensatory pick.

  25. Rob says:

    Wallace played terrible in the second half of the season. He gave up on balls, did not break up poor passes and some of his route running was questionable at best. To want Fitz money is totally unreasonable. If we can get a 2nd rd pick for him then thats the way to go. Mike is his own worst enemy right now. Another Diva WR full of himself. I would love to see the Steelers dump him to a team with a poor QB. Good way to teach a lesson.

  26. cory says:

    Trade him. He’s not a team player.

  27. Eddie says:

    Trade him to the Rams for their two second round picks…which happen to be #1 and #7. He’s not even being realistic with what he’s asking for and I think Cook is giving him bad advice….which is nothing new….after all, he was Brett Favre’s agent, too.

  28. mzz1s1 says:

    trade him we dont want anybody who dont want to be there if its all about money and not team dedication then let him go most steelers who leave fail anyway.

  29. Bill says:

    Hes not even the best WR on the team. Get what you can for him.

  30. rob Henderson says:

    I’ve said all along to trade him to The Rams for their two seconds or Second & a player. The Viking have Cap space so be pro active a Negotiate Alternate compensation for his RFA. Cards have a 2nd & Dan WIlliams. The STeelers should tell Bus Cook to seek a trade now with the so called teams that are interested.

  31. John Smith says:

    Steelers should trade Wallace and a 3rd round pick in exchange for a first round pick. Not sure if any team would be willing to do this but we don’t need a head-case receiver in Pittsburgh.

  32. Paulie Raspa says:

    Wallace needs to be signed but if they can get a draft pick inside the top 12 plus a 3rd rd then that is something I would have to consider. WR to me is not that much of a concern … I would much rather the Steelers run the ball 30+ times thanking throw 30+times… draft a fb or sign one and hey y wouldnt we go after a Dallas Clark for a 2nd TE… him and Heath would really help Ben… but please Run the damn ball!!

  33. Travis says:

    Let’s be realistic this is one of brightest young stars in the league it just happens that he plays for a team that has never paid players market value. Losing him would hurt this team tremendously, think about it where will the offense come and what would their chances be to go deep into the playoffs. If you can’t pay him 10mil per then trade him. Hopefully, the Patriots are listening or maybe Carolina.

  34. Jake says:

    With all due respect, I think your analysis is dead wrong. Steelers keep Wallace for next year at a below market number. Then they decide what to do with him. If he goes as a free agent, the Steelers will get a compensatory pick for him – maybe as high as a 3d round pick. So why trade him now for a low pick when you have all the leverage and the worst thing is he misses OTA’s when you get him for at least another year at a good price? Steelers have all the leverage here and if Wallace turns into that much of a malcontent, he’s hurting his own stock. Anyway I don’t think he’s that much of a prima donna – he’s just trying to use his leverage now but the Steelers are patient and will win this battle.

  35. Darren says:

    I don’t know what Bus Cook is telling wallace but whatever it is makes no sense at all…everyone knows that pittsbrugh is tight with money this year they had to cut several players (did cook forget that) so why is he putting all the stuff in his head…if I’m wrong and wallace is the one pulling the strings than he needs to wake up and take ward’s advice

  36. Luis says:

    Mike needs to reflect on what has happened to WR who move away. In a long list only 1 or 2 have gone to have a good career. Don’t disrupt your career stay a Steeler for a fair deal. Dont listen to your greedy agent! I have your Jersey!!! #17 !!!

  37. Derrick says:

    I see both sides and I believe, wish a compromise can be reached. He is worth far more than the 1st round tender offered. I believe that their cap issues caused that. His speed demands a nice pay day, The Steelers should recognize this. Mike needs to realize that his speed alone did not get him where he is now. Other quality receivers took pressure off him and Ben is a good QB that got him the ball.

    Work it out guys.

  38. Gary says:

    Dear Mike Wallace,
    You are a great Steeler. We fans would like to see you be a Steeler forever.

    The top 2% of the USA, the richest nation in the world, makes $100k or more. $2MM is 10 times what “well off” people make in their entire lifetime.

    You are really good, and fit well into the team, as a vital part of the team.
    If you were really great, the Steelers would have won Super Bowl XLV.

    If you could play all 3 WR spots at once, taking 10% of the team’s salary cap may be OK. You are still only 25% of a 4 WR set.

    With all that said, I hope you can consider some good reasonable compensation, and enjoy being part of a legendary organization, and go fer a couple more Super Bowls.

    If not, I’d recommend the team see you a Steeler for your last year of your contract, part ways amicably, and you can go on your way to financial security. By the way, most Steelers who go looking for the pot of gold are let go by their new found team in a couple years because their salary is so high & cant afford even just a “good” year. By the way, ask Larry Foote what’s it’s like to play for a poor team, even if you get a big paycheck.

    Good Luck Mike Wallace, hope you wear black & gold forever

  39. rich says:

    Wallace seems bound and determined to follow in the footsteps of Nate Washington and Randle El.
    Too blank bad.

  40. mark says:

    i think the steelers should keep his lazy 1 rout running wr till the draft and then trade his butt for a 2and and 5thrd pick or 3rd and 4thrd pick or just keep him and then sign brown and sanders and then put the same tag on him again next yr this guy could not carry larrys or calvins jock strap he is not enen the best wr on the steelers he is not a complete wr as far as i see he is just 2nd rate randy moss i guess he did not learn anything from mr ward or jerome this is very sad !!!!! good bye jerk!!!!!!!!!

  41. John says:

    This is a stupid article. If the Steelers allow Wallace to leave next year as a UFA, they won’t get nothing. To the contrary, it’s likely they’ll be awarded a Round 3 pick as compensation in the 2013 draft. So why trade him now for a Round 3 pick? He has to play this year or he forfeits his right to be a UFA next year. Get what you can out of him this season, especially since he’ll need to produce to increase his value on the open market.

    Holmes was a different story. He was going to miss the first 4 games and the team had a PR disaster in Ben’s situation. We were not willing to have 2 major distractions in 2010.

    Assuming there’s any truth to this at all, and “League source” isn’t Adam Shefter, then it’s probably Bus Cook, trying to drum up interest for his client.

    Let’s all settle down and see how this plays out.

  42. Jerome says:

    TRADE him. Ifi doubt the Rams would give up both 2nd round picks but who knows? They gave us Bettis in his prime for a 2nd rounder. Maybe Wallace for Steven Jackson? LOL

  43. Clarence says:

    Don’t be mad at Wallace. He is only following his agents instructions to get the largest contract possible. If they feel they can get Fitzgerald $$, they’d be a fool not to try. If anyone who claims him to be such a greedy bastard was to have an offer to another company for 6 times what you make now, would you take it? If so, how can you look differently at Wallace?

    With that said, I would look to trade him just because he will test the free agent market next year and we will get nothing for him except for 1 last year at $2.1 mil when we could save that $$ or draft another prospect.

    Look at the odds. No position has delivered more 1st round busts than WR. Big time steals very late in the draft at WR is common and while we should not look to depend on that, it would be better to restock while we have 2 hungry young $$ WRs left and the vet Cotchery.

    Deeper still, don’t be so desperate as to trade him for a 4th rounder. Get less than what we drafted for him? Hell to the no. 2nd round or forget it. It could happen during draft day if let’s say St. Louis Rams don’t get their WR, they may just forgo their 2nd round pick for Wallace.

    One thing is clear, he will not be a Steeler for long, because we ain’t and better NOT pay him more than our flawed, but star QB.

  44. Frank says:

    The right move is to let him play out his final year at the bargain (for the Steelers) tender. Hopefully he will have a huge year like many players do in a contact year, after all the bigger the year he has the bigger the contract he will likely get. Don’t forget that if he leaves for big money as a free agent next year, the Steelers would be awarded a compensatory draft pick, a third rounder probably if someone gives him a top 10 contract for his position, at the least a fourth rounder. So it seem to be a mistake to trade him for just a third round pick this year. If they trade him there is no compensatory pick.

  45. This is all his agent’s doing. Has anyone heard Wallace say anything lately?He’s not going to camp ,he’s going to hold out,blah,blah blah,If true be careful what you wish for then. What happens is you end up getting a name attached to yourself, Prima donna, troublemaker,etc and then no one wants you, because they don;t want to deal with a problem child.

  46. hammertime says:

    If someone with a Pick in the top 12 picks in this years Draft were willing to trade it to us for Mike Wallace, his A__S would be gone in a New York Minute, One Wide Reciever will not Stop this Team, did you see how many Recievers were invited to New York for Draft Night!!! “HE CAN CARRY HIS HINNIE WITH A QUICKNESS”!!!!!!!!

  47. Carolina Mike says:

    Rob is spot on: “…trade him to The Rams for their two seconds or Second & a player”.

  48. Tag says:

    What planet is Wallace on that he thinks he’s earned Larry Fitzgerald type money? I like having him spread the field, but let’s face it, this is not a great all around WR. Ever see any tough catches made in trafic (over the middle)? Ever see him win a jump ball over a DB? He has become a greedy pre-madona and would only be a poison to the team. I would make an offer to any team, except cleveland for a top 10 pick in the second round. If nobody bites let him hold out and repeat the process next year.

  49. hammertime says:

    Mike Wallace could’nt EVEN tie LARRY FITZGERALD SHOE’S, must less expect his kind of money, to use his name in the same sentence with LARRY is “CRIMINAL” you know, Mike Wallace is on another Planet alright, “PLANET ROCK”!!!!!!!!

  50. jimd says:

    Do you understand the concept of TEAM? You are not THE TEAM you are a part of the TEAM. I understand you want a good contract and that id fine, but 8 years, 120 million?
    The quaterback is more important than a WR. Handles the ball evey play and sometimes gets it to the WR, Wallace. Sign the tender and perove this year you are worth the big contract or sign long term with the best TEAM in the NFL (Steelers). With your current attitude you’ll never be as good as Hines Ward.

  51. Bugga says:

    Trade him, but for nothing less than a 2 and a 3.

  52. chevalier says:

    hometown discount? guys come on. that is the biggest fallacy fans have ever come up with to delude themselves. There is no such thing, it is a fabrication of fans wishful thinking. being on a good team is important to players but not as important as securing their future and getting what they feel they deserve. ofc wallace is not worth fitz money, but he has to say so in order to get close to it. when they retire home town discounts would start to look pretty dumb. in reality theres no reason why they cant go somewhere else and help THAT team win, for better money. think about it, if your yearly raise was coming up, wuld you accept your company telling you to take a home team discount when you feel you’re worth a bigger raise? no.
    this is the biggest contract wallace can ever get. he wont be getting a huge contract at 30 or 31 thats for sure. now’s his chance to get paid for life. its the price of drafting well, you cant keep everyone, you see it with all the regular contenders: NE, BAL, PIT, GB, NYG and so on.

  53. Ruff says:

    As Chuck Noll might say…..Mike Wallace, WHO?????

  54. Carl says:

    I agree w/ Clarence, to a degree. Yes, everybody here would totally jump to another company in whatever field they work in if another company was offering 6 times the pay. There’s a difference, IMO, when you get up to the money pro athletes make. If you are making say $7.5M a year and winning, why would you leave where you’re established (and winning) for another 1.5M a year?

    That’s where the mercenary stereotype comes from, guys who do that. Wallace should know the Steelers will pay him. He ain’t getting 15M a year like Fitz, but I would think our $7.5M a year is better then Cleveland’s or Jacksonville’s $9.0M.

  55. Zarbor says:

    Lets get something straight out the gate. People claiming that this is Mike’s agent doing is smoking something fierce. You may not have been listening to Mike but they don’t call themselves “Young Money” for nothing. Not to mention, the agent works for the player so they determine what they are going to do.

    I like Wallace’s game and view him as a major piece to our success. Nevertheless, he’s not an Elite receiver but can become one. I still believe he’s a “one trick pony” that can possibly do more. For him to expect to be paid big money on that one very good trick is silly. Clearly he doesn’t have a good read on his own talent. Nevertheless, as many has stated, if he really wants that money, ship him out for draft picks. We need guys that want to be here to win championships. Its the standard. Brown seems more like a Steeler than Wallace. Plus I think he has more upside. Number 1, maybe not but neither was Hines….who just ended up being the all-time Burgh receiver. And one more thing, don’t even entertain bringing Plexiglass back in the building for a try out!

  56. duke1943 says:

    Mike’s perception is Mike’s reality. But I am not sure he really wants to be a Steeler any more. He is obviously very talented and definitely an integral part of our future success, but, does he belong in Pittsburgh anymore? You have my permission to trade him.

  57. Rick says:

    His fall off in performance, for whatever reason, in the last half of last season doesn’t allow him to command huge $$$. His large aspirations were also not achieved either.
    That much is apparently obvious to other teams or some team would have gone after him already.
    None of the early on proposed teams went after him. Hmm.
    Sometimes agents simply get too greedy themselves, and maybe the agent here is at fault.
    With all the other team members redoing contracts to make things fit and allow even what was offered to him to be available, he should sign and play his best this coming season.
    Just my opinion. :D
    — And yeah, he should read this blog.

  58. Zarbor says:

    Lastly, I really think the Steelers try to be very fair to players. We generally don’t get into contract issues because Colbert does a great job with the talent. I can hardly remember players getting upset holding out (Hines). We also make sure that the players know that the team overall is more important than any one player so letting them go is very clear (Plexiglass).

    I understand that Wallace will try to make as much money as he can. However, what he fail to realize is that players on this team are taking pay cuts WILLINGLY, to try to keep him. They want to help the team as much as possible. That’s different than most teams. Not to mention, its clear that the team was over the cap so what the heck does he and his agent want the Steelers to do? Cut more players?

    Seems clear to me that team is not a concern and he doesn’t want to be here because any idiot can see that not only does the Steelers want him, so does the players who are sacrificing MONEY, to help the team. He can hold out but I say trade him before it gets to that.

  59. Christian says:

    Mike, please stop drinking your own Kool-Aid, and look at the big picture. Didn’t you listen to what Hines told you about chasing the big contract? You’ve got world class speed, but you didn’t show up for the 2nd half of the season. And you want Larry Fitz money? Already? C’mon Mike, you’ve got a lot more to prove before you start asking for anything above $7 million a year. Larry Fitz puts up elite numbers with no-name QB’s. Mike, tell your agent to get something done in Pittsburgh, and get a couple of rings. That’s how you build a legacy. Not by taking top dollar from the Redskins or Rams and missing the playoffs. I promise you, if you leave, you’ll regret it. They all do.

  60. Clarence says:

    Carl: I totally agree

  61. Clarence says:

    Christian & Zarbor, I agree as well. There’s something to be said for the football afterlife when successful. Hines Ward will probably make more off of his championship name after football than during football. The Bus also can capitalize depending on what he wants to do.

    When you think remaining in the public, you are much more prone to have success if intelligent and have success. As for Steeler afterlife, other than a very few most players who leave the Steelers didn’t fare so well going back to Yancy Thigpen and Neil O’Donnell. Both went took the $$ to go to weaker teams, both ended up out of the limelight although O’Donnell finished his career as a top back up to Steve McNair…

    Not bad, but then not as good as being the starting QB for a SB team.

  62. Clarence says:

    Yeesh… forgive the bad grammar and typos… Ugh!

  63. Harold says:

    Does anyone know what kind of contracts the other teams are actually offering?

    Is there some team out there right now who would actually pay him 5 yrs / $55 million with $25 million singing bonus?

  64. Duane says:

    Wallace. Love him in a steelers uni, but really can’t see a reciever that important to a team to give that kind of money to, especially when we’ve got a couple up and coming wideouts on the payroll. Personally i would deal him perennial bottom feeders like detroit, buffalo, Jacksonville etal. but I’m kinda spiteful that way. ;) hope he stays but wont miss him much if he Jets either (read Holmes-O’donnell). It’s ancient history but really what were the Jets management taking when they signed O’Donnell. I’ve never heard a single report or comment that hinted at his ability to be a primary QB. his skill was not losing games and that was about it.

  65. mark says:

    for gods sake if you can get a 2 and any combination of 2nd, 3rd or a player take it, i dont think he wants to be a steeler, let him go, while we can get some value for him, i like him, but the$$$$$$ aint right, a couple of picks may really help us long term.

  66. David says:

    we should trade Wallace, to even go through a disgruntled year with an unhappy duck is like taking his webb feet and pricking holes in them, he won’t swim for this team at 2.1 or 2.7 if he comes quaking up with common sense, why lose 600grand when you know your asas isn’t going anywhere… that said we need to finish shoring up the o line, and let all cry babies go, ie: T O style….

  67. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Wallace is fast and has great numbers because he caught a bunch of bombs. He is not a complete receiver. In fact, he is way over-rated. A two and a three in this year’s draft for Wallace would be a steal. Trade one-trick-pony now for a couple of potential thoroughbreds. And I don’t mean WR’s, necessarily. Would anyone complain if the Steelers selected OL’s at 2 and 3 for Wallace?

  68. Paulie Raspa says:

    Guys we need to run the ball more … this way Ben can still play another 6 years.. our wr whoever they are do not need to catch 15 passes a game. Trust me if that happens we will be a 500team. Just run the ball 30+times and throw 20-25 times per game. We. Control the clock and our d will be fresh for 4 quarters…. anyone agree?

  69. mike says:

    People get a grip, Mike Wallace is going no place but Heinz Field. His agent and him both realize that he has no leverage at all for this year. He’s going to make $2.7m this year, not a bad pay raise. If he improves his game and becomes like Fitz or Megatron (highly unlikely, but we can dream) then next year maybe just maybe he get’s paid the big dollars. Come on Mike, become like Fitz or Megatron, then everyone in Pittsburgh will love you forever, including Big Ben and maybe even Ray Lewis, na just kidding on Mr. Lewis.

  70. Matt says:

    Trade him!!! Jericho just resigned. There is no way the team is going to be able to keep all the talent a wr. Trade him and save money for Antonio Brown. The Steelers have proven they can draft wrs over the last few years…so keep doing it.

  71. hammertime says:

    Say what you will, but some body is asleep at the wheel here, the STEELERS better shore up this DEFENSE in a Hurry, teams have STARTED TO RUN THAT FOOTBALL right down OUR THROATS, and it ain’t gonna matter “JACK SH_T WHO WE HAVE ON OFFENSE”, perhaps you have not paid “ATTENTION” to our SUSPECT SECONDARY”, IT’S GONNA BE HARD, to watch this team play if the DEFENSE doesn’t get that NOSE TACKLE, and LB with the First TWO Picks, April 26th won’t get here fast enough for me, and if I am RIGHT, there’s gonna be a hold lotta SHAKING going on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Jake says:

    Paulie’s point about a fresh D is the key. What were we, 99-1 under Cowher once we got an 11-point lead? Then along came Air Arians, less time-of-possession dominance, a more tired (and older) Defense, and frequently blown leads late, particularly in 2009, but also last SB and 2011 vs Balto, for example. Yes, some teams like NE, GB, NO have done well with airy O’s and crummy D’s, but I think the whole “new offensive age” thing has been much overdone. Build the O-line & get some horses to run with. Then Ben can become truly devastating. Remember how Elway shone when Terrell Davis was hot?

  73. joel says:

    You people that think the Steelers will get at least a 2nd rounder for Wallace is only fooling yourself. These teams have the Steelers over a barrel. I am looking at a 4th or 5th rounder only and someone else will be wearing his jersey this year.

  74. Scott P says:

    I believe this all simply posturing by his agent. Wallace wants to be here and the Steelers want him. They will find a way to work out the dollars and cents.

  75. joe says:

    You know if this guy does not want to be on our team get rid of him, trade him and forget him, he will regret the move

  76. Brian says:

    Lets be realistic. Larry Fitzegerald and Calvin Johnson make the money they make because they beat double and triple coverage. Mike Wallace wasnt able to do that the second half of the year. He is very talented, and you cant teach speed, but until he can consistantly get open while being double covered he is NOT the best of the best.

  77. DK67 says:

    Give him a 5 year 2 billion dollar contract, but only make 15 million guaranteed…that’s all he’ll see if another team signs him to a big deal anyway (if that, before they start playing hot potato with him), but he can still claim he’s making the big bucks. I’m not serious, but you get the point.

  78. Carl says:

    DK67 – I like your point. It’s funny how these NFL contracts work. Take for instance Calvin Johnson’s new deal. It’s huge for sure, but only half is guaranteed. He’s already been in the league 5 years, is he gonna play 8 more? Well, he might get 8 years, but they will have restuctured that contract like 5 times in that span…

  79. Mr.Cynical says:

    Trade him now before he adds to the uncertainty of our locker room. We can def get a good WR in the draft (esp late in the draft, Toon, Adams, Hilton, etc). This draft will be crazy knowing that everything hinges on what the Clowns do at #4. Hey Cleveland we”ll give you Wallace and our second rounder for Phil Taylor, Greg Little, and the number 4 selection–you can keep McCoy though!

  80. Mr.Cynical says:

    Calvin Johnson–stud, Vincent Jackson–stud, Larry Fitzgerald–stud, Mike Wallace–one trick pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Mr.Cynical says:

    My Mock Draft post compensation pickst:

    1ST–DONT’A HIGHTOWER–reluctant at first but not much to choose from going froward
    2ND-BOBBIE MASSIE–huge tackle–T. Suggs anyone
    3RD–ROBERT TURBIN–monster RB–see ya Mendenfumble
    5TH–DEREK WOLFE–solid DT –sleeper
    6TH–VONTAZE BURFLICT-ILB—an idiot but so am I–maybe they’ll draft me
    7THA–OMAR BOLDEN–hurt but solid CB when healthy

  82. Mr.Cynical says:

    Damn I can’t scpell!

  83. DK67 says:

    Exactly, Carl! They’ll either restructure his contract or dump him off to another ‘hopeful’ team when his production drops. He’ll never see the full value of the contract. This is becoming a joke. If they are going to have a salary cap, they need to get player contracts under control and stop providing loopholes for the wealthiest owners to work around. Every player thinks they are worth $10M/yr., yet the teams only have $120M (or whatever) cap to work with? I hope these players can play multiple positions! Also, wouldn’t you feel at least a little bit guilty if you were getting paid thirty times more than another worker that was doing the same job as you, regardless of whether you were a little bit better? 2x, 4x, 5x…maybe even 10x more, but 30x and then some? When does it stop?

  84. Allen Jackson says:

    I say let him go cause he only has speed. He’s not a complete reciever like Santonio Holmes is. Santonio is a natural born playmaker. I know that he was a problem child but his game was awesome. Larry Fitzgerald money???….yeah right!!!

  85. Dick says:

    The last thing the Steelers need is a disgruntled wide receiver. Mike Wallace can be a great talent if he keeps his head screwed on right but I do think opposing teams were adjusting to him last year. He is not worth Lary Fitzgerald money yet and I’m surprised he thinks he is. Keeping him would ruin the team’s salary cap. Trade him for a 2nd or 3rd round choice with a conditional later choice. Bring back Hines Ward for one more year and look to signing Antonio Brown next year. He has proven he can be the team’s leading receiver. Use the draft choice for the O-Line, safety, or inside linebacker. We just might be better for it.

  86. Ward says:

    He and Cook need to look a little deeper – yes, there were some big contracts, but New England got Brandon Lloyd for 2 years for small money. I think Wallace is better than Lloyd, but he has not yet proven he’s Fitzgerald, so getting Fitzgerald money is ridiculous. What he and Cook SHOULD have learned is that the market is not as strong for him as they think. Sure, teams would love to get him for a 2 or a 3 or less, but that doesn’t mean those same teams are going to turn around and offer 10 million a year…

  87. German says:

    I don’t want to take anything away from Wallace. But many teams and fans find out that they are as good as the qb who’s throwing them the ball. There are only 4-5 in the league and Big Ben is one of them.

  88. erik germani says:

    Trade him he’s becomeing like T.O. & the people that said don’t blame him cause he’s doing what his agent told him to do, remember this the agen work for the player not the player works for the agent. Plus when the big games at the end of the year came around he dissappeared

  89. Dart says:

    Cannot blame Mike. This team is going nowhere. Probably the worst O-Line in the NFL. A new O coordinator. Not much hope for a productive offense in the newr future.

  90. Carl says:

    Dart – Who p’eed in your cornflakes this morning?? Everythings gonna be alright….

  91. barb loving says:

    Why trade him? They will get a 3rdbetter round pick compensatory next year ehen he leaves in free agency. Now if a team wants to trade a second
    round plus a lineman let him go.

  92. shane says:

    Mike aint going nowhere!!! Relax Steeler nation!

  93. Ron says:

    How many times have the Steelers failed to complete 3 and 1, 4th and goal? too many. So when are they goin to get back to power running?

  94. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    Trade Wallace and get the picks for him. Both lines need new bodies. Sanders,Brown,Cotchery, Miller and maybe a rookie is still a damn good receiving corps. Bye Bye Wallace, we hardly got to know ya. Take the $$$. U ain’t gettin to the Hall anywhere else.-6 TONS STEEL.

  95. minimiumwageworker says:

    He gone crazy. He doesnt realize how good he has it with the Steelers. Dump him. It will set an example for our other young receivers. A 2nd round pic would be great.

  96. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    Oh by the way Mike, u need to have more receptions to go along with that speed of yours for 10 + million a season. GIT ATTA TAHN SKATER

  97. Pants-n-at says:

    Please tell me that uniform on today’s page is a joke!! How embarrassing looking is that??

  98. Dave the Dingo says:

    Why not franchise him??? Wallace has great potential but is far from a complete receiver to demand top receiver money. Seems the rest of the league fees the same way! Let’s see if he improves this year. Too many drops from cradling the ball and he never use his 40″ vertical to climb the ladder like CJ and LF. I am almost positive that next years tag hit should they choose to do it again is 120% of this years number, $10.6 million. Thus they get him for two years at $20 million if desired. Steelers hold all the cards in this situation. Should someone at the last minute decide to give up a first, we could fill two big holes and make the overall team better.

  99. DK67 says:

    The jersey is a throwback to celebrate 80th year. It will be worn for 2 home games this year…and it is UUUUUGGGGGGLLLLYYYYY! I actually like the (black with gold numbers) 75th anniversary jerseys, but I don’t think many fans will be buying these from the NFL shop! Buzzzzzzz, buzzzzzz, buzzzzzz!

  100. DK67 says:

    PS: Redman looks like he broke out of bee prison. lol!

  101. BamaSteeler says:

    Wow, that throw back jersey needs to be thrown back into the trash can….ugly…ugly

    Now on to Mike Wallace, Steelers have all the leverage here, considering there is only 1 maybe 2 top receivers in the draft, teams will be looking to trade for MW. No he was a third rounder when we got him and if he does go UFA next year we will get a third round pick, so why would we accept less than 2nd round pick for him.. We will not get a 1st rounder unless we pony up another pick with him like a 3rd rounder. Management holds all the aces right now…Remember if he does not sign the tender he plays for even less than it is and if he holds out all year he is still a RFA….What a waste…Foote and Randel El left and came running back…why because the team paying sucked…

  102. BamaSteeler says:

    We had the igloo for the Pens so now they will call Heinz field the Bee Hive when they wear this ugly junk…get rid of them now…

  103. David says:

    welp, the schedule is out, and im not impressed, but it is what we will play so there are no complaints…… i don’t like going out to denver, then back home to face the jets, then go all the way out to play the Raiders,…. alot of travel in 3 weeks plus 3 games crunchen in 2 week span… aweful, we will be lucky not to be 3 games behind Cincy by the time we come back from that early bye week, in the 4th week, they really need to get rid of that bye bull crap. now to the uni’s….. aweful looking, yeah bring back the numbers, but that bee bullcrap needs to go, can’t believe they adopted that design back then, who did it, the warden of the local prison camp, humongously horrible…. Now all we have to do is wait for September…..

  104. David says:

    skip the draft, go with who we have, cause obviously, we can’t afford to bring anyone in here, that with a 9 billion dollar industry, go figure that out…….

  105. David says:

    Ryan Clark will miss his first game of the season due to the high altitude of Denver,,,,,,,, plus this game as early as it will be is already a ” TRAP ” game……. i bet we lose this game,,,,, Manning will be on fire in this game, disecting only how Manning knows how to…..

  106. Carl says:

    David – Dude, negative much? Manning hasn’t played in over a year, so he’ll be rusty more then likely. You think Denver’s gonna run him out there much in the pre-season? I don’t. Plus, who knows how healthy he really is. Harrison and Woodley gotta be salivating at the thought of giving him his real first big hit in quite some time….

  107. David says:

    Carl, I know your feelings on this, and i had to read my blog twice before I actually hit the submit button, but, I also know Manning isn’t gonna be alllll that rusty on his return, just like skating or riding a bike, the memory on how its done will come back, this game is in Denver, and its a perfect setup for us to lose this, there will be much Hype on this game, 1- they showed us a quick exit from the playoffs, a 9-7 ball club, ousting a 12-4 giant, 2- a sellout crown will cause us to use silent count, and Manning will win this game, Denver has a good offense with Tebow conducting it, now they have Manning back there, again, I know your thoughts, but we will be as illprepared for Manning as we were for Tebow-mania…….

  108. 6 TONS OF STEEL says:

    Well boys I look at it like this: Stillers knock out the rough long road trip games right off the bat. Rather have them in September than December. They will be fresh for the opener in Denver. Playing Oakland 2 weeks later is not like they are pulling into Greenbay or New England. I will take a younger healthier Ben than an older questionable Manning any day. The tough 1 stretch will be playing the Ratbirds twice in 3 weeks. If we make the playoffs, having 2 homegames will be nice to have at the end of season before them.

  109. Paulie Raspa says:

    Guys — Wallace compared to Holmes– Please — 2 Different kind of People…. For those that do not live in the NY Metro area– Holmes is causing nothing but a MEDIA ruckus!! The guy made some Big Plays for us but he is becoming a cancer in the NY Media and is NOT a team guy… Wallace is and at the end of the day Football is a Business. I trust the Front Office to make a Great decision but understand something— IT’S A F&$KIN WIDE RECEIVER!!!!! HE WILL TOUCH THE BALL TOPS 10 TIMES A GAME!!! IF HE WANTS TO LEAVE THEN SO BE IT BUT I BELIEVE THEY WILL LOCK HIM UP !!! REMEMBER NOBODY IS BIGGER THAN THE BLACK N GOLD AND 1/2 OF US OR MORE ON THIS BOARD NEVER HEARD OF MIKE WALLACE COME DRAFT DAY A FEW YEARS AGO!!! He is a Nice Guy having met him a few times– he is respectful to my son (14) and vica versa but at the end of the day I know this The Steelers will do the best thing. I would still draft( if he is still there) MO SANU 2ND RD FROM RUTGERS!!! Because even if we sign WALLACE & Brown Sanders & Cotchery will be gone!!! I know MO AND BELIEVE HE COULD BE A BEAST IN THE NFL…He broke Larry Fitzgeralds college Big East record & HE CAN THROW THE BALL 60+YDS IN THE AIR SO HE CAN BE LIKE A RANDLE EL ONLY HE IS 6’2′ 218LBS!!!!!

  110. Carl says:

    Paulie – One thing ya left out is, yeah, Wallace might get only 10 touches max, but a defense having to account for him loosens things up. IE. Brown in single coverage tearing up whoever’s covering him, Wallace taking a safety with him leaving the middle open for a TE, the D having to think about that long pass making them a little slow to come up to stop the run, etc. It’s more then just his touches….

    I do agree, no one guy is bigger then the team, and that’s what keeps us competitive year in and out. It’s a sound philosophy they will always run the team by.

  111. Paulie Raspa says:

    Correct… I still think he is with is…clarence do u think we shld run the ball more?

  112. Pghhomer says:

    Ideal: Trade Wallace to STL for pick 33 and switch 2nd rd pick received from Wash. for our 2nd. Then draft WR Stephen Hill-deep threat / blocker we need / red zone threat we need – opportunity to sign A. Brown next year long term. Frees up 2 picks early in rd 2 where value is for Steelers this year. [eg-Zeitler/Silotolu/Massie/Kendricks -ILB] Other than this you keep Wallace and deal with trade possibilities next year.

  113. David says:

    September 9th, in Denver. Predictions anyone. 5 prime time night games, what say you my steelers brothers…. ,and sisters.

  114. Imp'n'Arn says:

    Um, hey Trib. Time to roll over this blog.

  115. David says:

    yeah really, was waiting for someone to speak up, thanks number 114, thats one hundred fourteen blogs plus this one, need another topic please…..

  116. Dorkmen says:

    If above average wide receivers start cost more than 6 million a year the Steelers will go back to running the ball more. I miss Hines Ward.

  117. GhennesHTS says:

    Bring Hines out of retirment and send Mike Wallace packing! Hines would play for the game not some huge tender that is not worth his ability. There always has to be one on every team. It is sad that a guy with so much promise and potential is so greedy. Mike, look at yourself quit listening to the so called friends that you pay to “fluff you ego”. Look at yourself and realize that a franchise with 6 yes 6 rings and you could be a part of 7 and 8 and 9.

  118. billy says:

    trade him to the eagles for asanti samual

  119. David says:

    ship him and resign Ward for that tender…. Ward will play,,, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to bring him outta retirement to play for the blackngold Steelers

  120. Bill C. says:

    I don’t think that they should be looking to trade ward. I still have faith in the guy!

  121. werulogv says:

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