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How high were Steelers willing to go?


How bad did the Steelers want Stanford guard David DeCastro? I’m hearing they were close to a trade with the Jets in which they would have moved from No. 24 to No. 16 to take DeCastro.
New York, however, got skittish when Seattle picked West Virginia’s Bruce Irvin at No. 15, and the Jets didn’t want to risk missing out on a pass rusher they coveted. The Jets stayed put and selected North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples.
When asked Thursday night if the Steelers had called teams about trading up to get DeCastro, general manager Kevin Colbert said, “I’ll leave that to the imagination. We identified several guys that we thought we would entertain trading up to get, and this kid was one of them.” draft analyst Rob Rang reported that the Jets were one of three teams that would have taken Irvin with their first-round pick. In such a scenario, it makes sense that the Jets would have been willing to trade down to No. 24, thinking they could still get Irvin and add a draft pick or two.
The trade that didn’t happen worked out better than good for the Steelers.
They ended up with DeCastro, and they still have nine picks heading into the final six rounds of the draft. Speaking of DeCastro, he met with reporters today after taking a red-eye flight from the West Coast. Here is an excerpt from his Q&A at the Steelers’ practice facility.

Q: What have the last 24 hours been like?
A: I’m still trying to catch my breath. I’ve gotten a bunch of texts and phone calls from people saying congrats. It’s just an exciting time. I am just really going to enjoy it and enjoy the moment. At the same time I am just excited to finally have a team, get started and play some football. I have a long way to go. Obviously I haven’t done anything. The journey is just beginning.

Q: Did your dad play rugby, and when did you start playing footall?
A: Yeah, my parents had no clue about football. Now they know a little bit more. My mom has educated herself quite a bit. I started playing football in high school (he never played rugby).

Q: Did you only give up one sack in three years at Stanford?
A: There were probably a couple more where (Andrew) Luck saved me. There is one in the books.

— Scott Brown



  1. David says:

    DeCastro looks like the next Aaron Smith, pro bowls which I hope he doesn’t get to play too many because of him having to plaintiff the Super Bowl ……

  2. Dick says:

    Kevin Colbert confirmed the fact the Steelers would have traded up to get De Castro but fortunately didn’t have to. It looks like they would have to have moved up 10 or 12 slots but lady luck was with us. Really looks like the OL is coming together and barring injuries should show a marked improvement. We need to keep Big Ben healthy this year. If this draft class is as good as they think number 7 may not be far off. Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Ryan says:

    Where do you see a similarity to Aaron Smith? Wrong side of the ball, first round pick vs. fourth round pick, immediate starter vs. project etc.. Are you talking physical resemblance? They are pretty close to the same size.

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