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Ike Taylor, Larry Foote fire back at Warren Sapp


Over the past year, former NFL player and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp hasn’t held back when it came to predicting the Steelers’ demise.

After last year’s 35-7 opening-game loss to the Ravens, Sapp said the Steelers’ defense was “old, slow and over.”

The Steelers finished 12-4 last year and were the top-ranked defense.

Sapp is back at it again.

Sapp recently said that the Steelers won’t make the playoffs this year and will be lucky to finish over .500 after the loss of key veterans like Hines Ward, James Farrior and Aaron Smith.

Well, the Steelers finally decided enough was enough and fired some shots back at Sapp.

Actually, Ike Taylor on his weekly show on TribLive Radio, accompanied by teammate Larry Foote, fired a couple darts of their own at Sapp Tuesday.

“He has other issues. I don’t even want to talk about his other issues,” Taylor said referring to Sapp recently filing for bankruptcy. “Man, he is worrying about the wrong thing right now. People are coming knocking at his door.”

Taylor refused to identify Sapp by name only saying: “I don’t like giving anybody any props. He doesn’t deserve it.”

Foote didn’t hesitate to tell host John Harris it was Sapp they were talking about, then shed some light on why they believe Sapp has been so critical.

Foote cited a Monday night game near the end of the 2002 year when Sapp and Tampa Bay teammate Nate Webster tried to break through the Steelers’ stretching line before the game, but was met by former linebackers Jason Gildon and Joey Porter.
Foote said that Porter and Gildon grabbed the two by the throats before a scuffle ensued.

“He came out there hopping like a little girl,” Foote said, “and they snatched them up. If he disagreed with what I said, have him call in. I am sure we have footage.”

All I can say is: Stay Tuned!

• Mark Kaboly
• Published: June 5, 9:19 p.m.
• @MarkKaboly_Trib


Author: Mark Kaboly

Mark Kaboly is the Pittburgh Steelers beat writer for the Tribune-Review. Mark has covered more than 300 NFL football games in all 32 NFL cities as well as three Super Bowls -- XL in Detroit, XLIII in Tampa and XLV in Dallas. A Belle Vernon Area graduate, Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a specialization in journalism from California University of Pennsylvania. Mark lives in Port Vue with his wife, Jennifer; daughter Briella; and boys Rocco and Bugsley Pug


  1. NoHo Yinzer says:

    I remember watching that. It was… really bizarre to see it at the time. That was during the whole “Paper Champions” thing with Lee Flowers, right? Didn’t Sapp say (after winning their Super Bowl) that whole thing about: “We’re real champions now!” or something to that effect.

    I think the saddest part of all of this is, it’s 2012, and someone’s actually responding to something said by Warren Sapp.

  2. mark karsen says:

    I have lived in Tampa for 32 years (still diehard steeler fan) and Sapp is a low-life rotten person,hated by most Tampa fans. The reason he hates the steelers is because they ate his lunch everytime he played them!

  3. Dick says:

    Warren Sapp is an extrovert type who speaks before his brain can calculate what he is saying. Sapp should have known better than to harrass Gildon and Porter but then again, Sapp acts before he thinks. The Steelers proved him wrong last year and they will again this year. He is just making himself look foolish.

  4. Steeler Fan Scott says:

    Sapp is a highly compensated expert who is paid for his opinions about football. For him to allow a personal grudge against the Steelers to influence his commentary is unprofessional and could very well end up costing him his job because he will lose all credibility as a broadcaster. However, let him talk all he wants and bad mouth the Steelers because they will prove him wrong again this year. Sapp might even talk himself right out of a job.

  5. Rothdawg says:


  6. Mario says:

    Sapp is in bankruptcy because he bet against the Steelers defense. He was a great defender but not a great thinker on the game or in business outside the game.

  7. steel city says:

    sapp is who again? you had a good career not great by no means. as far as steelers are concerned, as usual must make him another believer. steeler nation will always rule. maybe he should worry about getting those repo peeps off his steps. that’s exactly what foote and ike talking about.

  8. COLA says:

    SAPP IS A CLOWN!! And always have been a clown

  9. TruthTeller says:

    Sapp may be taking it a bit far by predicting the Steelers will miss the playoffs, but how’d that No. 1 Steelers defense look against Tim Tebow and the Broncos in the playoffs last year? Exactly, Tebow shredded them for 316 yards and embarrassed Ike Taylor. In other words, they looked old and slow. Just sayin’.

  10. Shirley amato says:

    Sapp is an idiot. he filed for bankruptcy
    And does not pay child support. He does not talk about any other team like he does the steelers. Warren, the more you talk it just shows how jealous you are. He also is putting out lies about who told about the bounty. Warren talks before he thinks. Of course because he has a pea for a brain. He does not have the ability to think. He flaps his gums hoping something intellengent comes out. Guess what Warren nothing but crap comes out of your mouth. Jealous jealous jealous. You are a nothing and will never amount to anything.
    One big steelers fan….Going for 7 Suprer bowls. Ha ah ha ha ha

  11. JAY bRENNER says:

    Who cares what warren sapp thinks the man has no clue what hes talking about! The first 2 gentleman were correct.Great football player now his brain is old an slow!


  12. Mike B says:

    I wondered why Sapp bashes the Steelers all the time even when the numbers prove him wrong. Im not a big fan off his commentary or research anyway, so i never put too much stock n2 what he says anyway.

  13. DOM Steeler4Life says:

    Sapp is just what his name impllies! I lost all respect for him after that Lo Down Dirty Blind Sided Cheap Shot on Chad Clifton a while ago! He’s just jealous that he didn’t play w the Steelers! I spit on him!

  14. Dr. Michael Sunner says:

    Let’s not dignify such preposterous predictions by commenting. He’s living on another planet right now (called bankruptcy), and his job as a commentator may be short lived with such ignorant positions. Steelr Nation, let this pass.

  15. Willy says:

    Warren Sapp is a punk and shouldn’t even be on TV…hard to belive he has job! When people speak to standings in June when everythin isn’t even in place??? He’s a wanna be now!

  16. steelernationmadman says:

    I’m happy someone from the team spoke up, he spends more time putting the Steelers down with his opinion and no facts to back them up. Then he does on any other team. And now it’s nice to know why. And that makes it funnier. And lets not forget the only Ring he has he owes to coach Tomlin.

  17. B-Wall says:

    I couldn’t agree more with both of the above statements. How many more times is Sapp going to embarrass himself?

  18. Renee says:

    Remember in 2002 when he was skipping around during the Steelers’ pre-game warmup and Jerome went after him? He was a very poor sportsman then and a is biased broadcaster now; not to mention his personal life is a mess. He pays more in child support per month (to many different women) than most people make. If he gets fired, it’s no great loss to sports broadcasting.

  19. Sammy says:

    Let all the critics predict the demise of the Steelers. It just motivates them to prove them all wrong. Sapp is entitled to his opinion, but I hope he speaks up when we finish 13-3 this year! We are on the stairway to seven!!!

  20. Erika says:

    Sapp knows that bad-mouthing the Steelers will garner attention and generate interest in his show, thus helping to guarantee his job. Man’s gotta pay those creditors somehow.

  21. Steelermanic says:

    Sapp continues to forget the idea of “engage brain before putting mouth in gear.” Sapp’s got issues, period. A betting man would say this might be his last year as an NFL Network analyst, especially given his off-camera issues that have definitely shed a not-so-flattering light on the man.

  22. Robert says:

    Sapp is a big mouthed little bitch who got punked by Joey Porter on national t.v. And that’s why to this day, he hates the Steelers. Last year they proved him to be the idiot that he is by going 12 and 4 and having the best defense in the league. And this year they will do it again. The man is a brainless jackass!!!!!!!!

  23. Tamara says:

    I say HELL YEAHHHHH !!! If Warren Sapp can dish it out he better be able to take it like a man. Go on with your bad self Foote.
    Proud to be a Steeler Fan !!!

  24. dave says:

    I think it has become ridiculous the way Sapp runs his mouth off. First he went after the Steelers at the beginning of last year and then this year he went after Shockey and now the Steelers again. No one has said that an NFL Broadcaster needs to be a world class reporter but people like him just make NFL retirees look foolish and shame on the NFL which owns it all for not having a conversation with him. Constructive criticisms are fine but the stuff he spurts out makes me turn off total access.

  25. Stacey says:

    Warran Sapp is nothing but a dumbass bankrupt piece of crap ! He really needs to think before he spews his BIG mouth ! He needs to STFU and concentrate on paying his child support & leave football to the “real” analysts.

  26. paul Reboca sr says:

    I like Warren most of the time he is entertaining. That doesn’t mean he is truthful. I know my Steelers will prove him wrong AGAIN

  27. Sab says:

    Is Warren Sapp that big fat has-been that is on TV and consistently wrong about everything? Loving a lot of Joey and Jason and would love to see the footage of the throttling go viral. Eat another sub Warren and shut up ya jag off.

  28. lodaddy says:

    Sapp got treated like a B atch by the STEELERS, is getting treated like a B atch by creditors. Hoes just don’t know when when to shut tha hell up!

  29. My Steelers will prove him wrong again, sorry Marvin, really you are sorry

  30. Stiller says:

    can someone post a link to the video of Sapp and Porter?

  31. JASON NOLLEY says:



    GO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ric says:

    I used to love the Steelers, until I met my extended family from Wisconsin. I still love the Steelers, but Green Bay is now my number one team.

  33. Perry says:

    Ric, You and I are friends no more. You are dead to me. Go STEEEEEEEEEEELERS!!!

  34. Weefus says:

    It is obvoius that Sapp and his boy Chucky have a case of the ass for the Steelers. Probably beacuse over the years the black and gold has consistanty handed them their’s. Sapp is a bitter because in his one championship season many fans remember his bully punk crap being handed right back to him by Joey P and Gildon in his own house. There are a few football greats that can transition into color comentary and play by play. Sapp will be out of that group son enough.

  35. LadyRider says:

    Sapp best keep his mouth shut about the Steelers….He’s jealous that the Steelers have 6 Superbowls and the team he palyed for have none. All I can say…”Lets go Steelers, lets go” Bring home #7 and let Sapp run his mouth…all he is is hot air!!!!

  36. Robert says:

    Really Warren Sapp, Ike and Foote have 2 rings you have one and the only reason you go that one, was the Raiders were to stupid not to use Gruden play book in the Superbowl its easy to win a game when you know all the plays coming in. Wowwwww some people

  37. Gregster says:

    Sapp has the right name. I guess we shouldn’t get personal because he’s doing his job. Hoostre Spve lost respect for the guy for not paying his child support and listing part of his assets to be 250 pair of Jordans.

  38. karen says:

    Boy what a “sapp”. He needs to think before he speaks. I guess we will all have to wait and see, but we all know what the Steelers “d” is like.

  39. steeler fan 4 life says:

    ha! Sapp is lame…in the story Foote describes, he mentions Nate Webster…this cat is about to do 12 years for having relations with an assistant coaches underage daughter…shameful…

  40. luke kearns says:

    Sapp should of paid his child support instead of talking smack about the steelers

  41. Wayne says:

    I thought Sapp had been fired by NFL Network?? Guess they need someone to make Michael Irvin & Primetime look smart.

  42. I use too be a fan of Sapp but with the comments he made about the Steelers being too old last season and his loud mouth running off again, whats to like?!?! They made him look like a fool back in 2002, they made him look like a fool last season, and it looks like he’s gonna look like a fool again this season! If Sapp doesn’t think the Steelers will make the playoffs this season, then I would like to place a bet with him. Oh wait, he doesn’t have any money !!! Time for his bosses to hire an analyst who has somewhat of idea of what their talking about.

  43. SanDee1 says:

    I remember that game VERY well. Joey Porter and Jason Gildon took care of his stupid, sloppy fat behind. I actually thought Sapp was recently fired from his position. You can tell how uneducated he is by his speech. Just shut up Sapp and go pay your bills. Ohhhh, you CAN’T because you’re a DEADBEAT. Hopefully your kid(s) will grow up to be a better person than their father is. And that idiot can’t dance either. Even got voted off DWTS.

  44. David says:

    Sapp just that, Sapped. Let him mouth off , other then bashing the Steelets once again, I don’t care what anyone says, he was a dirty Cheap shot artist, and he would take over Harrisons dubious title of being king of

  45. mike says:

    sapp,is just jealous cuz he never wore the black n gold

  46. Bruce says:

    I’ve been a Steeler fan since the late 60’s. Sapp has the right to his opinion and his credibility / capability as an analyst will be judged by his statements, and he’s not looking very good currently. But, let’s be real about this, the Steeler’s defense was lucky to finish as the #1 defense last season. Their DBs have sucked for the last several years and even during the last Super Bowl year they could not cover, but were able to squeak out a win. It’s unbelievable more teams don’t take advantage of it, as well as Coach Tomlin, an x-DB coach, hasn’t fixed the issue. Hopefully Ike and some new talent will bring back the glory days!!

  47. Susie53 says:

    I’ve been a Steeler fan since 1969,even tho I’ve never played the game I still know a few things. All this garbage that other players, coaches, etc love to put a team down and almost all the time there past few years. Surely there is something else to chat about besides running my team down. Guess it makes all the fools feel like a king/queen, but all their garbage spoken makes them look like a doofer (childish) and I’m sure they either know this fact or they shouldn’t have graduated kindergarten. They are acting like women who hate each other and we all know how we can be at times. Pick on another team for awhile and for Pete’s Sake lay off the Steelers. A good team to treat this way would be the Jets, Rex can handle it and probably would love the attention.

  48. dug says:

    He’s on the NFL network. ‘Nuff said.

  49. Michelle says:

    I think Sapp’s days are numbered. If you can’t be a pro get off the air.

  50. Frank says:

    I am so tired of hearing Warren Sapp pop off about the Steelers. I am convinced that other then rushing the QB he has no other real tallent or skills. Im not exactly sure how he got the gig on ESPN and NFL network but its obvious that he loves to stir the pot and when he has no valid story or topic to contribute, he goes out and creates one like he did when the Steelers got beat down by the Ravens. He went and called them old and what did the Steelers respond with? Yes, the #1 defense in the league….After this is was the Jeremy Shockey “SNITCH” thing pertaining to the BOUNTY SCANDAL. If Im a fan or student of the game, Warren Sapp is the last person I want giving me information. Warren, do us all a favor and just sit on the set and try and do your job without being a HATER or try and be someone your not. Leave the breaking news stuff to guys who know what they are doing like Adam Schefter.

  51. Dee says:

    Sapp just hating cause he dont got but one ring What a PUNK

  52. mike v says:

    Anyone see Sapp on that celebrity roast 1 or 2 yrs ago trying to be funny? Couldn’t even come up with his own material,had to read off a prompter , at his usual 2nd grade level.

  53. hammertime says:

    I like what IKE and Larry said about (SAPPIE), he is just a bitter EX JOCK who, when he played for the BUC’S always got their HINNIE’S KICKED by the STEELERS, and were called PAPER TIGER’S after the games, HE is less than that NOW!!!!!!

  54. Chili says:

    I like Sapp. Maybe if he had played in Pittsburgh he wouldnt talk so much stuff about us. It is obvoius that he has a case of the ass for the Steelers. Probably because over the years the black and gold has consistanty handed his teams beat down after beat down. Steelers played hurt all last year. Sometimes the best team doesnt win but the team that has the less injuries.Thats the game. Sap should know that. Ask the Ravens. If we can stay somewhat injury free we will be fine. Like Tomlin says someone goes down the next guy steps up thats the Pittsburgh Steeler way.I feel we addressed a lot needs in the draft and when its all clear the Steelers will be one of the last teams standing.

  55. Joe says:

    That 2002 game was the last game that Tampa lost as they went on to win the SB. I was at that game. Sapp has always been a loud mouth…he better lighten up or he will be waiting a loooong time to get in The Hall. Peezy was a great Enforcer for the Steelers…right in line with Lambert and Lloyd.

  56. al says:

    a far sapp is a joke,big,fat,ignorant and do you lose millions of dollars w/out being “STUPID”, and every time he opens his mouth about the steelers he proves how “STUPID” he is.lucky to finish above .500 ?how does this ignorant fool still have a job ?its the nfl taking care of its own.hes fired,files for bankrupsy,and is now a charity case.a far as the shocky incident,wouldnt that make him a “snitch” too for naming shockey “? and,if not , then total access has someone working for them that approves of the bounty system.he was so upset about shockey blowing the whistle,if it was shockey,that his approval of the bounty system came shining right far thinking your funny,people laugh at you,not with you you ignorant s.o.b.

  57. al says:

    i guess if i was sapp,id hold a grudge against the steelers too if i got punked by joey porter before my own fans,and a example of his analyzing skills,the steelers are old,slow, and done, yet every ,and i mean EVERY team in the nfl finished behind them in defense. great analyzing job warren,nowhere close on that one, proving once again he doesnt know his a** from a hole in the ground

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