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Steelers Week 1 Predictions


By Alan Robinson and Mark Kaboly

Your Tribune-Review Steelers writers take sharply differing views on the 2012 season opener. Our picks (of course, for amusement purposes only):

We don’t know what Peyton Manning is going to look like, 20 months and four neck operations since he last played in the NFL. We do know what Ben Roethlisberger will look like. I anticipate a higher-scoring game than might be expected a) Given Manning’s layoff and possible rustiness and b) Considering the NFL’s best defense from last season will be on the field. With the best corps of receivers he’s had yet in Pittsburgh, Roethlisberger could have the best season of his career statistically. It all begins in Denver, where the Ben-led Steelers will get off to the good start that eluded them during their 35-7 loss to the Ravens in last year’s opener. Manning will be good, but Roethlisberger will be better.

There are just too many things going against the Steelers in this one — Peyton Manning’s much-anticipated debut, on the road and in the rarified air in Denver and the unknowns at running back and linebacker will be too much for them to overcome. The only equalizer the Steelers have is if they can pressure Manning into making bad decisions. Although he’s shown to be susceptible to that in the past, look for the Broncos and pass-rushing specialist Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller in their new 4-3 look to have their way with the Steelers offensive line and harass Ben Roethlisberger all night long.

Now, feel free to make your own picks …



  1. Kimmer Franz says:

    Steelers 38, Broncos 27

    This is going to be a case of two teams shifting gears in opposite directions throughout the game. It will be a frustrating 1st half for Ben and company, and they may end up watching a lot of it from the sidelines as they struggle to keep Denver’s D from climbing all over their leader. Manning will have some success early, as will the Bronco’s ground attack. I think they may be ahead by as much as 14 at the halfway mark.

    Pit will improve on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half as Le Beau finds his play calling rhythm. Manning has never liked dirt on his jersey, and a re-vitalized 3 man front will put some there. Hood and Mclendon are both players itching to make statements. Haley should enjoy reaching into his new toy box as well. Pittsburgh has too much depth at WR, Denver has not enough in their secondary. Speed kills, and the Steelers have alot of it. The Mile High city could host the the unveiling of a very potent offense…but it won’t belong to the home team.

  2. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    Kaboly, you are EVIL INCARNATE for picking against the Steelers. Why can’t you be smarter like Alan and pick the hometown team?

    I hereby renounce my subscription!

  3. Devon Moore says:

    I think the Steelers offensive line can get a good push for the run. Really, it’s most of the same players facing off against each other eight months later on an offense that shoved Denver around to the tune of a solid 156 rushing yards in the playoff loss. Sure Von Miller was injured in ineffective, and Starks is older and more brittle, but us with a better guard in Colon and a healthy Pouncey make that a wash.

    Defense, it’s all about the rush on both sides. It decided the playoff game last year more than anything in my opinion. Check out these total stats:

    Pit – 0 sacks/1 tackle for loss/0 qb hits..
    Den – 5 sacks/6 tackles for loss/6 qb hits..

    They just can’t be that bad on D again. It was a dud for the ages. Remember Brady threw 5 picks vs. Denver in 2005 playoffs? Happens. New England bounced back, why cant the Pittsburgh defense? 27-21 Steelers in a total homer pick with a few weak facts and comparisons.

  4. Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, blah, blah, blah. No mention of Colon having moved from right to left tackle. ( HELLA uprgrade over false start penalty prone Keamoatu ) Big Max is back too. Ike & Dwyer will be bowlin’ ballin’ & baby Bussin’ over & through the Broncos’ defense!! Sheeeeeeit!!! Any of you guys ever heard of the YMC ( Young Money Clique ) in Mr. Wallace, A.B. & nasty WR, special teams ace & running back Rainman Rainey catching balls out of the backfield on screens with Colon pulling?!?!?! Not to mention Heath & big a$$ 6’7″ Pope! GTFOH!!! Here we go STEELERS, here we go!

  5. David Brock says:

    look, the air in Denver isn’t that bad to play in, and if it is, then the NFL should consider bringing the stadium to a lower elevation, especially if it almost kills you,(ryan clark will tell you ) but the truth of the matter is, Steelers will come out swinging, and last years playoff loss will have nothing to do with it as much as last years opening defeat to the Ravens will,

    Steelers 38
    Broncos 15 _ yes the Broncos will sack Ben in the endzone for a safety.

  6. K2 says:

    Was anyone surprised we could not defend the pass (ugly)… Plus, no pass rush and Denver ran on us at will…Not a good sign.

    The offense was better than I thought (minus all the penalties) considering all the injury’s and being it’s a new offense.

    A lot will need to improve, or we end up 10-6 at best.

  7. Chuck H says:

    Looked like the same ol Steelers in the red zone. Lack of good play calling when there is a chance to score a td. I said it before, you’re giving away 4 points every time you settle for a field goal-two field goals-8 points, etc. I agree with the announcers about the bad officiating. On the short pass and long run by Denver, 2 Steelers were held trying to get to Manning, and then during the running after the pass, a Bronkos defender was actually grabbing the shirt of a persuing Steeler player-not called either time. I say Steelers were done for right there.

  8. steelers7thheaven says:

    Ben is too blame 4 loss to Denver…..I heard all off season how he was more mature and is in his prime…reads defenses, bla, bla, bla….and he still makes the SAME big mistakes……I hate to say this…thought I never would…but Ben is overrated. He has two superbowl rings, but they came by luck. After the win in Superbowl over Arizona, and the drive to win it, I thought for sure he would be a different and more confident QB, the next season…BUT he disappointed, as he does every year.
    This year I thought, well he will work hard this offseason, as he is now married and will not make stupid offseason mistakes…then comes the first game of the season against the DONKIES of Denver, and he lays another egg… I am losing confidence in BEN…..he doesn’t even deserve the nickname BIG BEN any more, cause he aint big…he just seems to get lucky……I always thought and defended him as a top 5 QB, but as time progresses, he is NOT….its time too put up or shut up Ben…..cause its all talk, get with it…..grow up and live up too your potential. or move on with another team and your career!!

  9. pittnum21 says:

    No doubt Ben made mistakes in the Denver game but you are clueless if you want to lay all the blame at his feet. The interception was a bad choice and came at a horrible time but how about the plays he did make in keeping drives going. He made some excellent passes in extremely tight windows against a very good defense. To this viewer I lay most of the blame on the defense. Just like last year’s game we once again find how invaluable Ryan Clark is. James Harrison was also missed as Manning had too much time to throw. Cortez Allen looked like a high-school player out there and if Manning had more possessions they could have scored 45 or more. Perhaps YOU need to move on to another team because last time I checked we won 0 Super Bowls since the dynasty of the 70’s until a kid from Miami of Ohio came onto the scene and made it possible to use the term

  10. Chuck H says:

    We need to fix the RED ZONE situation. More times than we like, we settle for a field goal, even if it’s 1st and goal from the two yard line. We have to be more creative with
    our play calls when that close, like more play-action plays or a quarterback draw once in awhile. If we don’t want to risk injury to Ben, put in the back-up for that play. Gosh, I think I should be the offensive coordinator. How about a shot at it?

  11. steelers7thheaven says:

    Red Zone issues, were blamed on BA ( I know I DID), now we have a new OC, and still the same issues….common factor is Ben……is Ben not running the play given to him or what……all the while BA was the OC we had issues getting the ball in the endzone…..and this last game against Denver it was the same thing….fieldgoals will not win games in the NFL anymore, unless u are playing the Browns or Raiders! :)- Did we all see how many pts the Ravens put up?? Somebody better get it together, or it will be a long season. Dont wait till the season is half over Tomlin, to get your team fired up……last week it was Denver, this week the Jets…..u better get your team fired up….cause I know the way they were OUT played, fired me up!!!!!

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