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The Great Predictors, Week 2

By Alan Robinson and Mark Kaboly

We’re back predicting the Steelers’ game, as we will each week this season.

Alan Robinson’s Pick
OK, so I misread the first game. Peyton Manning was better than I thought he would be coming off his 20-month absence and the Steelers defense minus James Harrison, Ryan Clark, et al couldn’t hold a lead or get the Broncos’ offense off the field when it mattered. Mark Sanchez is no Peyton Manning – though he’s assuredly better than Tim Tebow – but he’s capable of beating the Steelers. He’s already done it at Heinz. I just don’t think he will do it this week in this game under these circumstances. This is as must-win as a Week 2 game can be, and I think the Steelers will persevere and win it. Look for Ben Roethlisberger to win it with a TD throw in the fourth quarter.

I’m buying the demise of the Steelers’ defense as much as I am buying the resurrection of the Jets’ offense. Both will come back to reality this week. The Jets got a monster game out of the inconsistent Mark Sanchez at quarterback and even with a heavier dose of Tim Tebow expected, the Jets offense isn’t going to put up numbers like they did against the Bills. Look for the Steelers’ run-defense to clamp down on the Jets and put the offense in the hands of both Sanchez and Tebow. The Steelers can’t afford to go to 0-2, and they won’t.

Standings to Date:
Mark Kaboly 1-0
Alan Robinson 0-1
Spread 1-0

Now, it’s your turn. Please make your pick. A lot of you were wrong last week, but some of you were right. Have at it …


  1. Corey says:

    I have the Steelers 31-14

  2. steelers7thheaven says:

    All I can say is I hope we win this weekend…starting 0-2 would be tough, especially in the AFC this year. I hope the Steelers play better….they are home, so we shld be able to pull it out……27-24, with late field goal to win it, hope Ben WILL not turn the ball over this weekend, and the D can make lil’ San”chize” make some mistakes. Steeler fan way out west, here in Utah….Go Steelers~

  3. Geno says:

    Steelers 20, Jets 13


  4. Clarence says:

    Steelers 27 Jets 10

    Face it: My pick e’ry week is going to be a Steelers W, but in the end, I expect a good record.

    I don’t expect to go 0-2 either but anything’s possible. Put it like this, if we did, the sky still wouldn’t be falling. I do expect to see something weird to set off the pundits and tweeters like myself like an early TD and lead by the Jets through some failing either on special teams or defense… but that will be it

    A decent showing by our defense will overcome offensive mistakes that will be less than last week, but will continue to exist for the next 5 games or so until it clicks for Ben and Co.

    4th quarter ball control will draw a stark contrast to BA’s Colts who will suffer more sacks on Luck and a lot of deep throws giving him big passing numbers but another bad loss… and injured linemen.

    I will then proceed to chide Mark Kaboly on twitter for his man crush on Bruce Arians to which he will ignore as usual. But I will still do it. let the games begin!

  5. john punola says:

    The Jets facilities in NJ are walking distance from my front door, and the big mouth braggards never shut up or stop telling you how tough they are, and the coach loves their attitude I hope the Steelers shut them up for me, like 20-9, they claim to have their best defense ever, so it will be low scoring

  6. Buncie says:

    I think the Steelers are takeing on Mike Tomlins Personality & they will lose to the Jets today. Tomlins personality is humble, dry, & boreing. Motivator he is not. Firey he is not. Happy & humble to be here, he is. Just look at the 49ers coach. There is a team that is takeing on football mentality, & the coaches personality.

  7. steelers7thheaven says:

    Nice job Clerance…right on the button…give that man a new car!! Wish buddy….keep making them great picks!

  8. steelers7thheaven says:

    Opps….CLARence….by bad.

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