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Larry Foote Issues a Challenge to Worilds, Jones


By Alan Robinson

LATROBE–The first day of Steelers training camp, and already a challenge is being issued.

Inside linebacker Larry Foote, who calls the defensive signals, called on either Jason Worilds or Jarvis Jones to seize control of the starting linebacker’s job vacated by James Harrison — and play like Harrison, a five-time Pro Bowl player, would play.

“Those are big shoes to fill,” Foote said Friday. “He (Harrison) has been our hammer around here for some time. Guys are going to have to step up and own that spot.”

So which one will — Worilds, the former second-round pick who couldn’t beat out Harrison or LaMarr Woodley, or Jones, the Steelers’ top draft pick?

“Worilds took some big steps last year; (I’m) looking for him to take another step back to the top,” Foote said. “We’re going to need Jones to keep rolling and it’s going to be fun to see those guys battling. Chris Carter, too. And seeing who really (wins).”

Foote said the veteran Steelers players are “angry” the team missed there playoffs by going 8-8 in 2012. He said the Steelers’ incoming rookie class needs to be part of the turnaround.

“We’re used to winning, this organization is used to winning. This town is used to winning,” Foote said. “(So the) young guys better fall in step.”



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  2. Paulie Raspa says:

    I would like to see both out there in passing situations…. Jason as the DE and Jones as the OLB coming from GOD KNOWS WHERE!!!
    The Steelers Philosophy works– 53 Guys make the Team –====== 53 Starters need to be ready at all times…. No Cheerleaders ,Hardcore Fans & an Organization second to none in Sports!!!
    Harrison’ presence & leadership will be hard to replace but a New Guy needs to step in..
    Jason –U need to Step up and I believe you will !! Jarvis you will get your time but there is no Reason on Situations these 2 Guys can’t be out there on the same play!!!
    Lastly, Carter Just Stay healthy!!!!

  3. Buy Joyrich says:

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