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Robinson: Yet Another Kickoff Video Appears to Support Tomlin’s Case


tomlinBy Alan Robinson


Ready for another Mike Tomlin video?


The coaches’ tape of the Steelers-Ravens game was finally made available Tuesday by the NFL, and it tends to support Tomlin’s contention that his interference with Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones was unintentional.


A KDKA-TV video posted Monday on the station’s website shows Tomlin moving up against the out-of-bounds line as he watches the Jones’ 73-yard kickoff return play out on the JumboTron  scoreboard in Baltimore. Tomlin puts his right foot on the playing field before hastily sidestepping out of the way only as Jones rushes past him.


Unlike the NBC-TV game tape and the KDKA video, the “All-22” coaches video shows Tomlin for most of the kickoff.


Just before Shaun Suisham kicks off, Tomlin is watching the JumboTron as he starts walking from the 50-yard-line – he is in the white stripe in front of the bench – toward the Steelers’ end. He is at the Steelers’ 44-yard line as Suisham’s foot hits the ball.


Jones is just hitting the Ravens’ 49-yard line as Tomlin reappears again, intently watching the scoreboard video as he stands at the 38-yard line. Tomlin doesn’t begin moving – he takes a quick hop to his left — until Jones’ foot is about to come down on the 38.


The moment he gets up from being tackled at the Steelers’ 27 yard line by Cortez Allen, Jones begins pointing with the football he is carrying in his right hand at Tomlin, claiming interference.

During his weekly news conference Tuesday, Tomlin said he became a bit “complacent” because no opponent return had gone past the 50-yard line this season – and he was six yards beyond that even as the play started.







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