Do something, Blair says


“Although we can sit back and watch and wait, if we do that the likelihood is the situation will get even worse.”

That’s Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Britain who stood “shoulder to shoulder” with the American people after 9/11, telling BBC Radio 4 on Monday that the West should get involved in Egypt. …

Blair cited the nation’s economic peril — including the collapse of tourism (which the Trib’s Betsy Hiel has documented) — as a key reason for the allies to support the military regime.

On the $1.5 billion question, Blair respectfully disagrees with Sen. John McCain, saying the United States should keep the annual aid flowing to Egypt.

Blair, who is special envoy to the Middle East for the quartet of peace mediators — the United States, Russia, the U.N. and European Union — does agree with McCain on Syria, however. Blair noted that its civil war has now cost more lives than the Iraq conflict. “Personally I think we should at least consider and consider actively a no-fly zone in Syria,” Blair said.”You know, inaction is also a policy and a decision with consequence.”