Things that make you go hmmm …


House is leaning right

The Brookings Institution calls the last session of the House of Representatives the most conservative in more than 60 years. House Republicans are getting more conservative than House Democrats are getting liberal, according to the annual report.

Not a place for politics, or ratings

Preliminary ratings for the Zimmerman verdict give Fox News 3,682,000 total viewers; CNN 3,407,000; and MSNBC 1,298,000. MSNBC abandoned its wall-to-wall political coverage because of its ratings slide during the Zimmerman trial.

Call him mister

It’s not exactly scientific, but an Australian says he has proof gender matters in the workplace.

Kim O’Grady, a management consultant in Perth, says he couldn’t get a job until he added one word to his resume: Mr.

O’Grady’s Tumblr blog post on his job hunt in the 1990s has gone viral.

“The sad reality is this shows we all know how real and invasive sexism is. We all know that sexism unnecessarily impacts negatively on women’s lives and men benefit from that,” O’Grady says in a follow-up post.