Editor loses job over Obama headline


“Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough.”

Those first eight words just cost an editorial page editor his job. So I find it curious that the Chattanooga Times Free Press on Thursday repeated the “inappropriate” words that “violated” the paper’s “standards” when announcing the dismissal of  Drew Johnson.

Somebody at the paper even forgot to update the link — which still says “take-your-jobs-plan-and-shove-it-mr-president” — to reflect the preferred headline: “President Obama’s policies have harmed Chatanooga enough.”

The editorial remains critical of Obama, who as he visited on Tuesday was asked to forgive Chattanoogans for not greeting him with typical Southern hospitality and to “please excuse us for our lack of enthusiasm for your jobs program.”

Johnson, who was criticized by his bosses for “violating the normal editing process when he changed the headline,”  hit back on Twitter, saying: “We change headlines all the time at the last minute. I had a filler headline in that stunk and thought of that Johnny Paycheck song.”

Johnson’s Twitter followers are pretty upset, saying that the newspaper is “suppressing free speech.”

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