A Marine’s simple act of kindness



UPDATED: With reaction from Kerr.

The streets of Charlevoix, Mich., on Saturday turned into a field of honor for a 19-year-old Marine.

When Lance Cpl. Myles M. Kerr didn’t show up at the finish line in a 5K race, his fellow servicemen got worried. But Kerr was just doing what Marines do: never leaving a man behind.

In the middle of the race, his fellow runner, Boden Fuchs, 9, lost track of his friends and family. Kerr came to the rescue, dropping back and staying with him till the finish line. Kerr was awarded with the worst time in his age group and a post on Facebook by Seal of Honor, a page in tribute to a Lt. Michael P. Murphy, the SEAL and Afghanistan war hero who went to Penn State.

The picture on Facebook has more than 200,000 likes and Kerr is being thanked by his new fans on his Twitter feed. Boden’s family gave him a $100 gift card.

Kerr tells ABC News he’s “speechless” from all the attention. “As a Marine, we try to reach out and help as much as we can,” he said. “I don’t think I’m a hero. I was just trying to help.”

h/t The Daily Mail