Don’t miss: The years of the rat



What could be more unappetizing than finding out horse meat was being sold in Europe as hamburgers, Swedish meatballs and spaghetti? How about a little rat meat in your Chinese food?

Authorities in Shanghai announced in May that they had cracked down on a meat ring that passed off rat, mink and fox as lamb. Sixty-three ¬†were arrested and 10 tons of “meat” and additives seized.

Chinese who live in Shanghai with a sardonic sense of humor have joked for years, the Daily Telegraph says, that restaurants probably throw cat meat into the hot pot, a kind of stew that should be mainly lamb, but often has some beef and fish.

“How many rats does it take to put together a sheep?” quipped a Chinese user of Weibo, the Chinese Twitter.

The fake lamb was even sold by street vendors in areas frequented by tourists, according to the Daily Mail.

The authorities said the ring had been operating for about four years.