Meet the oldest hip hop group in the world



Granny and Grampa have gone gangsta.

A group of senior citizens from New Zealand will be competing this weekend in Las Vegas at the 2013 World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

Thirty-seven seniors from Waiheke Island belong to the Hip Op-eration Crew. They range in age from their 60s to 90s. Violet ‘Granny V’ Hollis is the oldest at 96. She performs in a wheelchair.

About seven of the crew have decided a trip to the States would be too arduous. But not Granny V.

“We discussed what would happen if she died over there. I said I couldn’t afford an American funeral, so she said she was willing to come back in a Tupperware box,” Brian Hollis, her 70-year-old son, tells The Wall Street Journal.

You can watch the Hip Op-eration Crew here.