Updated: The future of travel is here, sort of


A guess by core77 of what Hyperloop might look like.

UPDATED Aug. 12: Musk posts a detailed proposal on SpaceX’s website. It looks like ‘the tinker’ was spot on. But the Twitterverse snickered, with some comparing the Hyperloop to Segways; one person didn’t see the need for the transit system: “Intrigued by the hyperloop idea, but neither I nor anyone I know in San Francisco would want to go to L.A.” 

From Aug. 11: It’s a mysterious transport system that’s kept techies guessing, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The Hyperloop is the latest venture of Elon Musk, the PayPal guru who helped to launch SpaceX, the first private cargo vessel to dock at the International Space Station.

Musk will explain on Monday exactly what he has in mind. But, says John Gardi, a Canadian who describes himself as “just a tinker,” you can forget about high-speed rail.
It will be a “cross between a Concorde and a rail gun and an air hockey table”—and do it for one tenth the cost of a rail project, according to motherboard.vice.com. And, astonishingly, it could be built in 10 days, Gardi says.

Musk confirmed Gardi’s theory in a tweet. “Your guess is the closest” so far, Musk told him.

This is Gardi’s best guess: A tunnel about 9 feet in diameter. A stream of air through the tube. Cars/pods carrying people.

If the future of commuting or travel sounds to you like a pneumatic tube, you’re right! Gardi explains:

“I believe that Hyperloop is merely a modern day version of the pneumatic tubes used in banks, stores, and industry to move money and small items over long distances or to other floors of a building.”