For Obama’s dog, life’s good



Bo, the first dog, took a separate flight to join the first family on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, the Daily Telegraph reports. From photos, it looks like he arrived on an Osprey with some Secret Service and mesh bags full of basketballs.

More than 70 hotel rooms, each costing up to $345 a night, have been booked for the Secret Service agents, according to the Telegraph.

Don’t tell Bo, but a Telegraph blogger says that allies “can no longer rely on American leadership” in foreign policy. “It is quite an achievement for the one remaining superpower to appear as ineffectual and wrong-footed as the United States has managed to do in the past week,” writes Janet Daley, an American journalist.

“The president’s global strategy in his second term was based on two resounding premises. First, al‑Qaida was ‘on the run.’ ”  The second: “that America’s contentious relationship with Russia would be re-set.”