Rare Pittsburgh photos, maps at your fingertips


abbaticchioIt’s like discovering an old trunk you didn’t know you had in the attic.

The Digital Public Library of America is making it easy for you to find historical treasures with the click of a mouse, NPR reports.

The DPLA is gathering on one website digital copies of rare photos, manuscripts, maps and more from libraries around the country.

Do a quick search for Pittsburgh. The baseball card from 1909/11?  It’s kept at the Digital Library of Georgia. You can examine a map of the city from 1852. Look, a Pittsburgh Railways Company token that’s now at the Smithsonian. That picture of you practicing with the Mount Lebanon High School Band for the Rose Parade in 1958? It’s been tucked away at USC all these years.

What will you search for? If you stumble over something exciting, be sure to share it with us in the comments section.