The 51st state?



It didn’t work for Western Pa. in 1776.

But conservatives in rural Colorado counties want to give secession and statehood a try.

With Democrats in charge — the governor is a Dem and they hold sway in  the legislature — measures have passed to put limits on guns and fracking but allow gay unions.

So independent-minded conservatives in 10 counties want to declare independence from Denver. The issue could land on the ballot in November, the Denver Post reports.

But just because you want to establish a state, PolicyMic points out, doesn’t mean you get to. Among the states that didn’t make it was Westsylvania. Nicolas Demas writes:

Westsylvania would have been the 14th state in the newly formed Union. Before the Revolutionary War, the Grand Ohio Company, a land speculation company, proposed the creation of a British colony named Vandalia located south of the Ohio River. When the War ended and Americans achieved independence, the Vandalia-settlers suggested the incorporation of a state named Westsylvania. The proposal was never considered by Congress, and eventually Pennsylvania passed a law affirming that any discussion of the secession of Westsylvania would be viewed as treason and punishable by death.



 h/t wonkblog