This is your world up in arms



A doctoral student at Penn State has mapped every protest on the planet since 1979.

John Beieler turns recent history into a light show. You can watch everything from Britain and Poland popping in the 1980s as English miners protest the policies of Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Gdansk shipyard workers defy the communists to the Arab Spring.

Beieler used data from the Global Database of Events, Language and Tone, or GDELT, which tracks news reports of violence, Foreign Policy reports. So inky darkness in the USSR and its satellites doesn’t necessarily mean that no protests occurred, just that no news reports emerged of any demonstrations under the tightly-controlled Soviet media. And if a news report didn’t name the American city where a protest happened, Kansas is used as the default. So, no, Kansas is not a hotbed of radicalism.

Watch his protest map here.