Navy vet with amnesia searches for answers


boatwrightHalf a year ago, he woke up in a California hospital speaking only Swedish and not able to recognize photos of his closest relatives. Now, Michael Boatwright has gone to Sweden to try to connect with a place that makes him feel calm, CNN reports.

Boatwright was found unconscious in a Palm Springs Motel 6 in February. His IDs gave him a name, but not an identity, according to The Desert Sun, which broke the story last month.

Doctors have diagnosed Boatwright, who served as an aviation mechanic in the Navy from 1971 to 1973 with Transient Global Amnesia in a fugue state. It isn’t clear whether Boatwright fought in Vietnam, but he suffers from terrible nightmares and doctors believe his condition was triggered by emotional or physical trauma.

His life is like a blank slate. He can’t speak English and has only flashes of memories, like a Swedish tune.

“After death, this is probably the worst thing you could ever go through,” he tells CNN.