Cover my legal bills, Zimmerman asks Florida


So exactly how much did the trial cost? We’ve got the numbers.

George Zimmerman will ask the state of Florida to pay $200,000 to $300,000 of his legal expenses, which would cover expert witnesses, travel and depositions, his attorney tells the Orlando Sentinel on  Monday evening.

Hey, the neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted of killing  Trayvon Martin, so by Florida law the state must pay his legal costs. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara is about to ask Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson to authorize the payments. But Florida law does not cover his lawyers’ fees, and they’re eye-popping.

The Zimmerman trial by the numbers:

  • $902,000: The amount taxpayers have already spent on Zimmerman’s five-week second-degree murder trial 
  • $1 million: The amount O’Mara would be owed if he had charged Zimmerman by the hour. His going rate is $400 per 60 minutes. If you ask me, he’s worth every penny.
  • 0: The amount O’Mara has received from Zimmerman
  • 40 hours a week for 16 months: The ballpark estimate of the number of hours O’Mara worked on the case.
  • ?: O’Mara did not include any of the work done by co-counsel Don West, who bills at $350 an hour, or O’Mara’s partner, Lorna Truett.