16 years after Diana died, new evidence?


Diana, the mother of Prince William, passed away from car crash injuries at 12.20 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 31, 1997.

Sixteen years later, British police are investigating a claim that the SAS, a special forces unit of the UK military, may have been involved in the tragic accident, despite more than one official probe concluding that Diana’s drunken driver and pursuing paparazzi were to blame for the crash in a Paris tunnel.

But Sue Reid, special investigations editor at the Daily Mail, thinks the new claim might not be as crazy as we think. (And I do think it’s crazy, but I couldn’t resist the graphic explaining Reid’s theory.

Reid says:

  • The paparazzi were not even in the Pont d’Alma tunnel at the time of the car crash. (Well, if the paps were pursuing the car, naturally they would be behind it, right?)
  • A high-powered black motorbike — which did not belong to any of the paparazzi — shot past Diana’s Mercedes in the tunnel. (Here we go with the mysterious biker and the white car conspiracy theory. Official investigations did not give it any credence. Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, recently told British media he was “mystified how any new information can possibly allege anything other than this was a tragic accident.”)
  • Eyewitnesses say its rider and pillion passenger deliberately caused the car to crash. (The inquest into Diana’s death heard from Francois Levistre, who was driving in front of the princess’ car. He described how her car was overtaken by a motorbike inside the underpass. Other witnesses said Diana’s Mercedes might have suffered a “bump” with another large, dark car.)
  • A shadowy SAS unit that answers to MI6, as well as the names of two MI6 officers, were linked by a number of sources to Diana’s death. (A number of sources that repeated gossip or worked for Dodi Al Fayad’s father? You can learn more about Scotland Yard’s comprehensive inquiry in the Operation Paget pdf.)

But here’s the cool graphic. A Daily Mail illustration explains what Reid thinks may have happened.