Fed-up Dad rewinds the clock to 1986


1986No cellphones. No computers. No Internet. For a year.

“It all came about because I went to ask my 5-year-old last year if he wanted to go and play outside, and he said, no, he wanted to play on the iPad,” Blair McMillan, a father of two tells The Record, his local paper in Guelph, Ontario.

The Canadian, 26, decided to take action.

The family stowed their iPads, cellphones, computers, DVDs and flat screen TVs in Blair’s parents’ cellar.

He’s not banning all modern conveniences, just the ones not around in 1986. So cassettes are cool. Waking up to AM sports radio. The ring … ring of rotary phones — may I ask who’s calling?

The family of four —  his girlfriend Morgan Patey and their boys Trey, 5, and Denton, 2 — are bringing back the mullet, too, and wearing vintage clothes. In April, they started living in 1986.

It’s the year of McMillan’s birth, because he remembers his childhood as a happy time. “I used to live outside — playing outside — and I realized how different my kids are,” he tells the CBC.

McMillan might be trying to create interest in a reality show starring his family. He’s been filming the social experiment and tells The Record he’s looking for someone to take over the project. Now that sounds very 2013.