That’s too kind of him


A stroke has left a 49-year-old Brazilian with “excessive and persistent generosity,” doctors say.

It sounds nice, but he “would spend his money on children he met on the street, buying them soda, candies and junk food (and he) became unable to manage his financial life or resume his job as a department manager within a large corporation,” LiveScience reports.

His pathological generosity could give doctors clues into which brain areas affect “the delicate balance between altruism and egoism, which make up one of the pillars of ordinary social motivation and decision making,” the researchers, led by Dr. Leonardo Fontenelle of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, conclude in the report published last month in Neurocase.

Extreme benevolence can also affect people with mania, Parkinson’s disease treated by certain medications, and forms of dementia.