Gen. Petraeus chased by mob of leftist students


petraeushoundedatcunyRetired Gen. David Petraeus is being harassed by leftists, who chased him down a N.Y. street shouting “scumbag,”  “war criminal” and worse.

Mediaite has video of the incident here. The anger and language of the demonstrators are so shocking, NPR issued a warning to viewers.

Petraeus, who resigned as CIA director in a sex scandal, is now teaching at CUNY, where S. Sandor John, Hunter College Adjunct Professor of Latin American History, has been organizing protests against him.

Why would John target Petraeus? John tells Firedoglake, a liberal website: “Most of our students at CUNY are from the working class and from oppressed communities, specifically from families whose roots are in countries where the effects of U.S. imperialism and militarism have been experienced in the most unspeakable and horrific ways.”

Petraeus had an extraordinary, distinguished career in the Army: He oversaw the troop surge in Iraq, ran Centcom and took charge of the war in Afghanistan.

h/t Foreign Policy’s Situation Report.