How Obama was ‘resold’ to the American voter


That hopey, changey thing wasn’t working out for Obama 2012 staffers, according to a new book that reveals the discord within the president’s re-election campaign.

themessageWhat makes The Message: The Reselling of President Obama a real eye-opener? The negative portrait is by Richard Wolffe, the executive editor and frequent on-air personality who regularly defends the president. (Well, not so much lately. Wolffe called Obama’s comments on Syria at the end of the G20 summit last week “embarrassing,” “muddled and unconvincing.”)

Perhaps the most interesting revelation found in online excerpts of The Message concerns Stephanie Cutter, Obama 2012 deputy campaign manager who became famous for accusing Mitt Romney of a “felony” because, in her words, he had “misrepresented his position at Bain to the SEC.”

Romney’s camp was livid. And the White House wasn’t happy.

“The White House,” Wolffe writes, “felt less than proud. There was such a thing as an Obama brand and Cutter was threatening to weaken it. Two of the president’s closest aides believed the felony charge was a huge mistake and were deeply troubled by it.”

So Obama’s inner circle planned to demote Cutter, whom Michelle Obama relies on for advice, according to Wolffe.

The problem: Nobody had the courage to do it. “They made a decision and just didn’t have the (guts) to carry it out,” a senior campaign staffer tells Wolffe.