The spy quiz



Want to be James Bond’s Q? Better get cracking — Britain’s spy agency is hiring.

A brain teaser — Can you find it? — has been posted online. 

If you solve the GCHQ’s complex code, you could be hired or win a Google Nexus 7, British media report. The 29 blocks of letters have been devised by a team of top mathematicians at Government Communications Headquarters, the same group that cracked the Nazi Enigma code during World War II.

It would be like the NSA putting up brain teasers on its website.

You’ve got six weeks to solve GCHQ’s puzzle and complete on online treasure hunt.

“Whether you are an IT specialist bored with corporate life, a skilled amateur seeking a new challenge, or a quick-thinking maths expert who just loves to do maths all day,” GCHQ’s human resources department says, “then there could be a role for you, with a salary between £26,000 and £60,000 depending on your skills and experience.”