Austrian gun becomes American icon


Colt and Smith & Wesson are no longer the big guns, according to CBS’ Sunday Morning. The Glock is now the favorite.

“It’s become cool,” Paul Barrett, author of  Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun, tells CBS. “And in the law enforcement arena, Glock is the biggest and most influential. Two-thirds of all American police departments use the Glock.”

The firearm was named for it’s inventor Gaston Glock, an engineer who ran a radiator factory and lacked any experience making guns. “That was his huge advantage,” Barrett says.

The Glock, with a plastic frame and only 34 components, was designed in 1982 as a light and easy-to-manufacture gun for the Austrian army.

It’s inventor, now 84 is elusive, says CBS, and was not interviewed. His family owns and runs his company.

Rick Washburn, a movie prop man who started recommending Glocks in the 1980s, feels he’s played a big role in the Glock’s success. “I think that we recognized early on (the Glock) was different. Because it was different, it was exciting,” Washburn says.