It pays to be a good Samaritan


Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis (left) says that Glen James’ actions were “really a remarkable tribute to him and his honesty.” Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe.


Updated: “$100K … Wow!”

Sometimes the good guys win, and win big.

When Glen James found $2,400 in cash and $39,500 in travelers checks on Saturday, he promptly reported it to Boston police.

“Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a … penny,” said James, who’s been homeless for five years. “God has always very well looked after me.”

Boston police returned the money to the Chinese tourist who lost it and thanked James for his “extraordinary show of character and honesty.” Then social media got busy.

As of Wednesday night, a campaign on had raised $86,958 for James. By Friday morning, the total reached an eyepopping $129,639.



Ethan Whittington of Midlothian, Va., who set up the account for James, says: “It’s unbelievable. It’s nothing I ever imagined in my wildest dreams. The sky’s the limit when people come together.”

Whittington, a 27-year-old accounts manager for a marketing firm, has been getting as much attention from the media for his good deed.

When he saw that the gofundme account on Thursday, Whittington posted a comment that simply said: “$100K … Wow!”

h/t NBC News