Body-language study shows how to get bartender’s attention


Ever wonder why it takes so long to get served in a packed bar? German researchers have some tips for you.

In a noisy bar, it’s probably useless to shout. So the study conducted by Bielefeld University analyzed the body language used to order drinks at nightclubs in two German cities and Edinburgh in Scotland.

The most successful tactics:

Standing squarely in front of the bar with head facing forward
Looking directly at the bartender
Leaning on the bar

What doesn’t work:

If you squeeze between customers to get to the bar, you may wait longer to get the bartender’s attention.
Reading a menu (duh!)
Using a hand gesture (surprising! I would have thought that was a good tactic. I guess it depends on the hand gesture.)

The study is published in the Frontiers in Psychology.

h/t The Telegraph