4-legged flood victims



An animal shelter in Longmont, Colo., is struggling to cope with so many pets displaced by the recent floods, CBS Denver reports.

The Humane Society is housing about 200 animals, 100 above capacity. It’s struggling to make ends meet.

A kid in the neighborhood has pitched in to help. “We collected money from our neighbors to donate to the Humane Society,” Seri, 8, tells CBS. “Since a bunch of people got stranded they don’t have enough room for all the pets.”

The motto of rescuers during one of the largest evacuations in Colorado history? “No pets left behind,” Skye Robinson, a spokesman for the National Guard air search and rescue operations during Colorado’s floods, tells AP.

Seri’s jar of cash won’t be enough to cover medical bills at the Longmont Humane Society. Bacteria growing in stagnant water is posing a threat to animals in the area.