Women cardinals? And an excommunication


A Jesuit theologian and professor at Boston College is proposing that the pope name a woman as a prince of the Catholic Church.

“I have been getting lots of likes from all over when I said that I think making a woman a cardinal is a very easy matter, why?” says Fr. James Keenan on a Facebook post. “Because there are so many good candidates!”

According to Joshua J. McElwee’s blog in the National Catholic Reporter:

While canon law currently specifies that a cardinal must either be a priest or a bishop, some have also wondered whether the appointment of female cardinals might be a reform Pope Francis is considering.

If that were to happen, women among those on Keenan’s list are: Linda Hogan, a professor of ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin; Holy Child Jesus Sr. Teresa Okure, a theology professor at the Catholic Institute of West Africa in Nigeria; and Maryanne¬†Loughry, the associate director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Australia.

Meanwhile, the whole idea of women taking a more prominent role in the church may be moot.

An Australian priest who’s been an advocate for women becoming priests has become the first to be excommunicated for such beliefs under the papacy of Pope Francis, NCRonline reports.