Decades ago, NSA spied on senators, funny man


buchwaldBetween 1967 and 1973, the NSA was spying on White House political enemies, declassified documents reveal.

Wary of foreign involvement in Vietnam War protests, the LBJ and Nixon administrations unleashed the power of the intelligence agencies, which tracked U.S. senators, Muhammad Ali and humorist Art Buchwald (left) among others, Foreign Policy reports.

The top secret documents were declassified in response to an appeal by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

“Perhaps the most startling fact in the declassified document is that the NSA was tasked with monitoring the overseas telephone calls and cable traffic of two prominent members of Congress, Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) and Sen. Howard Baker (R-Tenn.),” according to FP.

Find out more about the NSA surveillance here.

You can read one of Buchwald’s satirical columns on the Vietnam War here. Buchwald was disappointed, he quipped, that he didn’t make Nixon’s enemies list. Well, it looks like he made one after all.