Psst! Want to wriggle out of Obamacare?


Answer yes to any of these questions in 2014 and don’t have insurance for nine months or more? Do not pass go, do not get Obamacare.

There are a bunch of exemptions if you want to get out of the individual mandate.

Get your pencils ready, Garance Franke-Ruta in The Atlantic has a list:

  • Have you been unable to pay a medical bill in the last two calendar years?
  • Did you get a shut-off notice from a utility company?
  • Did you experience substantial property damage from fire, flooding, or other natural or man-made disaster?
  • Did you have to shell out unexpectedly on travel to go take care of your elderly mom, who got sick?
  • Has your mortgage company moved to foreclose against you?

You can find out more about getting out of the fee, AKA tax, for not having coverage here.